7267 Leaflet R7 4 pag¥PM751

7267 Leaflet R7 4 pag¥PM751
7267 Leaflet R7 4 pag•PM751
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Daily blood pressure monitoring – an
important step in watching your health
High blood pressure is the No.1 modifiable
risk factor for stroke
Common risk factors, such as stress, being overweight, smoking, diabetes or hereditary disposition,
cause a pathological rise in the systolic pressure
(when the heart contracts) and diastolic pressure
(when the heart dilates).
High blood pressure often goes unnoticed
because there are usually no symptoms
This is precisely the reason why regular selfmonitoring is so important. It enables you to take
preventive action, or to see the effect of any
medical treatment you are receiving.
Prevention and treatment are essential
Systolic blood pressure
A change in diet, losing
Severe hypertension
Moderate hypertension
weight, quitting smoking
Mild hypertension
or a programme of regular
Normal systolic value
exercise can help. All
Normal blood pressure
Optimal blood
(target value)
blood pressure is, of course,
a matter for your doctor.
Blood Pressure Monitors • Thermometers • Nebulisers
Body Fat Monitors • TENS Devices • Step Counters
Consult us – we’ll be glad to advise you
w w w. o m r o n - h e a l t h c a r e . c o m
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According to the blood pressure classification by the WHO/ISH* (revised in 1999)
* International Society of Hypertension
further treatment for high
Wrist blood
pressure monitor
7267 Leaflet R7 4 pag•PM751
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Wrist blood pressure monitor
with advanced display options
and connection
Best possible measurement
results, advanced display
functions and connectivity
Clinically validated measuring
accuracy and unique features
How does this work?
Users expecting the optimal performance of their
A built-in sensor
wrist blood pressure monitor are now optimally
determines the
served by the OMRON R7. For most patients a wrist
optimal height of your
monitor is as reliable as an upperam arm device if
wrist; smart indicators
the device is properly positioned during the
on the display guide
measurement. The device needs to be
held at heart level and used in the
exact same position with every
31/ 1
you to the best position. Once put at the proper
position, the monitor will automatically start the
measurement. The R7 has a patented,
both the left and the right wrist, or can be switched
easy-to-use positioning sensor
assuring that the each and every
measurement. The Position Sensor can be set for
1/25 27 29 31
off for use while lying down.
measurement is optimally completed.
The accuracy of the algorithm used in the OMRON R7
The advanced display shows full size results as well
blood pressure monitor has been proven according
as the ability to display
to the international AAMI protocol.
graphical charts. Charting the measurements
In this respect Omron meets the highest medical
illustrates the long term development of ones
requirements to assure long-lasting, reliable use.
blood pressure.
Wrist blood pressure monitors are easy in use; yet
The monitor has a BI link connection.
Here an optionally available USB cable can
be connected and the values can be
require careful positioning at heart level to assure the
highest accuracy. Omron makes this even easier
thanks to the new Position Sensor technology.
downloaded to a PC. The BI link can also be used
to connect a mini printer (optional acessory) to print
out the results of individual measurments, a list of all
measurements and graphs.
An universal connection
to PC and printer
The World Hypertension
League recommends regular
blood pressure monitoring
with clinically validated
latest advanced measurement technology
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