AD/DA Converters
AD/DA Converters
The ADC-1 is a two channel 24-bit /192kHz. It provides (2) XLR analog inputs,
AES/EBU, S/PDIF and ADAT digital outputs
and front panel gain controls and total isolation of the conversion clock in all modes
of operation. This pristine converter is ideal
for mastering, home recording studios,
location recording, and broadcast facilities.
• Reference Locks to AES, S/PDIF, WC, or Super-clock
• 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192kHz at 24-bit
• 9-Segment, Dual Range LED Meter, with Peak Hold
• 1 RU high, half-rack wide • BNC to RCA
adapters included • EMI and RFI filtering
• Internal switching power supply
• Ideal for mastering studios & high quality recording studios • Locks to AES, Super Clock, or Word
Clock external clock • AES/EBU (XLR & coaxial)
and S/PDIF (XLR, coaxial, & Toslink) inputs
• Stereo XLR and RCA outputs
• 116 dB signal-to-noise ratio
• 1 RU high, half-rack wide
• Internal switching power supply
The DAC-1 is a two channel 24-bit /192-kHz digitalto-analog audio converter. It provides AES/EBU (XLR
& coaxial) and S/PDIF (XLR, coaxial & Toslink) digital
inputs and both RCA & XLR stereo analog outputs.
The DAC-1 features Benchmark’s jitter-free UltraLock
system, auto-processing of pre-emphasized digital
audio and a high quality headphone amplifier.
The AD9624 is a high resolution, 24-bit/96kHz analog-to-digital
audio converter with simultaneous AES3 (XLR), S/PDIF (coaxial),
and S/PDIF (TOS-LINK) digital outputs. It is equipped with stereo
XLR analog inputs, Word Clock sync and separate or linkable input
level with 20-sement LED. The AD9624’s noise shaping function
enhances the clarity of low-level material for superior imaging and
realism when creating 16-bit masters.
• Stereo 24-bit, precision A/D conversion
• Ideal for recording, mastering, & post
• User-selectable, 16-bit noise shaping
• Dynamic range: >114dB, A-weighted
• Stereo 96kHz D/A conversion
• Dynamic Range: >114dB, A-weighted
• Locks to sample rates of 32, 44.1,
48, 88.2 and 96kHz
Aurora 8
• Front panel headphone output with level
control • 20-segment output level LED
ladders • 1 RU high, half-rack wide
• Optional RM-4 rack mount tray
• Separate or linkable input level
with 20-sement LED
• 1 RU high, half-rack wide
• Optional RM-4 rack mount tray
The DA9624 is a high resolution, stereo 96kHz digital-to-analog audio converter with separate headphone volume control and line out. It is equipped with three selectable digital
inputs: AES/EBU (XLR), S/PDIF (coaxial) or S/PDIF (TOSLINK)
and stereo XLR and 1/4” TTS outputs. The DA9624’s easyto-read, 20-segment LED ladders show you exactly where to
set I/O controls for optimal digital-to-analog conversion.
The Aurora 8 is an 8-channel, mastering
quality A/D-D/A converter with an onboard 32-channel digital mixer that provides extensive routing
and mixing options. This 24-bit/192kHz converter utilizes Lynx’s
proprietary SynchroLock jitter reduction technology; an exclusive
feature that provides extreme jitter reduction of up to 3000:1. All
analog & digital connections use DB25 connectors with industry
standard pin-outs which are compatible with off-the-shelf cables.
• Simultaneous 8-channel analog
I/O & 8-channel AES/EBU I/O
• On-board digital mixer provides
flexible I/O routing • DB25 connectors for digital & analog I/O
• Word Clock I/O with Lynx SynchroLock
jitter reduction technology • Extensive
remote control capability via Lynx AES16,
IrDA and MIDI • LSlot expansion slot
for ADAT & future interface options
Aurora 16 16-channel version #LYAURORA16 .................................... $2995.00
AD/DA Converters
Rosetta 800/192
The Rosetta 800/96K is an 8-channel, 24Bit/192kHz A/D-D/A converter with analog,
AES/EBU, and Word Clock I/O. It combines
Apogee’s legendary conversion quality with
their “Softlimit”, “UV22HR”, and “Intelliclock” technologies. This high resolution converter is ideal for professional applications yet
economical enough for serious project studios.
• 8-channels of premium 24-bit AD/DA conversion
• Balanced analog I/O and AES/EBU I/O on DB25
connectors • ADAT/SMUX I/O
• SoftLimit: maximizes levels, minimizes overs
• UV22HR: dither down with 24-bit detail
• Word Clock in and out • Optional XFireWire and X-HD expansion cards
• Internal switching power supply
Optional X-FireWire Card #APXFW400 ...................................................................... $355.50
X-HD Card for Pro Tools HD #APXDH ............................................................................... $535.50
Rosetta 200
• 2 channels of premium 24-bit AD/DA conversion
• 2 channels of AES, S/PDIF (coax & optical), and
• “CODA”: “Aptomizer” level normalizer, Sample
Rate Conversion (SRC) and “UV22HR”dither
• “Soft Limit” for maximum
digital level without overs
• Optional X-FireWire and X-HD
expansion cards
• Internal switching power supply
Optional X-FireWire Card #APXFW400 ...................................................$355.50
X-HD Card for Pro Tools HD #APXDH ............................................................ $535.50
The Mini DAC USB is a 2-Channel, 192k D/A Converter
equipped with USB. Ideal for reference monitoring in
the studio or location sound/ENG playback applications,
the DAC provides excellent stereo imaging and pristine
analog reproduction of recorded digital audio. The
“digital-thru-mode” gives users the option of interfacing
non-USB digital devices with computer work stations.
The Rosetta 200 is a 2-channel, 24-bit/192kHz A/DD/A solution that features premium Apogee converters, optional Pro Tools HD, Mix & FireWire expansion
cards and exclusive Apogee technologies such as
“UV22HR”, “SoftLimit” and “CODA”. It is equipped
with XLR analog I/O, AES, S/PDIF (coaxial & optical),
and DAT/SMUX I/O and Word Clock & MIDI in and out.
• AES, optical (ADAT, S/MUX &
S/PDIF) and coaxial digital inputs
• Stereo XLR and 1/8”stereo mini
plug outputs
• Front panel 1/4” headphone output
• Analog Output level control
• Digital thru mode adds USB functionality to any digital device
• PC and Mac compatible
MINI-DAC without USB option #APMINIDAC.......................................................... $715.50
• 16 channels of balanced analog input
• 16 channels of AES, ADAT/SMUX output
• Word Clock in and out
• Adaptive Loop Filtering (ALF)
• Post A/D conversion level monitoring
• Optional X-FireWire and X-HD
expansion cards
• Internal switching power supply
Optional X-FireWire Card #APXFW400 ......................................... $355.50
X-HD Card for Pro Tools HD #APXDH .................................................. $535.50
The DM200 is a high quality D/A converter/
Headphone tap designed for analog monitoring of a digital signal. It accepts loop-thru
AES/EBU format digital audio data via 110ohm XLR and 75-ohm BNC and RCA connectors, and a 24-bit/96kHz D/A converter
feeds stereo headphone drivers, balanced
audio line outputs and a stereo LED meter.
The AD-16X is a high quality, 16-channel analog-to-digital
audio converter with an optional FireWire card and Pro Tools
HD card available. This rack mount, 24-bit/192kHz converter
features “Soft Limit” for maximum digital level without overs,
“UV22HR” dithering and Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) using
Big Ben’s C777 Clock Technology. Its Analog inputs and
AES/EBU digital outputs are on standard DB25 connectors.
# ATDM200
• Accepts sample rates from 27- 96kHz
• Loop-thru inputs, transformer isolated
• Signal Valid indicator
• 24 Bit D/A converter
• D/A and line output metering
• Stereo headphone and line outputs
Requires WA100-1 wall mount power supply #ATWA1001 ..............................................................$14.95
AD/DA Converters
ADI-192 DD
The ADI-192 DD is a high resolution, format
converter that consists of three 8-channel
converters with 24-bit audio resolution and sample
rate conversion at rates up to 192kHz. It provides
simultaneous ADAT, TDIF and AES inputs and outputs,
with flexible internal routing that allows any of the
input formats to be independently assigned to any of
the output formats.
• (2) ADAT TosLink optical I/O
• Front panel TosLink optical S/PDIF I/O
• AES/EBU/TDIF front-end for RME’s
digital I/O cards
• “SteadyClock” proprietary clock technology
• Word Clock in and out
• 1U rack mount chassis
The ADI-2 is a 2-channel A/D –D/A converter that provides flexible connectivity in a compact,
half-rack chassis. It is equipped with RME’s latest generation coverters; 1/4” TRS /XLR Neutrik
combo jacks analog inputs, and separate stereo XLR & 1/4” analog outputs. SPDIF, AES and
ADAT digital inputs and outputs are supplied, with sampling frequencies of up to 192kHz.
• (2) XLR/1/4” TRS Neutrik Combo inputs
• (2) XLR & (2) 1/4” TRS outputs
• ADAT & S/PDIF/AES digital I/O
• “SteadyClock” proprietary clock technology
• Front-panel headphone output with level
• 2-channel level meter with 6 LEDs
• Accepted power supply voltage:
DC 8 V – 28 V, AC 8 V – 20 V
Ultragain Pro-8 Digital ADA8000
The ADA8000 is an 8-channel A/D and D/A converter
with built-in IMP microphone preamplifiers and ADAT
optical I/O. This compact rack mount unit is provides
(8) XLR microphone inputs with trim controls, (8) 1/4”
TRS inputs and Word Clock synchronization. This unit
is an affordable input expansion solution for digital
multi-track recorders and digital audio workstations.
• (8) XLR microphone preamps with phantom
power • (8) 1/4” TRS line inputs
• (8) XLR outputs • ADAT optical I/O
• Master/locked (slave) front panel LED
display • External synchronization
via Word Clock or ADAT input
• Ideal add-on to a Digi002, MOTU
828, M-Audio 1814
• (8) TRS inputs and outputs switchable between +4dBu and -10dBV
• ADAT Optical In and Out
Ultramatch Pro SRC2496
• 128 times oversampling A/DD/A converters with a 96dB
dynamic range
• Internal switching power supply
• Frequency response 20Hz20kHz
Al-3 is an affordable 24-bit eightchannel interface for converting
Analog and Digital audio using The
ADAT Optical protocol. The perfect
solution for adding 8 more analog inputs and outputs to any digital audio
Workstation with ADAT lightpipe I/O.
The SRC2496 is a two-channel, 24-bit/96kHz A/D and
D/A converter that provides project studios and computer
audio workstations with high-quality conversion at an
affordable price. Its precision quartz clock generator
removes jitter and corrects off-tune, incorrect sample
rates. Format conversion between AES/EBU and S/PDIF
(coaxial or optical) is also provided for, with high-quality
signal output at 16, 20 or 24-bit resolution.
• 24-bit/96 kHz A/D and D/A converters
• Supports parallel A/D and D/A conversion
• Precision quartz clock generator
• AES I/O and coaxial/optical S/PDIF I/O
• All three outputs simultaneously
operational • BNC Wordclock input
• Precise metering for input/
output signal
Format Converters
The ADI-4 DD is an 8-channel AES to ADAT
and ADAT to AES format converter with built-in
jitter suppression and support for up to 24bit/96kHz. It is equipped with AES/EBU I/O (one
XLR & four via DB-25 connector), two ADAT
optical I/Os and Word Clock in and out. RME’s
proprietary “SteadyClock” technology guarantees excellent performance in all clock modes.
• 8-channel AES and
• AES-3 I/O via (1)XLR &
(4) on DB-25 connector
• (2) ADAT ports 32 kHz
up to 96 kHz (S/MUX)
• 2nd ADAT port can be
switched to SPDIF I/O
• “SteadyClock”
proprietary clock technology
• Word Clock in and out
• Accepted power supply voltage: DC 8 V – 28 V, AC 8 V – 20 V
• Converts between optical and coax
S/PDIF • Stereo TOSlink optical and
coaxial digital inputs • May also be
used as a repeater to extend cable runs
• TOSlink optical and coaxial digital
outputs always active
• Transformer-isolated RCA jacks
prevent system ground loops
• 9V power supply included • 3 1/2” (W)
x 2 5/8” (D) x 1 3/8” (H), .45lbs.
The CO2 is a compact and rugged digital problem
solver designed to convert S/PDIF signals from
optical to coaxial and coaxial to optical at up
to 24-bit/96kHz. It operates as a full-duplex,
bi-directional converter, or as a half-duplex
converter with “thru” port; allowing it to work
as both a converter and a repeater.
• AES/EBU, S/PDIF (digital RCA),
BNC, and optical Toslink I/O
• Green ‘signal present’ LED illuminates when data is output
• Front panel on/off power switch
• Handles sampling rates from 27
to 96kHz • Low signal delay & jitter
The DMM-100 is a digital level, impedance, and connector
matchmaker box. It outputs a clean copy of the original
data stream that gets connected to it. Featuring AES/EBU,
S/PDIF, BNC, and Toslink optical inputs and outputs, it’s
a handy tool for connecting various consumer and professional electronics. It’s wired to eliminate ground loop hum
and can readily handle audio rates up to 96kHz.
WA100-1 Power supply required for operating the DMM-100 #ATWA1001 ..........$14.95
DMM100BAT Battery operated version of the DMM-100 #ATDMM100BAT ..... $268.95
The ODL-276A is a compact format
converter for interfacing coaxial S/PDIF
gear with Toslink style fiber optical
inputs and vice versa. The maximum
sampling rate is 24-bit/96kHz, the
required power supply is included, and
the ODL-276A is not compatible with
the ADAT lightpipe protocol.
The ODY-314 is a compact Toslink
(optical S/PDIF) splitter that allows
users to output two sets of outputs
from a single set of inputs.
The maximum sampling rate is 16-bit/
48kHz, the required power supply is included,
and the ODY-314 is not compatible with the ADAT lightpipe protocol.
The ODS-330 is compact Toslink (optical
S/PDIF) input switcher/router that allows
that allow users to choose between
two signal sources via the side mounted
switch. The maximum sampling rate is
16-bit/48kHz, the required power supply
is included, and the ODS-330 is not compatible with the ADAT lightpipe protocol.
The CDL-312 is a compact
format converter that
allows Toslink (optical S/
PDIF) signals to be sent to
devices with AES/EBU input/outputs and vice versa.
Maximum 16-bit/48kHz
sampling rate.
Clocks / Synchronizers
Big Ben is an
extremely accurate
192kHz Master Clock with real-time
format conversion. Apogee’s new ultra-stable C777 clock uses an entirely
digital process to aggressively reduce
jitter, delivering amazing clarity and
quality to digital audio recordings.
• AES, S/PDIF, Optical I/O-Word
Clock/Video In, (6) Word Clock Outs
• Optional X-Firewire and X-Video
expansion cards
• “Surelock” technology for drop out
• Sampling rates: 44.1,48,88.2,96,176,
192 - Video: PAL/NTSC/60Hz.
• Pull up/down 0.1% and 4% from
any sample rate
• “Superclock” (256fs)
• Internal switching power supply
• Simultaneously outputs Word Clock,
256X Super-Clock, 1024X Lucid UltraClock, and AES11 sync formats
• Supports all standard output frequencies from 32kHz-192kHz
Lucid SSG192 is a high-definition studio sync generator designed for a variety of professional applications and sync formats. With support for multiple
clock rates, multiple (simultaneous) outputs, and
its ultra-precise low-jitter performance, the SSG192
provides both Audio and Video post-production
studios with a total synchronization solution.
• (4) Word Clock outs
• Simple user interface to set pull-up and
pull-down rates
• Synchronizes to house video blackburst,
AES-3, AES-11, or Word Clock
The GENx192 is an advanced, affordable master
clock that is perfect for multi-track recording, mastering, on air, DAW and desktop recording
environments. With features like Jitter Input Filtering, drop out protection, termination
sensing, flexible format conversion, the world’s easiest interface, and the ability to output
two simultaneous frequencies up to 192 kHz, the GENx192 is designed without compromise,
destined to become a classic. Let’s face it, all jitter is measurable and this unit will output a
clean, ultra low jitter, rock solid clock.
• Single rack space
• WordClock and (1) AES clock
ultra low jitter studio
input • Simultaneously
master clock
generate/distribute multiple
• (8) Word Clock,
sample rates
(4) AES clock outputs, • Generates 44.1-192 kHz,
(2) S/PDIF outputs
distributes 28-216 kHz
The WDC-427 is an inexpensive, four-output, internal reference clock generator. The
unit outputs Word Clock at 44.1, 48, 88.2
and 96kHz sample rates, and supports
both 16-bit and 24-bit resolution. Four
individually buffered 75-ohm and TTL level
outputs are available on BNC connectors.
• (4) Word Clock outputs (BNC)
• Supports both 16 & 24-bit resolution
• Supports rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2 and
• LED illuminates when clock output
is present
• Includes 9V power supply
Midi Timepiece AV
The MIDI Timepiece is an 8 MIDI
in, 8 MIDI out USB interface/
patchbay/merger with an integrated synchronizer. It provides
video genlock, ADAT sync,
Word Clock sync and Digidesign
• (8) MIDI ins (8) MIDI outs, 128-channels
• ADAT sync out, Word sync out, and
Video Sync in
• 128 scene, battery-backed memory
• Bus-powered from USB connection
• Windows and Mac compatible
MIDI Interfaces
MIDI Express 128
MIDI Express XT
The MIDI Express 128 is a rackmount 8 MIDI in/9 MIDI out USB MIDI
interface that provides 128 MIDI channels and is powered via USB.
The MIDI Express XT is an 8 MIDI in, 9 MIDI out USB interface with
SMPTE time code in and out. It is capable of powering via USB, and can
operate as a stand-alone MIDI patchbay/merger/processor.
• (8) ins (9) outs, 128 MIDI channels • Bus-powered from USB connection
• Mac OS9, OS X and Windows Me/2000/XP compatible
• (8) MIDI ins (8) MIDI outs, 128-channels • SMPTE time code in and out
• 16 presets/8 programmable • Windows and Mac compatible
FastLane USB
The FastLane USB is a compact 2 x 2 USB
MIDI interface with a MIDI thru button
that allows you to play to your gear even
when your computer is turned off.
• (2) MIDI ins (2) MIDI outs, 32-channels
• MIDI thru button • Bus-powered
• Windows and Mac compatible
MidiSport 1x1
• (5) ins (5) outs, 80 MIDI channels • Bus-powered
from USB connection • Mac OS9, OS X and
Windows Me/2000/XP compatible
Micro Lite
The Micro Lite is a
5 MIDI in, 5 MIDI
interface that
provides 80 MIDI
channels and is
powered via USB.
The MidiSport 1x1 is a 1 MIDI in,
1 MIDI out, USB MIDI interface that
handles 16 discrete MIDI input and
output channels that is bus powered
via the USB port.
The MIDISPORT 2x2 is a 2 MIDI in, 2 MIDI
out USB interface that powers via USB
(requires no external power supply). Its
standalone mode allows users to operate
MIDI gear even when their computer is off.
• (1) in (1) out, 16 discrete channels • USB cable included
• Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP and Mac OS 9.2.2/OSX compatible
MIDISPORT 4x4 4MIDI in/4MIDI out version, 64-channels
#MAMS44 ....................................................................................$149.00
The UNO is an ultra-compact 1 MIDI
in, 1 MIDI out, bus powered UBS
MIDI interface with built in MIDI &
USB cables.
• (1) in (1) out, 16 MIDI channels • Built-in USB and MIDI cables
• Windows 98SE/Me/2000 and Mac OS9.2.2/OS X compatible
The UM-1EX is a plug and play USB
powered MIDI interface with 1 MIDI in /
1 MIDI out, and built-in MIDI and USB cables.
• (1) in/(1) out, 16 MIDI channels
• Midi Thru switch • USB bus powered
• Windows 98/Me/2000 Professional/XP and
Mac compatible
• (2) MIDI in, (2) MIDI out, 32channels • MIDI thru button
• Windows and Mac compatible
The Link-MIDI is a 4 MIDI in, 4 MIDI out
USB interface designed for both portable
and desktop applications. Its unique
swivel foot design allows it to stand on its
side in tight workspaces, and soft rubber
sides & front-panel side rails protect it from damage while in transport.
• (4) MIDI ins, (4) MIDI outs, 64-channels • MIDI Thru functionality
• Front panel MIDI activity indicators • Windows and Mac compatible
The UM-2EX is a basic 1 MIDI in, 2 MIDI
out USB interface that includes a variety of
features, including FPT (Fast Processing Technology
of MIDI transmission), MIDI signal indicators, and
support for OS-Standard drivers on the latest versions
of Mac OS and Windows.
• (1) MIDI in, (2) MIDI outs • USB bus-powered, adapter free
• Windows and Mac compatible
Mbox 2
Computer Audio Interfaces
The Mbox2 is a portable cross-platform USB audio
interface bundled with Pro Tools LE software.
It features wide range of connection options, including
analog, digital, and MIDI I/O. Never has compatibility
with the worldwide DAW standard Pro Tools been so
easy and cost effective.
• 32 tracks of 24-bit/48kHz audio
• (2) XLR Mic inputs featuring mic preamps w/48V
phantom power & (2) 1/4” DI inputs
• (2) 1/4” line lnputs & (2) 1/4” main outputs
• Coaxial S/PDIF I/O
• (1) MIDI input (1) MIDI output
• Zero latency monitoring with built-in Headphone amp
• Includes the Pro Tools Ignition Pack( featuring
powerful plug-ins, applications and software tools)
• 100% USB powered
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Fast Track Pro
The Fast Track Pro is a 24-bit/96kHz, portable USB
audio/MIDI interface bundled with GT Player Express
and Abelton Live Lite 4 software. This bus-powered
4x4 interface is equipped with dual mic/instrument
preamps, headphone A/B source switch for DJ-style
cueing, MIDI I/O and coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O with
2-channel PCM.
• Ideal mobile interface for guitarist and songwriters
• (2) mic/instrument preamps with XLR/combo jacks
• (2) 1/4” TRS outputs, (4) RCA outputs
• (2) 1/4” TRS inserts • Input/Playback mix control for
hardware direct monitoring
• S/PDIF digital I/O with w/ 2-channel PCM
• Includes: GT Player Express and Abelton Live Lite 4
software • Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Fast Track USB #MAFTQ ............................$99.95
The UA-101 is a 10
input/10 output
USB 2.0 audio
interface designed
for both portable
and project studio applications. It is equipped with two microphone preamps with
phantom power, six 1/4” TRS inputs, eight 1/4” TRS inputs, MIDI I/O, a built-in Limiter and S/PDIF optical inputs and outputs. This powerful interface offers incredibly
low latency through both WDM and ASIO 2.0 support.
• 10x10 high-speed USB 2.0 interface • (2) XLR/TRS combo jacks
• (6) 1/4’ TRS inputs and (8) 1/4’ TRS outputs • Optical S/PDIF & MIDI I/O
• Dedicated monitor output • 40-bit internal processing
• Includes: powerful signal router/mixer software application
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Mobile Pre
• 16-bit/48kHz Analog I/O
• Zero-latency direct monitoring
• Built-in headphone amp with level control
• USB-powered for total mobility
• Includes Maximum Audio Tools software bundle
• Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software
• Mac and Windows compatible
Audio Kontrol 1
Mobile Pre is a
bus powered 2x2
audio interface and
preamp perfect for
laptop recording.
It’s flexible Inputs
and outputs include
two on board Mic
preamps and
instrument inputs,
ideal for connecting
Guitars, Bass, and
The Audio Kontrol 1 is
a perfectly adaptable
interface for musicians,
producers and DJ’s.
This unique 24-bit/192kHz
USB audio interface and
controller combines 2
balanced inputs, 4 balanced outputs and freely-assignable top-panel buttons and
knob, allowing advanced MIDI and key command functionality and control. Preset
controller files are included along with full versions of Xpress Keyboards, Guitar
Combos and Traktor 3 LE.
• 2-in/4-out, 24-bit/192kHz USB interface • (3) assignable top-panel buttons and
controller knob • Low-latency ASIO/Core Audio drivers
• Headphone output with A/B source switching and level control
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Mbox 2 Mini
Computer Audio Interfaces
The Mbox2 Mini is an ultra-portable USB
audio interface and the most affordable
option available for recording with the
included Pro Tools LE software. The
Mini is designed for simplicity and
ease-of-use, and an instructional DVD
is included to help beginners get up
and running. It features an XLR input with phantom power
for pristine microphone recording and 1/4” inputs for guitars and keyboards.
• (1) XLR Mic input with preamp and 48V phantom power & (2) 1/4” DI inputs
• (2) 1/4” main monitor outputs and (1) 1/4” headphone output with (1) volume control
• 32 tracks of 24-bit/48kHz audio
• Zero latency monitoring knob with main output mute button
• Includes the Pro Tools Ignition Pack (Ableton Live Lite, Reason Adapted, and more)
• 100% USB powered • Windows and Mac compatible
• (2) high quality high grade mic preamps
with phantom power
• (2) Neutrix XLR/TRS Combo jack inputs,
Hi-Z port for guitar • USB bus powered
• Zero Latency, Direct Monitoring
• Built-in analog limiter
• Front panel headphone output with volume control
• Windows and Mac compatible
The UA-25 is a high quality
24-bit/96kHz USB Audio/
MIDI interface designed
for computer recording in
the field. It features two
microphone preamps with
Neutrix XLR/TRS combo
connectors, MIDI I/O, and
S/PDIF optical I/O. The
high-grade aluminum chassis
stands up to the rugged
conditions associated with
location recording and is an
excellent shield against highfrequency interference.
The USBPre is a bus-powered 24-bit USB
audio interface with two
high quality mic preamps
(with phantom power),
tape level inputs, and digital
I/O. It’s top-quality hardware
components, compact design
and extremely durable construction
make this portable interface a no-compromise solution for digital recording in the field.
• Input type is selected per channel-allowing two different signal types simultaneously
• “Mix” control allows zero-delay monitoring, or mix of both
source and computer audio • High-power headphone monitor with volume control
• Six-segment LED peak input meter • (2) XLR/TRS inputs, (2) RCA outputs
• High-strength extruded aluminum chassis • Mac and Windows compatible
The US122L is a compact, portable USB audio/MIDI
interface capable of simultaneously recording two
tracks of 24-bit/96kHz audio with zero latency. It
combines 2 XLR mic inputs, 2 1/4” inputs and MIDI
ins and outs. Ideal for mobile recording, the US122L
draws its power from the USB bus, has an independent
headphone level control and features phantom power
on both its two XLR mic inputs.
• 2-channel 24-bit/96kHz audio interface
• Zero-latency hardware monitoring
• (2) XLR mic inputs w/phantom power, (2) 1/4” inputs
(1 hi/low-Z switchable) • MIDI I/O • USB 2.0 and 1.1
compatible • Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
0404 USB
The 0404 is a USB
2.0 audio/MIDI
interface that
combines clean
dynamic lownoise preamps,
and ultra-low
jitter clock into an ergonomic design with nearly
unmatched specs in the USB interface market. Thanks
to the built-in analog soft limiter, achieve professional
results plugging in microphones, keyboards and guitars,
with hotter than normal signals, lowering noise levels
and increasing dynamic range. Bundled with leading
production software, the 0404 gives you everything
needed to create, record, edit and master your music.
• (2) combo mic/line/hi-Z pre-amps with 24-bit/192kHz
converters • Analog inputs feature 48V phantom
power and ground-lift switches
• Zero-latency direct monitoring
• Optical and coaxial S/PDIF/AES-EBU digital I/O
• Includes E-MU’s Proteus VX, software by Cakewalk,
Ableton, Steinberg, IK Multimedia and more
• Windows and Mac compatible
Computer Audio Interfaces
Podcast Factory
The Podcast Factory is a complete hardware/software
solution for creating professional sounding podcasts.
It includes: a USB recording interface, M-Audio’s
Broadcast vocal microphone with desktop stand &
cable, ProSessions loop library, and Audacity & Live
Lite 4 software. Podcast Factory also includes Podifier
RSS 2.0 software for processing your MP3 files and
automating web publishing of RSS 2.0 feeds.
• Record, edit and publish professional-sounding podcasts
• Professional 24-bit/48kHz audio interface with preamp
• Dynamic broadcast microphone with desk stand
• Microphone input channel with gain control and
signal LEDs • Switchable instrument/line input
• USB bus-powered for mobile operation
• Stereo headphone output
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
JamLab is a
compact audio
bundle designed for
guitar players on the go.
The interface connects to
your computer via USB,
and is equipped with a 1/4”
input for your guitar and 1/8”
headphone/line output. It includes GT
Player Express software, a full-featured amp simulator
and virtual effects box that can also play standard
audio files, and even slow them down (perfect for
learning new songs).
• 1/4” guitar input and 1/8” headphone/line output
• Built-in USB cable
• 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz audio quality
• GT Player Express software (stand-alone,
ReWire or VST plug-in operation)
• Variable-speed playback of standard AAC,
MP3 and WAV files
• Includes WAV drum loops from ProSessions Sound
and Loops Library
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Featuring dual low-noise mic
preamps, 2 balanced TRS 1/4”
inputs, and S/PDIF digital I/O,
the Firebox is a complete,
palm-sized professional
24-bit/96kHz FireWire audio
interface for computer-based
studios. Combining Cubase LE production software and a bus-powered interface, this
cross-platform system provides a convenient all-in-one recording solution for both mobile
and studio production.
• Very low-latency monitoring • Cubase LE and DSP routing mixer software included
• Record/playback (6) inputs (10) outputs at 24-bit/96kHz
• Front-panel headphone monitoring and mic pre’s with built-in 48V phantom power
• Plug-n-play FireWire (IEEE 1394) audio interface
• 24-bit/44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz sample rates supported
The FA-66 is a professional six
input/six output 24-bit/96kHz
portable FireWire audio
interface designed for mobile
recording. Simultaneous I/O
performance is determined by
the sampling rate used; 96kHz
allows for 6-In/6-Out, while 192kHz allows for 4-In/4-Out. This FireWire bus powered
interface provides a variety of input and output options, MIDI I/O, and a compact solid
metal design, making it a great solution for high-resolution location recording.
• Simultaneous Performance: (6) in (6) out at 24-bit/96kHz, (4) in (4) out at 24-bit/192kHz
• (2) XLR/TRS Combo Jacks with Premium Phantom Power Mic Preamps
• S/PDIF Optical Input and Output Ports with “SYNC” LED Indicator
• Zero-Latency, Direct Monitoring • Built-in Analog Limiter • Windows and Mac compatible
FireWire Solo
The FireWire
Solo is compact
bus-powered 24bit/96kHz portable
audio interface
equipped with
microphone, guitar, and line inputs, coaxial S/PDIF I/O, and a stereo headphone amp. Ideal
for songwriters and guitarist, the easy-to-use FireWire Solo is ASIO2, WDM, GSIF2, MME and
Core Audio compatible, and is small enough to go anywhere you want to take your music.
• XLR Microphone input with 48V phantom power, gain control, clip LED
• 1/4”guitar input with gain control and clip LED
• (2) 1/4” line inputs and (2) 1/4” TRS line outputs
• Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O with 2-channel PCM
• Rack mountable metal chassis • Dual FireWire ports with bus-power
• Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software • Windows and Mac compatible
Computer Audio Interfaces
Mbox 2 Pro
The Mbox 2 Pro is a
mobile high-definition
24/94k FireWire audio
production system
featuring a widevariety of connections,
industry-standard Pro Tools LE software, over 50 effects and instrument plug-ins, and
the powerful multitrack recording and mixing capabilities you’ve come to expect from Pro
Tools. Vocals, keyboards and guitars can be simultaneously recorded and monitored with
dedicated outputs and low-latency monitoring.
• 24-bit/96kHz FireWire audio interface with Pro Tools LE software
• 32 simultaneous audio tracks with 256 MIDI tracks
• Over 50 processing plug-ins and instruments included
• Unique Beat Detective LE automatic groove analysis and correction tool
• (2) XLR/1/4” combo jacks, (2) 1/4” TRS jacks (6) 1/4” outputs
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
The UltraLite is a 10 input/14 output, 24-bit/96kHz FireWire audio interface ideal for
mobile recording applications. This high quality, bus-powered unit is equipped with 2 mic/
instrument inputs with preamps (on XLR/TRS combo jacks), 6 line-level 1/4” TRS inputs,
10 1/4” TRS outputs, S/PDIF digital I/O, MIDI I/O and a dedicated stereo headphone output.
• Bus-powered, mobile FireWire interface
• (2) mic/instrument preamps with 48V phantom power
• Front-panel gain control & 3-way pad switch
• (6) 1/4” TRS inputs, (10) 1/4” TRS outputs • Dedicated stereo headphone output with
level control • Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O • CueMix DSP latency-free monitoring system
• Includes AudioDesk software (Mac OS X only) • MIDI input and output
• Windows and Mac compatible
AudioFire 8
The AudioFire8 is a highquality FireWire interface
featuring comprehensive
analog and digital I/O and an
intuitive software console for
monitoring, metering, and
setting levels. Ideal for most any studio or mobile production, the AudioFire8 provides 10
simultaneous I/O channels of pristine audio over a wide dynamic range, all at 24-bit/96kHz.
• High-quality, low-latency FireWire audio interface
• 10-channel simultaneous I/O at 24-bit/96kHz
• On-board 32-bit DSP for digital mixing and monitoring
• Inputs: (6) balanced TRS 1/4”, (2) Neutrik Universal, S/PDIF (RCA), WordClock
• Outputs: (8) balanced TRS 1/4”, S/PDIF (RCA), WordClock, Phones
• XP and Mac OS X compatible, includes Tracktion V.1 production software
ECAF12 12-channel 196kHz version #ECAF12 ....................................................$799.00
FireWire 410
FireWire 410 is a 4x10 FireWire audio interface that
includes 2 high-quality microphone preamps, MIDI I/O
and multiple output options. The compact FireWire
410 can be completely Bus-powered for total mobile
operation, delivering a powerful and flexible solution
for the traveling musician.
• 2x8 24-bit/96kHz Analog I/O with 192kHz stereo out
• Coaxial/Optical S/PDIF I/O
• Ultra-low latency software monitoring, Near-zero
hardware direct monitoring
• (2) Headphone outputs with assignable source and
individual level controls
• Powered via FireWire bus or included DC supply
• Includes Maximum Audio Tools software bundle
• Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software
• Mac and PC compatible
FireWire 1814
The FireWire 1814 is a 24-bit 18 input/14 output
FireWire audio interface with 2 high quality microphone
preamps, ADAT lightpipe, and MIDI I/O. This powerful
interface has a flexible internal mixer for input and
output routing, two individually assignable headphone
outputs, and can be completely bus-powered, making it
a great solution for both studio and mobile recording.
• 8x4 analog I/O (up to 192kHz on all outs)
• 8x8 ADAT Lightpipe I/O plus word clock
• (2) analog inputs have mic/instrument preamps and
192kHz sample rate
• Coaxial/optical S/PDIF with PCM, AC-3 and DTS
• 1x1 MIDI I/O
• Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software
• Windows and Mac compatible
828 MK II
Computer Audio Interfaces
828 mkII is a high-resolution cross platform 20 input,
24-bit/96kHz FireWire Audio Interface. It is equipped
with 2 Mic pre-amps with switchable phantom
power and front panel trims, ADAT lightpipe I/O
and “CueMix DSP”, MOTU’s on-board mixing and
monitoring matrix.
• (8) 1/4” TRS analog inputs & outputs (+4/-10)
• CueMix DSP eliminates the need for external
mixer or patchbay
• Word Clock, SMPTE, MIDI In and Out and
• Also operates as a Stand-Alone mixer,
no computer required
• Internal switching Power supply
• Includes drivers for Mac and PC
• Includes AudioDesk Workstation software for
Mac OS
Ensemble is a digitally
controlled, professional
FireWire audio interface
designed specifically
for the Macintosh and
any CoreAudio software
applications. It is equipped with 8 channels of 24-bit/192kHz Apogee A/D and D/A
conversion, four mic preamps, ADAT I/O, Word Clock I/O and coaxial & optical S/PDIF.
This high-definition interface also features Precision digital encoders and Apogee’s
exclusive “SoftLimit”, “UV22HR”, and “Intelliclock” technologies.
• 36 channels of simultaneous audio
• (8) channels of premium 24-bit/192K AD/DA conversion
• (4 )XLR mic preamps w/inserts, (4) Hi-Z instrument inputs • (8) 1/4” TRS outputs
• ADAT, Word Clock and coaxial and optical S/PDIF I/O • (2) high level headphone outputs
• Complete integration and control with Apple’s Logic Pro Software
• Compatible with OS X Core Audio (no driver required)
828 MK II USB USB2 version #MA828MK2U2 ..$749.00
The 896HD is a high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz
FireWire audio interface that provides eight Mic
preamps, 8 channels of ADAT I/O, and stereo
AES/EBU. The CueMix DSP on-board mixing feature
(a flexible DSP-driven 18-input/8-bus mixing and
monitoring matrix) eliminates the need for an external
mixer or patchbay. The versatile 896HD can be used
as a stand-alone mixer and is equally well suited for
both studio and stage, with or without a computer.
• (8) XLR mic pre-amps/line inputs with switchable
48V phantom power and front-panel trim controls
• (10) balanced XLR outputs
• ADAT Optical and AES/EBU digital I/O
• CueMix DSP latency-free monitoring system
• Includes AudioDesk workstation software
(Mac OS only) • Windows and Mac compatible
• Built-in SMPTE synchronization and SMPTE Console software
• Stand-alone operation for mixing and monitoring
without a computer
• (8) balanced/unbalanced analog ins/outs
• Word Clock I/O, MIDI I/O, ADAT sync
• DC power jack accepts any 10-24V DC power supply
• Includes AudioDesk recording/editing/mixing software
(Mac OS only) • Mac and Windows compatible
Fireface 800
The Traveler is a professional
mobile 24-bit/192kHz FireWire
audio interface equipped with
4 mic/instrument pre-amps,
optical I/O. Small enough
to fit in a computer bag or
briefcase, the Traveler can
be powered via the FireWire
bus, industry-standard battery
pack or a unique 4-pin XLR
power socket feature, giving
users a complete batteryoperated 20 input/22 output
remote studio.
Featuring unique
like “SteadyClock”
sync and “TotalMix”
DSP-based mixing and routing, Fireface
800 is a high performance 56-channel, 24-bit/192kHz
FireWire audio interface that combines RME’s latest digital converters with today’s fastest
FireWire protocol. All of the inputs and outputs of this high-speed workhorse can be
used at the same time, and all settings including “TotalMix” are saved to an internal flash
memory, with or without a computer.
• (4) Discrete, high-headroom XLR mic preamps, Hi-Z instrument input with “Soft-limiter”
• (8) 1/4” TRS inputs/outputs, (1) 1/4” TS input • (2) ADAT or S/PDIF optical I/O, coaxial
S/PDIF I/O (AES/EBU compatible) • Word Clock I/O, MIDI I/O • Low-Jitter “SteadyClock”
acts as sync reference for whole studio • Expansion slot for “Time Code Option” for
synchronizing to LTC • Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP and Mac OS X (10.3 or higher)
Computer Audio Interfaces
ProjectMix I/O
The ProjectMix I/O is a combination control
surface/FireWire audio interface that makes an
ideal hardware complement to popular DAW
applications. The interface is equipped with 8
analog mic/line inputs and 4 analog outputs,
ADAT Lightpipe I/O, MIDI I/O and Word Clock
I/O. The intuitive control surface is comprised
of eight touch-sensitive motorized channel
faders and one master fader, eight assignable rotary encoders, a jog/shuttle wheel and
dedicated transport controls.
• (9) touch-sensitive motorized faders
• 18x14 FireWire audio interface • (2) headphone outputs with independent level control
• Supports Mackie Control, Logic Control and HUI Protocols
• Dedicated keys for in/out points, locate, region nudge and loop
• Includes Abelton Live Lite 4 software • Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered
FireWire 1804
• (4) combo XLR/1/4” TRS mic/line inputs,
(4) 1/4” TRS line inputs, (2) 1/4” TRS monitor outputs
• Coaxial S/PDIF and ADAT optical I/O
• Word Clock in and out, (2) FireWire ports (In/Thru)
• (2) MIDI ins and (4) MIDI outs • Assignable footswitch jack
• Mac and Windows compatible
The FireWire 1804 is a 24bit/96kHz audio and MIDI
interface featuring four greatsounding XLR microphone
inputs (with inserts and
phantom power), guitar
level input, digital I/O, and a
headphone output with level
control. This high quality, 18
in/12 out FireWire interface
comes bundled with Cubase
LE 48-track/96K recording
software, Gigastudio 3
LE, and dozens of Nomad
Factory plug-in demos.
The FW-1884 is a professional FireWire
Control Surface and Audio/MIDI
Interface. It provides 18 simultaneous
channels of I/O featuring 8 balanced
Mic/Line inputs (with high-quality
microphone preamps), 8 balanced TRS
outputs, ADAT lightpipe and S/PDIF
in and out.
• (8) 100mm touch-sensitive motorized
Channel faders and a Master fader
• Dedicated controls for Pan, Solo, Mute, Select and 4-bands of EQ
• Zero Latency Direct monitoring • 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters
• MIDI and Word Clock Sync in and out • Mac and Windows compatible
• 8-channel sidecar expansion available (FE-8)
The DIGI 002R system integrates an 18-channel, 24-bit/
96kHz rack-mounted FireWire audio interface with
Digidesign’s powerful 32-track Pro Tools LE software.
Featuring four high-quality mic preamps along with
analog, digital, and MIDI I/O, the DIGI 002R is designed
for both recording and performing musicians alike, and
its “sessions” are compatible with the entire Pro Tools
product family, including high-end Pro Tools HD systems.
• (8) Analog ins and outs, including (4) Mic preamps
with phantom power and high-pass filters
• ADAT I/O, switchable to S/PDIF I/O • (1) MIDI input
(2) MIDI outputs (16 channels in/32 channels out)
• Headphone output with dedicated volume control
• Bundled software includes: Music Production
Enhancement Suite, DigiRack plug-ins,
Free Bomb Factory plug-ins
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Digi 002 Factory
The Digi 002
Factory system
is a fullfeatured
that combines
a flexible Audio
interface with
Analog and Digital I/O and a comprehensive hardware control surface.
The system Includes Pro Tools LE 32-track software, an
extensive bundle of third party software and 10 Bomb
Factory plug-ins.
• (8) Analog Ins/Outs with (4) high-quality
Microphone Preamps
• (8) motorized, touch sensitive faders
• (8) motion sensitive rotary encoders
• (10) Scribble strips for track name, pan, send,
fader and plug-in values • ADAT lightpipe IN/OUT
• Stand-alone Mode: 8x4x2 digital mixer
• Includes Digi 002 Factory software bundle
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Computer Audio Interfaces
• (2) XLR mic inputs, (2) 1/4” TS instrument inputs
and (2) RCA line level phono inputs
• Stereo line level outputs via stereo RCA connector/
1/8”TRS • Stereo 1/8” TRS headphone output
• Full digital control and recall from the control panel
• Low Latency hardware mixer configured from
the control panel • Sync indicator LED
• (2) IEEE1394 (FireWire) ports
• Windows XP and Mac compatible
1394 is versatile FireWire
with four
analog inputs
and two
analog outputs. The I/O includes two microphone
preamplifiers with phantom power & two instrument
(Hi-Z) inputs on the front panel and stereo RCA
inputs & outputs on the rear panel. It is bundled with
Cubase LE software, Sony’s ACID XMC, 25 effect
plug-ins and over 3 GB of drum loops & samples.
The Audiophile 192 is a high-definition
24-bit/192kHz PCI audio interface
that provides rock-solid drivers and
seamless integration with your
favorite Mac & PC applications.
It features two 1/4” TRS inputs
& outputs, coaxial S/PDIF digital
I/O (with 2-channel PCM) and 16-channel MIDI I/O; all supplied on a breakout cable.
PCI 2.2 compliance & 64-bit audio drivers enable the Audiophile to take advantage of
next-generation platforms and software.
• 1/4” TRS analog inputs & outputs • Coaxial S/PDIF digital & MIDI I/O
• Direct hardware input monitoring • SCMS copy protection control
• Software routing of inputs and outputs
• Includes Ableton Live Lite 4 music production software
• Windows 2000, XP and Mac OS X compatible
The 1212M is a 12 input/12 output 24-bit/192kHz PCI
interface and daughter card designed for professional
Recording, Remixing, and Mastering. Using the same
A/D converters as Digidesign’s flagship Pro Tools HD
192 I/O interface, the E-MU 1212M is a perfect audio
system for applications requiring
only 2 channels of premium
analog I/O, ADAT lightpipe, AES/EBU
• Mastering-grade 24-bit/192kHz converters
• E-DSP 32-bit built-in hardware accelerated effects
and mixing
• Zero-latency direct hardware monitoring
• (2) 1/4” TRS, ADAT optical, coaxial S/PDIF-AES/EBU
(switchable under software control) I/O
• MIDI I/O and FireWire (6-pin)
• Powerful software studio package included
• Compatible with Windows 2000 (SP4) and Windows
XP (SP1) or greater
The LynxTwo-B Model is a 24-bit/96 kHz digital
audio PCI card designed for audio/video production,
DVD-Audio and mastering. It provides Two 24-bit
balanced analog inputs and six 24-bit balanced analog
outputs, SMPTE time code reader and generator with
MTC conversion, composite video genlock, 24-bit
Audiophile 192
• (2) XLR inputs and (6) XLR outputs on D-sub breakout cable
• D-sub breakout cable for digital input and output, sync in and out
• SMPTE time code reader and generator/composite video genlock
• Word, 256 Word, 13.5MHz or 27MHz clock sync
• Supports Dolby AC-3 and DTS on digital I/O • PCI-X compatible
• Windows and Mac compatible
Delta 66
The Delta 66 is a six input/six output24-bit/96kHz fullduplex audio interface that connects via the Delta Series
PCI host card. The breakout box is equipped with four 1/4”
TRS analog inputs/outputs, and the PCI host card provides
coaxial S/PDIF I/O. Dedicated control panel software enables
software-driven routing for all analog and digital I/O and
SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) output control.
• 4x4 1/4” TRS analog I/O
• Coaxial S/PDIF I/O with SCMS control
• Zero-latency monitoring
• AC-3 and DTS surround support via digital I/O
• Includes Ableton Live Lite 4 music production software
• Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software
• Windows 98SE/Me/2000 and Mac OS X compatible
Delta 44 same as Delta 66, but without coaxial S/PDIF #MAD44 ......................$148.95
Computer Audio Interfaces
The HD192 is a PCI based audio
interface with exceptional digital
converters. 12 professional-grade
XLR inputs and outputs adorn the
back panel, with a 19-segment
LED meter on the front for every
input and output. Word clock
inputs and outputs allow the HD192 to act as the master clock, or sync to another. You can
record at 192 kHz while synced or digitally connected to devices of various sampling rates.
• (12) balanced XLR channels with 192-kHz 24-bit capability • 19-segment LED meterbridge for each input and output • Wordclock and AES/EBU input and output
• I/O can support two simultaneous 5.1 mixes • Connect up 4 audio interfaces to the
included PCI-42 Card • Standard PCI Mac and PC compatible
HD192PCIE Same as HD192 with a PCIe compatible card #MAHD192PCIE .....$1699.95
HD192E Expansion HD192 unit (no PCI-424 Card) #MAHD192E ........................$1514.95
The E-MU 0404 is a PCI-based digital audio
system that delivers professional performance
at an unbeatable price. The system consists of
a PCI card with breakout cables for analog,
digital and MIDI I/O, and the E-MU Production
Tools Software Bundle. It offers pristine
24-bit/192kHz converters, and the same hardware acceleration as the rest of E-MU’s
Digital Audio Systems; providing you with professional sound quality, powerful DSP
and zero-latency hardware-based mixing and monitoring.
• Premium 24-bit/192kHz converters • (2) 1/4” analog inputs and outputs
• MIDI In and Out • Optical/Coaxial S/PDIF • PatchMix DSP zero-latency hardware
mixing and monitoring • Software bundle includes: Sonar LE, Cubase LE,
Wavelab Lite, AbletonLive Lite 4, AmpliTube LE, SFX Machine LT, and Proteus X LE
Delta 1010LT
The Delta 1010LT is a 10 input/10 PCI audio interface
with two color-coded breakout cables. Connectivity
includes: two mic/line preamps on XLR connectors,
six RCA inputs, eight RCA outputs, MIDI I/O, Word
Clock I/O and coaxial S/PDIF I/O. Up to four Deltas can
be combined in your system for a maximum of 32
analog and four stereo S/PDIF inputs
and outputs.
• (2) XLR mic preamps
• (8) RCA inputs and (6) RCA outputs
• Compact, half-size PCI card • MIDI & Word Clock I/O
• S/PDIF digital I/O with PCM and AC-3/DTS surround
• Software controlled 36-bit internal DSP digital mixing/routing
• Includes Ableton Live Lite 4 music production software
• Windows and Mac OS X compatible
The MiaMIDI is full
featured 24-bit/96kHz
PCI audio card
with a pair
of balanced
1/4” analog
inputs and
outputs with a
breakout cable
for coaxial S/PDIF
I/O and MIDI I/O. A unique feature of this interface
is the use of “virtual” outputs. MiaMIDI appears to
software as if it has eight separate outputs, which
are digitally mixed down to the physical outputs using
MiaMIDI’s “console” software and its on-board DSP.
• (2) analog inputs and (2) analog outputs on
1/4” TRS connectors
• 24-bit coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O
• Supports full duplex 4 channel in,
4 channel out operation
• On-board 24-bit Motorola DSP for mixing
and monitoring
• PCI bus mastering interface: works with
PCI-X (3.3/5 volt) and Power Mac G5
• Windows and Mac compatible
Audiophile 2496
Featuring reliable, rock-solid
operation and a simple, seamless setup, the Audiophile
2496 is an affordable all-in-one
solution to high quality 24-bit/
96kHz audio production.
Tools creative
music making software, the 2496 is capable of both digital and analog
performance, while providing a fast throughput, lowlatency, patchbay router control panel for maximum
control of the audio signal.
• 24-bit/96kHz fidelity
• 2x2 analog I/O (RCA connectors)
• S/PDIF digital I/O with 5.1 Dolby Digital support
• Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software
• 36-bit internal DSP mixing/routing
Computer Audio Interfaces
• Stereo analog in and output on RCA connectors
• ADAT digital I/O, supporting 96kHz S/MUX operation
• MIDI I/O with 16 channels of MIDI via breakout cable
• TotalMix: 512-channel mixer with 40 bit internal resolution • Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X
Expansion Options include:
BO9632-XLRMKH XLR breakout cable
#RMBO9632XLRM ............................................ $68.95
AO4S-192 TRS output daughter card
#RMAO4S192 ................................................. $259.00
AI4S-192 TRS input daughter card
#RMAI4S192 .................................................. $259.00
WCM Word Clock module #RMWCMHDSP963 ..$128.95
The Hammerfall DSP 9632 is
a high-resolution PCI audio card with RME’s latest 192kHz A/D and D/A
converters, unbalanced
stereo analog inputs and
outputs, ADAT lightpipe,
and coaxial S/PDIF (optional
balanced XLR/ AES and EBU breakout cable
available). It features unique innovations like “SteadyClock”
sync and “TotalMix” DSP-based mixing and routing, and can
be upgraded with a variety of expansion options.
The Hammerfall
HDSP9652 is a
24 Bit/96 kHz PCI
I/O card that provides
DSP-based mixing
and routing, low
latency and flexible
I/O & expansion. This
high performance
digital interface is equipped with 3 ADAT
I/Os, coaxial S/PDIF I/O, Word Clock I/O, 32
channels of MIDI I/O and ADAT sync.
• 52 Channel 24 Bit/96 kHz I/O Card
• 3 x ADAT optical I/O
• 1 x SPDIF digital I/O
• TotalMix: 1352 channel mixer with
40 bit internal resolution
• Unique Zero CPU Load technology
• Word clock I/O (BNC) on included expansion board
• 32 channels high-speed MIDI via breakout cable
• Supports expansion boards
• Windows and Mac compatible
Multiface II/ HDSP PCI Bundle
Designed to provide the highest level of
audio quality for both Mac and PC
platforms, the RME Multiface II
is a superior 36-channel 24-bit/
96kHz I/O box that connects to
a computer via the HDSP PCI host card.
It’s award-winning Hammerfall technology provides “zero
CPU load”, extremely low latency, and their TotalMix DSP mixer, offering
almost limitless intuitive routing capabilities with 40-bit internal resolution.
• 36-channel 24-bit/96kHz operation • (8) balanced 1/4” analog I/O
• HDSP PCI card interface • ADAT I/O with ADAT Sync, S/PDIF I/O and Word Clock
• TotalMix DSP mixer with 40-bit internal resolution
• Computer connectivity via HDSP PCI or CardBus cards (optional)
• Unique DIGICheck analysis software included
Multiface II/ HDSP PCMCIA Cardbus Bundle #RMMF2CBB ...................$949.00
The Digiface is a compact 52-channel
24-bit/96 kHz digital I/O interface
designed to connect with RME’s
It is equipped with three ADAT
optical I/Os, ADAT-Sync In, coaxial S/PDIF & Word clock I/O, MIDI I/O and a separate stereo
analog line out. The Digiface’s “zero CPU load” technology guarantees high performance
and low latency.
• (3) ADAT digital I/O • Word clock & coaxial SPDIF digital I/O
• TotalMix DSP based mixing and routing
• 2 x MIDI I/O, 32 channels high-speed MIDI • 1/4” TRS line/headphone output
• Compatible with HDSP PCI & HDSP PCMCIA host cards
HDSP PCI PCI host card #RMHDSPPCI ..............................................................$269.00
HDSP PCMCIA PCMCIA host card #RMHDSPPCMCIA ......................................$299.00
Delta 1010
Delta 1010 is a 24-bit/96kHz full-duplex
breakout-box interface that connects
via the Delta Series PCI host
card. Its superb
engineering and
deliver fidelity
that surpasses
systems costing
many times more.
• 8x8 Analog I/O balanced/unbalanced with
1/4” TRS connectors
• Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O
• Word Clock I/O for sample accurate sync
• 36-bit internal DSP digital mixing and routing
• Includes Maximum Audio Tools
software bundles
• Compatible with Pro Tools
M-Powered software
• Mac and Windows compatible
Computer Audio Interfaces
Layla 3G
The Layla 3G is Echo’s
flagship 24-bit/96kHz
PCI-based recording
system consisting of a
bus mastering PCI host
card and a full-featured
breakout box. Featuring
two Neutrik combo inputs with mic preamps, six balanced inputs/eight balanced outputs,
ADAT lightpipe I/O, optical/coaxial S/PDIF and MIDI I/O, the Layla 3G is a high-performance
choice for today’s professional computer recording studio.
• (2) auto-sensing Neutrik combo inputs (mic/guitar/line)
• 48V phantom power on XLR inputs
• (6) balanced analog inputs (8) balanced analog outputs on 1/4” TRS connectors
• Headphone output with level control • Includes “Tracktion” professional recording and
MIDI production software • Word Clock Sync I/O • Mac and Windows compatible
The 2408 is a rackmounted, 24-bit/96kHz
audio interface equipped
with 8 1/4” TRS analog
24 channels of ADAT
optical & TDIF I/O, S/PDIF I/O, ADAT sync and SMPTE/Word Clock in and out. The included
PCI-24 card is used to connect this versatile interface to computer audio workstations
and provides the DSP horsepower for creating custom tailored monitor mixes of up to
96 channels of 96 kHz audio.
Indigo DJ
The Indigo DJ is a dual
stereo, 24-bit cardbus audio
card designed for portable
digital DJ applications. It
offers two independent
stereo 1/8” analog outputs;
one for setting up your
cue mix on a pair of
headphones, and the other
for the house mix (with
analog volume knob to
control headphone output).
• (2) independent stereo 1/8” analog outputs
• Preview cue mix on the headphone output while
playing back house mix on the line output
• Supports true 24-bit/96kHz audio
• Software console for metering and setting levels
• Type II Cardbus slot required
• Includes 6-foot adapter cable for RCA and
1/4” connections
• Windows Me/2000/XP and Mac OS X compatible
• (8) 1/4” TRS analog inputs & outputs • 24 channels of ADAT optical input/output
• 24 channels of TDIF input/output • 2 channels of S/PDIF in and 4 channels out
• Includes cross-platform PCI-424 card and AudioDesk software (Mac OS X only)
• Windows XP and Mac compatible
The 24I/O is a highquality, rackmount
24-bit/96kHz audio
interface that
provides 24 1/4” TRS
analog input and outputs and attaches to a computer workstation via the included PCI-24
audio card. The PCI-24 features a powerful DSP chip dedicated to creating custom tailored
monitor mixs, and has ports for up to four interfaces; allowing you to mix and match MOTU
audio interfaces to meet your exact I/O needs.
• (24) analog inputs and outputs on balanced/unbalanced 1/4” TRS connectors
• 16-, 20- and 24-bit recording at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz • Word Clock sync
• PCI-24 100% compatible with all MOTU Audio Wire interfaces • Includes AudioDesk
workstation software (Mac OS only) • Windows and Mac compatible
*Also available as an expansion unit w/o PCI-24 card #MA24IOE
The E-MU 1616M is a mastering grade, laptop digital
audio system comprised of the portable MicroDock
M breakout box ,the E-MU CardBus card and E-MU
production tools software bundle. This 16 input/output
system provides two XLR mic preamps, four 1/4” TRS
Inputs, six 1/4” TRS outputs, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF output,
turntable input, stereo 1/8” speaker outputs and two
Headphone/Line Outputs.
• Mastering grade 24-bit/192kHz converters
• (2) Mic/Line/Hi-Z Preamps w/ Soft Limiter and
48V phantom
• S/PDIF Out (switchable to AES/EBU)
• Turntable input w/ground lug and hardware RIAA preamp
• Hardware-accelerated effects processor with over
28 effects plug-ins
• Includes E-MU Production Tools Software Bundle
• Windows 2000 & XP compatible
Computer Audio Software
Traktor DJ
Studio 3.0
Traktor 3.0 DJ Studio is the leading-edge
software solution for professional DJ mixing
and recording using the MP3, WAV, AIFF
and audio CD file formats. With advanced
features that only software can provide,
Traktor 3.0 goes far beyond the possibilities of
conventional DJ gear, allowing almost infinite
creative possibilities.
• Two scratchable playback decks with ±100%
pitch control and 2-channel cue section
• Records mixes as non-destructive
automation file
• High-quality time stretching and pitch shifting
• Powerful database with Quick Search, capable
of processing 1000s of tracks instantly
• +12dB/-24dB 3 band EQ, 8-pole resonant
filters and kill switches for each deck
• Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
Acid Pro 6
Peak 5
Peak 5 is the professional standard for stereo
Recording, Editing, Processing, and Mastering
on Mac OS X. This complete editing suite
solution now includes Roxio Jam 6, (the
professional Redbook standard for CD burning)
and SFX Machine LT, (a powerful multi-effects
sound design plug-in). Peak 5 is ideal for music
production, broadcast editing, and film/video/
multimedia sound design applications.
• Over 25 VST audio effects plug-ins bundled free
• Sophisticated playlist with graphic waveform
view and advanced crossfade control
• High-quality DSP algorithms for
Change Pitch, Change Duration and
Sample-Rate Conversion
• Unlimited Undo/Redo with full edit history
• Advanced QuickTime movie and
DVC clip support
• Supports built-in Mac I/O, and Core Audio
compatible hardware
• 100% Redbook replication-ready CD burning
with ISRC, PQ subcodes and more
Acid Pro 6 is loop-based music
composition and production
application for Windows, with
a host of advanced professional
features and a user-friendly
interface. With its straightforward
“pick, paint, and play” track
creation, real-time pitch and tempo
matching, and groove quantization of audio and MIDI events, Acid Pro
6 is ideal for remixing, creating audio beds, and scoring digital video.
• Includes over 1000 music loops in multiple genres
• Exclusive “Media Manager Technology” to organize and
search loop database
• Unlimited tracks of Audio and MIDI, 24-bit/192kHz audio support
• Over 20 real-time DirectX audio effects and VST/VSTI support
• 5.1 surround mixing support, and integrated disc-at-once CD burning
• Windows 2000 and XP compatible
Sonar 6
Producers Edition
The Windows only based Sonar 6 Producer is
a professional digital audio workstation with a
variety of unique, powerful tools that allow users
to compose, record and mix their projects at the
highest possible quality. Its 64-bit mix engine
brings more clarity, detail and definition to projects,
accessible even on 32-bit computers. Dynamically
re-map hardware controllers, improve project
efficiency, multitrack audio quantize and safeguard
your work against faulty plug-ins and other crash
sources via Crash Recovery. A must for the next
generation of audio production.
• Truly native 64-bit DAW with unlimited audio,
MIDI, plug-ins and busses
• AudioSnap- seamless audio tempo changes,
convert audio to MIDI, sync multiple tracks
• Dynamically re-map effects, mix and instrument
parameters to hardware controllers
• Score to video and output to 1394 FireWire
devices • 31 audio and 8 MIDI effects including
Roland’s V-Vocal
• Completely customizable user interface
Nuendo 3
Nuendo 3 is Steinberg’s complete
“Native” Media Production System.
Designed to meet the exacting demands of audio professionals working
in a variety of specialized applications,
including music composition, game
and multimedia sound design, broadcast, and post production film/video.
• Flexible configuration allows custom user interface design
• Powerful new networking capabilities for collaborations in
large-scale projects
• VST System Link- CPU intensive tasks can be allocated to various computers
• Fully Surround capability for 5.1, 7.1, and 10.2 productions
(optional Dolby Digital and DTS encoders)
• Precision 32-bit floating point audio processing and Mixing
• Includes a huge array of virtual effects and instrument plug-ins
• Powerful editing engine with unlimited undo/redo and complete edit history
• Windows 2000, XP and Mac OS X 10.3 or higher compatible
Computer Audio Software
Finale 2007
Finale 2007 is the industry-standard music
notation and publishing software for
both Windows and Mac platforms. Used
by educators, students, and composers
worldwide, the powerful yet intuitive 2007
version features revolutionary tools for creating,
evaluating and shaping ideas into the most
basic songs or complex arrangements and
compositions. Improvements include timesaving editing and navigation enhancements,
high-end editing and spacing improvements.
• Finale Performance Assessment – innovative
educational tool
• Human Playback plays your musical
expressions exactly as you want
• New Studio View gives users “mixer-like”
control • Linked Parts generates and formats
part automatically
• Import digital video with automatic
synchronization to music
• Windows XP and Intel/Mac support
Sound Forge 8
Logic Pro 7.2
Logic Pro 7.2 is Apple Computers flagship
audio workstation software for the Mac
OS. Integrated digital audio recording, MIDI
sequencing, virtual instruments and notation
provide Macintosh users with a comprehensive
all-in-one solution. It supports audio at 16-bit
and 24-bit resolution and sample rates of up to
192kHz for both audio recording and playback
of internal software instruments.
• Non-destructive Editing of both Audio and
MIDI in real-time
• New state-of-the-art Loop Composition Tool
“Apple Loops”
• 13 Virtual instruments including, 3 New
synths-Sculpture, EFM1 and the Ultrabeat
Drum Machine
• New “Distributed Audio Processing”
lets users tap into network computers via
ethernet or FireWire for more DSP power
• Over 70 built-in effects plug-ins, including 9
brand new processors
• Mixing and automation with total recall
• Up to 255 Audio tracks and 64 Audio Instruments
with CD Architect
Sound Forge 8 is a professional
software package for 24-bit/
32-bit/192kHz two-track audio
recording, editing, processing,
and mastering on the PC
platform. With extensive file
format support, powerful audio
effects, and support for multiple video formats, the comprehensive
Sound Forge 8 Bundle enhances workflow and productivity with its
ease of use and intuitive interface.
• Includes CD Architect 5.2 Red Book Audio CD authoring Software
• Includes over 40 DirectX audio plug-ins
• VST plug-in effect support
• High-quality time compression/expansion
• Support for video formats including: AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2
• Low-latency ASIO driver support • Windows 2000 or XP
Wavelab 6
Pro Tools
Pro Tools M-Powered is a version of Digidesigns
Pro Tools software designed specifically to work
with select M-Audio hardware interfaces. A
variety of M-Audio PCI and FireWire interfaces are
compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered software
including: Audiophile 2496 & 192, the Ozonic, and
the FireWire 410 and 1814. Pro Tools M-Powered
software provides 32 tracks of 24-bit/96kHz audio
recording/editing/mixing, a fully integrated MIDI
sequencer, and session compatibility with
Pro Tools-equipped studios worldwide.
• Award winning audio recording, editing and mixing
• Session compatibility with other
Pro-Tools-equipped studios
• Unique Beat Detective LE automatic groove
analysis/correction tool
• Includes over 30 free RTAS and
Audio Suite plug-ins
• Accepts Rewire output stream
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Wavelab 6 sets a new standard for
integrated audio editing, effects
processing and mastering on Windows
XP and 2000. DVD Audio authoring
and CD/DVD burning/archiving are
both fully supported, including highresolution stereo and surround formats.
Not just a top-level mastering tool,
Wavelab 6 offers powerful features for
multimedia, broadcast, and multi-channel surround applications.
• All-in-One solution for high resolution stereo and multi-channel
editing and mastering • Innovative “Audio Montage” user interface
with unlimited UNDO/REDO • New “Smart” video thumbnail for
editing audio for video • Support for DVD Real-time text and static
text, still images, slide shows and graphic menus • Complete
Red-Book CD mastering toolkit including signal processing, track
sheets and CD cover layout tools • Real-time processing with 32-bit
floating-point processing • Audio file support up to 24-bit /192kHz
Cubase 4
Computer Audio Software
Cubase 4 is an advanced digital audio workstation
that combines excellent sound quality, intuitive
control and a vast range of highly advanced
audio and MIDI tools for composition, recording,
editing and mixing. It features a powerful Control
Room section, VST3 plug-in technology, the
revolutionary SoundFrame-Universal Sound
Manager, MediaBay database and more.
Composers and musicians will benefit from
enhanced score editing, the efficient, redesigned
user interface, and multiple features for adapting
to individual workflow and creativity.
• 24-bit/96kHz audio workstation with unlimited
tracks and plug-ins
• Control Room integration within your outboard
studio environment
• Professional music notation and score printing
• Brand-new VST3 plug-in and built-in software
instruments with more than 1000 sounds
• Seamless integration of external audio and
MIDI hardware
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
GigaStudio 3
Reason 3.0
Reason 3.0 is an infinitely expandable standalone
music workstation application with a simple yet
powerful interface. It features a wide variety
of synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and
effects that perform just like their hardware
counterparts, and includes both pattern-based
and piano scroll style sequencers. Version 3.0
features the new “Combinator”, allowing you to
build elaborate chains of instruments, effects, and
sequencers that are saved as Combi patches.
• Native Performance, no special hardware needed
• Virtual rear panel hardware patching for
infinite routing possibilities • Sound Bank
3.0 – Expanded library of synth patches,
multi-sampled instruments, and Combinator
patches • “Rewire” allows routing of 64
channels of synchronized audio
• Full Automation and Recall of all parameters
• Includes MClass mastering suite effects and
Orkestra sample library
• Mac and Windows compatible
GigaStudio 3 is a powerful
standalone sampling workstation
for the Windows platform,
available in three different versions:
Orchestra, Ensemble, and Solo.
Rewire support allows GigaStudio
instruments to appear in your
workstation software, right beside
your plug-in instruments and
audio tracks. The efficient kernel-level processing and RAM usage
results in more polyphony than any other software sampler, and allows
GigaStudio to load sample files up to 512 gigabytes in length.
• Built-in digital mixer with 128 channels and 32 fader groups
• Maximum Voices: Orchestra – Unlimited, Ensemble – 160, Solo – 96
• VST plug-in hosting • 24-bit/96kHz sample support
• Includes GigaPulse SP convolution effects
• Includes comprehensive sample libraries: Orchestra – 17GB, including
custom Vienna Giga Symphony, Ensemble – 11GB, and Solo – 3GB
DV Toolkit 2
Home Studio XL
Version 4
Home Studio XL Version 4 is an affordable
multitrack digital audio/MIDI sequencer for
Windows, ideal for users new to computer audio.
It features powerful built-in instruments and
effects, support for DirectX, VST, ReWire, and MFX
instruments/effects, and supports ACID format
loops. Sonar Home Studio XL Version 4 provides
users with 64 audio tracks, unlimited MIDI tracks,
and all the software tools needed to turn a PC into
a powerful multitrack recording studio.
• 64 audio tracks and unlimited MIDI tracks
• Pristine audio quality up to 24-bit/192kHz
• 32-bit floating point audio engine
• Burn your mixes to CD with included
Pyro Express CD maker
• Includes: Square I DXi analog synth, Powerfx
Dyad DXi sampler & sample library CD, RXP
DXi drum machine, and Reverb XL
• Windows 2000/XP compatible
The DV Toolkit 2 is a software upgrade
bundle that adds post
production functionality
to Digidesign Pro Tools
LE systems. With the
addition of frameaccurate Time Code
functions, AAF/OMF import and
export, and specialized plug-ins, the
DV Toolkit 2 enables users to easily edit and sweeten the audio content
of film and video projects.
• Timebase Rulers: spot audio to Time Code or Feet + Frames
• Up to 48 Mono or stereo tracks at up to 96kHz
• Includes DigiTranslator 2.0 for full AAF/OMF import/export
• DINR LE Intelligent noise reduction plug-in • Synchro Arts VocALign
Project audio alignment plug-in • TL Space convolution reverb
• Audio/Video rate Pull Up and Pull Down
• Requires iLok USB Smart Key (not supplied)
Samplitude V8
Samplitude Pro 8 is a comprehensive
professional recording, mixing, editing and
mastering DAW with outstanding stability
and audio quality. Few DAW’s meet the
complete production needs of users quite like
Samplitude, with its dynamics processing,
multi-effects, EQ’s, multi-band compression
and enhancing, this Windows only format
provides an absolute phase stable, low latency
engine that delivers superior tracking, mixing
and mastering capabilities.
• Professional audio/MIDI/editor with
“Red Book” CD burning
• Up to 1000 audio/MIDI tracks with unlimited
plug-ins (CPU dependent)
• Automatic latency compensation throughout
the whole signal path
• 24-bit/192kHz DVD production and surround
burning capabilities
• Complete mixing and mastering
tools provided
• VST and DirectX support
Digital Performer 5
Computer Audio Software
Live 6
Live 6 is the latest version of the revolutionary
music production software that allows users
to spontaneously compose, record, remix,
improvise and edit musical ideas in a seamless
audio/MIDI environment. It combines, in a
single interface, loop and linear production
methods with virtual instruments and effects.
Added features include Movie Import, Deep
Freeze editing, multi-processor support, and a
comprehensive collection of instruments and
project management tools.
• Unlimited 32-bit/192kHz multitrack
hard disk recording
• Realtime pitch-shifting and time-stretching
• Movie Import feature includes warping
sound to picture
• Comprehensive audio and MIDI recording
• Audition clips, in sync, while main mix
is playing
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Digital Performer 5 is MOTUs
most comprehensive integrated
MIDI and Audio sequencer
designed for studio recording,
film scoring, and remixing. Many
exciting new features have been
introduced including: a new Beat
Detection Engine, plug-in latency
compensation, the MasterWork
EQ, enhanced Pro Tools support
and the new “QuickScribe” view
that displays cue points in a manner familiar to film composers.
• Virtual instrument track support
• 64-bit floating-point mastering tools
• Unlimited customized “Consolidated Window” layouts
• FireWire QuickTime video playback • Apple Loop, Acid, and
REX import • OMF import/export • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
Digitar Performer 5 competitive upgrade #MADP5U .... $319.95
Sibelius 4
Version 2
Project5 is an integrated software studio
environment that incorporates sequencers,
software synthesizers, samplers, effects,
and audio looping tools into one easy-touse application. With powerful features like
real-time pattern genesis and triggering,
and it’s seamless live-performance audio
engine, Project5 gives users all the creative
tools needed to create and perform exciting
electronic music tracks.
• Studio quality instruments and effects
• Pattern-based creation tools:
step sequencer, pattern editor
• Flexible looping tools with ACID-format
loop support
• Advanced capabilities for synth layering,
keyboard mapping, and pattern triggering
• Real-time, live performance features
• Windows 2000/XP compatible
Created for musicians by musicians, Sibelius
4 does it all by allowing more attention
to notes and less to details. Utilizing
unique composition systems applicable
for both professional and beginners alike,
Sibelius Pro 4 has become recognized as
a sophisticated, yet creative and simple-to-use notation tool. Styles and
arrangements are freely adjusted while maintaining the expressive nuances
and dynamic phrasing required for an intelligent, well-executed layout.
• Outstanding teaching and learning tool in the classroom or on the Internet
•“Flexi-time”– real-time MIDI input that follows your playing
• Arrange – automatically arranges/orchestrates music
• Scanning – scans music into computer for playback and editing
• Easy-to-learn manual with extensive learning support
• 37 plug-ins included • Exceptional print quality and graphics for publishing
• Imports and converts: Finale, SCORE, Allegro, PrintMusic,
Sibelius, and MIDI files
Cubase SE 3
Computer Audio Software
Cubase SE 3 is a composing, recording, editing
and mixing production system designed to
provide the same user interface and high
quality audio engine as Steinberg’s flagship
SX3, but in an economical package. It
features a clearly-ordered file management
system for even the most complex projects,
an intuitive recording, mixing and editing
interface, full virtual instrument support,
and even video support required for
creating a complete virtual workstation.
• Ideal entry level software for music
composition, editing, mixing and
virtual instruments
• High-end MIDI sequencing, virtual instrument
support and parameter automation
• Hit-point recognition allows drum and
percussion loops to sync with better precision
• Same 32-bit processing 24-bit/96kHz
audio quality of flagship SX3
• PC and Mac compatible
GURU is an easy to use yet very powerful
sampling beat box that includes 2GB of
sample content, an advanced 128 step
sequencer and manipulation effects such as
Bit Crusher and Trance Gate. The intelligent
loop slicer automatically categorizes and
maps each of your samples giving you
manual slice-tuning capability and flexible
audio output routing. Up to 8 engines can
be layered at one time giving you a complete
sample workstation environment.
• Advanced step sequencer
• Automated sample slicing,
classification and mapping
• Loads WAV / AIFF / Rex, MIDI Loops,
Kits and more
• Flexible groove/shuffle control
• Eight stereo audio outputs
• Comprehensive pad editor
Tracktion 2
Logic Express 7.2
Logic Express 7.2 is Apple’s affordable featurepacked software that provides professional
audio and MIDI tools for Mac-based music
production. It combines a core collection of
powerful effects and virtual instrument plugins with slick recording, mixing and editing
capabilities. Record up to 12 different tracks
at the same time, import GarageBand files and
Apple loops, or re-wire your favorite standalone instruments, all with 32-bit processing
and 24-bit/96kHz audio quality.
• Extensive MIDI and audio composition/
production features
• Supports 255 stereo tracks, 64 instrument
tracks, 8 buses and 4 inserts
• EXSP24 sampler w/library, 27 software
instruments and 40 effect plug-ins included
• Layout and print complete professional scores
• Full ReWire integration, Audio Units, AAC
and MP3 support
Combining a complete range
of audio and instrument
plug-ins with a clutter-free
single-screen layout, Tracktion
2 offers a creative alternative
in the field of computer audio
recording. The developers at
Mackie have added more than
100 new features while still
keeping your work flow in the forefront. MIDI controller learning is a
simple “touch and learn” process and “loop record mode” makes it
much easier to choose the best sections from multiple takes.
Sequoia is a complete recording
editing and mastering suite for
recording studios, broadcast
facilities and post houses looking
for the utmost in flexibility and solid
performance. Features like full plugin delay compensation throughout
the program, quick audio CD and
archival CD-ROM burning as well
as separate crossfade Undo management put it in a class of its own. Full
networking is supported for multiple users and plug-ins like Renovator
(which removes sudden unwanted acoustical events such as coughing
and car horns) are only a hint at the depth of this program.
• Built-in sampler • 64-bit, 192khz-capable mix engine
• Enhanced MIDI editor • VST and Rewire support
• Quicktime video playback
• Track Freeze function frees CPU usage
• Sound cloner for copying sonic characteristics between tracks
• Folder Tracks combine several tracks into a neat visual package
• Support for all major multi-channel formats
• Surround room simulator
• Burn high-definition stereo and surround audio DVDs
Computer Audio Software
Pyro 5
Pyro 5 is an easy-to-use, all-in-one CD
Authoring application for Windows.
The clear and intuitive interface allows users
to encode MP3s, burn and share mix CDs,
digitize & restore LPs or cassettes, archive
important data files, and easily make
disc-to-disc copies.
• Rip/Burn CDs to/from MP3, WMA,* WAV
• Includes 64-bit Loudness Maximizer
and Reverb
• 3 Audio Restoration Plug-ins
• Improved Multi-Tasking: Listen to
MP3s while burning CDs
• Full DirectX plug-in support – chain up to
5 DirectX effects
• Neato MediaFACE 4 full-color
CD labeling software included
• Windows 2000/XP compatible
Melodyne Studio 3
Deck is professional multi-track recording,
editing, processing and mixing solution for
Mac-based digital audio production. Easily
spot effects, edit dialogue and process
soundtracks to complex stereo or 5.1 surround
mixes. It’s a cost-effect editing platform for
broadcast, film and multimedia development of
video games, Web podcasts, presentations and
more. Deck’s intuitive interface makes taking
advantage of the broad range of audio tools
fast and easy, all while syncing precisely to a
QuickTime or DV clip.
• Ideal for sound design, broadcast and
music production
• Record, mix, playback and process up to
64 tracks simultaneously
• SMPTE/EBU timecode-fluent for editing,
spotting, and external chase-lock sync
• Built-in DSP effects and 25 free
VST audio effect plug-ins
QuickTime support
Audition 2.0
Utilizing software and hardware, KORE effectively
unites VST and Audio Units instruments and
effects into a single, clearly structured user
interface that enables users to find sounds and
presets based on their musical attributes, making
producing with plug-ins far easier and musical.
Its high-resolution hardware controller interacts
perfectly with the software, with touch-sensitive,
back-lit knobs, bi-directional communication and
a context-specific display.
• Hardware/software system integration of all
VST and Audio Units plug-ins
• Ideally suited to be “default” plug-in in
sequencer tracks and effect slots
• Graphical control layout corresponds exactly to
KORE hardware controller
• Versatile KoreSound format categorizes and
manages presets into a single interface
• Bi-directional Audio/Midi interface for live/
studio use on USB 2.0 connection
Melodyne is a unique
application that allows you to
edit the pitch, timing, phrasing
and formants of an audio file
independently of one another.
Manipulating audio in such a
detailed fashion has always
been difficult but Melodyne
provides the service with a
stand-alone application or integrated into your production environment
via Rewire, VST, RTAS, AU or DirectxX support. This is an indispensable
tool for creating and editing vocal harmonies or stretching into the
experimental for film scoring and remixing.
Audition is integrated
software for audio
recording, mixing,
editing, and mastering.
Its flexibility and control
make it an all-in-one tool
set for professional audio
production for video, radio
and music. Features include
unlimited record, mix and
edit tracks in Multitrack View, more than 50 audio effects and DSP
tools, a pristine low-latency mixing engine and easy integration with
ASIO, VST, DirectX and ReWire support.
• Manipulate audio tracks with MIDI ease • Outstanding time stretching and pitch shifting • Copy and paste without “clicks” and “pops”
• Drag and shift interface simplifies conventional editing
• Selectable automatic scale adjustment
• Advanced Audio-to-MIDI function
• Comprehensive tool for recording, mixing, arranging and editing audio
• High-resolution 24- or 32-bit file support for 192kHz HD and
DVD quality audio • Over 5000 32-bit loops included that
automatically sync to tempo • Built-in 5.1 Surround Encoder
• Audio restoration and Mastering capabilities • PC compatible
SoundSoap 2
Computer Audio Plug-Ins
SoundSoap 2 is a cross-platform standalone
or plug-in processor that dramatically
reduces tape hiss, buzzing and hum, rumble,
and background noise without harming
the audio you want to preserve. Ideal for
“cleaning” noise related problems associated
with shooting video, building websites,
multimedia applications, or making music.
• One-step “Learn Noise” button
automatically reduces noise
• Manual controls for more precise fine-tuning
• “Preserve Voice” button helps remove
noise outside the range of the human voice
• “Noise Only” mode lets you listen only
to the noise being removed
• Standalone version works with
any QuickTime or Windows Media
audio or video file
• Macintosh or Windows single-platform
Pitch ‘n Time 2
Native Power Pack
Native Power Pack is the indispensable audio
plug-in toolkit for Tracking, Mixing and Mastering.
• Q10 Paragraphic EQ – the Worlds most
powerful EQ
• C1 Compressor/Gate – Frequency Selective
Dynamics processor
• Supertap – 2 Multi tap delays with up to
6 seconds of delay
• L1 Ultramaximizer – Mastering grade look
ahead peak limiting
• Trueverb – High-Quality natural sounding
Room Emulator
• Desser – Precision High Frequency
Dynamics processor
• S1 – Stereo Imager
• Plug-in formats include: VST, MAS, RTAS,
AudioSuite, Direct X and Audio Units
Pitch ‘n Time 2 is a high-quality timecompression/expansion and pitch shifting
AudioSuite plug-in for the Pro Tools platform.
The intuitive user interface and flexible DSP
tools allow users to process single tracks
or entire mixes with real-time previewing,
graphic and numeric editing modes,
and Varispeed mode for drawing automation curves. Pitch ‘n Time offers
precision time compression /expansion from a ratio of 1/8 speed to 8x speed
(independent of pitch), and pitch shifting of up to 36 semitones (independent of
tempo) without the artifacts typically associated with these processes.
• Unique patented time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting algorithm
• Multi channel mode: allows processing of up to 48 tracks
• Time-Morph: allows user to stretch out a single note, or change the
timing of a loop • Time stretch by tempo change, length change, target
length, or target BPM • Perfect Pro Tools integration (AudioSuite only)
• Fully Mac and Windows compatible
Pitch ‘n Time LE #SEPNTLE .............................................. $259.95
Auto-Tune 4
Auto-Tune 4 is a real-time audio plug-in
capable of correcting pitch imperfections in
Vocals and Solo Instruments, while retaining
all the expressive nuances of the original
performance without Distortion or Artifacts.
• Save valuable studio time fixing minor
glitches in an otherwise perfect take
• Can be used to create striking
special effects
• Automatic mode – Detects Input pitch
and automatically corrects it to match
scale pitch
• Graphical mode – For meticulous
pitch adjustment
• Plug-in formats supported include: VST,
MAS, RTAS and Direct X
IR1 is an exceptional sounding
Convolution Reverb plug-in with
an extensive library of Impulse
Response Samples (with different
miking options) that faithfully
recreate the sonic environments
of over 60 carefully sampled real
acoustic spaces, and 60 classic hardware devices. Version 2 features new
tools to capturing custom Impulses Responses from rooms or devices.
• Unparalleled native reverb solution for your audio sequencing software
• Flexible classic controls of key reverb parameters • A Renaissancebased 4-Band Paragraphic Equalizer • Special “Low CPU” mode for
Less CPU usage • Library captured using state-of-the art techniques
• Plug-in formats include: VST, MAS, RTAS, AudioSuite, Direct X and
Audio Units • 96kHz resolution
*IR-L entry-level Convolution Reverb that uses the full power of
the Waves IR Series Convolution Reverb, but with simpler controls.
#WAIRLNA ........................................................................... $300.00
Computer Audio Plug-Ins
Guitar Combos
Maxx Native
Renaissance Maxx is an extensive collection
of great sounding plug-ins featuring,
Vintage-Inspired Equalization, Dynamics
and Reverb, a powerful Vocal processor,
Desser, Renaissance Bass and the
Renaissance Channel. This collection
is truly the best-of-both worlds, digital
precision with an analog sound.
• New processor – Renaissance Channel
combines the best of the Renaissance
technologies into one channel strip plug-in
• Intuitive Controls – Minimal effortMaximum Results
• Cross platform native support
• Plug-in formats include: VST, MAS, RTAS,
Direct X, AudioSuite and Audio Unit
Ozone 3
Guitar Rig 2.2
Guitar Rig 2.2 is a one-stop virtual Amp
and Effects solution with “Rig Control”,
a fully-assignable hardware Footboard
controller. Easily create any guitar setup
imaginable with an arsenal of classic and
modern guitar amps, cabinets, microphones,
and effects models.
• True to the original Amp emulation inspired
by Mesa/Boogie, Fender, Vox and Marshall
• Loop Machine for creating loops on-the-fly
• Modern analog modeling, including
“Dynamic Tube Response”
• Flexible Cabinet and Microphone simulation:
(15) quitar & (5) Bass Cabinets, (4) rotary
speakers, (9) mic w/adjustable positioning
• Foot controller doubles as D.I box
• Works as a “Stand Alone” or VST, RTAS,
AudioUnit or Dxi plug-in
the same
that was
for the award
winning Guitar
Rig, Guitar
recreates three
classic guitar
and runs as a
application or a plug-in. Designed with
simplicity in mind, all that is needed is a
guitar, a computer, and an audio interface
to utilize its authentic warmth and dynamic
tube sound in home recording, live use on
stage, or just jamming with friends.
• 3 familiar “classic” guitar amp simulations
• Tweak your own sound with mic, guitar
cabinet, effects and tone control
• Includes tuner, noise gate, limiter,
overdrive, chorus, delay and more
• AU, VST, RTAS, HTDM, ASIO, Core Audio,
DXi, DirectSound
• Mac and PC compatible, Easy to use
Ozone 3 is a audio plug-in that
delivers a complete integrated
suite of world-class mastering
processors that combine analog
modeling with 64-bit digital
precision, in a single powerful
user interface. This CPU-efficient
plug-in supports up to 192kHz
sampling rate and includes all of
the following processors: Multi-band Dynamics, Paragraphic EQ,
Multi-band Harmonic Exciter, Multi-band Stereo Imaging, Mastering
Reverb, Loudness Maximizer, and Dither.
Trash is an all-purpose
distortion processor plug-in
that uses high fidelity,
64-bit internal processing
to selectively add subtle or
extreme distortion to your
tracks. This extremely flexible
multi-band, dual-stage
distortion plug-in provides:
48 algorithms, 85 speaker
cabinet models, 3 microphone models, 36 sweepable filter types,
dynamic and delay processors, and a comprehensive preset library.
• Analog-modeled modes throughout for added warmth
• Real-time analysis tools with FFT-based spectrum display
• MBIT+ dithering for optimized word length reduction
• Comprehensive preset library & extensive mastering and dithering tutorials
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, Audiosuite, DirectX, and Audio Unit
• Mac and Windows compatible
• Distortion types include: overdrive, distortion, fuzz, retro, and faulty
• Filter types include: analog, resonant, clean, and saturated
• Multi-band compression and gating • Delay modeling includes:
analog, lo-fi, and tape-style • Up to 192kHz compatible
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, Audiosuite, DirectX, and Audio Unit
• Mac and Windows compatible
Computer Audio Plug-Ins
VST to RTAS Adapter
The VST to RTAS Adapter allows Pro Tools
users to access VST effects plug-ins and VST
instruments within Pro Tools sessions as
seamlessly and transparently as RTAS plugins. This ultra-integrated adapter is easy to
use, uses virtually no CPU power or memory,
and makes a vast range of VST plug-ins
available directly within Pro Tools.
• Compatible with a huge selection of
VST plug-ins
• Incredibly easy to use, and configure
• Sample accurate timing, parameter
automation, automatic tempo sync
• Uses virtually no CPU power or memory
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
APA 32 / APA 44
Filter is a quad rhythmic multimode filter audio
plug-in for creating dynamic filter effects and
animating them with an almost limitless variety
of tempo-synced rhythmic variations. The four,
warm analog-sounding stereo multimode filters
feature low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and
notch modes. Filters full-featured modulation section includes two drum-machine style
rhythm generators (for loop-based grooves or
complex polyrhythms) that can be synched to
its internal master clock or a hosts MIDI clock.
• Variable slope: 12dB/oct to 48dB/oct
• (4) envelope generators, (4) multi-shape LFOs,
envelope follower, (2) rhythm generators
• Multiple filter routing options, Powerful
modulation matrix • Extensive MIDI control,
Time based parameters syncable to internal
tempo or MIDI clock • Plug-in formats
include: VST, RTAS, MAS, DirectX
• Mac and Windows compatible
The APA 32 and APA 44 are audio
processing accelerators that
provide external DSP for running
multiple Waves plug-ins without
taxing the host CPU. These
powerful DSP processors connect via a
standard Ethernet connection, support multiple
users over a standard LAN network, and interface with
both native and TDM digital audio workstations.
• The APA 32 is a 1-space rack-mount unit designed for machine rooms
• APA 44 is a half-rack unit with 30% more processing power than
the APA 32
• Share power with multiple users over a standard LAN network
• IRL and Q-Clone plug-ins are included free (limited time promotion)
• Available Netshell Plug-ins: IR Convolution Reverb, L3, Lin EQ,
Lin MB, C4, Renaissance Reverb, Renaissance Channel, SoundShifter,
Morphoder, TransX, and Q-Clone
• Multiple units (up to 8 per host) connect via Ethernet switch
T-Racks is a collection of vintage modeled
plug-ins that provides all the necessary
tools for creating superb, tube-toned
masters with astonishing warmth and
clarity. Combined with your favorite audio
sequencing software, T-Racks familiar
user interface and high-quality presets
easily enhances your final mixes.
• Complete Mastering Suite software plug-in
• 6-band analog-modeled parametric EQ
• Classic Tube modeled stereo compressor/
leveler designed for mastering
• Multi-band master stereo limiter
• Musical soft-clipping output stage
• 32-bit floating-point resolution
• Plug-in formats include: HTDM, RTAS, VST,
DXi, Audio Unit
• Mac and Windows compatible
PowerCore Platform
The PowerCore Platform is an
extremely powerful hardware/
software processing solution that
provides massive amounts of DSP
processing power to your DAW
without taxing your host computer. Comprised of a dedicated hardware
processor and plug-ins, this flexible DSP workhorse is available in three
different hardware configurations.
• Choose between PCI MkII, Compact or FireWire version
• Significant DSP upgrade to compatible DAWs
• A broad selection of high-quality plug-ins are included
• Open platform with a growing number of 3rd party plug-ins
• Multiple PCI, Compact or FireWire units can be used in one system
• VST and AudioUnits support • Mac and Windows compatible
PowerCore PCI MkII #TCPCPCIMK2 ............................. $1199.00
PowerCore Compact #TCPCC ........................................ $799.00
PowerCore FireWire #TCPCFW .................................... $1199.00
Computer Audio Plug-Ins
Classic Console
EQ Bundle Native
The URS Classic Console EQ Bundle provides
high quality software emulations of two
world famous hardware console EQs. The
URS Series A Digitally recreates the sound
of API’s 550B vintage Four Band Equalizer,
and the Series N recreates Neve’s 1084
vintage Five Band Equalizer (3 bands plus
HP/LP Filters)
• Classic analog console EQ emulation
• URS A Series: 4 bands of EQ with 7 center
frequencies each, Low & High bands are
Peak/Shelf switchable, low-mid & mid-high
are Peaking types
• URS N Series: 5 bands of EQ, Low & High
bands are Shelving, mids are Peaking types,
±12dB filter boost/cut, Hi-Q button on the
mid band • Plug-in formats include: RTAS,
VST, and Audio Units
• Mac OS 9, OS X, and Windows XP compatible
Liquid Mix
Native Masters
Native Masters is the Definitive Suite of plugins for Professional Mastering, delivering
stunning transparency, control and sonic
excellence with no phase distortion.
• Linear Phase Equalizer – Innovative
Phase Linear Filters, preserves original
musical balance
• Linear Phase Multiband – Independent
Compression, EQ and Limiting on
5 userdefined frequency ranges with
Linear Phase crossovers
• L2 Ultramaximizer – The next step in
Peak Limiting and Level Maximization,
48-bit internal processing, High-Quality
Re-quantization to 24-, 22-, 20-, 18-,
16-bit and ARC
• Plug-in formats include: VST, MAS, RTAS,
AudioSuite, Direct X and Audio Units
The Liquid Mix is a unique multichannel compressor & EQ processor/
dedicated control surface. It uses
convolution emulations of classic
compressors and EQs that run as
plug-ins on the host DAW. It’s capable
of powering 32 instances without
affecting the host CPU’s performance.
Compatible with most audio software
including Pro Tools, it can greatly
empower both the professional and home studio’s mixing capabilities.
• Includes 40 classic compressors and 20 EQs
• Compatible with both Mac and PC
• Low latency firewire connection/VST, AU, and RTAS
• Large LED metering & dedicated plug-in control surface
• Bus-powered through firewire or included power adaptor
• Uses the same dynamic convolution processes as the Liquid Channel
Restoration Bundle
The Native Restoration Bundle is a real-time,
cross-platform software suite consisting of
four specialized audio plug-ins that set a new
standard in software-based noise reduction
and restoration. Fast and incredibly easy
to use, the Native Restoration Bundle is an
indispensable toolkit for post production and
forensic audio applications.
• X-Noise: Intelligent broadband noise reduction
• X-Click: Highly-effective fully automated or
manual click removal
• X-Crackle: Crackle and Surface noise
reduction for LP restoration
• X-Hum: Specialized ground-loop Hum and
Rumble filtering
• Plug-in formats include: RTAS, AudioSuite,
VST, MAS, DirectX
• Windows and Macintosh compatible
UAD-1 Flexi-Pak
The UAD-1 Flexi-Pak is a powerful
custom-built DSP card that combines
high-quality Reverbs, EQ, and Vintage
Analog Emulation plug-ins. This crossplatform PCI card provides the 1176SE
Limiting Amplifier (a low DSP version of
the classic 1176LN) and authentic digital
replicas of the Pultec EQP-1A, RealVerb
Pro room modeler, CS-1 Channel Strip
and Nigel guitar effects processors.
Complete integration of DSP hardware
and over 20 software plug-ins provides a
serious upgrade to any audio workstation. Additional plug-in included
as 14 day demos.
• $500 USD plug-in voucher included for additional UAD plug-ins
• Tested and approved with all major DAW systems
• Zero CPU load supporting up to 192kHz
• Plug-in formats include VST, MAS and Audio Unit
Classic Pack
Computer Audio Plug-Ins
The McDSP Classic Pack
gives you four
very useful
plug-ins for fine
tuning your mix
within the Pro
Tools recording
Analog Channel
emulates the
sounds of
high-end analog tape
machines, tape and channel amplifiers.
CompressorBank is a high-end compressor
plug-in designed to deliver the sounds of
vintage and modern compressors, while
maintaining complete control of dynamic
compression. FilterBank brings you the
sounds of vintage and modern equalizers
and filters while MC2000 adds complete
multi-band compression to your toolbox.
• Written for all Pro Tools platforms
• Library of presets emulating
analog systems
• Mono and stereo versions
• Ultra low latency
• Ready to plug and play right out of the box
Altiverb 6
The AVOX vocal toolkit is a bundle of five
state-of-the-art vocal processing modules
that give you all the tools you need to create
stunning vocal tracks in any musical style as
well as design unique vocal effects for audio
post-production applications. These powerful
plug-ins use unique vocal modeling, and
sophisticated processing algorithms to precisely
shape and fine tune vocal performances.
• Throat – Physical Modeling Vocal Designer
• Duo – Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler
• Choir – Vocal Multiplier
• Punch – Vocal Impact Enhancer
• Sybil – Variable Frequency De-Esser
• Includes iLok USB smart key
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS,
and Audio Units
• Mac OS X and Windows XP compatible
Altiverb 6 is a
convolution reverb plugin for Mac OS X and
Windows XP that uses
top quality samples of
real spaces to create
reverb, ranging from
Sydney Opera House
to the cabin of a fire truck. It offers an extensive set of parameters,
supports all professional plug-in formats offers parameter automation
and surround capability. Every few weeks there are free new spaces
available for download on the Audio Ease site giving you a tremendous
selection of reverb types to choose from.
• Powerful multi-output convolution reverb
• Large library of sampled spaces available
• Informative visual layouts and descriptions for sampled venues
•“Waterfall” display shows reverb frequency content over time
• Low, Mid and High frequency damping controls
GTR Native
The Sonalksis CQ1 is a multi-band frequencyselective dynamics processor, allowing
independent compression or expansion of
four freely adjustable filter bands. Unlike
typical multi-band compressors that are
designed primarily to master composite
program material, the CQ1 uses the principle
of “dynamic equalization” and is therefore
suitable for a much broader range of
applications. In addition to general program
compression/expansion, the CQ1 will find uses
in applications that may otherwise present
difficulties for less flexible processors, including
Multi-source separation, High/Low frequency
enhancement, Transient enhancement and
De-essing or Pop/Squeak reduction.
• Four independent bands of compression
or expansion
• Selectable above or below threshold operation
• 64-bit floating point internal processing
• Up to 192kHz support
• Supports both Mac and PC platforms
The Waves GTR System
is an integrated
amp modeling
solution for Mac
and PC. It is comprised
of the hardware Guitar Interface
(made in collaboration with Paul Reed
Smith Guitars), and Waves Amp & Waves Stomp software plug-ins. It was
designed to provide recording professionals with a level of sound quality
and performance previously unattainable in software.
• Unequaled realism in tone of clean, overdriven, and saturated amp sounds
• PRS guitar interface: 1/4” input, XLR (switchable mic/line) & 1/4” outputs
• Input gain control and ground lift switch
• (7) amp models & (23) classic and original effects
• Intuitive virtual pedal board with extensive MIDI control
• Plug-In formats include: RTAS, Audio Suite, VST and Audio Units
• Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP
Computer Audio Plug-Ins
Emerald Pack
The DQ1 dynamic-equalizer is an extremely
versatile processing tool that can be used
for precision sculpting, creative molding,
ambient enhancement or restoration
while maintaining unparalleled audio
quality. Dynamic equalization allows
frequency sculpting beyond the limits of
standard “static” equalizers, by altering
an equalization curve dynamically on the
basis of program loudness. This makes
the DQ1 extremely flexible and suitable
for a variety of sound design roles.
• Four independent bands of
dynamic filter control
• High quality minimum phase
“true analog” filters
• Ultra efficient processing
• Up to 192kHz support
• Supports both Mac and PC platforms
Ampex SVX
Ampex SVX is a high-end virtual bass
amplifier plug-in with “component by
component” models of Ampeg’s most sought
after bass amps. Designed in cooperation
with Ampeg, this all-in-one recording
solution for bass features: mix and match
amps and cabinets, six fully configurable
stompbox effects, and a hi-precision tuner.
• Legendary Ampeg bass tones,
now available in plug-in format
• 4-signature Ampeg bass amp models:
SVT Classic, SVT 5 PRO, BA500, and
the BR15R
• 5-signature Ampeg cabinet models:
1x15”, 2x10”, 2x12”, 4x10”, 8x10”
• 10 analog-modeled effects on 6 slots
with flexible routing
• Plug-in formats include: RTAS, HTDM,
VST, DX and AudioUnits
• Macintosh and Windows compatible
The Emerald Pack is a
collection of
of vintage
tape machines
and channel
combined with
custom console modeling, and the
latest technology in convolution reverb and
mastering limiters. This package also includes
Synthesizer One which combines wavetable
and analog oscillators, a completely modular
design and flexible filtering. Waveforms may
also be drawn, generated from a suite of
tools, or imported from an audio track within
this unique synth.
• Deluxe plug-in package written for
all Pro Tools platforms
• Revolver high-powered convolution reverb
• Chrome Tone guitar amp
modeling and effects
• Pre-programmed green iLok included
• Contains printed manual
Vocal Bundle Native
Vokator is a stand alone or plugin software vocoder processor,
powered by an extremely highresolution FFT spectral engine. It
boasts a sophisticated synthesizer
and a granular sampler, making
Vokator both an effect plug-in
and a vocoder-based synthesizer.
Its advanced features, multiple
modes of operation and extensive
presets make Vokator an
indispensable toolkit for creative sound design applications.
Vocal Bundle is a comprehensive
vocal toolkit made up of
three classic Waves plugins and two brand new
processors. It includes: Tune
(high-quality pitch correction
and melody transformation),
DeBreath (removes breath sounds
on vocal tracks), Renaissance
Channel (virtual channel strip),
Renaissance DeEsser (sibilance
attenuator) and Double (double track emulator).
• Extremely high-resolution FFT spectral engine
• Multiple vocoding modes
• Operation configurable from 4 to 1024 frequency bands
• Full-function dual-oscillator synthesizer • Granular sampler with
independent control of time and pitch • Advanced modulation
• Includes more than 400 presets, plus 300MB samples by Zero-G
• (5) powerful Vocal plug-ins • Formant corrected pitch processing
• Automatically reduces or removes breath sounds on vocal tracks
• Renaissance Channel: vintage modeled EQ, compression,
gating and limiting
• Plug-in formats include: MAS, VST, RTAS, Audio Units and AudioSuite
• Mac OS X and Windows XP compatible
Computer Audio Plug-Ins
Project Studio
Isotope is a 64-bit Spectral Domain Effects
Processing plug-in that allows users to split audio
into thousands of frequency bands, apply effects
independently to each band, and then resynthesize
the audio to create entirely new sounds. This
incredible sound shaping tool provides limitless
possibilities for exciting new sounds in an elegant,
easy to navigate user interface.
• 64-bit internal processing
• Up to 192kHz sampling rate
• Morphing for vocoder-style effects
• Delay with independent feedback control
• 4-stage chorus/flanger effects
• Fully-automatable, triggered filters and
frequency-selective panning
• Comprehensive preset library
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, HTDM,
Audio Units and DirectX
• Mac OS X and Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and
XP compatible
GigaPulse VST
The GigaPulse VST is an affordable convolution
reverb plug-in for Windows that can emulate
any room, acoustic space, vintage EQ or
microphone setup with precise control over
critical parameters. Unique features like mic
modeling, selectable room position and tail
extension, make the flexible GigaPulse VST a
great choice for top quality room emulation.
• Acoustic space modeling via exclusive
convolving algorithms
• Microphone modeling can be applied to the
environment or used alone
• Tail Control reduces computer processing
load to free up your CPU for more instances
• 2D mic/source placement – move your source
to up to 18 locations in a room
• Move the mic using the Perspective slider
• Create new impulses from your
own recordings
• VST Plug-in format for Windows XP
There has never been anything
close to the selection of plug-ins
assembled in Pluggo. With
its range of sound design
possibilities, it is a real-time
interactive audio processing,
modulation, and synthesis
environment that works right
inside your favorite audio application. The wide range of effects categories
include delays, filters, pitch effects, distortion, granulation, spectral
effects, modulators, multi-channel effects, synthesizers, audio routing,
reverb and dynamics, and visual display. This package delivers lots of
interesting plug-ins for a modest price.
• More than 100 audio plug-ins
• MIDI support and host synchronization
• Modulators alter other plug-ins for unique results
• Up to 8 channels of audio patchable between plug-ins
• Both Windows and Mac compatible
Project Studio
is the most
LE plug-in
bundle ever,
award winning
filters, and
plus a sound
guitar amp
modeler, convolution reverb, mastering
limiter, and analog tape machine simulator.
This set is the perfect addition to any Pro
Tools LE or M-Powered system and gives you
the tools to truly begin sonically sculpting
your work. Weather you track a full band,
record your own songs, edit audio for video
or produce voiceovers, you will be able to put
the finishing touches on your project.
• Available for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered
• Vintage tape and analog circuit emulation
• Revolver LE provides rich acoustic spaces
• Includes pre-programmed iLok
• Printed Quick Reference Guides
WizooVerb W5
WizooVerb W5 takes the
amazing realism and creative
flexibility of the WizooVerb
W2 true stereo room
emulator to the realm of full
5.1 surround sound. Freely
combine the authenticity of
exclusive HDIR impulse-based
reverb with the flexibility of Wizoo’s A.I.R. algorithmic reverb. There are
100 incredible presets included but W5 is completely editable for total
creative expression and you can even design with surround effects.
• Professional 5.1 surround room emulation and creation
• High-end room emulations to completely surreal spaces
• Imports IR audio files for virtually unlimited room access
• Stand-alone or host operation
• Extensive automation of all parameters
Wizoo WizooVerb W2 stereo acoustic space emulation
#WIWVW2 ............................................................................. $199.00
Computer Audio Plug-Ins
VocALign Project is an Audio Suite plug-in
designed for time-aligning vocals, dialog, or
instruments in Pro Tools. It reduces the need
to re-record performers and drastically reduces
editing time. User interface allows adjustment
of selected audio regions for processing, and
the scrolling, scalable display allows visual
confirmation of sync.
• Audio Suite plug-in for Pro Tools
• Automatically aligns two audio signals
• ADR-lip-sync replacement dialog instantly
• Music – Tighten up backing vocals, lead
vocals or instrumental performances
• Works with 16-bit and 24-bit audio
• Maximum Sample Rate: 192 kHz
• The aligned audio can be auditioned within
VocALign Project
• Sophisticated pattern matching
• User-adjustable processing presets
• Windows and Mac
NI-Spektral Delay
CSR-1: Classik
Studio Reverb
NI-Spektral Delay is a stand alone or plug-in software
processor that uses Real-time Fast Fourier Transformation to split each side of a stereo signal into up to
160 separately modifiable frequency bands. The level,
delay time and feedback amount for each of these
bands can be set separately, and various modulation
effects can be applied to the signal in the frequency
domain for endless processing options.
The CSR-1: Classik Studio Reverb is a suite of
four reverb plug-ins modeled after classic high
end studio reverb hardware masterpieces.
This high quality, musical reverb processor
includes four different reverbs algorithms:
Classik Hall/Room, Classik Ambience, Classik
Plate and Classik Inverse, and in advanced
mode users have full access to more than
50 reverb parameters.
• Effects processor for real-time manipulation of
audio material
• Produces unique delay effects
• Level, delay time and feedback level for each band
• Up to 1024 bands are calculated internally
• Intuitive Edit Graphs
• Any frequencies of the signal can be attenuated or
filtered completely
• Completely MIDI-controllable
• Plug-in formats include: VST, DXi, Audio Units
and RTAS (Mac only)
• Mac OS X and Windows XP compatible
• State of the art DSP based reverb algorithms
• Highly customizable Modulation Matrix
• Smooth parameters morphing capabilities
• Adjustable input and output reverb width
• (2) internal LFOs and
(2) internal Envelope generators
• High quality reverb filtering
• Full automation
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS,
Audio Units and DirectX
• Mac OS X and Windows XP compatible
Revolver is a high-powered
convolution reverb that operates like
no other, providing total impulse
response control, dedicated and
routable EQ, two sync-able delay
lines, a reverb decay crossover
network, and specialized stereo
imaging for unprecedented flexibility.
Additional acoustic spaces and outboard gear can be modeled in just
a few minutes with the Revolver impulse response tools and images of
the included impulse sources are available. All parameter adjustments
are heard immediately without muting the outputs during any control
updates so there is no need to wait while the reverb is re-rendered.
• Huge library of rare vintage reverbs and acoustic spaces
• Total impulse response manipulation
• Three-band routable EQ
• Tools for creating custom impulse responses
• Mono and stereo versions
The Q-Clone is a revolutionary new
plug-in that utilizes unique (patentpending) technology to capture
andhold the sound of outboard
hardware EQs. The Q-Clone package
consists of two components:
Q-Capture (that sends its special
capturing signal to your hardware EQ),
and Q-Clone (that allows you to save and
recall the sound of your outboard EQ inside your DAW session).
Q-Capture constantly samples the hardware unit’s sound, tracking
every adjustment you make in real time.
• Duplicate the sound of your hardware EQ on multiple tracks
simultaneously • Calibration feature lets you tune Q-Capture
precisely to your unit’s headroom and dB range • Q-Clone shows
you the EQ curve your hardware unit is creating • Plug-in formats
include: RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, DirectX, MAS, and Audio Unit
• Mac and Windows compatible
Virtual Instruments
Battery 3
• Includes a 12 Gigabyte sample library
• 128 sample layers per cell
• Improved file management with a drum kit
selection dialogue box • Improved voice
group and choke group management
• Every cell has a comprehensive set of
sound-shaping tools
• Supports (8) stereo and (16) mono outputs
• Compatible with a wide range of sample formats
• Mac and Windows compatible
Battery 3 Plug-in updater also available
for owners of previous version #NAB3U .. $99.00
Absynth 4
Total Bass Module
Battery 3 is a precision Drum Sampler plug-in
that features a powerful new sampling engine,
enhanced sound shaping and modulation
capabilities with sophisticated sample control.
The intuitive “Cell Matrix” interface is fast and
easy to use by simply loading your sounds into
the sample cells, creating a whole new drum kit
in a matter of seconds.
Integrating a powerful user interface and
huge 3GB library of sounds, Trilogy provides
a remarkable all-in-one sampled bass
solution for a wide variety of musical styles.
Trilogy’s core library includes multisampled
acoustic bass, electric bass, and synth bass
instruments, and its powerful user interface
allows users to create unique custom patches.
• Massive 3 Gigabyte core library
• Hundreds of new Electric, Acoustic and
Synth Basses, each with dual layers
• Mix and Match layers for thousands of
dynamic combinations
• Highly-detailed, multi-velocity multisample
articulations for ultimate expression
• Finger noise layer for ultimate realism
• Powered by custom 32-bit UVI engine
• Easy to use built-in patch management system
• Three envelopes per layer for Pitch,
Filter and Amplitude
• Cross platform compatibility: RTAS, MAS,
VST, Audio Unit
With its unique interface and
sonic flavor, Absynth 4 is a
powerful virtual instrument
that combines sampling and
synthesis to create an extremely
diverse spectrum of amazing
sounds. The creative musical
and sound design possibilities
offered by its semi-modular architecture and innovative features stretch
well beyond the boundaries of existing synthesizers.
• Includes over 1200 Presets • Generate constantly moving and
morphing textures with the flexible 68-breakpoint envelopes
• Live stereo input allows Absynth to be used as a sophisticated
effects processor • Fully surround enabled
• Download free banks and presets from dedicated online User library
• Mac and Windows compatible
Absynth 4 Plug-in updater also available for owners of previous
version #NAA4U ...................................................................... $99.00
MX4 features a unique, Hybrid Synthesis
engine that combines several types of
synthesis into one virtual instrument Plug-In.
Open Modulation Architecture and “Variable
Filter Topology” give the user Infinite creative
• Multi-architecture Synthesis Engine
including – Wavetable, FM (Frequency
Modulation), AM (Amplitude Modulation),
and Analog Emulation
• Pristine 32-bit sound quality
• Built-in chorus and delay effects
• Supports all standard sampling rates
up to 192kHz
• Plug-In formats supported include:
MAS, RTAS, and Audio Unit
• Unlimited Voices, Polyphony and
Instantiations (as many as Host CPU allows)
• Mac OS X compatible
With an array of sounds
from snarling basses
to shimmering leads,
and a sizable list of 460
presets, Massive delivers
a deluge of synthesis for
the studio and the stage.
Beginners will appreciate
its ease of use, while
more experienced users
can dig deep within its wave scanning oscillators for analog and digital
sounds. A step sequencer is included as well as flexible routing and
internal effects.
• 460 presets with an emphasis on sonic intensity and integrity
• 3 parallel oscillator modules/11 filter types
• Mac and Windows compatible, stand-alone and host operation
• AU, VST, DXi, RTAS, ASIO, Core Audio, Core MIDI, DirectSound
• Integrated KoreSound browser
Virtual Instruments
Symphonic Choirs
Symphonic Choirs is a professionally recorded
collection of 5 choirs – Boys, Alto (female),
Soprano (female), Basses (male), Tenors (male)
and Solo Singers. 3 simultaneous stereo mic
setups are used to record the chromatically
sampled, multi-dynamic vocals, allowing any
combination of mics to control the overall tone
and ambience. An advanced Wordbuilder
utility enables users to type in words for
the choirs to sing, while the included Native
Instruments KOMPAKT sampler provides
complete performance control.
• 5 choirs recorded in full 24-bit with 256
voices of polyphony • Close, Stage and Hall
stereo mic setups blend seamlessly
• Singers recorded in position with non-vibrato,
light vibrato and heavy vibrato
• Special version KOMPAKT sampler provides
extensive sound shaping
• Assignable Direct-from-Disk playback handles
larger samples • Mac and PC compatible
GForce impOSCar
Symphonic Instrument is a cross-platform
virtual instrument plug-in designed to give
users access to a huge eight-gigabyte library of
high-quality orchestral sounds for composing,
sequencing and realistic performances. Driven
by a 32-bit UVI engine, Symphonic Instrument
provides sixteen-part multitimbral operation,
controls to adjust individual instruments, and
a built-in convolution reverb with a menu for
choosing the desired acoustic space.
With a powerful intuitive interface for
creating new textures, the Atmospheres
Dream Synth Module is a software
synthesizer that integrates a massive 3
Gigabyte library of more than one thousand
unique sounds and layer elements. Designed
by acclaimed sound designer Eric Persing,
Atmosphere can provide a broad scope of
sounds suitable for a variety of musical and
sound design applications.
• Instrument categories include: strings, brass,
woodwinds, orchestral percussion, male
and female choirs, pipe organs, period
instruments and pianos (including Steinway D
and Yamaha C7 pianos)
• Sounds can be directly loaded into MachFive
for more advanced layering and programming.
• Up to sixteen different instruments per
instance of the plug-in • Convolution reverb
includes a wide variety of acoustic spaces
• Plug-in formats include: VST, Audio Units, DXi,
MAS, and RTAS • Mac and Windows compatible
• Includes 1000 preset patches
• Dynamic layering of sounds for over
1,000,000 mix combinations
• Multimode resonant filter for each layer,
plus master filters
• Matrix-style modulation routing, four LFOs
• Powered by a custom 32-bit UVI engine
• Cross Platform plug-in compatibility:
RTAS, MAS, VST, Audio Unit
GForce M-Tron
The impOSCar
is a virtual
synthesizer that
is a faithful
of the classic
vintage OSCar
analog synthesizer. This incredible sounding soft-synth features user programmable waveforms, built-in effects, polyphony, programmability,
and a unique, easy-to-use interface for mapping MIDI continuous
controllers to its programming controls.
The M-Tron is a
virtual vintage
keyboard that
faithfully emulates
the classic Mellotron
popularized by
artists such as the Beatles, Yes, and the Moody Blues. As one of the
first sample-based keyboards, each key on the original instrument
moved a tape head onto an eight-second tape loop that played a sound
such as a violin. In order to replicate the original instrument’s unique
characteristics as closely as possible, GForce sampled and coded each
individual tape, providing M-Tron with over 1GB of samples of real
Mellotron strings, choir, flutes, brass, and more.
• Extremely authentic analog modeling of classic OSCar sythesizer
• Includes 500+ designer patch library
• Powerful effects section • Full automation support
• Mac and Windows compatible, stand-alone and host operation
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, MAS, and Audio Units
• Extremely accurate model of classic Mellotron
• Volume, tone, pitch controls • Attack and Release envelope
• Full automation support
• Mac and Windows compatible, stand-alone and host operation
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, MAS, and Audio Units
Virtual Instruments
Stylus RMX
Loaded with over seven Gigabytes of
cutting-edge sample elements and loops,
Stylus RMX combines dramatic new control
over innovative rhythm production tools and
performance into a simple-to-use, expandable,
groove-based virtual instrument plug-in for
MAC and Windows.
• Over 7 Gigabyte core sample library
• Powerful integrated browser for easy
auditioning and organizing of grooves
• 8-part multitimbral with multiple grooves and
samples per part
• Innovative Chaos Designer adds musical
variations and “improvising” within
stereo audio grooves
• Integrated FX rack w/24 professional effects
• Expandable with S.A.G.E Xpanders, Groove
Control, REX, and ACID sample libraries
• MIDI Learn for easy hardware control of
all MIDI parameters
GForce Oddity
Ivory is a groundbreaking Grand Piano virtual
instrument featuring 40 Gigabytes of stunning,
new samples of Steinway D, Bosendorfer 290
and Yamaha C7 grand pianos. This multiplatform plug-in is powered by Synthogy’s
custom sample and DSP engine which delivers
a new level of realism in digital sound creation.
Each piano is chromatically sampled with all 88
notes at every dynamic level including the extra
9 notes for the Bosendorfer 290 and release
samples at multiple velocities and variations.
• Meticulously sampled virtual grand piano
• Custom 32 bit sample playback and
DSP engine
• Real Soft Pedal samples at multiple velocities
• Mac support for RTAS, VST and Audio Units
• PC support for RTAS and VST
Synthogy Italian Grand Expansion
Pack adds an amazing Italian 10 foot concert
grand piano to Ivory #SYGEPI............ $129.95
Hardcore Bass XP
Hardcore Bass XP is a multi-sample bass
library comprised of over 6GB of samples.
5 total basses were used to produce a superior
general purpose bass tool as opposed to
“genre specific” bass categories. The built-in
Native Instruments KOMPAKT sampler allows
multiple layers of bass to be easily blended
and crafted, resulting in tones from aggressive
plucks and slides to round, solid tones. Patches
are expertly programmed and are available in
multiple amp configurations.
• Over 6GB of multi-sampled bass sounds
• Fingered, picked and a stunning fretless
bass included
• All samples recorded through modern and
vintage rigs enabling custom mixing
• Well suited for Jazz, Rock and HipHop
• Native Instrument KOMPAKT sampler
included with Direct-from-Disk support
• Mac and PC compatible
GForce Minimonsta
The Oddity
is a virtual
the classic
ARP Odyssey
analog synthesizer used by many of the pioneers of electronic music.
Oddity has some improved features the original Odyssey designers
never even dreamed of, including programmability, preset morphing,
host-syncable LFO and automation.
The Minimonsta is a virtual
synthesizer that expertly
emulates the classic
Minimoog synthesizer; a
landmark instrument known
to be one of the biggest,
fattest synths ever made.
Enhancements to the original
include polyphony, programmability, morphing, additional LFO and
ADSR, and delay. All parameters map to standard MIDI controllers,
allowing you to easily adjust parameters via hardware controllers or
record them into your favorite sequencer.
• Extremely realistic analog modeling of classic ARP Odyssey
• Programmable, including 384 presets
• Timed morphing between presets
• Full automation support
• Mac and Windows compatible, stand-alone and host operation
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, MAS, and Audio Units
• Extremely authentic analog modeling of classic Minimoog
• Fully programmable with over 2500 factory presets
• Additional LFO & ADSR for matrix modulation
• Monophonic, polyphonic, legato and unison trigger modes
• Mac and Windows compatible, stand-alone and host operation
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, MAS, and Audio Units
Virtual Instruments
Kontakt 2
Kontakt 2 is a powerful cross-platform software
sampler with unrivaled professional features
and compatibility, and includes a comprehensive
library of top-quality instruments. Features like
“Universal Import” (compatibility with virtually
every sample and library format), and a “Script
Processor” for programming custom modules,
make Kontakt 2 a standout choice for applications ranging from simple music composition to
complex sound design projects.
• 32-bit/192kHz audio engine with unlimited voices
and 64-fold multitimbrality per instance
• Enhanced loop editor with simplified loop
slicing functionality • Global mixer with up to
16 channel surround sound
• RAM-saving “Sample Purge” function
• Over 30 filters and effects including stunningly
authentic Impulse Response effects
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, AudioUnit, DXi
• Mac OS X and Windows XP compatible
Kontakt 2 Plug-in updater also available for
owners of previous version #NAK2UQ ..... $125.10
Legacy Collection
Sonik Synth 2
Sonik Synth 2 is a sixteen part multi-timbral
sample-based virtual synth workstation
with thirty-two built-in DSP effects and
256 notes polyphony. More powerful than
most hardware workstations, Sonik Synth
2 covers an incredibly wide palette of synth
flavors, including: analog, digital, FM,
physical modeling, wavetable, granular,
additive, resythesis, and more. The built-in
search engine with images of the instruments
allows you to easily navigate through over
5000 sounds quickly and efficiently.
• 8GB of samples on two DVDs
• Multiple synth engines including STRETCH
and Pitch-shift/Timestretch
• Sound editng with full access to
50 Synth-Sampler engine controls
• Easy to use full MIDI control
• Plug-in formats include: VST,
Audio Units, DXi, and RTAS
• Mac and Windows compatible
Digital Edition
The Digital Edition of Korg’s Legacy
Collection includes recreations of
the M1 synthesizer from 1988, the
WAVESTATION synthesizer from 1990, and a
new multi-effect plug-in
called the MDE-X. The
two classic synths run as
stand-alone applications
or plug-ins, and have
been painstakingly reborn as digital entities with all
of the tones and controls that made them classics,
with added features for today’s DAW.
• Includes the M1, WAVESTATION, and MDE-X effects plug-in
• VST, AU, and Pro Tool’s RTAS compatible • The M1 includes emulations of
all 19 of its ROM card sounds • The MDE-X has 128 editable effect programs for sound design, recording, etc. • Mac, MacIntel, and PC compatible
BFD is a high-quality virtual drum studio
plug-in that gives users superior realism
with complete control of 7 real drum kits,
additional hats, snares, and cymbals.
Every drum is recorded from 11 different
mic positions around the kit, allowing
users to build their own drum mix just like
in a real studio.
• Drum “Hits” sampled at up to 46
velocity levels
• Includes a comprehensive library of
ready-to-use MIDI grooves with different
styles, feels and time signatures
• Humanization function with
integrated swing control
• 5 DVD expansion pack available
• Plug-in formats include: RTAS,
VST, DXi, Audio Unit
• Mac OS X and Windows 2000, XP
Electronic Instruments 2
Electronic Instruments 2 is a collection
of 8 synthesizers, drum machines and
effects that run within NI’s Reaktor
4, 5, or Session. Reaktor modules are
renowned for their rich sounds, dense
textures, and wild characteristics,
and this collection is no exception. A
perfect set of tools for hobbyist and
professional Electro and Hip-Hop
artists and producers. Includes presets
by Photek, BT, Junkie XL, Speedy J.
• Requires Reaktor 5, Reaktor 4.1.3 or Reaktor Session 1.1.3
• (2) Synths, (2) Drum machines, (3) Effects, (1) Soundscape module
• Unique concepts and unlimited potential
• Designed by the world’s top Reaktor designers
• Mac and PC compatible
Virtual Instruments
Hypersonic 2
Hypersonic 2 is a virtual music workstation
plug-in that has 5 high-quality sound
generation engines, with a large library of
sounds, including 1000 patches from more
than 50 categories. This great sounding
compositional workhorse is easily expanded
using Hyper Modules, greatly increasing synth
engine and sound library options.
• Unique optimization engine dramatically
reduces CPU load
• Integrated mixer with level, pan, output,
fx 1-4 send
• 16-channel simultaneous playback
• Hyper knobs for fast and effective
sound adjustment
• Expansion bay for up to 5 sound/sample
expansions or synth modules
• Integrated 88-key MIDI keyboard
• Mac and Windows compatible, Audio Unit
adapter included
Kinetic 2
INTAKT is a state-of-the-art virtual sampler,
specifically designed for rhythmic loop
playback and manipulation. This unique
sampler has an intuitive interface, three
sampler modes (Beat Machine, Time Machine
II, and Sampler), a powerful modulation
section, and it uses multiple algorithms
to automatically sync loops to tempo. An
outstanding 1.2 gigabyte library of loops
from Zero-G and East West provides sample
source material for nearly any musical style.
• Easy synchronization of loops to tempo
• Based on the powerful KONTAKT
sampling engine
• Integrated high-quality effects
• Modulation section provides: AHDSR
envelope, (2) tempo-syncable LFOs, envelope
follower and a DBD pitch envelope
• MIDI file export
• 32-bit processing, up to 96kHz
sample rate support
Kinetic 2 is a powerful virtual
instrument for Windows that
allows users to compose
music and create beats
with an easy point and click
interface. It includes 400
instrument patches, featuring
genuine Roland sounds (101,
606, 808, 909, more). Kinetic
2’s innovative content browser allows quick access to patterns and
sounds (by instrument type and music genre).
• Intuitive point and click interface
• Hundreds of professionally recorded music patterns and
ACID format loops
• Add Audio loops to the mix for even more rhythmic variety
• Professional studio effects for processing sounds
• Export WAV files of your mix to burn on CD
• Windows 2000 and XP compatible
Drum &
Bass Rig
Drum & Bass Rig is a top-quality virtual
instrument that incorporates four great
sounding modules into one powerful virtual
rack. This cross-platform instrument includes:
RD-5 Real Drums, EB-6 Electric Bass,
LC-7 Loop Creator, and the BL-8 Bassline.
Its master MIDI/Mixer section lets you route,
split, layer and mix these four powerful
modules in whatever way best suits your
performance and recording needs.
• 4 top-quality virtual sound modules
• Stand-alone or plug-in operation
• Module and master effects processors
• Compatible with most popular software
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, and
Audio Unit
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Quantum Leap COLOSSUS
COLOSSUS is a massive, 32
Gigabyte virtual instrument
with a huge 160 instrument
soundset including: Drums/
Percussion, Guitar Family
60’s, Ethnic, Keyboard/Mallet,
Orchestra, Piano/E.Piano,
Pop Brass, Choir, Vintage
Organs, New Age Ensembles,
StormDrone, Synth Basses, Synth Leads, and Synth Pads categories.
This virtual instrument combines intuitive handling with excellent sound
quality, and is powered by the efficient KONTAKT audio engine.
• 256 voice polyphony • Advanced 32-bit processing
• Direct from Disk playback
• Powerful multi-mode filters, envelopes, and LFOs
• Integrated high-quality reverb, chorus, and delay effects
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS, DXi, and Audio Unit
• Windows and Mac OS X compatible
Virtual Instruments
Key Rig
Key Rig is a versatile virtual instrument that
incorporates four great sounding keyboard
modules into one powerful virtual rack. This
cross-platform instrument includes: SP-1 Stage
Piano, MS-2 Polyphonic Synthesizer, MB-3
Electromagnetic Organ, and the GM-4 General
MIDI. Its master MIDI/Mixer section lets you
route, split, layer and mix these four powerful
modules in whatever way best suits your
performance and recording needs.
REAKTOR 5 is a completely modular real-time
sound synthesis, sampling and effects software
that is both a collection of hundreds of software
instruments, as well as complete studio environment for constructing entirely new and individual
instruments. It includes an extensive collection of
first-class synthesizers, samplers, drum machines,
loop tools, step sequencers, live performance machines and effects units; ranging from authentic
emulations of classic gear to innovative, cuttingedge instruments and sound manipulators.
• Stage piano, poly synth, tone wheel organ,
and GM modules
• Stand-alone or plug-in operation
• Variable velocity and controller settings,
optimized for M-Audio keyboards
• Dual effects processor for each module
• Plug-in formats include: VST, RTAS,
and Audio Unit
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
• Stand alone or plug-in operation
• Huge collection of unique instruments and sounds
• Pristine, top-quality sound
• REAKTOR Core Technology allowing low level,
custom module design • Plug-in formats
include: VST, RTAS, DXi, and Audio Unit
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Virtual Guitarist 2
REAKTOR 5 Plug-in updater also available
for owners of previous version #NAR5U . $125.00
Music Production
The Digidesign Music Production Toolkit
includes a full range of professional music
tools that expand the creative power of
your Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools M-Powered
system. It includes an impressive collection
of plug-ins, a multi-track version of Beat
Detective rhythm analysis and correction
tool, up to 48 mono or stereo tracks
at up to 96 kHz (interface permitting),
and the ability to export mixes as MP3
files. The Music Production Toolkit
includes a host of powerful plug-ins
worth more than $2,000 that are ideal
for creating and producing music.
• Digidesign Hybrid highdefinition synthesizer
• TL Space Native Edition convolution reverb
• Smack! LE compressor
• SoundReplacer drum replacement tool
• DINR LE noise reduction plug-in
Virtual Bassist
The massive 6.8 GB sound
library included with
Virtual Guitarist 2 delivers
a staggering array of 1100
full user-editable guitar
parts in over 88 different
styles. It acts as an ideal
rhythm guitarist, playing
both acoustic and electric
guitar and offering the right riff for almost every style of music. Virtual
Guitarist 2 can play in any key, master even the most challenging
chords, automatically play in time with your song’s tempo, and even
sync up to the drum’s groove, if you wish.
With the benefit of Virtual
Bassist, you can enrich your
projects with professionalcaliber bass lines without
having to call on a bass player
or endure multiple takes to
capture a good performance.
This plug-in represents an
accomplished player who has
mastered 30 styles. It always
plays with perfect timing, and adapts to suit virtually every musical
taste. Every style comprises phrases in varying levels of complexity and
suitable fills, all of which were tracked by professional studio musicians.
• Creates authentic-sounding guitar parts
• Provides a vast array of styles
• Easy and fun to use
• Onboard amp models and stomp box FX
• Mac and PC compatible
• Features actual studio bass perfomances
• Lines easily played from a MIDI keyboard
• 30 different styles with variations and fills
• Full amplifier section control
• High quality virtual stomp boxes
Virtual Instruments
BANDSTAND is an easy and intuitive virtual
GM instrument that combines a state-of-the-art
sampling engine with over 2GB of professional
samples and 128 instruments. The integrated
MIDI file player allows both your own and
classic MIDI files to be performed accurately
with just the right mix of superior quality
samples, effects or groove customization. It’s
an ideal tool for music composition in schools
and standardized studio production including
ring-tones and video games.
StormDrum provides over 6GB of loops
and multi-samples from 3 world-class
percussionists. 1000’s of original evolving
drum beds, kits and percussion are available
with up to 20-way velocity-switching. Special
versions of Native Instruments KOMPAKT
and INTAKT samplers are built-in, allowing
for quick, synchronized loop manipulation,
disk streaming and multitimbral capability.
StormDrum delivers big, ethnic sounding drums
with wide dynamic ranges, especially suited for
film and multi-media composition.
• GM1 sound module virtual instrument with
2.5GB of sounds
• Based on high quality KONTAKT 2 sample engine
• Easily structured, easy replacement of instruments
• High-quality effects including convolution effect,
chorus, limiter and 3-band EQ
• Quick Edit bar provides real-time
humanizing tools
• Mac and PC compatible
• 6GB of evolving loops, phrases and multi-samples
• Unique collection of powerful ethnic drums and
• Styles include: Action Beds, Big Beats, Ethnic
Chase, Fastbreaks, Film Tech and Thunderous
• Syncronize and edit filters, LFO’s, pitch,
envelopes, effects and more
• Special Native Instruments KONTAKT and INTAKT
samplers included • Mac and PC compatible
Moog Modular V
minimoog V
MachFive is a powerful cross-platform
software sampler designed for professional
sound design, music production or broadcast
with support for up to 24/192kHz audio. It
combines superior sound quality and operation
speed with a powerful, flexible synth engine
that’s compatible with all sample libraries.
Samples are handled using an intelligent file
management system optimized for quickly
browsing and loading libraries.
• Superior sounding cross platform sampler with
unlimited polyphony • Single window allows all
editing and performance parameters in one view
• 16-part multitimbral with extensive effects, four
effect slots per part • Drag-and-drop importing of
all major sampler formats • True surround-capable
sampler with multi-channel waveform editing
• Fast operation with instant access to all parameters
in one window
MachFive Windows Windows version of
above #MAM5W .............................. $369.00
The Moog Modular is a crossplatform virtual instrument
featuring more than 400
unique presets from some the
industries best sound designers.
True Analog Emulation enables
an accurate digital reproduction
of the Modular’s analog circuits,
resulting in aliasing-free oscillators, the typical warmth created by the
natural instability of the original oscillators and the legendary Moog
24dB low-pass filter. With new ergonomic functionality and audio
possibilities its synthesis possibilities are truly endless.
The minimoog V is a crossplatform virtual instrument
capable of accurately
emulating the famous musical
characteristics of the original
minimoog. With over 500
built-in presets, the minimoog
V utilizes its sharp filters, aliasing-free oscillators, soft-clipping, and
faster envelope and modulation response to be closer than ever to
efficiently reproducing the sweet sound of the original. The minimoog
V’s superior analog emulation and intuitive musicality make it one of
the best emulations available today.
• Over 400 presets
• Accurate analog circuit reproduction with low CPU cost
• 9 OSC’s, 3 filter slots, 2 LFO’s, 6 ENV’s, VCA’s, mixers, triggers,
a 3x8 step-sequencer • Rare sound modules with dedicated presets
• More responsive oscillators, envelopes and filters
• Mac and PC compatible
• Over 500 presets accurately modeling famous minimoog
• Particularly efficient and simple for leads and bass sounds
• Nearly exact oscillator, envelope and filter response
• Unison mode allows inter-oscillator drifts producing fatter, warmer tones
• True emulation of renown 24dB Moog 4-stage filter
• Mac and PC compatible
Virtual Instruments
Adventures 2
Used on countless TV, film and remix projects,
Percussive Adventures 2 expands the borders of
the original in depth, detail and creativity. Its 70
full multi-layered pieces consist of full bed mixes
and loops, alternate mixes, phrases, endings,
individual elements/layers, and some individual
hits. Loops can easily be remixed, expanded and
edited using the built-in Native Instruments INTAKT
sampler, which is specifically designed for loop
playback and manipulation. All loops automatically
sync to your internal sequencer tempo.
• 70 full multi-layered loops and ambient textures
• Lengthy, evolving organic and electronic
percussion and elements
• Three huge patches combine similar elements
for convenient searching
• One-screen interface with all sound shaping
capabilities and effects • Pristine audio
engine from built-in Native Instruments
INTAKT sampler • Mac and PC compatible
CS-80 V
The Philharmonik Miroslav is designed to
faithfully reproduce the lush warmth and
emotion of orchestral instruments, ensembles
and choirs. It combines over 7GB of the
legendary Miroslav Orchestral and Choir
sample libraries into a dedicated plug-in
instrument specifically tailored for orchestral
composition. Recorded in the famous Dvorak
Symphony Hall, all instruments have been
captured in their proper acoustic orchestral
positions, further enhancing their acoustic
realism and performance.
Mode is plug-in collection that combines
classic synthesis and effects techniques
with state-of-the-art performance control.
It features user-friendly arpeggiators,
integrated synth effects and simplified
control of complex systems openning
creative doors previously seen only in the
best hardware devices. Developed by the
Creative Synth team, the Mode plug-ins are
unlike anything you’ve heard – deep basses,
soaring lead lines and bizarre percussion,
processed by synchronized effects and even
a lopper’s paradise of delay lines.
• 16-part multitimbral sample-based
orchestral workstation
• 7GB of samples comprised of over 1300
orchestral and choir sounds
• 20 Classic DSP effects, 4 insert effects and
4 Master effects with separate sends
• Up to 50 sound shaping controls per part
• 256 note polyphony
• Mac and PC compatible
• POLY classic digital/analog synthesis
• MONO dual 2-operator FM engine
• BANG percussion module with sample
playback, FM and analog voices
• SPIN time-synchronized effects
• WASH mix of six digital delays with 8X8
ARP2600 V
Made famous in past and
present films, the CS-80 V
utilizes Arturia’s outstanding
emulation technology to
reproduce one of music’s
“ultimate polyphonic
synthesizers”. It takes all
the great original features
and adds innovations such as a modulation matrix, multitimbral mode,
an arpeggiator and stereo delay. This inspirational 8-voice synth
provides over 400 presets and 64-bit floating point precision with no
aliasing below 16kHz.
The ARP2600 V is a virtual instrument
with over 400 presets that effectively
bring this powerful synthesizer back
to life. It provides all the original
functions while adding MIDI control,
extra polyphony, and the ability to
create, save and recall your own presets.
Expanding upon the initial ARP2600
design, innovative features have been
added including 4 revolutionary tracking
generators, additional effects and sound
design capabilities never before seen.
• 8-voice polyphonic synth with over 400 presets
• Utilizes Arturia’s True Analog Emulation technology (TAE)
• Multi-mode allows assigning a different sound to each voice
• Modulation matrix with 12 sources and 38 destinations
• 64-bit floating point with 96kHz sampling rate
• Mac and PC compatible
• Over 400 presets with additional effects and sound innovations
• Up to 32-voice polyphony with Unison possibilities
• Stereo delay and LFO’s syncable to host clock
• Exclusive interactive LFO module for creating new real-time modulations
• 96kHz processing with 64-bit floating point capable
• Mac and PC compatible
Virtual Instruments
Komplete 4
Developed by the Digidesign Advanced
Instrument Research group, Hybrid is a highdefinition RTAS software synthesizer for Pro
Tools M-Powered and other Pro Tools systems
that combines the warmth of classic analog
waveforms with digital wavetables. Emulate
your favorite classic synth or create something
no one has ever heard before. Hybrid comes
equipped with 256 preset patches that include
a full range of analog and digital sounds, but
it is made for tweaking and shaping your own
• Performance oriented soft synth
• Tightly integrated with Pro Tools software
• 2 simultaneous parts for creating complex patches
• 3 high-definition oscillators per part
• Step sequencers for arpeggiation and phrase
Prophet V
Orchestra Gold
The Symphonic Orchestra Gold is a superbly
engineered collection of Strings, Woodwinds,
Brass and Orchestral Percussion recordings.
This level of quality is achieved by using the
highest quality recording gear available,
sampling the instruments and sections
chromatically, in correct position, and with
multiple dynamics; resulting in one of the
most dynamic and expressively articulated
orchestral libraries today.
• Sonically superior orchestral samples designed
for scoring • Expertly recorded reverb release
trails accurately capture concert hall realism
• Included Native Instruments KOMPAKT sampler
provides extensive sonic control
• 32-bit internal sample processing with
256-voice polyphony
• May be imported into KONTAKT for more programming flexibility • Mac and PC compatible
Utilizing improvements in Arturia’s advanced
True Analog Emulation
technology; the Prophet V
virtual instrument is born.
There are three user interfaces
in the Prophet V: a Prophet
5, a Prophet VS and Hybrid mode.
While maintaining every individual
nuance of the originals, the Hybrid
mode uniquely stacks these two
synths on top of each other, combining the warmth of the Prophet 5
with the digital shimmer of the VS.
• Provides Prophet 5, Prophet VS and Hybrid mode interfaces
• 40 original presets of the Prophet 5 with added mono mode and sustain
• 96 digitally sampled waveforms of the Prophet VS
• Hybrid mode combines analog subtractive with digital vector synthesis
• Added audio and modulation matrix for both synths
• Mac and PC compatible
Groove Agent 3
Komplete 4 is
an extensive
of powerful
and sound
a broad spectrum of classic and futuristic
instruments for all styles of music. All of
the award winning instruments countless
musicians, producers, and sound designers
swear by are now bundled together in one
affordable package. The entire collection
comes easy to install DVDs and includes a
comprehensive 400 page, printed manual.
• Stand-alone or Plug-in versions
• VST, Audio Unit, RTAS, DXi
• Includes four extensive sample libraries
• Windows and Mac OS
• Includes: Absynth4, Reaktor5, Guitar Rig2,
Akoustik Piano, Elektrik Piano, B4II, FM8,
Pro-53, Kontakt2, Battery 3, Vokator and
Spektral Delay
• Does not include Rig Kontrol hardware for
Guitar Rig2 software
Groove Agent 3 is the third
incarnation of Steinberg’s
phenomenally successful Groove
Agent virtual drummer VST
instrument, and is a major step
up from previous versions.
Groove Agent 3 combines
a huge library of drum and
percussion sounds with a range of player
technologies to give you dynamic, ready-togo drums, beats, rhythms and percussion in
only a few mouse clicks. It features top-quality drum samples and live
recorded drum performances in a massive number of variations covering
123 different styles and automatically syncing to your song tempo.
• Add live drum performances to your songs
• Covers almost any style
• Variations with 25 complexity levels per style
• Huge audio library • Import samples and create your own kits
Virtual Instruments
Darbuka is a virtual instrument plug-in that is
neither a sample library nor another product
based on a typical sample player; it’s a 2GB
collection of Arabic and Middle Eastern
percussion performances from world-renowned
artists with the capacity to control the
arrangement, performance, sound and integrated
surround environment in real-time. Over 30
ethnic styles are included and incorporate 8
distinct instruments in the grooves.
The FM8 virtual instrument plug-in expands
upon the famous sound of FM synthesis.
Distortion and filter operators, extensive
modulation and effects capabilities, an audio
input and more are now added to the already
powerful FM architecture. Much more than a
virtual emulation, the highly expressive FM8
brings 32 different waveforms to the operators,
far beyond the stock sine waves. FM8 faithfully
reproduces the FM synthesizer with extended
sound architecture and expression.
• 2GB of Arabic and Middle Eastern multitrack
performance grooves
• Flexible real-time control over tempo, timing,
pattern complexity, instruments and more
• Freely place instruments within 15 rooms
with adjustable ambience
• Mixer features EQ and punch per instrument,
master EQ and master dynamics
• Mac and PC compatible
• Virtual FM emulation instrument with
32 waveforms and 512 presets
• Full matrix frequency modulation with
8 operators, no fixed algorithms
• Reads and faithfully reproduces programs of
FM classics
• Intuitive graphical editors with flexible
envelopes and unlimited stages
• Extended sound processing and effects
• Mac and PC compatible
Latigo similar to above with stunning 1GB
worth of Latin percussion grooves #WIL ....$230.00
FM8 plug-in updater also available for
owners of previous versions #NAFM8U....$99.00
Bass Station
Dimension Pro
With its 7GB sound library, Dimension Pro brings
over 1500 production ready presets to your
disposal. This advanced sample playback synth
is capable of covering every genre of music, from
orchestral, ambient and electronica to hip-hop,
R&B and pop. Its quick hands-on control of
deep editing capabilities including 20 graphical
Envelope Generators and 20 tempo-synced
LFO’s with multiple filters and shapes make it
ideal for sound design in cinema, TV, videos
games and commercial sound.
• 7GB sound library of advanced synthesis with
waveguide and wavetable oscillators
• Multiple velocity, keyboard switching and
• Superior sound quality and enhanced
acoustic simulation via physical modeling
• Extensive insert and send effects with delays,
modulation, EQ’s, LFO filters and more
• Full MIDI control matrix
• Mac and PC compatible
The V-Station is a powerful and
flexible 8-voice, 3-oscillator
virtual analog plug-in that works
equally as well on Mac or PC.
Its 200 factory programs can be
easily accessed in a clear and
intuitive manner by the mainscreen sound shaping controls.
All the classic waveforms are provided and include a “Double”
feature allowing twin waveforms with no loss of polyphony. Sync the
programmable arpeggiator, LFO’s and up to 6 multi-effects in one
instance with rich, resonant 12 or 24dB filters.
The Bass Station
is a virtual
that accurately
models the tonal
of the classic sawtooth and square waveforms of the original. Its lowpass filtering and LFO delivers the warmth, resonance and harmonic
control necessary for delivering the huge sonic range of the 100 preset
programs. Unlimited instances of the plug-in may be used, with each
instance providing a single monophonic voice, instantly delivering bass
or leads that sit perfectly in a mix.
• 8-voice, 3-oscillator virtual instrument • Sonic range includes warm
pads, cutting leads, delicate EP’s and funky bass
• Analog-modeled oscillators may be set to Unison or Synced
• Single-screen editing that’s simple and clear with 400 users program
locations • 6 simultaneous effects include distortion, chorus, phaser,
reverb and delays • Mac and PC compatible
• Virtual monophonic synth with analog modeled oscillators
• Oscillator Sync for the most complex and expressive timbres
• All the original programs with over 100 loadable all together
• Enhanced front panel controls with added filter ADSR and OSC1,
OSC2 PWM control • Complete assignable MIDI control of knobs
and switches • Mac and PC compatible
Virtual Instruments
The Tassman is a modular virtual instrument
based on physical modeling technology. Its 50
pre-patched instruments comprise over 1000
presets right out of the box. Classic analog
and FM, realistic acoustic instruments including
various drums, chromatic percussion, strings,
EP’s and more are provided with the expression
and subtleties not possible with typical sample
based solutions. Customizable modules can
create synths, effects, envelopes, filters, mixers,
I/O and more. Tassman is a perfect tool for creative, intuitive sound design and performance.
• Physical modeling synth with 50 instruments
and over 1000 presets
• Integrated drag and drop browser
• Efficient, up to 192kHz audio engine
• User samples may be imported and used as
a tone generator
• All MIDI and audio effects sync to host
sequencer • Mac and PC compatible
Z3TA+ (zay’-ta) is a top-of-the line
Waveshaping Synthesizer plug-in among
the most expressive and inspiring available.
It’s fully capable of producing authentic
vintage sounds or the most modern
soundscapes. Features include over 700
professional presets, 32-bit wavetable
synthesis, a complete 16 row modulation
matrix, a full arpeggiator with over 100
patterns, stunning filters, effects and more.
• Waveshaping Synthesizer plug-in with
64-voice polyphony
• Pristine sound quality with excellent
programming flexibility
• 6 OSC’s, 60 built-in waveforms and 6 user
loadable waveforms
• Independent Waveshapers for each oscillator
with 14 wave transformations
• Extensive effects, EQ and compression
• VST and DXi compatible
The PRO-53 is a virtual
instrument designed to
authentically reproduce
the brilliance, warmth
and beauty of the original
Sequential Circuits
Prophet-5. Along with
576 built-in programs, 64
programmed by one of the original creators of the unit, the PRO-53
adds unlimited voices, MIDI automation, velocity sensitivity, more
effects, filters and more. The PRO-53 can run original Sysex patches
but offers more creative tools for live and studio production.
• 576 Classic and modern sounds emulating legendary Prophet-5
• Added invertible filter envelope, audio input, and
LFO-envelope retrigger
• Plays original Sysex programs
• Additional effects for chorus, flanging and echo, MIDI-syncable
• Operates both stand-alone or as a plug-in (Mac and PC)
Rapture is a powerful Wavetable synthesizer
with extensive sound manipulation capabilities.
It provides 600 programs and a beautifully
designed interface that’s well suited for
electronica related music styles. 6 fullyprogrammable sound-generating Elements
feature over 40 Step Generators per patch,
allowing users to easily generate rhythmic
sequences with multi-mode oscillators, filters
and an advanced MIDI modulation matrix.
• Virtual Wavetable synthesizer with 600
creatively crafted musical programs
• Programs include Basses, Pads, Leads,
Arpeggios, Textures, Percussion and Sequences
• Six-part sound engine with multi-waveform
and ring modulation functions
• Mix and modulate all Elements through
global FX and dynamic Step Generator
• Graphical step sequencing of pitch, filters and
other parameters • Mac and PC compatible
AKOUSTIK PIANO combines the
expressiveness and graceful playability
of three of the world’s must reputable
pianos – the Steinway D, Bechstein D
280 and the Boesendorfer 290 Imperial
– as well as the unique vintage
Steingraeber 130 upright into one
virtual instrument. All four pianos are
captured in exact detail, their warmth
and distinctive characteristics are achieved by combining a specially
developed microphone setup with the latest recording technology.
• Four distinctive pianos with the full body and feel of the originals
• Integrated convolution reverb module manipulates space and mic setup
• Ideal for school music labs, stage and professional production
• Layer Morphing Technology ensures a consistent timbre
and seamless velocity
• Highly advanced audio engine with Direct-from-Disk capability
• Mac and PC compatible
Virtual Instruments
I Drum
The I Drum adds a fully programmable
drum machine to Mac only based recording
studios. It’s easy to use, but loaded with the
flexibility and power of a virtual instrument.
Create patterns right alongside your
current tracks or use any of the hundreds
of pre-programmed patterns and rhythms.
Many sound shaping DSP functions are
built into the I Drum, including filters, amp
envelopes and bit-reduction, all of which
can be utilized while mixing and matching
parts and samples.
• Virtual drum machine with hundreds of
drum samples, patterns and parts
• Instant gratification with easy drag-anddrop AIFF or WAV files up to 2MB in size
• Up to 99 patterns in a single I Drum file
• Mixer controls for each drum sound
• Designed for Mac OS X platform
Synthesizer One
Ethno Instrument
The Ethno Instrument delivers expressive
ethnic instrument sounds combined with
authentic world music loops and phrases in
one easy-to-use window. From solo
instruments to full ensembles, the Ethno
Instrument delivers all of the exotic textures
you need to take your recordings to the four
corners of the globe. It comes with a massive
4GB library of instrument samples from all over
the world and adds another 4GB of authentic
loops and phrases, instantly tempo-locked to
your host software time line.
• Sounds organized by geographic
region and category
• Intuitive layout and control access
• Built-in convolution reverb processor
• Disk streaming and multiple outputs
• Plug-in and stand-alone formats
Synthesizer One for
Pro Tools combines
wave table and
analog oscillators, a
completely modular
design, flexible filtering,
and a dedicated
effects section to
produce inspiring leads, fat basses, and evolving synthetic textures.
Its wavetable editor allows users to create unique waveforms for
oscillators and LFOs and may be drawn, generated from a suite of tools,
or imported from an audio track. There are also three clock sync-able
wavetable LFOs per voice with dedicated multi-mode ASR envelopes.
• Ultra low latency synthesizer for Pro Tools
• Analog saturation modeling
• Dedicated effects section per preset
• User definable arpeggiations and sequences
• Mono and stereo version
Drum Kit
from Hell 2
Featuring a special version of Native Instruments
KOMPAKT sampler, East West’s Drum Kit from
Hell 2 provides a 2.4GB multi-sampled Sonar
drumkit with 3200 stunningly realistic files of
unprocessed multiple mic “interactive” drum
sounds. The interface is clean, straightforward
and allows all important parameters to be
immediately adjusted, including multi-mode
filters, envelopes, LFO’s and effects.
• 2.4GB of drum samples with 9 mono and 2
stereo outputs
• Natural mic bleed through, ambience and
snare bottom mics
• Multiple toms, kickdrums, rides, chinas,
splash and crash cymbals, snares and hats
• Powerful built-in sound shaping tools
• Assignable Direct-from-Disk playback for
larger samples
• Special version of Native Instruments
KOMPAKT sampler included
Symphonic Cube
Symphonic Cube is a professional
collection of 10 virtual instruments
specifically designed to quickly
and easily marry raw samples with
performance algorithms for stunning
authenticity. 550GB of 24-bit samples
are provided including hundreds of
inspiring articulations which can now
be combined into a single Preset on
a single MIDI track. The appropriate articulations and nuances are
automatically selected in real-time by Vienna’s proprietary Performance
Detection, making composing more natural, efficient and fun.
• Stunning collection of over 550GB of 24-bit orchestral samples
• Performance Detection analyzes intervals, repeated notes, patterns and
speed • Layer articulations for simultaneous crossfaded performances
in one Preset • Pre-configured patches for instant creation
• Prepared for future Multi Impulse Response Mixing and
Reverberation Engine • VST and Audio Units compatible
X-Station 25
USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers
The Novation X-Station 25 is a revolutionary
synthesizer/controller with built-in audio and
MIDI interfaces, zero-latency internal digital effects, and powerful controls and templates for
complete control of popular software synthesizers. With all audio and MIDI information being
run down one single USB cable, the unit is extremely portable, ideal for mobile production,
and remotely powered by batteries or USB.
• 25-keys semi-weighted with aftertouch
• Virtual synthesizer control panel layout for plug-ins
and software with all controllers fully assignable
• Built-in 8-Voice polyphonic synth • 24-bit/44.148kHz simultaneous 2-channel audio I/O and
digital S/PDIF output • Dual low-noise preamps
with phantom power on Neutrik combo XLR jacks
• Multi-fx processor with up to 6 effects per input
• Powered via: USB, batteries or 9V power supply
X-Station 49 49-key version of X-Station 25 #NOXS49 ........................................................... $549.99
X-Station 61 61-key version of X-Station 25 #NOXS61 ............................................................ $599.99
The XioSynth combines an 8-voice synthesizer, high-quality audio interface, and flexible USB MIDI
controller into one powerful keyboard. The subtractive synth engine boasts an arpeggiator, multi-effects and 200 distinctive patches from a variety of musical genres. The 2in/2out audio interface allows
simultaneous recording of external and internal sources. And finally, the 16 built-in templates and comprehensive control surface deliver instant feedback and control of many current software applications.
XIOSYNTH25 25-key version #NOX25 ... $399.99 • Mono, 8-voice synth/controller with built-in USB audio interface • 3 OSC’s with 17 waveforms,
XIOSYNTH49 49-key version #NOX49.... $449.99
2 LFO’s with 32 waveforms • 16 onboard templates for software control
XIOSYNTH61 61-key version #NOXS61 .. $599.99 • (11) knobs and switches, pitch/mod lever, X/Y touchpad • (1) XLR and 1/4” input jack
Remote SL 25
The Remote SL 25 is a 25-key MIDI controller that combines extensive
hands-on control with two large backlit LCD screens capable of displaying 16 parameter names and values simultaneously. 39 Template
Memories are designed to work with software applications, virtual
instruments and external MIDI equipment while the remaining template
(Automap) intelligently maps the supported application and all active
components within the session to itself; a truly revolutionary controller.
• 25-key MIDI controller with
software/instrument templates
including Automap feature
• Assignable X/Y touchpad,
joystick and a total of 56 encoders, pots, sliders and buttons
• (2) bright, backlit
144-character LCD’s
• Dedicated transport controls
• USB connection
# MAO2
O2 is a
to fit in a
bag with
a Laptop. Whether you are programming drum parts, soft synths or
adjusting virtual studio parameters, the O2 is the perfect portable
controller solution.
• (25) Full-size, half-action, velocity-sensitive keys
• (8) Fully-assignable MIDI controller knobs and buttons
• Includes Reason Adapted Express
• Modulation and Pitch bend controls, (+/-) Octave buttons, Volume slider
• Download Enigma editor/librarian from M-Audio website
• Class-compliant in Windows XP and Mac OS X
# MAA25
The Axiom is a 25-key
velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch.
It features 8 trigger
pads that are ideal for
drum programming
and loop triggering, 8
rotary encoders and 6
re-assignable transport
buttons. The unit is USB bus powered and contains 20 non-volatile
locations for custom setups. Ableton Live Lite 4 and the Enigma editor/librarian are both included for production and controller assignment.
• 25-key velocity-sensitive USB/MIDI controller with aftertouch
• (8) trigger pads, (8) rotary encoders, (6) transport buttons, pitch and
mod wheels • Dedicated transpose and octave buttons
• Windows XP and MAC OS X compliant
Axiom49 49-key version with additional assignable sliders and buttons
#MAA49 .............................................................. $249.00
Axiom61 61-key version of above #MAA61 ....................... $299.00
USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers
The PCR-M30 is a compact 32-Key Velocity-Sensitive USB/MIDI controller keyboard
with an extensive array of assignable real-time knobs, faders and buttons. This updated
version of the popular PCR-30 features a newly designed key mechanism, selectable velocity curves, and a redesigned pitch/modulation controller. Its wide variety of real-time
controllers are ideal for adjusting sequencer and virtual instrument parameters.
• (8) Knobs, (8) Faders and (9) switches, and
(2) pedal ports • (12) selectable Velocity
Curves, and a Fixed Velocity mode
• Octave Shift and Transpose buttons
• USB bus powered or AC adapter (included)
• Mac and Windows compatible
PCR-M50 49-key version #EDPCRM50 ..............$149.00
PCR-M80 61-key version #EDPCRM80 ..............$199.00
The PCR-M1 is one of the most, if not the most compact, lightweight USB/MIDI controller
available. This portable 25-key velocity-sensitive keyboard has 16 controllers capable of being assigned to 27 different parameters and a dedicated rotary encoder for adjusting settings
without having to enter edit mode. The PCR-M1 is a powerful, full-function controller ideal
for both mobile music production and soft synth control in the studio.
• 25-key velocity-sensitive key with 16
physical controllers (27 total available)
• S.L.I.M. keyboard action technology delivers
very playable feel from a small controller
Remote ZeRO SL
• Powered via: USB/batteries/power supply
• Windows and Mac compatible
The Remote ZeRO SL is an intelligent control surface that detects what instruments you have in
your project and intelligently maps the controls to the its front panel. Running along the top of
its front panel are two 144-character screens, which can display up to 16 parameter names and
values simultaneously. The ZeRO is an excellent addition to any DAW providing plenty of tactile
access to your software with an expressive X/Y touchpad, dedicated transport controls and 8 musically responsive trigger pads.
• Intelligent MIDI control surface
• (2) giant, brightly lit LCD screens
MidAir 25
• (8) rotary pots, (8) sliders, (8) rotary encoders
and (24) switches
The MidAir 25 delivers
25 velocity-sensitive
keys, eight knobs and
more in a totally wireless
chassis. That means no
USB cable, no MIDI cable
and no power cable. The
MidAir 25 and included
MidAir receiver—both 2.4 GHz wireless devices—deliver an effective
range of 30 feet for the same consistent, real-time response and low
latency as wired controllers. Keyboard players no longer have to be
anchored to a host computer or a rack of gear sitting in the backline.
• 25 note velocity sensitive wireless MIDI controller
• Battery life exceeds 20 hours of continuous power
• (8) MIDI-assignable knobs and (1) assignable data slider
• 3-digit LED display with pitch bend and modulation wheels
• 10 non-volatile memory locations
MidAir 37 37 note version of above #MAMA37................. $249.00
• Automap supported by most major music programs
• Total portability with battery operation
The 37-key
combines a
full audio/
MIDI interface with
FireWire production. 4x4 analog I/O including a mic input and direct
headphone monitoring allows the Ozonic to be a convenient solution
for direct monitoring and software routing in live environments with
laptops or basic studio setups. The keyboard provides 3 assignable
zones and 40 assignable MIDI controllers, including 8 knobs, 9 sliders,
9 buttons, transport controls and more.
• 37-note velocity-sensitive keyboard
• Integrated FireWire audio interface and MIDI control with 4x4 analog I/O
• XLR mic input with phantom power
• Unit may be powered by FireWire bus or 12V DC adapter
• Dual gain control knobs with signal/clip indicators
Xboard 25
USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers
The Xboard 25 is a 25-key MIDI keyboard controller
featuring a high-quality synth action with velocity-sensitive keys and aftertouch. Xboard Control
software allows the creation of custom templates
for assigning the 16 real-time control knobs to both
hardware and software instruments. Drum loops
are easily controlled by defining a section of the keyboard as on/off triggers in the unique “Latch Mode”.
• 25-key MIDI controller with velocity-sensitive
keys and aftertouch
• 16 fully-assignable real-time control knobs
• Unique “Latch Mode” for
triggering drum loops
• Includes Proteus X LE sound
module with over 1000 presets
and Abelton Live Lite 4 (Win)
• USB, battery or AC powered
• Windows 2000, XP and Mac OS X drivers
Xboard49 49-key version of above #EMXB49 ............................................................. $169.99
• 25-key MIDI controller
with velocity-sensitive keys
Oxygen 8 v2
• Full MIDI-message
The Oxygen 8 v2 is a compact 25-key USB/MIDI controller featursupport and compatibility
ing 8 fully assignable MIDI controller knobs, 6 transport buttons,
to Enigma editor/librarian
5 dedicated function buttons and 10 non-volatile memory locations. It’s an ideal mobile solution for triggering samples, visual • (8) knobs and (6) transport
effects or performing basslines and pads.
buttons (assignable), (5)
dedicated function buttons
Oxygen49 49-key version with 35 controllers
including faders #MAO49 ..................... $149.00 • Abelton Live Lite 4 included
Oxygen61 61-key version of above #MAO61 .......... $199.00 • LCD display
The VX6 is a unique master keyboard that goes well beyond the feature set of a simple controller
and gives you complete access to your entire recording and performing environment. It supplies
both USB MIDI and USB audio functions eliminating the need for a separate sound card and MIDI interface. The VX supplies loads of hands-on controllers including
motorized faders, trigger pads, a ribbon controller, SEQ transport buttons, and pedal inputs. The unit’s multi-function expansion slot gives you the option for future
growth with the proposed addition of a sound module/sampler, analog synthesizer module, firewire audio interface module, digital mixing module and more.
• 61-note MIDI controller with USB audio and aftertouch • (9) 60mm motorized
VX5 49-note semi-weighted version of above #CMVX5 ...........$699.99
fader controllers • Alternate scales to better suit ethnic music • Music software VX7 76-note semi-weighted version of above #CMVX7 ...........$899.99
control templates with user bank memories • Firmware upgradeable via USB
VX8 88-note fully-weighted version of above #CMVX8............$999.99
The Bitstream3X is a
tactile control surface
that features full control over 3 different
Axis, with a joystick
allowing control over
the X and Y while a
ribbon controller is used for the Z Axis. With 35 knobs, 8 Sliders and 16
buttons, the it gives you total hands on control of any DAW software
and comes with an astounding 13,000 presets including Reason, Live,
Reaktor, Traktor, Absynth, Cakewalk and of course Cubase. Digital DJ’s
will love the MIDI Cross fader and the 8 track motion sampler allows
automated recording of the movements of the knobs, joystick, crossfader and ribbon controller.
• Hands on USB compatible MIDI control surface
• (35) knobs ,(8) sliders and (16) buttons including transport
• 8 track motion sampler for recording all controls
• Enhanced arpeggiator and built-in programmable LFO
• 13,000 Presets for a huge variety of synths and software
Designed to be an
ideal mobile recording controller, the
versatile UF5 is a
49-key master USB
MIDI controller loaded with impressive
design features for its cost, including a heavy duty Duraluminum body,
velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys, 8 assignable knobs, 9 assignable
faders, transport controls, a breath controller, pedal inputs and more.
• 49-key MIDI semi-weighted controller with USB interface
• Dedicated Drawbar Organ Button allows instant fader control of
tonewheel simulations • (8) knobs, (9) faders and transport controls
• FireWire expansion board adds audio functions
• Windows 2000/XP and OS X compatible
UF6 61-key version #CMUF6 ................................................ $299.99
UF7 76-key version #CMUF7 ............................................... $399.99
UF8 88-key version #CMUF8 ............................................... $599.99
UF400e FireWire option card #CMUF400E ......................... $199.00
USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers
# MAK88P
The M-Audio Keystation Pro88 is an expressive velocity-sensitive 88-key Hammer Action USB Midi Controller
that provides 59 different controllers ideally suited for
computer-based programming, mixing and performing.
This powerful controller gives users full command of
their virtual synths and digital audio sequencers.
• Assignable controllers include: (24) knobs,
(22) buttons, (9) faders, (2) wheels and pedals
• Large custom LCD displays controller name, number
and edit value • 4-zone split/layer functionality
Photon X49
Designed for the electronic musician,
the Photon X49 is an intuitive 49-key
velocity-sensitive USB/MIDI controller featuring over 40 fully assignable
knobs, buttons, switches, faders,
and a unique 3-way dome controller.
• 10-memory locations for storing controller
settings • Mac and PC compatible
• 49-key semi-weighted velocity-sensitive
• (10) endless knobs, (9) 60mm faders,
(10) backlit bottons, and a dedicated
transport control
• Powered via: USB/batteries/separate
power supply
• High-contrast screen with dedicated encoder
• Bundled with Steinberg Cubase LE software
• Windows XP and Mac OS X ready.
Photon X25 25-key version #ALPHOTONX25 .............................................$199.00
Designed for multimedia and studio production, the Korg microKONTROL is a very compact
37-key mini-keyboard supplied with a variety of flexible controls and software that easily
interface with computers via USB.
• 37-key mini keyboard controller
• Assignable controllers include: (8) encoders
and sliders with LCD’s, (16) velocity-sensitive
trigger pads, joystick and sustain pedal input
• (12) preset scene memories
• Powered by USB, batteries of AC adapter
• Mac and PC compatible
• 6 lbs.
Tired of performing behind a stack of keyboards? Then strap on an
AX-7 and become mobile without giving up the control you need. With
its 49 velocity-sensitive keys you can play anything from bass lines
to solos and chords while transposing the keyboard to suit the range
needed. Best of all, its lightweight design means you’ll be comfortable
even when playing an all-nighter. Two MIDI zones give you independent control over Upper and Lower parts, while an expanded patch
memory allows you to save and instantly recall up to 128 setups in
patch memory.
• Stage-oriented shoulder controller
• 45-note velocity-sensitive keyboard
• Intuitive operation via new 7-segment LED display
• 5 realtime controllers including Expression Bar and light-sensing D-Beam
• 128 patches with data backup via MIDI
• Provided software/librarian contains templates and
scenes for editing/storing popular software settings
# KOK49
The K49 is
a 49 key
that features full-sized keys and a selection of four velocity curves to
tailor the response to fit your own playing style. There are both pitch
and modulation wheels as well as Korg’s new ClickPoint that will function as both an X/Y joystick and USB mouse to navigate through your
soft synths or DAW software. Using the included editor software you
can create and save custom setups and the M1 Le software synthesizer
brings the sounds of the best selling synthesizer to your computer.
• 49 key USB MIDI contoller • (2) knobs, (2) buttons and (1) slider
• Key transpose for complete range of notes • Dynamic ClickPoint
joystick/trackball controller • USB bus powered for total portability
K25 25 key version of above #KOK25 .................................... $99.99
K61 61 key version of above #KOK61 ....................................$179.99
K61P 61 key version of above with onboard sounds #KOK61P ...$350.00
USB / MIDI Pad Controllers
Trigger Finger
The Trigger Finger is a sixteen pad MIDI/USB
drum control surface designed for drum programming, triggering lops and samples, or generating
MIDI controller information for any application.
Its velocity-sensitive pads enable expressive
performances keyboard controllers can’t provide,
and its full programmability enables users to customize the Trigger Finger to fit a variety needs.
• (16) Uvelocity and pressure
sensitive pads, (8) assingable
knobs, and (4) assingable faders
• Powered via USB or optional
DC power supply
• Includes Abelton Live Lite 4
• Windows XP and Mac OS X
Control Pad
The Control Pad USB/MIDI Percussion Controller is a compact percussion pad controller that is equally at home as a performance
instrument and as a MIDI programming tool for studio recording.
It features 8 velocity sensitive pads with gum rubber surfaces
for excellent stick response as well as two trigger inputs for connecting external pads such as the Alesis Drum Pad and Cymbal
Pad expansion kits. Further, there are two switch pedal inputs to
accommodate open and closed hi-hat as well as kick drum.
• USB bus powered drum control surface
• Pad sensitivity adjustment • Stores MIDI
setups with program change compatibility
• MIDI in and out with USB Plug-and-Play
connectivity • Power adapter included
for use without computer
Pad Trigger external pad trigger
#ALPT ................................ $49.00
Cymbal Trigger external cymbal trigger
#ALCT ................................ $49.00
The MPD24 is a velocity sensitive pad controller for musicians and DJs working with sampled sounds. The MPD24 features
16 MPC-style velocity and pressure sensitive pads plus transport controls for interfacing with DAW/sequencing applications.
With Akai’s MPC 16 Levels and Full Level features for ultimate pad control, four selectable pad banks totaling 64 pads, six
assignable faders and eight assignable, 360 degree knobs for transmitting MIDI Control Change data, the MPD24 provides
unprecedented creative freedom for manipulating sampled material. It is equally at home on stage or in the studio.
• MPC style drum pad controller
• (16) velocity and pressure sensitive pads
• (6) assignable faders for transmitting MIDI Control Change data
The padKontrol is an expressive and versatile 16-pad
controller designed to produce
natural sounding drumbeats.
It combines an assignable X-Y
touchpad for natural-sounding
flams and rolls, 16 great-feeling illuminated trigger pads
with 8 dynamic velocity curves,
2 assignable knobs and a footpedal input. It can not only accesses
drum sounds and samples, but also control soft synths, effects, trigger
video clips and even be a transport control for DAW programs.
• 16-pad controller with selectable velocity and dynamic ranges
• Ideal for creative drum programming and control
• Illuminated pads visually display control value status
• 30 built-in software templates and 16 User Scene memories
• Included Superior drum kit plug-in provides 260Mb of multiplevelocity samples • Included Creative Kontrol Pack 2 features Reason
Adapted 3.0, Live Lite 4 and more
• (8) assignable 360 degree knobs
• Backlit, easy to read LCD display
MPD 16
The MPD16 is a dedicated
pad controller that can be
used with any sampler/
sound module to record
percussion tracks with
the expression and feel
that only pads afford. 16
pads, based on the famous
MPC, provide velocity and
pressure programming of
percussion tracks over two
banks. The continuous
controller slider is capable of hi-hat or other sample switching and can
help you set the feel for each individual pad.
•16-pad MIDI controller designed for rhythm programming
• (2) switchable banks for a total of (32) assignable pads
• MPC’s 16-levels and Full level features
• Pads can have assignable notes with variable velocity range
• MIDI and USB operation/power
USB / MIDI Surface Controllers
# YA01X
The 01X is a combination control surface and firewire audio interface that
can act as heart of your digital recording environment. It not only works as
a professional digital mixing interface for your computer but also works as
a total recall, stand-alone digital mixer, ideally suited for live performances. Full dynamics processing, including compressors, gates and limiters as
well as 4 band parametric equalization on every one of the 28 digital mixing channels plus two world-class 32-bit effects processors means that the
01X puts no strain on your host computer for mixing or audio processing.
• Combination control
surface, audio interface
and digital mixer
• DAW Remote Control
with Motorized Faders
• 28 channels of digital
• 24-bit/96 kHz Multichannel I/O
• Powerful DSP Processing
The Command|8 is a USB tactile control surface for Pro
Tools TDM and LE systems; with additional native support
for Avid products, including Avid Media Composer. Equally
well-suited for both music and post-production studios, the
Command|8 features 8 bankable channels of touch-sensitive motorized faders, 8 rotary encoders, transport control,
and a flexible “Focusrite” onboard monitoring section.
• Integrated (1) In (2) Out
MIDI interface
• Stand alone MIDI controller mode
• Large, 110-character backlit
LCD display
• May be used in conjunction with
ProControl, Control|24, and Digi 002
• Compatible with Windows XP and
Mac OS X
Mackie Control Universal is a 9 fader MIDI surface controller with traditional analog mixing console ergonomics. Expandable and versatile, the Control Universal provides extensive Mixing, Editing, Automation, and Navigational Control for
supported digital audio workstations.
• Expandable via optional Mackie Control
Extender and C4 module • Digidesign
Pro Tools control via HUI protocol
• 100mm Penny & Giles touch
sensitive motorized faders
• (8) V-Pots with LED indicator rings
• Jog/Scrub Wheel and Full Transport
Control • Most extensive and integrated software support of any controller
Control Extender 8 fader expansion #MAMCE ..........................................................................................$699.99
Control C4
With its 32 V-pots (rotary encoders),
current-location LED rings, and “scribble
strip” displays, the Control C4 can easily
access and display up to 32 plug-in/mixing parameters without switching banks.
Ideal for simple, efficient control of MIDI
and audio in scoring, recording, and mixing, the Control 4 seemlessly integrates
into Logic Pro, Sonar, and more. it alows
users to utilize extensive software/plug-in
features with immediate visual feedback
from the control surface.
• (32) V–Pot (rotary) encoders with
integrated push–buttons- no bank
switching necessary
• Backlit LED’s and “scribble strips” provide immediate confirmation of
knob location, controlled parameter, and its setting
• Control multiple plug-ins at once • Works as a stand alone controller
or with Mackie Control Universal
The MCS-3000 Series Media
Command Stations provide
direct control of popular computer–based workstations and
hard disk recording systems for
audio and video production,
post production and other applications. You can record, edit and mix your projects to perfection using an
automated, moving fader, tactile control surface truly built for professional
applications. Features include touch-sensitive motorized faders, an array
of 60 programmable function keys, a back lit LCD and LED dual displays, 5
rotary encoders, professional transport controls, a full size numeric keypad
and a balanced concentric jog wheel with shuttle ring.
• Adds tactile controls to your digital audio and video workstation
• Low profile with heavy duty construction • (5) rotary encoders and optical jog wheel/shuttle ring • 100mm motorized touch sensitive faders
MCS-3800 same as above without wrist rest #JCMCS3800 ....... $2812.50
MCS-3400W (4) fader version of above #JCMCS3400 ............... $2812.50
MCS-3400 (4) fader version without wrist rest #JCMCS3400W . $2343.50
USB / MIDI Surface Controllers
The versatile BCF2000 is a configurable USB/MIDI surface
controller featuring 8 motorized faders, 20 fully assignable illuminated buttons, and 8 dual-mode high-resolution rotary encoders with LED rings and additional push
function. Designed for easy setup and control of virtual
mixers, synths, and samplers, the BCF2000 provides computer based studio musicians the analog feel, automation,
and control of larger mixers for every software screen.
• (8) motorized faders, (20) buttons,
and (8) rotary encoders
• 32 user presets each with 4
encoder groups
• Controls assignable manually or
via user-friendly learn mode
• Generic USB/MIDI support for
Windows XP and Mac OS X
Designed for both studio and live use, the BCR2000 is a flexible USB/MIDI surface controller loaded with fully assignable
rotary encoders and switches. Its solid feel and ease of use
make multiple parameter control of effects, mixers and softsynths a breeze. Create music more efficiently by dedicating
specific knobs to control your most frequently used parameters,
effectively reducing time-spent digging around for settings.
B-Control Nano BCN44
• (24) high-resolution rotary encoders with
LED rings, (20) freely assignable buttons, (8)
dual-mode rotary encoders with LED’s and
push assign function • Controls assignable
manually or via user-friendly learn mode
• Configurable MIDI and USB modes for flexible
system integration • (1) MIDI in (2) MIDI outs
for additional external hardware control
• Rugged, durable construction • Generic USB/
MIDI support for Windows XP and Mac OS X
• Freely-assignable MIDI surface controller
• (4) push-encoders with status LED’s
and (4) dual-function buttons
• Multi-function 4-digit LED display
with real-time parameter indication
• Special “Learn Mode” for MIDI
control data
• Downloadable editor/librarian software
• Full mobile capability with battery
The BCN44 is a very-compact MIDI controller featuring 4
freely-assignable encoders with status LED’s and 4 freely assignable dual-function buttons. Its controller functions can
be assigned manually or via learn mode, then stored into
99 user-programmable preset locations. Downloadable editor/librarian software will allow presets to be programmed
more comfortably, ideal for controlling laptop audio.
UC-33e is an
affordable USB/
MIDI hardware
controller with
47 user-configurable controls
in a compact
tabletop design.
The intuitive
layout of Knobs,
Faders, and Buttons can be assigned to control parameters of virtual
Instruments, plug-ins, and host applications.
• (24) fully-assignable knobs
• (9) full-size, assignable ALPS faders with light indicators
• (14) assignable buttons for control of sequencer functions
• Drawbar mode for control of classic organ emulators
• 33 memory settings for storing your settings
• Includes color overlays for Pro-53, B4, Abelton Live, Cubase and Logic
iControl is a tactile control
surface for Apple’s GarageBand audio software.
Its straightforward design
provides a simple button
push to cycle through each
bank of 8 tracks each.
8 endless rotary knobs,
mode buttons, solo,
mute and record-enable
buttons, and a dedicated
transport and jog wheel
that provides immediate user playback and record control.
• Designed for use with Apple’s GarageBand
• Control track volume, pan position, effects and EQ
• Intuitive single-button cycling through each bank of tracks
• Single master fader, banking switches, model selection switches
• (8) endless assignable rotary knobs • USB connection
USB Transport / DJ Controllers
• Dedicated buttons for:
transport controls, marker/
locate, track control (level,
pan, solo, mute, arming)
• Two-way interface: provides
timecode position, track
name/number, track volume,
pan setting
• Compatible with Windows
2000, XP and Mac OS X
The Tranzport is a compact wireless remote control for digital
audio workstations that uses high frequency radio waves (RF)
to send and receive control data, and uses advanced coding
and frequency-hopping techniques to operate with minimum
interference. Requiring only one USB port for the small receiver, the Tranzport allows users to arm tracks, use transport
controls, set markers, control pans, punch in/out, and start
loops remotely.
The AlphaTrack is a compact USB control surface equipped with a
100mm touch-sensitive motorized fader, transport control, three
touch-sensitive encoders and an innovative touch-sensitive jog
and shuttle strip for fast timeline control. This cross-platform DAW
controller also has a set of 22 buttons & 21 LED’s for track-specific
and global functions. A 32-character backlit display provides users
with context-specific feedback in real time.
The Presonus Faderport is a high-quality, USB motorized fader and
transport controller, designed for use with all Mac & Windows-based
recording software including: Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo and Logic.
This compact control surface features an ultra-smooth, long throw fader,
and dedicated pan, mute, solo, record enable buttons. The easy-to-use
FaderPort simplifies writing automation & fades in real-time, and is
equipped with a footswitch jack for hands free punch in/out recording.
Torq Conectiv
Conectiv is a buspowered 4 x 4 USB
audio interface
designed for DJs
who perform and
produce tracks with
a laptop. Together,
Conectiv and the
included Torq software form the ultimate DJ tool—high-fidelity audio, all the right kinds
of I/O (including dual phono preamps), and the ability to mix, beatmatch and cue digital files with ease. Use them as a completely digital
solution and leave the heavy stacks of vinyl or bulky wallets of CDs at
home—or process your vinyl and CDs on the fly.
• (4)x(4) USB DJ audio interface with performance software
• (4) RCA inputs configurable for line-level or phono signals
• (2) mix knobs for blending audio inputs and USB output
• Supports MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC file formats
• Works with third-party software as well
• Compact DAW controller
• 100mm, touch-sensitive, motorized fader
• (3) touch touch-sensitive encoder
• (22) function buttons & 21 LEDs
• 32-character backlit display
• Power via USB connection
• Compatible with all major recording
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
• USB automation/transport controller
• Transport, pan, mute, solo, record
enable controls
• Touch sensitive, long throw
motorized fader
• Compatible with all major
recording software
• Footswitch jack for punch in/out
• Includes: USB cable, power supply
& rubber feet
X-Session Pro
The X-Session Pro USB MIDI controller is the easiest way to bring
traditional DJ mixer-style control to
the world of computer DJing and
live performance. With a single USB
connection, you get dedicated tactile controls for volume, pitch, EQ,
cueing, transport and a crossfader.
As a class-compliant USB MIDI
controller, you can use it to control
applications like Ableton Live, Traktor DJ Studio or any software that
supports MIDI Learn, enabling you
to bring DJ-inspired crossfades and
filter sweeps into your live performances as well as studio productions.
• USB MIDI controller with DJ mixer-inspired layout • Works with any
software that supports MIDI Learn • (4) sliders, (12) knobs, (10) buttons
and (1) crossfader • Controls allow cueing, EQ and pitch control
• Solid feel and powered via USB
Wind / Foot Controllers
The EWI4000S MIDI wind instrument has many of the long sought after controls and
functions that are necessary for expressive performance. This new and improved model
features a lower price and several improvements to the design as well. It now features a
built-in sound module, direct MIDI IN and Out, onboard effects and several other updated
operating functions. With the sound module and the instrument all in one unit, players
can move freely on the stage by using MIDI and audio wireless transceivers. With easily
accessible controls for breath, vibrato, glide time, and bend width, users can adjust the
settings of the EWI4000 to their specific playing style.
• User customizable Electronic Wind Instrument
• Built-in analog modeling synth sound module
• MIDI in and out for controlling other sound modules
• Touch sensitive keys with octave roller
• Sensitive breath sensor for expressive dynamics
The Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller takes wind MIDI control to new levels of performance and playability. With precise, responsive wind and lip sensors, a choice of single-reed
or recorder type mouthpieces, and a range of fingering modes, the WX5 makes expressive
wind control more accessible than ever before. Connected to your favorite MIDI tone generator, it gives experienced wind players a new medium for expression in a familiar format
and is even playable enough for beginners. This exciting instrument provides expressive
control and nuances that are simply not available with keyboards or other MIDI controllers.
If your keyboard or sound module sports a “breath controller” input then
you will definitely want to plug in a BC3A to see just what fun you have
been missing. This unit is a lightweight headset that features a small mouthpiece which may be angled for your comfort and specific fit. Blowing with
varied pressure transmits MIDI information to your tone generator to allow
very expressive changes in volume, vibrato or any parameter that you select
within your instrument. Keyboard and MIDI guitar players can now add nuances that were very difficult or impossible to achieve with other methods.
The PK-5A Dynamic MIDI
pedalboard lets you play a
variety of sounds from any
external MIDI device, leaving
your hands free to play your
favorite musical instrument.
Easy one-foot operation gives
you complete command over
four separate performance
modes, letting you play bass
lines as well as harmonies, drums and percussion sounds, or even
sound effects. Two function footswitches provide instant control over
a wide variety of useful parameters and you can also set the PK-5A’s
Performance Modes to transmit on any MIDI channel and switch to
other channels simply by selecting the appropriate footswitch.
• Dynamic one octave MIDI pedalboard • 13 different levels of
velocity sensitivity • Transpose over a 9 octave range
• 4 separate performance modes: bass, poly, drums, SFX
• Adds new expressive potential to any musician’s performance
• Wind MIDI controller with customizable
features • Connect to any MIDI tone
generator or keyboard
• Single-reed or recorder type mouthpieces
• Wide range of fingering modes
• Pitch bend wheel and key hold button
physical modeling sound module with direct
WX connection #YAVL70M ......... $599.95
• Headset style breath controller
• Connects to “breath control”
input on many keyboards and
sound modules
• Flexible mouthpiece for
maximizing fit
• Sensitivity adjustment for
tailoring “breath” amount
• Lightweight design for comfortable wear
The PK-7A is the ideal
foot controller for the
Roland VK series
combo organs. This
20-key pedalboard
allows for pedal bass
control, complete with
Pedal Attack and Pedal Sustain functions,
adding even more authenticity to your organ performances. It features
2 footswitches for controlling Rotary slow/fast and Rotary Brake operation as well as VK parameter data like Seq Start/Stop, Preset Up/Down,
Orch Glide, etc. This unit allows you to unleash the true depth of your
VK and makes for a very portable yet powerful organ package.
• 20 key MIDI pedalboardw
• MIDI Merge function for enhanced MIDI control
• Built in hold switch (damper)
• Separate expression, hold, foot-L and foot-R outputs
• No power cable required when connected to VK-77 or 88
Footswitches & Pedals
FSC-384 / 385
FC 5
FC 3
The FS-6 is a flexible dual footswitch
that allows each switch to be set for
either latch or momentary operation.
FC 7
The FC4 is a piano-style sustain pedal
that can also be utilized as an FS
controller for synthesizers and drum
machines. (6 ft. cable w/ 1/4” jack)
The SP-2 is a heavy duty piano-style sustain
pedal with a a rubber-coated shell and chrome
foot pedal. (6 ft. cable with 1/4” jack)
FC 4
The FC3 is a dual-zone piano style sustain pedal
with a unique continuous zone that allows for different types of sustain. (6 ft. cable w/ 1/4”jack)
The SP-1 is a non-latching momentary
switch for use as a sustain foot pedal
or FS controller for synthesizers and
drum machines.
The FSC-501 is a latching switch (push-on/
push again for off) ideal for guitar amp channel switching, on/off effects units.
The FS-5L is a sturdy metal, latch-type momentary
footswitch with an LED to indicate the pedals status.
FS-5U Unlatch-type momentary footswitch
#ROFS5U ...................................................................................$29.95
The FSC-604 is a selectable momentary
switch (open/closed) ideal for use as a sustain pedal, patch-advance switch or punchin/out switch for multi-track recorders.
FS-5L / 5U
The FSC-502 is a momentary switch (normally open).
Ideal for use as sustain pedal, patch-advance switch/
punch-in/out switch for multi-track recorders.
FCS-503 momentary switch (normally closed) #HOFSMNC.......... $19.95
The FS-1 Foot Switch provides simple control
of on/off functions like channel/effects
switching on guitar amps.
The FSC-501 is a latching switch (push-on/push
again for off) ideal for guitar amp channel switching,
on/off effects units.
The FS-1 Foot Switch provides
simple control of on/off functions
like channel/effects switching on
guitar amps.
The FSC-384 is a single footswitch with one 1/4” TS
(mono) jack ideal for changing amp channels.
FSC-385 Dual footswitch version
FSC-385 2-space black anodized version
#HOFSDL ..................................... $24.95
The EX-P is a universal expression control
pedal with a built-in polarity switch that insures
compatibility with most brands of controllers and
keyboards. (molded construction with integral cable)
The FC7 is a durable volume controller that
allows you to adjust the volume or the effects
of your instrument. (6 ft. cable with 1/4” jack)
The EV-5 is an ultra-compact expression pedal
that can control a wide range of functions and
effects parameters in real time.
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