SafeCom Smart Printing™ for any network MFP or Printer

SafeCom Smart Printing™ for any network MFP or Printer
SafeCom Smart Printing™ for any
network MFP or Printer
SafeCom Controller
is an external and
vendor independent
solution designed to
help companies control and optimize
print services and document security.
It is easy to install and use, is built
with optional modules to match and
grow with your business, and is highly
configurable to function seamlessly
with your company’s existing devices,
networks and systems. SafeCom Controller integrates secure printing and
document accounting on most multifunctional devices and printers.
Users enter their identification code
directly on the SafeCom Front End, or
authenticate using access cards and a
SafeCom ID reader.
Add SafeCom Smart Printing™ to any
network MFP or Printer
SafeCom Controller enables SafeCom
Smart Printing™ functionality that puts
you in control of print and copy activities and workflows by employing
How SafeCom can help
your organisation:
• Reduce print costs by 40%
• Central Administration
• Protect output and devices
• Document Accounting
• Reduce waste
• Secure Printing
• Sustainable print services
• Policy Enforcement
Solution overview
SafeCom ID Device
• Print safely anytime, anywhere
• Go to the printer of your choice
• Avoid lost documents
Print queue
Print Policy
Network MFP
SafeCom Server
• Improve mobility
SafeCom Controller provides secure printing and access control – users send their print and then
authenticate at any SafeCom-enabled network MFP or printer to retrieve it. The SafeCom Server
enables central administration, document accounting and policy enforcement. Authentication using
cards requires an ID Device.
USB host
LAN network port
SafeCom Controller is a 2-port
Ethernet switch compatible with
existing serial and USB connected
SafeCom ID Devices.
• Free up IT resources
• Embedded Web server (server protected)
• Software upgradeable via SafeCom Administrator and FTP
• 2-Port Ethernet 10/100 switch (RJ-45 with
a green and yellow LED)
• Full Duplex
• 1 PS/2 Serial connector and 2 USB Host
ports for connecting a SafeCom ID Device
• Centralize cost control
• Accurate cost allocation
SafeCom a/s
Lautrupvang 12
DK-2750 Ballerup
• Improve helpdesk efficiency
Test button
USB device
• Simplify print infrastructure
• Centralize administration
SafeCom Controller
Serial port
• 1 Test button to print configuration page
and restore settings
• 1 USB Device port (reserved for future
• 1 Switch mode power supply (Input:
100-240V~, 50-60Hz/500mA, Output: 12V,
• Size: 235mm x 165mm x 30mm
E-mail: Phone: Fax:
[email protected]
+45 4436 0240
+45 4436 0248
• Optimize print services
• Avoid unauthorized use
SafeCom Controller
Available SafeCom Identification Technologies
SafeCom Controller includes the SafeCom Advanced Server
installed on a Windows server. Authentication requires a
SafeCom Reader or Front-end (for better user experience).
Please check SafeCom website for required firmware version.
Supported devices and languages
SafeCom Administrator - Central administration and cost control
Controls access on all networked MFPs and printers.
SafeCom Controller supports multiple languages.
The SafeCom Administrator allows your IT staff to centrally
manage and control the entire printing environment, i.e.,
its users, printers, and MFPs. This allows your staff to support all the company’s print queues, remove cancelled jobs
or troubleshoot remote sites from their central location. In
addition they can set up rules and policies to reduce waste.
Please check on for exact information on
your MFPs or printers.
Authentication methods
Casi Rusco
Deister EM
Mag. Reader
Users authenticate at the device via user code, card, card
and PIN-code or Windows login. Authentication with code or
Windows login requires a SafeCom Front-end.
SafeCom Server Requirements
A SafeCom solution requires software to be installed on a
Windows server. Setup can be limited to adding or modifying one or more shared printers.
Windows 2008 and 2003 SP2.
Virtualization software, such as VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server, is supported as long as it supports Windows.
1.4 GHz CPU (recommended 2 GHz or faster) and 2 GB RAM
or greater. 5 GB of free disk space or more depending on
print volume.
Web Interface
Internet Information Service (IIS) version 7.0, 6.0 or 5.1.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express is distributed with the
software and requires Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 SP1 and
Windows Installer 4.5. In a SafeCom multi server installation the master server must run Microsoft SQL Server 2008
or 2005.
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, 2008, 2003,
2000, and clients running Citrix and Windows Terminal
Service 1 GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM or greater (minimum 2 GB
RAM if 64-bit).
The SafeCom Administrator is the main control center. It provides the
tools to proactively manage and control your print environment.
Many operations can be set for automatic processing, such
as deletion of old jobs and status reporting. Companies
can consolidate their many printer queues, or even create
a single queue for all
printers, thereby simplifying administration
and support and raising
help-desk efficiency.
Additional SafeCom Modules
Pull Printing
Rule Based Printing
Disaster Recovery
The SafeCom Save-O-Meter
gives an instant overview of
environmental savings and
saved consumables.
The SafeCom Save-O-Meter
widget can be displayed on
the company website to show
employees how much they
save with SafeCom.
June 2011, 1.3
SafeCom, SafeCom Go, SafeCom P:Go, SafeCom ePay and the SafeCom logo are trademarks of SafeCom a/s. All other brands and product names are
trademarks of their respective holders. SafeCom a/s cannot be held responsible for any technical or typographical errors and reserves the right to
make changes to products and documentation without prior notice. SafeCom has received the following British patent GB 2350 713 B, US patent US
6,952,780 B2 and Europe EUR EP1 120 701.
B/W: 25.000
Color: 20.000
Total: 45.000
Trees: 3
C02: 1305 kg
H2O: 450 m3
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