Ages 5 and up, 2 - 4 players. 1. Place ALL dominoes FACE DOWN

Ages 5 and up, 2 - 4 players. 1. Place ALL dominoes FACE DOWN
Ages 5 and up, 2 - 4 players.
1. Place ALL dominoes FACE DOWN on the table.
These form the ‘Draw Pile’.
2. Each player takes five dominoes and stands them up so that other
players can NOT see the fruit.
OPTION: 2 Players draw 7 dominoes
3-4 Players draw 5 dominoes
3. The player with the highest DOUBLE DOMINO (a single domino
with the same number of fruits on either end - ie. double six-cherry,
double five-strawberry, etc) places that domino in the center of
the table and play begins. If no double is drawn, all dominoes are
returned to the Draw Pile and mixed, and players draw again.
4. Turns are taken clockwise. The second player tries to match one
of his/her dominoes to the double. For example, if the first domino
played is a double six-cherry, the second player may connect
any domino with a six-cherry to one side of the domino in either a
straight line or a ‘T’ formation.
5. The next player can add to the double six or match the open end
of the second domino. Only ONE domino may be played per turn.
Dominoes may be connected lengthwise end to end, or at right
angles. Doubles are always laid in a ‘T’ to the end they match,
offering two new directions for play. Blanks match to blanks.
6. A player MUST play a domino if he/she is able. If a player cannot
match either open end of the layout, he/she must knock on the
table, say “pick” and take a domino from the Draw Pile. That player’s
turn is then finished. If there are no dominoes left, then the player
must pass and try again on his/her next turn.
7. Play continues until one player has used ALL his/her Fruitominoes.
Upon placing the last Fruitomino down, the winner must declare
When the ‘Draw Pile’ is gone and no player is able to add another tile
to the layout, the game is over. The player with the LOWEST number of
points (fruits) on his/her remaining dominoes, wins the round.
Players score 1 POINT PER ROUND, playing the best of 10 rounds
(or an agreed number of rounds).
We encourage all variations of dominoes to be played with
Fruitominoes… offering endless fun!
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