Ethernet Set-up Guide

Ethernet Set-up Guide
Your Monarch® 9416® XL® Thermal Transfer printer has
a factory-installed internal Ethernet print server. Use this
Setup Guide to connect the printer to your network with
the Print Server Utility (provided on the enclosed
Information in this document supercedes information in
previous versions. Check our Web site
( for the latest documentation and
release information.
Connecting the Printer
1. Turn off the printer.
2. Connect a network cable from the printer to your
network using the Ethernet port.
Ethernet Port
3. Turn on the printer.
When using the internal Ethernet printer server,
the printer’s parallel port is disabled.
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Using the Print Server Utility
1. Run the M0916Util.exe file. You see the main
2. Enter any changes to the real time clock or click Get
System Time to change the time. Then, click Set.
3. For DHCP, select DHCP. When using a static IP
address, select Static IP. Then, enter the IP Address,
Subnet Mask, and Gateway. Click Set IP when
4. Enter a Printer Name. Then, click Set Printer Name.
5. Click Exit when finished.
Resetting the Printer
Click Factory Default from the main screen to return
the printer to factory default settings.
Click Reset Printer from the web browser screen to
reset the printer. This is the same as turning off the
printer and then back on. See "Using a Web Browser"
for more information.
Co nfiguring Multiple Printers
1. From the main screen , select Ethernet from the
InterFace box and click Setup. You see the TCP/IP
Setup screen.
2. Click Discover Device to see the printers on your
3. Highlight a printer to configure and click Change I P
Address. You see the Ethernet Setup screen.
4. For DHCP, select DHCP. When us ing a static IP
ad dress, select Static IP. Then, en ter the IP Address,
Subnet Mask, Gateway, and Printer Name.
5. Click Set.
6. Click Exit when finished.
Using a Web Browser
You can configure and mana ge the printer by using your
web browser.
1. From the TCP/IP Setup screen, click Web Setup.
You see th e web browser screen.
2. Enter any necessary network and SNMP settin gs.
3. Click Set to save the settings.
4. Click Refresh to refresh the browser's window.
5. Close your browser.
6. Click Exit when finished.
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