Wii Party U - Manual

Wii Party U - Manual
Important Information
Online Features
Parental Controls
Getting Started
Menu Controls
Saving and Deleting Data
How to Play
Main Menu
Starting a Game
Reviews & Recommendations
Advice for Playing
Product Information
Copyright Information
Support Information
Important Information
Thank you for selecting Wii Party™ U for Wii U™.
This software is designed only for use with the
European/Australian version of the Wii U console.
Please read this manual carefully before using this
software. If the software is to be used by young
children, the manual should be read and
explained to them by an adult.
Before use, please also read the content of the
Health and Safety Information application on
the Wii U Menu. It contains important information
that will help you enjoy this software.
Language Selection
The in-game language depends on the one that
is set on the console. This title supports eight
different languages: English, German, French,
Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and
You can change the in-game language by
changing the language setting of your console.
You can change the console language in
System Settings.
Age Rating Information
For age rating information for this and other
software, please consult the relevant website for
the age rating system in your region.
PEGI (Europe):
USK (Germany):
Classification Operations Branch (Australia):
OFLC (New Zealand):
The following controllers can be used with this
software when they are paired with the console.
Wii U GamePad
Wii Remote™
◆ The number of required controllers varies from game
to game. A maximum of four players can play
◆ Only one Wii U GamePad can be used with this
software at a time.
◆ A Wii Remote Plus can be used instead of a Wii
◆ A Sensor Bar is required when using the Wii Remote/
Wii Remote Plus. For more information about Sensor
Bar placement, read the Wii U Operations Manual.
Pairing Controllers
Open the HOME Menu
and select CONTROLLER
Follow the on-screen
instructions to pair your
Surround Sound
This software supports Linear PCM 5.1 surround
To enable surround sound output, select the TV
option in the
System Settings application, then
set the sound type to SURROUND.
◆ To use surround sound with this software, please
connect your Wii U console to supported audio
equipment using a HDMI™ cable.
◆ For information on compatibility and settings, please
consult the documentation for your audio equipment.
Online Features
Connect to the internet to enjoy these features:
Send Ratings and Posts
Send ratings of games you've played, and write
posts on
View Everyone's Ratings
View ratings of all games, as well as Miiverse
◆ For information about connecting your Wii U console
to the internet, refer to the Wii U Quick Start Guide
and the Internet section of
System Settings.
◆ See the Miiverse section of the Wii U electronic
manual for information about Miiverse. Press  on
the controller while in the Wii U Menu and choose
MANUAL from the HOME Menu to display the Wii U
electronic manual.
◆ To post on Miiverse, you will need to connect to the
internet and set up Miiverse in advance.
Parental Controls
Parents and guardians can restrict certain features
of the Wii U console through
Parental Controls
on the Wii U Menu.
The following features can be restricted:
Interaction in
Restricts ability to view ratings and
posts in the Archives and elsewhere,
as well as the ability to send ratings
and write posts at the end of a
Restricts posting on Miiverse and/or
viewing other players' Miiverse
posts. It is possible to restrict
posting only, or to restrict both
posting and viewing. Neither of
these settings restricts viewing of
game ratings.
Menu Controls
You can navigate the menu using either the
Wii U GamePad or a Wii Remote (held
◆ You can also perform these actions by using the
touch screen on the GamePad.
Pause Menu
Press  during a
game to display the
pause menu.
Saving and Deleting Data
Data will be automatically saved at certain
points during play.
◆ To delete the save data for Wii Party U, go to
DATA MANAGEMENT in System Settings on the
Wii U Menu.
◆ You can transfer data to another user Mii™ when
deleting a participating Mii from Mii Maker™.
Main Menu
Here you can choose
the game genre and
other options.
TV Party
One to four players participate in games, such
as board games, while looking at the TV
House Party
Two to four players play using the Wii U
GamePad and Wii Remote controllers, using
the living room as the play area.
GamePad Party
One to two players play using only the
Other Options
Choose from a large selection of minigames.
Party Phil will suggest a game for you based on
the number of current players and the type of
game you want to play.
View data including game records and Amazing
Feats, or connect to the internet to view
everyone's ratings.
You can also
choose whether or not you would like Miiverse
posts to be displayed on the title screen.
Starting a Game
Each game requires different steps to get
started. Follow the on-screen instructions to
proceed, like in the example below.
1. Choose a Game
A basic explanation of
the game will be
2. Select the Number of Players
When a controller is
connected, its icon
will be illuminated.
Connecting the Wii Remote
Press any button
on the Wii Remote
to connect it to
the Wii U console.
◆ You must pair the Wii Remote to the Wii U
console before starting the game. See
Pairing Controllers
for details.
3. Start the Game
When you start a
game, the rules and
controls will be
◆ From the second time you play the game, you
can choose whether to see the rules or not.
Reviews & Recommendations
When connected to the internet, you can
review games you've played and view games
recommended by others.
Review a Game
At the end of a game,
rate how fun it was by
awarding it a number
◆ To rate Tabletop Minigames and Minigames,
follow the on-screen instructions in the postgame menu.
Write a Post
You can write a post on Miiverse.
◆ To write a post, begin Wii Party U as a user with
a linked Nintendo Network™ ID and play with the
user Mii.
Amazing Feats
When an Amazing
Feat occurs (for
example, if all
players get the
exact same score in
a game), you can post your reactions to
◆ The possibility of achieving an Amazing Feat
and the conditions for doing so vary from
game to game.
◆ Most Amazing Feats occur when you are
playing in four-player mode.
View Everyone's
When connected to
the internet, you can
games have received
from players in Europe
and Australia by
selecting either MAIN GAME RATINGS,
RATINGS under Archives on the Main Menu. If
you are not connected to the internet, only the
ratings that have been made on your Wii U will
be visible.
Everyone's Posts
Select a game in
Everyone's Ratings to
view posts others
have written.
View Ratings
You can see how
popular a game is
by selecting VIEW
RATINGS for Main
games or by
RATINGS for Tabletop Minigames and
Minigame Collection.
Advice for Playing
When playing a game that involves
alternating between a Wii Remote and the
Wii U GamePad, make sure you have both
to hand before starting.
When placing the GamePad on the floor,
choose a flat surface. Make sure there is
enough room around the GamePad to
play safely. Stepping on or kicking the
GamePad could lead to injury, or damage
to both the GamePad and nearby objects.
Some games are played by turning the
GamePad around and showing the screen
to other players. If the GamePad becomes
difficult to hold in this position, please
put the GamePad on a stable surface, like
a table or your lap.
When playing a GamePad Party game or
playing with the GamePad on the floor,
make sure the GamePad is not being
charged at the same time. If your hands
or feet get caught in the Wii U GamePad
AC adapter cords, it could lead to injury,
or damage to both the GamePad and
nearby objects.
When playing Water Runners in House
Party mode, make sure there is plenty of
space around you and do not make any
abrupt movements. Doing so could lead
to injury, or damage to both the GamePad
and nearby objects.
Copyright Information
IMPORTANT: This video game is protected by
copyright! The unauthorised copying of this
video game and/or distribution of such copies
may lead to criminal and/or civil liability. This
video game, instruction manual and other
written materials accompanying this video game
are protected by intellectual property laws.
The use of an unauthorised device or software
that enables technical modification of the Wii U
console or software may render this game
A system update may be required to play.
Only for private use. Rental is prohibited.
For use with the European/Australian version of
the Wii U console only.
© 2013 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
The Tetris theme song is a registered trademark of
Tetris Holding in the U.S. and other countries,
used with permission.
Trademarks are property of their respective
Wii U is a trademark of Nintendo.
The Nuance logo is a trademark of Nuance
Communications, Inc.
Havok software is © Copyright 19992012 Havok.com, Inc. (or its
Licensors). All Rights Reserved.
This software is based in part on the work of the
Independent JPEG Group.
Support Information
Support Information
For product information, please visit the
Nintendo website at:
For technical support and troubleshooting,
please refer to the Operations Manual for your
Wii U console or visit:
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