CD Receiver Head Unit
MP3/WMA Playback
and WMA files.
: Play CDs, CD -Rs, and CD -RWs, including discs loaded with MP3s
iPod® Direct Control 2 : iPod Direct provides you with the awesome ability to control
your iPod directly from the Sony Xplod ® CDX-GT430IP head unit. Simply plug the
integrated connector into your iPod and take control of every artist, song, album, and
Quick -BrowZer®: Use the Sony Xplod ® CDX-GT430IP Quick -BrowZer function to access
your songs conveniently. The Quick -BrowZer lets you search and select songs stored
on your MP3 player directly from the dash, so you can keep your focus on the road.
Jump Mode: Should you wish to listen to a particular group or genre of songs, select
Jump Mode by pressing the AMS button. You can then decide how much of the list
you want to play and relax along your journey knowing the Sony Xplod
is playing what you want to hear.
Passenger Control: The integrated flexible Passenger Control lets your co
-pilot control
your iPod ® via connected wire. As your passenger scans through the set lists, artist
and album information displays on the receiver to let everyone know what song is
Front Auxiliary Input: Sony ® has made it easier than ever to connect almost any
portable audio device to your car system. One little cable is all it takes to listen to
your Walkman ® player or other portable music player, through your Sony Xplod
system. No need to mess around with FM modulators to listen to your MP3 player in
the car. The auxiliary input is built right into the face of the head unit. All you need to
do is plug and play.
Satellite Radio ready 3 : The Satellite Radio ready head unit integrates seamlessly with
either XM ® or SIRIUS® Satellite Radio adapters (sold separately) so you can receive
satellite radio broadcasts.
HD Radio ® ready 4 : HD Radio ready capability lets you receive digital audio broadcasts
when used with an optional HD Radio tuner (XT
2x preouts: The Sony Xplod ® CDX-GT430IP includes two preouts so you can boost your
car's sound system with minimal effort and maximum flexibility. Use the preouts to
add a subwoofer and external amplifier, or another audio component, to your Xplod
52W x 4 High Power: The Sony Xplod ® CDX-GT430IP delivers 52 watts of peak power to
all four speakers for bass -pumping sound.
The included Wireless Card Remote allows users to control the basic functions of your
Sony Xplod ® system while keeping your eyes on the road.
Built-in HPF/LPF (High Pass Filter/Low Pass Filter): Take advantage of the newly
introduced High Pass Filter with front/rear switch, now available in all Sony Xplod
® CD
Receivers. Both the High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter process signals in five steps
through the 80/100/120/140/160 Hz range, while the Low Pass Filter includes a phase
shift function on the subwoofer signal to reduce low
-end reverberation, so you can
create the sound system you really want.
1.Not all MP3, WMA, AAC files may playback due to file variations. Copyright protected ACC
2.Ability to use all generations of iPod ® products may vary as not all products are compatible.
3.Satellite radio service requires a satellite radio tuner and service subscription, sold separately.
4.HD Radio ® capability requires an optional HD Radio tuner (XT
-LC files cannot be played back.
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