12 Litre Premium Halogen Oven
12L Premium Halogen Oven
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Please read the manual fully before using the appliance and keep the
manual safe for future reference.
Safety instructions
When using any electrical
precautions should always be
followed, including:
Always ensure the voltage
corresponds to the voltage
in your home.
Check the power cord and
plug regularly for any
damage. If the cord or the
plug is damaged, it must be
replaced by a qualified
electrician or a service
repair centre. If in doubt
please contact our customer
service team.
The appliance is intended
for domestic use only.
Industrial or commercial use
will void the warranty. The
supplier cannot be held
responsible for injury or
damage if the appliance has
been used for anything
other than its intended use.
Incorrect operation and use
can damage the appliance
and cause injury to the user.
Do not use the appliance
This appliance can be used by
children aged from 8 years
and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of
experience and knowledge if
they have been given
supervision or instruction
concerning use of the
appliance in a safe way and
understand the hazards
involved. Children shall not
play with the appliance.
maintenance shall not be
made by children unless they
are older than 8 and
appliance and its cord out of
reach of children less than 8
if it has been dropped or
damaged in anyway. If the
unit has been damaged
examination and or repair
by and authorised service
Do not immerse or expose
the motor assembly, plug or
the power cord in water or
any other liquid for any
If the supply cord is
damaged, it must be replaced
by the manufacturer or by
someone who is suitably
qualified to avoid a potential
Do not let the cord hang over
the edge of a table or
counter. Ensure that the cord
is not in a position where it
can be pulled or tripped over
Do not allow the cord to
touch hot surfaces and do
not place the cord near hot
gas or electric burners or in a
heated oven.
Use of an extension cord
with this appliance is not
recommended. However if
it is necessary to use an
extension cord, ensure that
the extension cord is equal
to or greater than the
power consumption of the
appliance and extension
cord. Do not use any other
appliance on the extension
cord. Do not place the
extension cord in a position
where it can be pulled on by
children or animals or be
tripped over.
appliance on a smooth,
even and stable surface. Do
not place the unit on a hot
Always remove the plug of
the appliance safely. Do not
pull on the appliances cord to
remove the appliance plug
from the electrical socket.
Never handle or operate the
appliance with wet hands.
Only use
Place the appliance on a
level, sturdy and heat
resistant surface.
Do not move the appliance
when it is in use.
Do not place the appliance
close to other objects when it
is in use.
Do not place the appliance
on or under the appliance.
Only use the handle to lift the
Position the mains cable so
that it does not come into
contact with hot surfaces or
Do not use the appliance in
an oven, on a stove top or
near a gas source.
Positioning the appliance
 Do not place the appliance in the
immediate vicinity of a naked flame
or sources of heat such as hot plates,
oven etc.
 Protect the appliance from spray and
drops of water.
Damage to the appliance
 If the appliance is defective, water
damaged or broken in any way, do
not attempt to carry out repairs
yourself. In this event
contact Customer Services.
Components Diagram and accessories
Rice dish
1. Base with plastic handles for glass oven dish
2. Glass oven dish
3. Lid with time and temperature dials built-in heating element and mains cable
4. High food grill
5. Tongs
6. Low food grill
7. Baking tray
8. Lid holder
9. Extender ring
10. Steam tray
Rice dish– sold separately
Controls Diagram
11. Handle
12. Operation light
13. Safety switch
14. Heat control light
15. Time-setting dial
16. Temperature control dial
Before first time use
Before using the appliance for the first
time please ensure that:
 The appliance is unpacked and
checked for damage during transit.
 The appliance and all the accessories
are cleaned before use.
 The unit is standing on a sturdy, level
and heat resistant surface.
 The mains cable cannot come into
contact with hot surfaces or objects
 The glass oven dish (2) is correctly
positioned in the base (1).
 The correct food grid (4/6) is inserted.
 Appliance components may be
 Improper cleaning may damage the
 Base (1) lid (3) high food grill (4) low
food grill (6) baking tray (7) extender
ring (9) and steam tray (10) are
unsuitable for dishwasher cleaning.
 Base
(4/6/7/9/10) should be thoroughly
cleaned with mild detergent and
warm water.
 Leave all the appliance components
to dry out thoroughly.
 Please ensure you only use fireresistant cookware (e.g. made of
glass, ceramic or metal).
Assembling the appliance
Unpacking the appliance
 Place the glass oven dish (2) in the
 Unpack the appliance and accessories.
Check all components are present and
inspect them for any damage that
may have occurred during transit.
 If you do find any damage which has
occurred during transit, contact
Customer Services.
Cleaning the appliance before first time
 There is a risk to health if the
appliance is not cleaned. Clean the
appliance components thoroughly .
 Place the base (1) on a flat, sturdy
and heat resistant surface.
 Insert the food grids (4/6) into the
glass oven dish. If necessary, insert
the food grids with the handle (5).
 Carefully place the lid (3) on the
glass oven dish.
Using the appliance
Risk of fire from hot surfaces! The
appliance gets very hot during
operation wear oven gloves when
handling the appliance.
 The appliance features a safety switch temperature-setting dial (16).
(13). The appliance can only be
1. Turn the temperature-control dial
switched on when the handle is
(16) to the selected temperature.
clipped down. As soon as the handle is
The heating element heats up until
raised, the appliance switches off.
the selected temperature is reached,
at which point the heating element
 Use the temperature-control dial (16)
switches off automatically. If the
to switch the appliance on or off and
temperature decreases in the
adjust the temperature. When the
appliance, the heating element
heating element in the lid (3) is
switches back on again.
heating up, the heat control light
comes on (14).
 You can use the time-setting dial (15)
to select the cooking time. When the
appliance is on, the operation light
(12) remains lit.
Setting the cooking time
 Turn the time-setting (15) clockwise
 The time-setting dials mechanism can
be damaged if it is turned in an anticlockwise direction
 A cooking time of between 0 and 60
minutes can be set using the time
setting dial (15).
 Turn the time (15) clockwise to the
desired time. At the end of the set
time, an audible signal sounds and the
appliance switches itself off.
Please be aware that the time setting
dial (15), heat setting dial (16) must be
turned on and the handle (11) must be
down for the halogen oven to operate.
The bulb will switch off when it reaches
the required temperature, and will
switch back on again when it needs to
heat the Halogen Oven up.
Setting the defrost function
The appliance features a defrost
function. The defrost function is set
using the temperature-control dial (16).
1. Turn the temperature control dial to
the thaw setting.
2. Set the desired time.
Setting the temperature
A cooking temperature of between 0˚c
and 250˚c can be set using the
Olive oil
1. Place the airfryer attachment in the
rim of the Halogen Oven bowl.
Preheat the Halogen Oven at 200°C.
2. Peel and cut the chips to the required
thickness. Drizzle in olive oil and mix
until all coated. Season to taste.
3. Place an even layer of chips onto the
airfryer and set the time to 30
4. Turn chips halfway through cooking
for even colour.
Root vegetables
1. Cut the root vegetables (e.g. parsnips,
carrots & turnip) into chunks.
2. Take a piece of tin foil large enough to
hold the vegetables.
3. Place the vegetables in the middle of
the tin foil and fold the sides of the tin
foil up creating a parcel.
4. Add 2 tablespoons of water to the
vegetables before sealing the tin foil
5. Place the parcel of vegetables onto
the steamer tray on a low rack in the
halogen bowl, replace the lid and
place the handle down. Set the
temperature to 250°C for 26 minutes.
6. Before removing parcels from the
Halogen Oven, test with a knife to
ensure they are cooked as required.
 Soft vegetables should be cooked for
around 15-20 minutes.
 Hard vegetables should be cooked
for around 30 minutes.
 Potatoes with a skin on should be
pierced with a fork and placed in the
oven for 35-40 minutes.
Bake Pizza
1. Turn the time dial and preheat the
2. Place the pizza on the steamer tray,
onto the low rack in the Halogen
Oven bowl.
3. Turn the timer dial and cook the
pizza for 15 minutes, until golden
and crispy.
4. Remove from the oven and serve.
temperature may need to be
adjusted according the size and
topping of the pizza.
Crumpets and Toasting Muffins
 Prepare crumpets/toasting muffins
as required.
 Place the crumpets/toasting muffins
on the high rack.
 Turn the temperature dial to 250°C.
Tips for steaming vegetables
 Turn the time dial to 5 minutes.
 After 3 minutes, turn the crumpets/
toasting muffins over.
 Cook for a further 2 minutes.
 Remove and serve.
The following attachments can also be
purchased separately from our website:
Airfryer Attachment
3. Lie the sweet potato chunks on the
airfryer mesh evenly, in one layer.
4. Cook the sweet potato for 13
5. Prepare the peppers and onion.
Drizzle in oil and sprinkle with mixed
6. Lie the peppers and onion on the
airfryer mesh evenly, in one layer.
7. Cook all of the vegetables together
for a further 15 minutes.
Breakfast Rack
8. Once cooked, remove from oven and
Cake/Rice Dish
Airfryer Attachment Recipes
Sticky Honey Chicken Wings
Roasted Vegetables
12 chicken wings
2 Sweet potatoes
3 tbsp. honey
1 red pepper
3 cloves of garlic
1 yellow pepper
25ml soy sauce
1 red onion
50g brown sugar
Olive oil
3 tbsp. cornflour
Mixed herbs
Sesame seeds
1. Place the airfryer attachment in the
rim of the Halogen Oven bowl.
Preheat the Halogen Oven at 180°C.
2. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut into
chunks. Coat in a drizzle of olive oil
and sprinkle with mixed, dried herbs.
1. Place the airfryer attachment in the
rim of the Halogen Oven bowl.
2. Half the chicken wings at the joint.
3. Crush the garlic .
4. Add honey, soy sauce, brown sugar
and cornflour to the garlic and mix
until all ingredients are combined.
1. Place the airfryer attachment in the
rim of the Halogen Oven bowl.
Preheat the oven to 190°C.
5. Place the marinade mixture into a
large bowl. Add the chicken wings
and move the chicken around in the
bowl until the chicken is completely
2. Quarter and core the apples and
thinly slice. Finely chop the apricots
and crush the garlic.
6. Leave the chicken in the marinade for
15 minutes.
7. Preheat the Halogen Oven to 180°C.
for 3 minutes.
8. Once marinated, place the chicken
onto the airfryer attachment and
replace the lid.
9. Cook for 15 minutes turning
occasionally for even coverage.
Pork chops with Apricot Stuffing
3. For
breadcrumbs into a small bowl and
stir in the seasoning apple juice,
apricots and garlic.
4. Cut a wide pocket in the side of each
pork chop and push some stuffing
into the cavity.
5. Put the chops on the airfryer,
drizzling with a little oil. Cook for 1012 minutes then turn over cooking
for a further 10 minutes until the
meat is cooked through.
Cake/Rice Dish Attachment
Vanilla sponge cake
2 red eating apples
125g caster sugar
3 ready to eat dried apricots
125g butter or baking margarine
1 clove of garlic
125g self raising flour
2 tbsp. fresh breadcrumbs
2 eggs
2 tbsp. apple juice
1 tsp vanilla extract
Salt and pepper
1. Cream together the butter and the
sugar until light and fluffy.
2 pork chops, on the bone
Olive oil
2. Add two eggs and vanilla extract,
mixing well.
3. Sieve flour into the bowl and mix
well, until
moulds and place onto the low rack
inside the Halogen Oven.
4. Place the low rack into the Halogen
Oven and preheat to 180°C for 3
5. Select the TEMPERATURE—190°C
and the TIME - 11 minutes. Cook
until the cakes bounce back when
touched. Remove from oven and
5. Grease the cake/rice tin with butter/
6. Pour the cake mixture into the tin and
place the tin into the Halogen Oven.
7. Cook for 16 mins, until the cake
bounces back when pressed.
8. Remove from the oven and cool
before serving.
1. Preheat the halogen oven on 250°C.
2. Measure 1 cup of basmati rice.
Wash the rice in a sieve before
placing into the cake/rice tin.
3. Add two and a half cups of water.
4. Place the lid on the cake/rice tin and
put into the Halogen Oven. Replace
the oven lid and reset for 30
100g self raising flour
100g butter/baking margarine
5. Once cooked, remove the lid un a
fork through the rice to fluff it up,
then serve.
100g sugar
2 eggs
Breakfast Rack Attachment
1 tsp vanilla extract
1. Cream together the butter and the
sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Add two eggs and vanilla extract,
mixing well.
3. Sieve flour into the bowl and mix well,
until all ingredients are combined.
4. Spoon mixture into silicone cupcake
1. Place the breakfast rack in the
Halogen Oven according to what you
want to cook.
 High side is suitable for bacon,
sausage, hash browns, eggs.
 Low side is suitable for toast and
2. Preheat the Halogen Oven to 200°C
for 3 minutes.
3. Lie bacon rashers on the breakfast
4. Pierce eggs with a pin then place in
the egg holder on rack.
5. Cook bacon for 4 minutes then turn
over for a further 1 minute on the
other side.
6. Cook eggs alongside the bacon for 6
minutes for soft boiled and 8 minutes
for hard boiled.
If you are using eggs that have come
straight from the fridge, add an extra 1-2
minutes to the original cooking time.
1. Ensure the breakfast rack is on the
low side and place the bread in the
2. Set the temperature to 250˚C and
cook for 5 minutes.
3. Remove once timer is complete or
once the toast is cooked according to
your preference.
Basic food table
Temperature in ˚C
Cooking time in
Chicken (1.6kg/3 lbs. 7 oz.)
60-75 minutes
Chicken breast (175g/ 6 oz)
15-20 minutes
Cod fillet (150g/ 5 oz)
12-18 minutes
Potatoes (fried, small, halves) 200°C
30-40 minutes
Potatoes (baked, medium)
50-60 minutes
Pepper (halved)
15-25 minutes
Parsnip (approx. 2cm strips)
35-45 minutes
Chips (frozen)
25-30 minutes
Beef (1 kg/ 2lbs 3 oz)
65—75 minutes
Yorkshire pudding (unbaked)
25-30 minutes
Onions (quartered)
50-60 minutes
Onions (small/chopped)
20-30 minutes
As a general rule, when using recipes intended for conventional ovens, temperatures will remain the same but cooking times will be reduced. Generally for cakes
etc. it is recommended to reduce the conventional oven temperature by 10˚c.
The cooking times in this manual should be used as a guide only.
Cleaning and storing the appliance
away for storage.
 Always allow the appliance to cool
down thoroughly before cleaning.
 Leave the appliance and accessories
to dry out thoroughly.
 No liquid must get inside the
appliance. Otherwise it can cause the
appliance to short circuit and set the
appliance on fire.
 Store the appliance in a dry and
clean location.
 Disconnect the appliance from the
mains and turn the appliance off
before starting any cleaning improper
cleaning may damage the appliance.
Base (1) and (3) high food grill (4)low
food grill (6) baking tray (7) extender
ring (9) and steam tray (10) are
unsuitable for dishwasher cleaning.
Only use mild detergents.
 Clean the base (1) and the lid (3) with
a soft damp cloth. Use washing up
liquid (avoid using solvents).
 For reasons of hygiene, clean the glass
oven dish (3) and the accessories (410) after each use (see sections on
how to clean the appliance in “before
Storing the appliance
Risk from hot pots; always allow the
appliance to cool down thoroughly
before cleaning.
 The appliance and the accessories
must be fully cooled down before the
appliance and the accessories are put
Self cleaning function
The appliance features a self-cleaning
function. Use this function to clean the
glass oven dish (2).
Improper cleaning can result in damage
to the appliance. Allow the glass bowl
to completely cool before filling it with
cold water. Placing cold water in the
bowl before it has cooled down will
cause the glass to crack.
Setting the cleaning function
1. Remove any food and thick grease.
2. Fill the bowl approximately half full
with cold water and a drop of
washing up liquid.
3. Place the lid down to the closed
4. Set the temperature control dial to
5. Press the timer dial to 5-10 minutes.
6. Press the start button.
Replacing the Halogen bulb
Figure 1
Remove the 3 bulb cover
screws with a Phillips
screwdriver turning all the
screws anticlockwise.
Figure 2
When the bulb Cover has
been removed, with a
Phillips screwdriver turn the
Bulb connector housing
plate screw anti clockwise.
Then unclip the Halogen
bulb from the unit by lifting
the 3 bulb holder clips.
Figure 3
With the Bulb connector
housing plate removed unclip
the Halogen bulb connector
by pressing down on the clip.
Figure 4
This picture shows the
Halogen bulb completely
removed from the unit
Please insert the bulb and follow the diagrams in reverse to reassemble the
Possible cause and solution
Appliance does not switch on
 There maybe a fault with the power
cord, plug or electrics of the appliance.
Seek professional help from a fully
qualified electrician or service centre.
 Check the handle is pushed down fully
and has clicked into position.
 The bulb may need to be replaced.
The fan is working but no heat is being
UK and EU Guarantee
Your new Andrew James product comes
with a 24 month guarantee and a 2 year
fixed warranty, effective from receipt
confirmation. Your receipt or order
number is required as proof of purchase
date so it is imperative that you keep it
safe. This guarantee only applies if the
item has been used solely for the use
intended, and all instructions have been
followed accordingly. Please note this
product is only for domestic use only and
is not for commercial use.
Abuse of your product will invalidate the
guarantee. Returned goods can only be
accepted if repackaged properly within
the original colour product box, and
presented with the original receipt of
sale / order number. This does not affect
your statutory rights.
Returned products must be cleaned and
returned to us in as close to delivery
condition as possible.
If your product develops a problem
within the first 12 months of the fixed
warranty, we will pay all shipping costs
to have it returned to us. After 12
months the customer will be liable for
the cost of returning the product to us.
We will then pay to have the repaired /
replaced item shipped back to the
If you wish to return your item for a full
refund, you have the right to do so
within the first 7 days. For our returns
policy please go to:
Customers are responsible for any
taxes applied to our products when
they are shipped outside of the EU.
All of our prices are inclusive of VAT.
Once a product has been returned to us,
we will aim to repair or replace it within
30 days of receipt.
The guarantee does not cover any defect
arising from improper use, damage,
build-up of lime scale or repair attempts
made by third-parties. Also, the
guarantee does not cover normal wear
and tear of individual parts.
Please note: This guarantee does not
cover the glass bowl or the halogen oven
Electrical information
Always ensure the voltage on the rating
label corresponds to the power supply
where the product is being used.
WARNING! This product must be
connected to an earthed electrical
power supply. The green / yellow
conductor in the supply cord must be
connected to the Earth terminal in the
plug. The power supply must have an
Earth connection.
Precautions should be followed for safe
cable management and connection to
the power supply
If a new mains plug needs to be fitted
follow the fitting instructions supplied
with good quality BS1363A plugs. If in
doubt consult a qualified electrician or
appliance repair agent.
 Safely dispose of the old plug.
 Connect the brown lead to the live
terminal “L” in the new plug.
 Connect the blue lead to the neutral
“N” terminal.
 Connect the green/yellow lead to the
earth “E” terminal.
Recommended fuse: 13A
If an extension cable is required, it
must have an earth conductor. To avoid
overheating the extension cable should
be rated no less than 13A and be fully
unwound before use.
Do not attempt to modify electrical
plugs or sockets or attempt to make an
alternative connection to the electrical
Disposal of the appliance
Equipment (WEEE) Waste & Recycling
Disposal of Electrical and Electronic
Non-household waste. This product
must not be disposed of together with
ordinary household waste.
Separate collection of used products,
batteries and packaging allows the
recovery and recycling of materials.
Reuse of materials helps prevent
environmental pollution and reduces Contact details
the demand for raw materials.
Andrew James UK LTD
Local authorities, retailers and collection
Unit 1
organisations may provide for separate
of electrical
products, P C Henderson Premises
batteries and packaging.
Bowburn North Industrial Estate
Co Durham
Customer Service / Technical Support
Telephone: 0844 335 8464
[email protected]
Twitter: @andrewjamesltd
Facebook: Andrew James
Copyright Andrew James
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