XC Series Tripod Instructions
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XC Series Tripod Instructions
Tripod with Quick Release Shoe
Short Column
Hand Strap
Allen Wrenches
Extending Legs
1) Press Leg Lock and extend tripod Leg to one of 3 positions
2) Loosen Leg Locks and extend legs to desired length and retighten locks
Removing Center Column & Installing Hand Strap
1) Unscrew Weight Hook and the base of the Center Column
2) Loosen Both Locking Nut and the Upper Center Column Lock
3) Lift Center out from tripod
4) Slip strap through the center column and slide it to the top
5) Replace Center Colum back into tripod and replace Weight Hook
Setting up Monopod
1) Look for leg the is marked “Monopod”
2) Unscrew leg from tripod
3) Remove Center Column from tripod (review instructions above)
4) Screw both pieces together and adjust to desired height
Ball Head Instructions
Remove Quick Release Shoe
1) Loosen Thumb Screw on the side of the Quick Release Platform
2) Press Quick Release button on the side of the Platform and slide the Shoe off Platform
3) Screw shoe unto the camera base and reverse removal process
Vertical/Horizontal position
1) Loosen Large Thumb Screw on the base of the tripod head
2) Set Camera to desired position and tighten Thumb Screw
Folding Tripod
1) Loosen Center Column and lift to its highest position and retighten
both locking nut and Upper Center Column Lock
2) Loosen Leg Locks and bring legs to their lowest height
3) Press Leg Locks and lift legs till they meet with the center column
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Leg Lock
Bubble Level
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