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Norm DIN EN 12790:2002
standard DIN EN 12790:2002
norme DIN EN 12790:2002
norma DIN EN 12790:2002
szabvány DIN EN 12790:2002
For information on securing the child in the CONCORD ION
please refer to Section 3.
• The child seat must not be used on passenger seats
with active airbags! Danger to life!
• The CONCORD ION is suitable for use on board aircraft for infants from birth
up to a weight of 13 kg.
• The CONCORD ION must only be secured to passenger seats that face the
direction of flight and that are authorised by the airline for this purpose. Please
contact your airline in advance about the special conditions of carriage!
• Use with a two-point belt is permissible only inside aircraft!
• Only if safety equipment is correctly installed and used can your child enjoy
maximum safety.
• All straps that are part of the child restraint system, as well as all belts needed
to secure the seat inside the aircraft, must be fitted tautly and without twists
and must be protected against damage.
• The child must be buckled into the CONCORD ION at all times when the fasten
seatbelt signs are illuminated.
• Even when it is not occupied, the CONCORD ION must always be safely stored
away or secured on the passenger seat while it is inside the aircraft. If it is
not secured, a child seat may injure other passengers in the event of turbulence.
• In the event of an emergency evacuation, take your child out of the baby seat
and go to one of the emergency exits as quickly as possible.
• When outside the aircraft the child should also always be buckled into the seat.
• Please note the information in the CONCORD ION user instructions.
• It is dangerous to place the seat on raised surfaces.
Place the CONCORD ION against the direction of
flight on the passenger seat. Move the carrying
handle to the foremost position. Insert both parts
of the aircraft passenger seat belt into the two light
blue belt guides on the right and left of the baby
seat. Bring the passenger seat belt together at the
centre over the CONCORD ION and fasten the
buckle (see airline safety information).
Tighten the passenger seat belt by pulling on the
ends of the belt.
• The belt buckle must not under any
circumstances be positioned inside
the light blue belt guides.
• The straps must not be twisted.
Unbuckle the aircraft passenger seat belt (see airline safety instructions) and
take both parts of the belt out of the belt guides on the left and right sides of
The baby seat can now be lifted from the passenger seat.
1. Safety 2. Adjusting the carrying handle 3. Securing the child 4. Fitting 5. Installing the seat 6. Changing the cover and care instructions 7. Sun shade (accessories) 17
General information
Important information Warranty terms 21
Congratulations on the birth of your baby!
_1. Safety
We hope you and your baby enjoy many happy hours together. You have chosen
our CONCORD ION seat for your child’s transportation, protection and safety.
This product is manufactured under strict quality controls. However, it can only
develop its maximum safety properties if it is used properly. Therefore you should
ensure that you follow these instructions for fitting and use carefully.
The seat may be used on all seats in your car, provided the airbag is deactivated
and the seat is fitted with a three-point seat belt. Statistics suggest that the place
behind the passenger seat is the safest in the car.
The CONCORD ION is approved for use in accordance with ECE Regulation 44
and is suitable for babies up to approx. 18 months (up to a body weight of 13 kg).
Adjustment button for carrying handle
Polystyrene inlay and cover
Infant insert
Carrying handle
Locking button for buggy
Belt and buckle padding
Locking mechanism
Connecting piece
Belt buckle
Belt adjuster
Adjusting strap
Seat shell
Seat insert
Belt guide
_2. Adjusting the carrying handle
The carrying handle may be adjusted to four positions (Figure 2.1):
A = Installation position
B = Carrying position
C = Rocking position
D = Resting position
To adjust the carrying handle, press the adjustment button in the direction of
the arrow and swivel the handle to the required position (Figure 2.2). The handle
automatically clicks into positions B, C and D.
_3. Securing the child
Loosening the belts: Press the button on the belt adjuster and at the same
time pull the shoulder belts forwards (Figure 3.1).
Seating the child and fastening the lock: After seating the child,
pass the belts over the child’s shoulders, fit both lock tongues together and push
them into the belt buckle so that they engage with an audible “click” (Figure 3.3).
The belts must not be twisted!
Tensioning the belts: Pull the adjusting strap in the direction of the arrow
until the belts are positioned tautly across the child’s body (Figure 3.4).
_4. Fitting
Belt system: The belt system may be adjusted in three ways to fit the size of
the child. When the child is strapped in, the shoulder belt must pass the shoulder
at right angles to the backrest or feed slightly upwards (Figure 4.1, Pos. A).
If the shoulder belt feeds downwards (Figure 4.1, Pos. B), then the belt must be
repositioned and inserted through the next slot up.
To do this, proceed as follows:
Slip the two shoulder belts out of the connecting piece at the back of the seat.
Then feed both belts back through the slot above and through to the back of the
seat before slipping them back onto the connecting piece (Figure 4.2).
The belts must not be twisted or crossed over.
Both sides must be adjusted equally.
Infant insert: The infant insert may be used for babies up to a weight of
approx. 8 kg. To remove the infant insert, unfasten the belt buckle and undo
the velcro fasteners on the infant insert. Push the belts through the slits at the
side and remove the infant insert to the front (Figure 4.3). To fit the infant insert,
proceed in the reverse order.
Seat insert: The seat insert is located in the pocket on the back of the infant
insert and must be removed from a body weight of approx. 7 kg (Figure 4.4).
Opening out the belts: Open the belts by pressing the red button on the
belt buckle. Open the shoulder belts outwards to lie over the side of the seat and
lay the crotch belt over the seat front (Figure 3.2).
_5. Installing the seat
The seat may only be installed in a rear-facing position!
Attach cover to adjustment mechanism (Fig. 6.3) and reposition the shoulder
straps at the correct height (Fig. 6.1 and Section 4). Check that the straps have
been mounted correctly (Section 4).
Care instructions: The cover may be washed on a gentle cycle at 30°C.
For details, refer to the washing label on the cover. The cover fabrics can easily
fade when they come into contact with moisture, especially during washing.
Place the child seat on the vehicle seat and swivel the carrying handle to position
A (Figure 5.1, Section 2). Pass the vehicle belt around the seat (Figure 5.2) and
secure the vehicle belt lock in the vehicle buckle with a clearly audible “click”.
Thread the lap belt through both guides. On the side of the lock, pass the
shoulder belt between the ProFix connector and the seat shell (Figure 5.3 detail).
Open the flap covering the locking mechanism on the back of the seat
(Figure 5.3). Insert the shoulder strap through the locking mechanism and tension
(Figure 5.3). Close flap.
_7. Sun shade (accessories)
The sun canopy can fitted to the CONCORD ION using the snap fasteners (Fig. 7).
Check once again that the belt is correctly inserted in the guides as
indicated (Figure 5.4). Otherwise the safe functioning of the child seat
cannot be guaranteed.
The vehicle seat belt must be pulled taut and must not be twisted.
The lap and shoulder belts must not be confused.
_6. Changing the cover and instructions for care
To change the cover (see step-by-step guide on rear flap of the
instructions for use): In order to change the cover, first remove the shoulder
straps (Fig. 6.1 and Section 4). Undo the clasp (Fig. 6.2). Release the cover at
the front of the adjustment mechanism (Fig. 6.3). Slide off the padding on the belt
and clasp (Figs. 6.4 and 6.5). Lift out the polystyrene tray liner and loosen the
Velcro fastener on each of the crotch belts (Fig. 6.6). Pull cover off forwards and
simultaneously push the clasp and the two straps down through the slits in the
cover (Fig. 6.7 and 6.8).
Reverse these steps to replace the cover: Pull on cover and insert straps and
clasp through the slits in the cover (Figs. 6.8 and 6.7). Close the Velcro fastener
(Fig. 6.6). Position the polystyrene tray liner in the shell of the seat, tighten the
crotch belts and replace the belt padding (Fig. 6.5 and 6.4).
Do not use solvents!
The child seat may also be placed on a CONCORD buggy and locked into
position. It can be released again by pressing the locking button on the carrying
_ General information
• This is a “universal” child restraint system. It is approved for general use in
vehicles in accordance with UN-ECE Regulation 44, Amendment 04 and fits
most, but not all, passenger vehicle seats.
• It can be assumed that the system will fit correctly if the vehicle manufacturer
states in the vehicle manual that the vehicle is suitable for the installation of a
“universal” child restraint system for the relevant age group.
• This child restraint system has been classified as being of the “universal” class,
satisfying stricter conditions than previous models which do not bear this label.
• If in doubt, please consult the manufacturer of the child restraint system or the
• Only suitable for vehicles with three-point (lap and diagonal) seat belts tested
and approved in accordance with UN-ECE Regulation 16 or a comparable
_ Important information
Please note the instructions in the car’s operating manual for transporting children
in a car. Information on the use of child seats together with an airbag should be
observed with particular care.
• Children sometimes have items in their jacket or trouser pockets (e.g. toy) or
wear hard items that are attached to their clothes (e.g. belt buckle). Check
that these items do not get between the child and the safety belt – they could
cause unnecessary injuries in the event of an accident. These hazards also
apply to adults!
• Naturally children can often be very lively. You should therefore explain to
children how important it is to always be safely fastened in. Children must
understand that they should never change the way the belts are positioned,
and never open the buckle.
• Only if safety equipment is correctly installed and used can your child enjoy
maximum safety. All straps in the child restraint system and all belts required for
securing the seat in the car must be fitted tautly and without twists, and must
be protected against damage.
• Protect those parts of the restraint system that are not covered in fabric from
direct sunlight to avoid your child being burned.
• The child restraint system must not be damaged or trapped by moving parts in
the car interior or by doors.
• Never modify the restraint system in any way – this will endanger your child’s
safety. After an accident the whole child restraint system must be replaced or
returned to the manufacturer for testing along with a report of the accident.
• You should also tell your passenger how to remove the child in the event of an
accident or danger.
• The belts may only be routed via the points of contact for the belt on the seat
and the positions stated in the user instructions. Belts must not be routed in any
other way. The buckle for the vehicle safety belt must not come above the edge
of the lap belt guide. If in doubt, please contact CONCORD.
• The lap belts on the harness system must be fitted as low down as possible so
that the child’s hips are held correctly.
• The child seat may not be used in conjunction with active front airbags
(risk of death)! If a side airbag is present, please observe the
information in the vehicle manual!
• Do not leave your child in the child car seat unsupervised whether strapped in
or not.
• Secure luggage and other items to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an
• The user instructions must always accompany the child car seat.
• The use of accessories and replacement parts is not permissible and shall lead
in the event of contravention, to the expiry of all claims under the warranty and
of all liability claims. Only special CONCORD original accessories are excluded.
The child car seat must always be used with its original covers.
Suitable for cars with three-point (lap and diagonal) seat belts tested in
accordance with ECE Regulation 16 or a comparable standard.
• As the period of use for this restraint system is very long, it is natural that seat
covers and other used parts will each receive different degrees of wear and
tear depending on the individual duration and intensity of use and will need
to be replaced. For this reason it is not possible to give a blanket warranty of
durability extending beyond a six-month warranty period.
• For additional purchases, please contact your local specialist child and baby
shop, specialist departments in department stores, car accessories centre
or mail order companies. There you will also be able to buy the full range of
accessories for CONCORD child’s car seats.
• The CONCORD ION child car seat has been tested in a simulated head-on
crash at an impact speed of 50 km/h against a solid obstacle. This complies
with the international test standard ECE R 44 04 which forms the basis for
all tested restraint systems. If used according to legal requirements, and given
adherence to the instructions for installation and use, this device should prevent
or reduce injury to children with a body weight of up to 13 kg in the event of an
accident, depending on the type and severity of accident.
• As is the case with the use of safety belts for adults, a child safety device does
not replace the need for responsible and prudent driving behaviour.
_Warranty terms
The warranty shall commence from the time at which the seat is purchased.
The warranty period shall correspond to the legal warranty period for the sale
of child seats applicable in the end user’s country. The contents of the warranty
shall comprise the remedy of a defect, the supply of a replacement, or a price
reduction, at the manufacturer’s discretion.
The warranty shall pertain only to the first user. In the event of a defect, rights
under the warranty shall only be considered if the specialist dealer is notified of the
defect immediately after its first occurrence.
If the specialist dealer is unable to resolve the problem, then the dealer shall return
the product to the manufacturer along with a precise description of the complaint
and an official receipt showing the date of purchase.
The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for products he has not supplied.
The right to make a claim under the warranty shall not apply if:
• the product has been altered;
• the product has not been returned to the dealer together with the receipt within
14 days after the occurrence of the defect;
• the defect has arisen as a result of incorrect handling or maintenance, or as the
result of any other fault on the part of the user, in particular if the instructions for
use have not been observed;
• repairs have been made to the product by a third party;
• the defect has been caused by an accident;
• the serial number has been damaged or removed.
Alterations to or deterioration in the product brought about by use in accordance
with the contract (wear and tear) do not constitute a warranty claim. The warranty
period shall not be extended as a result of services rendered by the manufacturer
in the event of a warranty claim.
D // Um die Funktionsfähigkeit und Sicherheit Ihres Kinderautositzes auch nach dem Austausch von Ersatz- und
Zubehörteilen zu gewährleisten, bitten wir Sie bei Bestellungen Ihrem Fachhändler nachstehende Angaben mitzuteilen:
GB // To ensure the functionality and safety of your child’s car seat after replacing spare and accessory parts, please
provide your dealer with the following details when placing your order:
F // Dans le but d’assurer le bon fonctionnement et la sécurité de votre siège auto enfant, également en cas de
remplacement de pièces de rechange et accessoires, nous vous prions de bien vouloir, en cas de commande, donner
les renseignements suivants à votre revendeur :
E // Para seguir garantizando el correcto funcionamiento y la seguridad de su asiento para niños después del cambio
de piezas o accesorios, le rogamos que indique los siguientes datos al realizar pedidos a su comercio especializado.
I // Quando trasmette un ordine al Suo rivenditore di fiducia, La preghiamo di comunicargli i dati seguenti per garantire
la funzionalità e la sicurezza del Suo seggiolino per bambini anche dopo la sostituzione di parti di ricambio e di
P // Para garantir a funcionalidade e a segurança da cadeira de criança para automóvel depois da substituição de
peças sobressalentes e de acessórios, agradecemos o fornecimento dos dados seguintes à loja especializada aquando
de encomendas:
NL // Om de functionaliteit en de veiligheid van het door u gekochte autokinderzitje ook na vervanging van onderdelen
en accessoires te waarborgen, is het belangrijk dat u bij de bestelling in uw speciaalzaak onderstaande gegevens
N // Bilbarnesetet som du kjøpte, skal fungere riktig og gi optimal sikring også etter at reservedeler eller
tilbehør er byttet ut. Ved eventuelle bestillinger ber vi deg derfor om å gi forhandleren følgende opplysninger:
DK // For at garantere at autostolen stadig er funktionsdygtig og sikker, også efter at der er blevet monteret reservedele
eller tilbehør, bedes De oplyse følgende til Deres forhandler ved bestillingen:
FIN // Lasten turvaistuimen toiminnan ja turvallisen käytön varmistamiseksi myös varaosien
tai lisävarusteiden asennuksen jälkeen anna jälleenmyyjälle seuraavat tiedot, kun tilaat osia:
Industriestraße 25
95346 Stadtsteinach
Made in Germany
-13 kg
ECE-Nr. / ECE No. / N° ECE / Número ECE / N° ECE
Nº. ECE / ECE-nr. / ECE-nr / ECE-nr. / ECE-nro
Serien-Nr. / Serial No. / N° de série / Número de serie / N° di serie
Nº de série / Serie-nr. / Serienr. / Serienr. / Sarjanro
04. . . . . .
2 0000000000
Ersatzteil / Spare part / Type de siège / Pieza de repuesto / Parte di ricambio
Peça / Type kinderzitje / Reservedel / Reservedel / Varaosa
Fachhändler / Dealer / Revendeur / Comercio especializado / Rivenditore specializzato
Loja especializada / Speciaalzaak / Forhandler / Forhandler / Jälleenmyyjä
Meine Anschrift / My address / Mon adresse / Mi dirección / Il mio indirizzo
Meu endereço / Mijn adres / Min adresse / Min adresse / Oma osoite
_ D// ACHTUNG! Es ist gefährlich den Sitz auf erhöhte Flächen zu stellen.
Das Kind sollte auch außerhalb des Autos immer angeschnallt bleiben.
_ GB// WARNING! It is dangerous to place the seat on raised surfaces.
The child should always remain strapped in even outside the car.
_ F// ATTENTION! Il est dangereux d’installer le siège dans des endroits
surélevés. Même hors du véhicule, l’enfant doit toujours rester attaché.
_ E// ¡ATENCIÓN! Es peligroso colocar la silla en superficies elevadas.
El niño deberá permanecer siempre abrochado, también fuera
del coche.
_ I// ATTENZIONE! È pericoloso appoggiare il seggiolino su superfici molto
rialzate da terra. Tenere il bambino allacciato anche all’esterno dell’auto.
Einbau- und Bedienungsanleitung
Instructions for attachment and use
Directives d‘installation et mode d‘emploi
Instrucciones de montaje y de uso
Istruzioni per l‘uso e il montaggio
Manual de montagem e de utilização
Inbouw- en bedieningshandleiding
Bruksanvisning og monteringsveiledning
Monterings- og betjeningsvejledning
Kiinnitys- ja käyttöohjeet
_ P // ATENÇÃO! É perigoso colocar a cadeira em superfícies elevadas.
A criança deve permanecer bem segura, mesmo quando a retirar
do automóvel.
_ NL // PAS OP! Het is gevaarlijk het zitje op verhoogde oppervlaktes te
plaatsen. Het kind moet ook buiten de auto de gordels om hebben.
_ N // OBS! Det er farlig å sette setet fra seg på opphøye steder.
Barnet bør alltid være festet med selene i setet, også utenfor bilen.
_ FIN // VAROITUS! Istuimen asettaminen korkeille tasoille on vaarallista
Lapsen tulee olla aina vyötettynä istuimessa, myös auton ulkopuolella.
Concord GmbH
Industriestraße 25
95346 Stadtsteinach
Phone +49 (0)9225.9550-0
Fax +49 (0)9225.9550-55
[email protected]
ION 04/0810
_ DK // BEMÆRK! Det er farligt at placere stolen højere end beregnet.
Lad altid barnet beholde sikkerhedsselen på, også uden for bilen.
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