Network Connection Guide

Network Connection Guide
Network Connection Guide
SkyTrak can be connected to your iPad in two ways:
Via a direct Wi-Fi Connection OR Through your home network/wireless router.
The Direct Wi-Fi Connection should be used if you do not have access to a
reliable Wi-Fi network (such as on the driving range). When using a Direct
Connection, your iPad connects directly to the SkyTrak’s Wi-Fi, and thus, does
not have access to the internet.
The Network Connection via network/wireless router should be used when
you have access to a reliable Wi-Fi network. This connection mode is required
for certain features/simulator options where an internet connection is needed.
When using a Network Connection, your iPad uses the wireless router as a
bridge to connect the SkyTrak unit to your iPad so the iPad can maintain a
connection to the internet.
1. To connect in Network Mode, Click the ‘Device Connections’ icon at the
bottom of the SkyTrak app dashboard. (Image 1, page 5)
2. Select Network Mode (Image 2, page 5)
The app will then ask you to connect directly to the unit. This is necessary
in order to program your home network credentials onto the SkyTrak unit.
Tap the Home button on the iPad, go to settings, and connect to the
SkyTrak unit in the Wi-Fi list. (Image 3, page 5)
4. Return to the app, where it will connect to the unit and all 3 lights will
turn green.
Next you will be taken to the screen where you will enter your network
credentials. (NOTE: The SkyTrak unit WILL NOT be able to connect to your
home network if there are any special characters (!, #, $, etc.) in either your
network name or your network password. Please edit the network name
and/or password to remove special characters before proceeding. Also, the
network name and password are case sensitive so pay close attention as
you enter them.) (Image 4, page 5)
Your security type is most likely WPA2.
6. Click Connect and the SkyTrak unit will reset itself.
7. The SkyTrak hardware light indicators will go
through a series of color cycles:
• Middle light flashing red
Looking for a network
• Middle Light flashing yellow
Has found a network
• Middle light solid yellow
Has successfully connected to the network
8. After a few seconds, all 3 lights on SkyTrak will turn green and you are now
connected in Network Mode and the hardware will remember these
I can’t get my hardware to connect to the Network (middle light remains red
or flashing red).
Check the network Name and Password to make sure they were entered
properly (no special characters) and make sure lower/upper case have
been accounted for.
I can’t get my hardware to connect in the app (middle light remains solid yellow).
Make sure your network is not setup as a Guest Network. Guest Networks
will not allow device-to-device communication.
If you have more than 1 network, make sure you iPad did not
automatically connect to the wrong network. The iPad must be connected
to the same network that you programmed to the unit.
The SkyTrak unit does not show up in the iPad’s list of available wireless networks.
The SkyTrak may be in network mode, this is normal. You can put the
SkyTrak back into Direct Mode by opening the app, letting the unit
connect, and selecting ‘Direct Mode’ from the device connections
window on the dashboard.
SkyTrak misses shots while in network mode.
Check the signal of your wireless network. You may need to add a
repeater to boost the network signal.
I need help finding or changing my network password.
Due to the large number of routers out there, each with different
configuration processes, we are unable to provide network support.
Please contact your network professional.
LED Color Code Chart
Use this chart to identify or troubleshoot SkyTrak’s various operational modes.
Battery is low and SkyTrak is about to turn itself
off. Please charge your SkyTrak as soon as possible.
SkyTrak is in Direct Connect Mode, waiting for a
connection with the SkyTrak Application on your
SkyTrak is in Network Mode and it is attempting to
locate and connect to a known Wi-Fi network.
SkyTrak is in Network Mode and it has located a known
Wi-Fi network. It is attempting to connect to that
SkyTrak is in Network Mode and it is connected to a
known network. It is waiting for a connection with the
software on your tablet.
SkyTrak is connected to the Application. If the Ready
LED is not turning green quickly, Please check to see if
SkyTrak is tilted instead of being level.
SkyTrak is ready for your next shot.
SkyTrak is charging.
SkyTrak is charging, but the power of the charger is not
adequate, it may take a long time for your SkyTrak to
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