HP ProLiant BL480c Server Blade

HP ProLiant BL480c Server Blade
HP ProLiant BL480c Server Blade
Data sheet
integrated RAID controller, four hot plug SAS or SATA
The powerful and versatile
drive bays, and three I/O mezzanine expansion slots.
Experience the difference with the HP ProLiant BL480c.
HP ProLiant BL480c delivers
no-compromise performance
Key features and benefits
combination of performance and
and expansion to support your • Unparalleled
expansion for demanding scale-out applications:
most challenging applications. The ProLiant BL480c will make you look at server
Unmatched combination of
performance and expansion
With more memory, drives, and I/O expansion,
the BL480c is a workhorse server for demanding
applications and databases. The ProLiant BL480c
server blade features two Quad-Core or Dual-Core
Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 64 GB of ECC 667 MHz
DDR2 memory, four Gigabit Ethernet adapters,
blade computing in a whole new way. There is no
need to worry about giving up features while moving
to a blade architecture because this blade has it
all—more memory, more drives, and more I/O.
It has the performance and expansion to handle
demanding applications for which you may not have
considered blades in the past. ProLiant BL480c takes
multi-core server blade computing to a new level that
is unmatched in the industry.
• Rich in redundant features to deliver increased uptime:
You can mirror drives with the HP Smart Array P400i
controller that ships standard on every ProLiant
BL480c server blade. The P400i provides RAID 1, 0,
1+0, and 5 and also features a battery-backed write
cache option (BBWC) to further protect your data.
The BBWC also adds RAID 6 (advanced data
guarding). All the drives are hot plug so you can
easily swap drives without shutting down the system.
You can also add availability to your networking
by configuring the four embedded Gigabit Ethernet
network adapters for redundancy. High-availability
features are also delivered with the memory
subsystem. The ProLiant BL480c supports advanced
ECC, online spare, memory interleaving, and
mirrored memory. No other server blade vendor
offers this level of memory protection in a
high-performance, greater density form factor.
The HP BladeSystem c3000 and c7000 enclosures
support up to four and eight BL480c server blades
respectively, provide redundant power and cooling,
and a real-time view of heat, power, and cooling
data. For the first time, you have access to
information about your actual power utilization
and temperature levels, which can help you plan a
high availability architecture.
• Quality ProLiant engineering for reliability and ease
of ownership:
The ProLiant BL480c is designed with all the features
you have come to expect from ProLiant servers. Utilize
the same great management tools such as HP System
Insight Manager, Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2),
and Rapid Deployment Pack software—all of which
are designed for ProLiant servers and server blades.
There is no need to learn a new tool to take
advantage of server blade architecture. The server
blades also support the same drives and memory
as standard ProLiant servers, taking the headache out
of stocking different spares. Experience similar features
like common management, processors, memory,
drives, Ethernet network adapters, Smart Array
controllers, and internal USB.
• Impressive management solutions for easy
ProLiant server blades are now even easier
to manage. Every c-Class blade features iLO 2
Standard Blade Edition remote management,
which delivers performance up to 15 times faster
than iLO to save valuable time. Access iLO 2 easily
through the Integrated Remote Console that
delivers a Terminal Services-like user interface for
improved screen visibility and a simple command
bar with full power and virtual media control.
All standard ProLiant server blades come with
advanced features such as Graphical Remote
Console and browser-accessible virtual
Key features and benefits
Designed to keep pace with high computing demands,
the BL480c server offers outstanding quad-core and
dual-core processing power, as well as impressive
expansion and management tools that make it easy
to deploy and maintain.
• Latest Dual-Core and Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® 5200,
5300, and 5400 Series processors
• Low voltage processor options
• Intel® 5000P chipset supporting up to a 1333 MHz
front side bus
• Up to 64 GB ECC 667 MHz DDR2 via 12 fully
buffered DIMM slots
• High-performance Smart Array P400i controller with
256 MB cache, RAID 0/1/1+0/5, and optional
battery-backed write cache with RAID 6
• Four hot plug small form factor (SFF) SAS or SATA
drive bays
• Four integrated Gigabit Ethernet network adapters—
two are Multifunction with TCP/IP offload engine,
iSCSI boot, and optional accelerated iSCSI
• Three mezzanine expansion slots to simultaneously
support a wide variety of I/O mezzanine cards
including Multifunction Gigabit and 10 Gb Ethernet,
standard dual and quad-port Gigabit Ethernet, 4 Gb
Fibre Channel, and 4X DDR (20 Gb) InfiniBand
• Integrated Lights-Out 2 Standard Blade Edition
provides high-performance, out-of-band remote
management solution
• New BladeSystem Thermal Logic Cooling displays
instant thermal dashboard for system diagnostics
and control of power and cooling
• Insight Control Data Center Edition provides
a software suite that simplifies provisioning
and management
• Smart power and thermal management available
with HP Power Regulator including new
industry-exclusive power meter reporting capability
to log actual power usage
• Add battery-backed write cache option to the Smart
Array P400i for fault tolerance
• Get more out of HP ProLiant Essentials for Integrated
Lights-Out. Upgrade to Integrated Lights-Out Select
Pack adding power regulator reporting, command
line and scripted multi-server virtual media, and
enterprise security
• Take advantage of the 3 mezzanine slots that
allow for a variety configuration options—
Multifunction Gigabit and 10 Gb Ethernet,
standard dual and quad-port Gigabit Ethernet, 4 Gb
Fibre Channel, and 4X DDR (20 Gb) InfiniBand
HP Services
HP Services provides nearly continuous care and support expertise
with committed response designed to meet your IT and business
needs. To fully capitalize on your HP BladeSystem capabilities, you
require a service partner who thoroughly understands your server
technology and systems environment. HP Services, an industry leader
in provision of multi-vendor support solutions, provides a range of
services designed to meet the varying needs of business. Whether an
SMB or large global corporation, HP has an HP BladeSystem support
offer to help you speedily deploy and increase system uptime.
• Extended Care—Minimum recommended service support offer designed
to enable access to expert assistance, whenever needed
HP ProLiant BL480c—3 year 24x7 same-business-day
hardware support
• Committed Care—Cost-effective combined hardware and software
support service designed to extend HP Services committed response
and to speed more complex interoperability problem resolution.
HP ProLiant BL480c—3-year 24x7 Support Plus 24
• Committed Repair—Highest HP Support service level recommended
to help increase IT performance and availability, improve IT
management with comprehensive, consistent and integrated
proactive and reactive hardware and software support services.
HP ProLiant BL480c—3-year 24x7 Mission Critical Proactive
24 service
• Deployment Services—HP Installation and Start Up services
designed to take time, risk, and worry out of the deployment of
ProLiant servers and free your IT Team to focus on what they do
best—meeting your business needs.
HP ProLiant BL480c Installation and Startup for BladeSystem c-Class
infrastructure service
For more information visit: www.hp.com/services/bladesystemservices
Ideal applications
• Large enterprise datacenters with multi-tiered
applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel,
Oracle®, and JDE
• Corporate infrastructure: file/print, mail/messaging
including Exchange and Lotus Notes, domain name
system, directory services, firewall, and small to
medium-size databases
• Virtualization environments such as those using
VMware® and Microsoft® Virtual Server
• Performance-sensitive network infrastructure services,
client/server: Citrix, Terminal Services
Technical specifications
HP ProLiant BL480c
Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 and 5400 Series
Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5200 Series
Low voltage processor options
Maximum processors
Memory type
PC2-5300 DDR2 fully buffered DIMMs with online spare, memory interleaving, and mirrored memory
Maximum memory
64 GB DDR2 memory via 12 PC2-5300 fully buffered DIMM slots
Internal disk drives
Up to four small form factor SAS or SATA hot-plug hard drives
Storage controller
Integrated HP Smart Array P400i with 256 MB memory module, RAID 0/1/1+0/5, and optional
battery-backed write cache with RAID 6 upgrades
Internal I/O expansion
Three mezzanine I/O slots for QLogic and Emulex 4 Gb Fibre Channel, Gigabit and 10 Gb Ethernet, and 4X DDR (20 Gb) InfiniBand
One embedded NC326i Dual Port Gigabit Server Adapter
Two embedded NC373i Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapters with TCP/IP Offload Engine, iSCSI boot, and optional accelerated iSCSI
One embedded 10/100 network adapter dedicated to iLO 2 management
Optional 10 Gb Ethernet, 4X DDR (20 Gb) InfiniBand, and additional Gigabit Ethernet through mezzanine I/O slots
USB drive support
One internal USB 2.0 connector for security key devices and USB drive keys
Remote management
Integrated Lights-Out 2 Standard Blade Edition
Optional ProLiant Essentials management packs
Form Factor
Full height server blade; four servers per c3000 enclosure, eight servers per c7000 enclosure
3-year parts, 3-year labor, 3-year onsite
Additional Information
For detailed specifications, please see the BL480c quickspecs located at
Financial services
For more information
HP Financial Services provides innovative financing
and financial asset management programs to help you
cost-effectively acquire, manage, and ultimately retire
your HP solutions. For more information on these
services, contact your local HP representative or visit:
For more information about the HP ProLiant BL480c,
contact your local HP representative, or visit:
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