Special Equipment Sale

Special Equipment Sale
Special Equipment Sale
Effective Dates June 1st - November 30th
Air movers & dehumidifiers
Air movers & dehumidifiers
Windsor¨ Airmoverª 3
Dri-Eaz¨ DrizAir¨ 1200
- ½ hp, 3-speed air mover
- 3 standing positions
- Max-rated CFM is 3000
Reg. Price $224.00
- Efficient and portable
- Removes up to 120 pints a day
- Rotomolded housing, integrated wheels
and handle
- Designed for stacking and easy transport
Call for multiple unit price
Sale Price $165.00
Reg. Price $1,359.00
Dri-Eaz¨ Ace Blower/Drier
Dri-Eaz¨ DrizAir¨ LGR 2400 Dehumidifier
- Powerful and portable
- Removes up to 212 pints a day
- Rotomolded housing, integrated wheels and
- Includes premium, 3M High Airflow Filters
Reg. Price $2,752.00
Sale Price $2,159.00 (While supplies last)
- Intended for durable ventilation
or drying
- 0.25 hp, 2-speed motor
- Max-rated CFM is 2250
- Six different positions for maximum
Reg. Price $399.00
Call for multiple-unit price
Automatic Scrubbers
Automatic Scrubbers
Nobles¨ Speed Scrub¨ ech2o 28Ó
- Breakthrough technology electrically
activates tap water, making it behave like
detergent without any chemicals
- Eradicate environmental impact, or
any health issues, associated with
chemical handling/disposal
Reg. Price $11,319.00
Windsor¨ Saberª Compact 16SP
- Compact 16” cleaning path for easy use
in small or congested areas
- Cylindrical brush provides up to six times
higher contact pressure
- 1,100 rpm brush for polishing
Reg. Price $5,350.00
Sale Price $9,200.00
Sale Price $4,485.00
Windsor¨ Saberª Glideª Ride-On
Scrubber with Squeeze Playª
- Ergonomic operator compartment
provides a commanding view of the
work area and extra comfort.
- Compact, maneuverable design:
Drives through a standard 36” doorway
- Allows tight, 66” turning radius
- Fits in a standard elevator W98402620
Reg. Price $20,697.00
Nobles¨ Speed Scrub¨ 17Ó
- 100% water recovery, even in 180
degree turns
- Non-corroding aluminum scrub decks
and squeegee frames
- Floors are dry in seconds with
optional FaST¨ technology
- Whisper-quiet 68.5 dBA noise level
Reg. Price $4,790.00
Sale Price $3,895.00
Sale Price $16,985.00
(800) 733-1748
ÒEnvironmentally SustainableÓ
Carpet Extractors
Carpet Extractors
Windsor¨ Prizaª Mini Extractor w/Wand
- Powerful, compact spray extraction for
smaller areas and upholstery
- Adjustable handle enables safer grip and
ergonomic positioning
- Carpets dry up to 63% faster than
with other products
- Removable dirty water tank
- Easy two-switch operation
Reg. Price $917.00
Sale Price $734.00
Century 400ª Ninja Warrior
- 500psi w/heat
- Parallel vacuum motor
system delivers a 25% greater solution
recovery rate than series vacuum motor
- Open access to all components eases the
ability to maintain, and clean up after jobs
- Capacity is improved to 13 gallons, with an
11-gallon recovery tank,
reducing downtime by 16%
Reg. Price $3,174.00 Sale Price $2,188.00
Hose & Wand Attachment Package
Reg. Price $350.00 Sale Price $235.00
Nobles¨ EX-SC- 716
RotoVac 360i
- Cleans better with less effort and leaves carpet drier
than a wand.
- Interchangeable heads for all type of Carpet and Tile
- User friendly, weighs only 39lbs.
- Telescoping handle for cleaning stairs and compact
- Durable Construction with Cast Aluminum and
Stainless Steel Frame
Reg. Price $2,239.00
- Self-contained carpet extractor with pullback operation easily cleans tight spaces
- One-pass cleaning with 16” cleaning path
- Clean under tables with unique, tapered
- 7-gallon solution tank, 1800 RPM brush motor,
100 psi, 1-gal./min. flow rate
Reg. Price $2,211.00 Sale Price $1,768.00
Sale Price $1,988.00
Windsor¨ Clipper DUOª
Prochem¨ Everest HP 650
w/ 100 gallon tank
- 16” cleaning path offers
deep restorative and iCapsol
encapsulating cleaning in one,
compact machine
- Features 10-gallon capacity,
dual counter-rotating brushes,
and on-board cleaning tool
Reg. Price $4,046.00
- Outstanding vacuum for water
restoration, dual wand operation, and long
hose runs
- Easy clean up between jobs without
opening waste tank
- Creates up to 3,000 psi for pressure
- Fills up chemical jug with hot water to
improve chemical performance.
Reg. Price $29,725.00
Sale Price $27,995.00
Windsor¨ Chariot¨ iScrubª 20Ó
- The only 20” stand-on scrubber in the
- Revolutionary Aqua-Mizer
technology guarantees 100% water
- Ideal for cleaning in busy, complex
building layouts
Reg. Price $6,274.00
Sale Price $5,440.00
(800) 733-1748
Sale Price $3,238.00
Windsor¨ Chariot¨ iExtractª
- Engineered for deep restorative extraction for
carpets with heavy soils and stains
- 25-gallon solution capacity extends run time
between fill ups
- High pressure, 100 psi pump, 1.2 gpm
flow rate, and two 800 rpm counter-rotating
Reg. Price $14,314.00
Sale Price $12,172.00
ÒEnvironmentally SustainableÓ
Floor Machines/Burnishers
Windsor¨ Stormª Dual Speed
Floor Machines/Burnishers
Mission¨ Workhorse 17Ó/20Ó Standard Speed
- Designed to meet today’s cleaning challenges
- Built with durable cast aluminum housings
- Both units come with a 1.5 hp motor, pad driver
and triple planetary gear boxes
- Comes with ergonomically-friendly kick lever
as well as unique molded-in
Tote-A-Cap feature
MI1715 17Ó
Reg. Price $867.00 Sale Price $615.00
- Built for dependability and long-lasting value
20” dual speed, 175/300 rpm
Use the 300 rpm speed for cleaning, spray buffing
and polishing
Use the 175 rpm speed for more aggressive
scrubbing and stripping
Reg. Price $1,271.00
Sale Price $932.00
MI2015 20Ó
Reg. Price $1,005.00 Sale Price $665.00
Tornado¨ 21Ó/24Ó ProGlazer¨ Propane
Windsor¨ Lightningª 1500 High-Speed Burnisher
- 20Ó, 1500 rpm burnisher combines a precisely-balanced
design with a Powerful 1.75 hp DC motor allows for a faster
- Rugged cast aluminum base
- Low profile design for burnishing under fixtures
Reg. Price $1,244.00
Sale Price $912.00
- Maintain high gloss for large areas at a low cost
- At least 1850 rpm at your fingertips
- Day-in and day-out reliability with quiet, EPAapproved Honda engines
- Electric starters
T97430 21Ó
Reg. Price $3,187.00
Sale Price $2,599.00
T97435 24Ó
Reg. Price $3,299.00
Sale Price $2,690.00
Pressure Washers
Pressure Washers
Hydro-Tek Tanks a Lot Special
Skid Mount Pressure Washer
- Hot water SS skid: 3000 psi,
5 gpm, Belt-drive pump, 16 hp
Vanguard engine, 12 v diesel burner
- Stainless, high pressure and
inlet hose reels
- 100’ inlet hose
- 185-gallon tank
HTSS30005VH & HTT185W
Reg. Price $8,890.00
Sale Price $5,695.00
Karcher/Shark¨ DG Series Pressure Washer
Hydro-Tek No Water Wasted Special
Trailer Mount Pressure Washer
- Single axle trailer
- 185-gallon water tank
- Stainless high pressure hose reel
- Vacuum recovery system with 7-stage filtration
- Vacuum surface cleaner, 22” cleaning path
Reg. Price $18,179.00
Sale Price $12,895.00
(800) 733-1748
- Portable, gasoline powered unit
with a direct-drive pump
- Reliable Honda engine
features low-oil alert and silenttone muffler
- Heavy-duty, insulated trigger
gun with a 50’ non-marking,
wire-braid hose
- Up to 3,500 psi
Reg. Price $1,526.00
Sale Price $1,018.00
ÒEnvironmentally SustainableÓ
Specialty Machines/Products
Link LWS40 Lightweight Loading Ramp
Specialty Machines/Products
- Lightweight, portable and durable general
usage folding ramp made of heavy-duty
- 24”W x 90”L
Reg. Price $530.00 Sale Price $469.00
Hillyard C3¨ Cleaning Companionª
- Get cleaner restrooms with less labor
- Battery-operation eliminates noise
- Reduced water consumption
- Three metered-product dispensing capability
and 125 psi wand pressure
- Includes a wand, hose, and 30’ extension cord
Reg. Price $1,045.00 Sale Price $960.00
Vacuum Recovery Unit
HL99234 $505.00
Hydro-Tek RPVACE1 Recovery System
- Non-corrosive, stainless steel frame
- Compact Design for Versatility and
Portability, 90lbs.
- Wet / Dry Vacuum - Transfers up to 200’
- Automatic pump out level control
- High-water level vacuum safety shutoff
Reg. Price $1,995.00 Sale Price $1,375.00
Hillyard C3ª Cleaning
-- Specifically designed
for use with C3¨
Touch-Free Cleaning
- Four Green Seal Certified
- Economical in-use dilutions
Nobles¨ ASC-15 All Surface Cleaner
- Separate blower motor supplies clean air for blow
drying and prevents cross-contamination
- Excellent water retrieval with the 3-stage vacuum
- Reduce refills with the 15 gal collapsible
solution bladder
- Can be used as a carpet extractor with
optional carpet wand
Reg. Price $3,957.00
Windsor¨ iCapsolª Mini
- Cleans and leaves carpet dry
in 20 minutes
- Revolutionary iCapsol
technology encapsulates soil in
micro-crystals, which are easily
vacuumed when carpet is dry
- iCapsol™ Mini Deluxe features
a 50psi on-board spraying
W98403040 Deluxe
Reg. Price $2,293.00
Sale Price $1,836.00
W98403020 Standard
Reg. Price $1,748.00
Sale Price $3,345.00
Windsor¨ Zephyrª
- Commercial application steam cleaner for professional
- Heats quickly and allows for constant refilling
without the unit needing to cool down
Reg. Price $1,313.00
Sale Price $1,399.00
Sale Price $1,050.00
Windsor¨ Radiusª Mini
Nobles¨ Strive¨ Compact w/Ready Space¨
- Easily clean tight areas with forward and reverse
cleaning action, low-profile body and Insta-Adjust™
- Resistant cast-aluminum frame and durable
polyethylene rotomold tanks
Reg. Price $3,538.00
- Cordless electric sweeper designed for commercial
- Rechargable NiCad battery pack provides up to 45
min. of continuous operation
- Extremely quiet operation allows for cleaning
during business hours
Reg. Price $153.00
Sale Price $120.00
Sale Price $3,067.00
(800) 733-1748
ÒEnvironmentally SustainableÓ
Windsor¨ Radiusª 280 Deluxe
For a wide range of applications indoors and
outdoors, with a particularly quiet battery drive
system at 69 dBA.
- Active Dust Control with a separate fan and flat
pleated filter for dustless sweeping indoors
Reg. Price $2,334.00
Nobles SW-27P
- 27” sweeper ideal for care
of smaller areas
- Effectively sweeps
concrete, vinyl, tile,
terrazzo, wood, brick
and asphalt
- Push sweeper with no
batteries or cords
Reg. Price $630.00
Sale Price $525.00
Karcher KM 100/100R Sweeper
Sale Price $1,985.00
Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Cleaners
Nobles¨ V-WA-26/30
- Save money on maintenance with the WA Series,
designed to be tough and built to last
- Pickup and performance unsurpassed with the
dual motor system (one for vacuum, one for brush)
- 30” model features 2 vac motors
N9007457 26Ó
Reg. Price $1,430.00 Sale Price $1,144.00
N9007459 30Ó
Reg. Price $2,335.00 Sale Price $1,868.00
- Overthrow sweeping method
- 40” sweeping path, 11” side
- 84,000 sq. ft/hr coverage rate
- Automatic filter shaker
- 260 AH batteries (312 AH
AGM available)
Reg. Price $16,650.00
Nobles¨ V-WD-15
- Powerful motor and 15-gallon tank
make cleaning large areas quick and
- Excellent maneuverability and stair
climbing capabilities with 10” wheel
- Includes 2-piece double-bend wand, 14”
forward/reverse squeegee, 14” carpet tool,
and 10-foot hose
N9007469 (Shown with optional squeegee)
Reg. Price $598.00
Sale Price $15,500.00
Sale Price $475.00
Nobles¨ V-WD-15 Squeegee
26” wide Typhoon front mount squeegee kit.
Reg. Price $310.00
Sandia Super Raven
- Tough jobs are made easy with
this portable, back-pack style
- Padded cylinder shoulder
straps with cushioned lumbar
- Features 1340 watt motor
with airflow at 120 cfm and
10-quart capacity
Reg. Price $496.00
Sale Price $289.00
Sale Price $268.00
Nobles¨ Tidy-Vacª
- Extremely quiet vac with an incredible filtration system
- Clean quietly (58 dBa) in noise sensitive environments
- Excellent 96.3”water lift
- Extremely high filtration for superior indoor air
quality with this powerful vac
- Versatile enough to clean carpet or hard floors
with the 12” floor tool.
Reg. Price $388.00
Sale Price $295.00
(800) 733-1748
ÒEnvironmentally SustainableÓ
Sanitaire¨ Commercial Quick Kleen¨ Series
- Durable and dependable, these uprights feature a
removable fan chamber
- Sporting a chrome hood, 7 amp motor, and 12” or
16” cleaning widths
EU886 Reg. Price $368.00 Sale $255.00 4+ $190.00
EU887 Reg. Price $368.00 Sale $255.00 4+ $190.00
EU899 Reg. Price $464.00 Sale $309.00 4+ $275.00
- The perfect
tools for
small spaces, with
four critical functions—
vacuuming, burnishing, above-the-floor
dusting and natural stone and terrazzo
- HEPA quality filtration
- At only 17 lbs., it’s the lightest two-motor
commercial upright available
W10120610 12Ó
Reg. Price $420.00 Sale Price $343.00
Windsor¨ Sensor¨ XP Series
- Larger 1.6 hp vacuum motor pulls even more dirt from the carpet
- High efficiency filtration traps over 99% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns
- Ultra-light handle weight increases operator comfort and productivity
- On-board tools and extension wand make Sensor XP the perfect detail
cleaning machine
-Available in 12, 15, and 18 inch cleaning widths
Regular Price: $593.00
Sale Price: $446.00
Regular Price: $753.00
Sale Price: $566.00*
Regular Price: $830.00
Sale Price: $624.00*
HEPA Filter Kit
Regular Price: $71.00
Sale Price: $60.50*
Buy twelve, get one free! Mix and Match, lowest priced vacuum free.
9292 Activity Rd., San Diego, Ca 92126
177-C Short St., Bishop, Ca 93514
(800) 733-1748
(800) 733-1748
Axcess Polisher Head
W86324000 for 12Ó axcess
Reg. Price $258.00 Sale Price $220.00
Windsor¨ Vac Pacª Series
Windsor¨ Axcess
12Ó Package
- Six and ten quart capacities to
accommodate different job requirements
- Lightweight and comfortable
harness system makes cleaning easy
- Power Switch is mounted on the hip
for easy operation
- A kit of most-used tools comes
standard with the machine
- Quiet operation prevents disruptive
6-Quart Vacuum
Reg. Price $459.00
Sale Price $258.00
10-Quart Vacuum
Reg. Price $489.00
Sale Price $275.00
Next-day delivery service
Fleet of 16 trucks for delivery
Representatives are knowledgeable, thorough, and easy to contact
Central location in the Miramar area
47,000 sq. ft. warehouse and over 9,000 SKUs
In-House training seminars, our facility or yours
Manufacturer’s representative available to your staff
Easily accessible online catalog, ordering, and MSDS access
ÒEnvironmentally SustainableÓ
Factory trained
equipment repair technicians
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