TRIPP LITE APS2012 - Go Solar Systems Ltd
12V DC input; 120V AC output; hardwired
2000 watts continuous output;
3000 watts power for up to an hour;
4000 watts peak power for up to 10 seconds
Advanced battery charger
Fast load switching with less transfer time
Tripp Lite's APS2012 3-function DC-to-AC inverter with automatic line-to-battery
transfer and integrated charging system serves as an extended run UPS, a
standalone power source or an automotive inverter. When hardwire input AC
cable is energized, commercial power passes through to connected equipment
and the battery set is recharged via 3 stage, 20/60 amp selectable charging
system. In UPS mode, the APS system responds to blackouts and brownouts
with an uninterrupted transfer to battery-derived AC output. Includes a set of high
current DC input terminals for simple installation (user supplies batteries and
cabling). Reliable large transformer design with efficient PWM sine wave output
and frequency control powers resistive electronic loads or large inductive motors,
compressors and other items with high current needs on startup. Supports an
unlimited amount of runtime with any number of user-supplied batteries
connected. Highly adaptable to a variety of applications and site conditions with
adjustable charger settings for wet / gel battery types and selectable line to
battery power transfer voltages.
Power Verter APS Inverters accommodate "peak surge" demands by delivering more output power than their continuous
rating. Compare the "Continuous" and "Peak Surge" wattage ratings, and you'll find Power Verter Plus Inverters supply up
to double their output to easily handle equipment start up and motor cycling requirements. A Double Boost feature
provides up to 200% of the continuous output for up to 10 seconds, providing the extra power needed to cold start heavyduty tools and equipment. An Over Power feature delivers up to 150% of the continuous output for up to 1 hour.
Functions as an extended run UPS system, standalone power source and
automotive inverter
Includes hardwire AC input and auto-transfer to enable battery charging
and automatic UPS support for blackouts and brownouts
2000 watts continuous output power; provides up to twice this rating for
momentary startup of inductive loads
Battery runtime is dependent upon the size and number of user-supplied
batteries in 12Vconfiguration
Hardwire input and output connections supported, DC input terminals for
12V battery connection
Converts 12V DC to 120V AC
Frequency control for operating stability
Advanced 20/60 amp selectable, 3-stage battery charger and selector
switch for gel or wet cell batteries
Resettable circuit breaker protects APS against system overload
Switch allows user to select between off, auto-invert and charge-only
6 diagnostic LEDs indicate AC present, on battery, overload, & battery
voltage level (high, medium, & low)
Configuration switches to allow the user to select the high and low voltage
for the unit to automatically transfer from AC power to battery backup
Coated internal circuit boards offer continuous operation in humid
environments (0-95%, non condensing)
RJ45 port allows connection of APS remote switch (part# APSRM)
Allows unlimited runtime capability by allowing the use any number of
user-supplied batteries
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