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video production
Optimize production.
Developed by video professionals for video professionals, products
by Focus Enhancements feature the technology and reliability
you need to meet the rigorous demands of video production—day
in and day out. Whether you’re shooting, editing, or conducting
a live broadcast, the family of Direct To Edit® recorders and mixers
streamlines production and delivers superb quality.
When you purchase equipment from Focus Enhancements, you not
only receive products that perform superbly every day, but you also
receive unconditional service and support from a team of seasoned
video professionals—energetic people who are dedicated to helping you get the most from your products.
Nürburgring is one of the world’s most grueling
“ The
motor racing circuits. It’s tough enough for a racing
car to survive a 24-hour endurance race, let alone
video equipment operating in this demanding environment. The capacity of the FS-3 to withstand
extreme shock and heat coupled with it’s ability to
provide quick access to clips in edit-ready formats
made it the only solution available that was capable of accomplishing this task.
Oliver da Costa, Vital Media Solutions
The Direct To Edit Advantage
With the Focus family of video production products, you’ll go from acquisition to editing with
unparalleled speed, efficiency, and reliability.
Compatible with most HDV, DV, DVCPRO,® DVCAM, DVCPRO 50, and DVCPRO HD® camcorders and editing software, Focus products feature
Direct To Edit (DTE) video recording technology
that converts the output from your camcorder or
VTR to a nonlinear editing (NLE) format and records it on FireWire disk drives.
By combining DTE Technology® with advanced
caching and redundant tape and disk recording,
Focus DTE recorders ensure that you never miss
an important shot or lose critical footage. And
best of all, your footage is ready to edit instantly.
If you have analog footage that needs to be
converted to digital, or vice versa, Focus
Enhancements offers a DV-analog converter that
makes the process fast and efficient.
Focus FS-2 Studio DTE Recorder has dramatically
improved the quality and content of our finished presentations. Additionally, the versatility of including
different recording or codec formats makes our department that much more versatile.
Jack Mullins, Media Specialist, Midwestern University
Featured Broadcast Customers
Network Affiliate Stations
Other Stations
Kansai Television
NBC Network
Mainichi Broadcasting System
Vacation Channel
Sky Italy
International Stations
Thailand Land & House
Asahi Broadcast Corp
Dogen News Agency
GAORA CS Sports Channel
Hamburg 1
Tokyo Broadcast System
TV Asahi
Featured Nonbroadcast Customers
Moraine Valley Church
Central Michigan
Religious Coalition Cable TV
Florida State
Word of Life Fellowship
Iowa State
Midwestern University
Clemson University Athletics
Boeing Autometric
Jefferson Pilot Sports
Dallas Digital Studios
Kansas State Wildcat Football Dream Video
Vital Media Solutions
High Impact TV
Notre Dame
USA Swimming
Rule Broadcast Systems
Seerveld Media
Janet Rae Ministries
U.S. Department of Justice
Ohio State
Oregon State
Direct To Edit Recorders
FS-4Pro HD
Bring Direct To Edit Technology to
your studio or production vehicle
with the Focus FS-2E Studio DTE Recorder. Featuring a variety of analog
and digital input, output, and control
options, the FS-2E can be easily integrated into your production suite,
replacing broadcast tape decks.
The Focus FS-3 Camera-Mount DTE
Recorder brings DTE disk recording
performance to the field by mounting
directly to full-size DV camcorders.
It’s ideal for electronic news gathering (ENG), electronic field production (EFP), videography, and other
portable applications.
The FS-3 features removable FireWire
drives, making it easy to swap out
FS-HDD1 drives as needed. And if
you require extended storage or playback, you can daisy chain up to four
external FireWire drives.
Weighing about one pound, the Focus FS-4 HD Portable DTE Recorder
brings Direct To Edit Technology to
your DV or HDV handheld camcorder. Audio, video, timecode, and control information is passed between the
FS-4 HD and your camcorder using a
single FireWire cable. With an easyto-use interface and a 40GB drive,
the FS-4 HD is the perfect DTE companion for handheld shoots.
With all of the features of the FS-4
HD, plus multiple DTE recording
formats and advanced features such
as time lapse, retro disk recording, and scene marking, the Focus
FS-4Pro HD Portable DTE Recorder
provides the flexibility that video professionals demand.
Key Features
• Component, composite, S-video,
SDI (with embedded audio), DV,
genlock, balanced audio, and AES/
EBU digital audio I/O
External timecode I/O
Sony 9-pin RS-422 control
Multiple disk drive options
User-programmable playlist
Network connection for FTP and
web-based control
Timecode offset
• A 40GB drive for three hours of DV
• Shares camcorder battery
• Removable disk drives
• Controlled directly from camcorder
• Available in 60GB, 80GB, and
Key Features
Key Features
• Mounts directly to full-size DV
Key Features
Made specifically for JVC full-size
DV camcorders, the DR-DV5000 includes all of the features of the FS-3
plus cable-free connection and viewfinder-based status display.
or HDV 1080i recording or four
hours of HDV 720p 30 recording
Removable, rechargeable Li-Ion
standard-capacity battery (90 minutes)
Lightweight, rugged, and portable
Controlled from your camcorder
Comprehensive backlit LCD display
6-second recording buffer
100GB configurations for 4.5, 6, or
7.5 hours of DV or HDV 1080i recording or 6, 8, or 10 hours of HDV
720p 30 recording
Removable, rechargeable Li-Ion
60GB configuration: standard-capacity battery (90 minutes)
80GB and 100GB configuration:
high-capacity battery (180 minutes)
High capacity cradle 100GB models only
Advanced DTE formats, including
Pinnacle DV-AVI, Avid DV OMF,
and QuickTime HDV
Loop record capability
10-second recording buffer
Lets you categorize clips while you
DV/SDI/Analog Converter
DV Conversion Suite
MediaConverter MC-2E
Designed to work with the Panasonic
AG-HVX200 P2 camera, the FS-100
Portable DTE Recorder features a
100GB drive for 100 minutes of
50, DVCPRO, and DV can also be
Converting DV25 file formats is fast
and easy with the Focus DV Conversion Suite. In addition to converting
all major DV25 formats, the software
provides aspect ratio and broadcast
standard conversion from DV-PAL to
DV-NTSC and vice versa.
With the MediaConverter MC-2E
DV/SDI/Analog Converter, you can
achieve professional, high-quality
bidirectional DV/SDI-to-analog video
conversion. Rackmount ready, the
MediaConverter MC-2E can be easily added to your existing AV rack.
The controls are located on the front
panel for convenient access, and
conversion settings are easy to read
with the unit’s backlit LCD display.
Designed specifically for the JVC
GY-HD100 ProHD camcorder, the
DR-HD100 comes standard with
a 40GB drive for three hours of recording time (about four hours in
HD 720p mode) and is available
with an 80GB drive for six hours of
recording time (about eight hours in
HD 720p mode). You can also extend recording time by linking two
JVC DR-HD100 units together.
Designed for the Canon XL-H1
HDV camcorder, the FS-C Portable
DTE Recorder comes with a 60GB
or 100GB drive for 4.5 or 7.5 hours
of recording time in HD 1080i or
DV25 mode. A camera mount kit is
also included.
Key Features
• Quick conversion between all ma-
jor DV NLE file formats
• High-quality conversion with mo•
tion interpolation
Scene change detection
Optional adaptive deinterlacing
Selectable field order for source
and target
Scale up, letter box, pan, and scan
Scale down and crop (PAL to
Multiple time resampling modes
Key Features
we are constantly on the go, the
“ Because
FS-4 and the FS-4Pro help our team achieve
our goals, meet deadlines, save time, and
reduce production costs. The FS-4 family
has also resolved issues with incompatibilities in a mixed-vendor environment.
These exceptional products, of which we
currently have five, are a lifesaver in both
the field and the studio and keep us on the
cutting edge.
Conversion Software
Timothy Allen Spurek
Videographer/Editor, KTUL TV, Tulsa, OK
• All inputs to all outputs (DV/CV/
• Supports VTR control via RS-422
• Genlock (adjustable)
• Unbalanced/balanced stereo au-
dio plus AES/EBU and embedded
audio in DV/SDI
• NTSC or PAL compatible
• Internal 10-bit processing
DV File Converter Pro
Specifically designed for video professionals who use Panasonic P2
cameras and decks, the Focus DV
File Converter Pro converts P2 MXF
files to or from the most popular DVbased video and NLE file formats. 800.338.3348
Postproduction Products
Whether you’re editing a program or conducting a live broadcast, the family of mixers from
Focus Enhancements makes it easy to get your
production on screen. Switch seamlessly between four video sources and blend digital and
analog content with graphics and high-resolution titles on the fly. With postproduction products from Focus Enhancements, you’ll enjoy
immaculate audio and video quality combined
with the unwavering reliability that your business demands.
Featured Customers
CDN-TV (Raleigh, NC)
Michigan Air National Guard University of WisconsinMadison
NC Tech Center
Chase Productions
Community Access TV
(Bismark, ND)
Ohio University
U.S. EPA Video
Hartland Institute
The Salvation Army
AT&T Broadband
Ole Miss Athletics
Digital Video Mixers
are impressed with the MX-4’s user-friendly interface,
“ We
advanced features, and overall ease of use. With great
enhancements to an already award-winning mixer line,
we are confident that the MX-4 will become the go-to
solution for live event video production.
Julio Ancheta
Western Regional Sales Representative
VMI Inc.
Packed with functionality, the MX4 Digital Video Mixer is an eightinput, four-channel mixer that provides seamless switching between
video sources, enhanced synchronized audio mixing, graphics storage, and Ethernet-based connectivity.
With more than 700 transitions and
the ability to import 50 background
and foreground graphics to create
beautiful four-layer effects, the MX-4
unleashes your creativity. In addition
to its switcher, the MX-4 includes a
frame synchronizer, TBC, and manual video adjustments.
In addition to the functionality found
in the MX-4, the MX-4 DV Digital
Video Mixer features four digital inputs and one digital output.
Key Features
• Macro key storage with multiple
• 10-bit 4:2:2 video processing with
superior input comb filter circuitry
• Single and multiple picture-inpicture and movable mosaic mask
• Four-source preview
• Input effects, including chroma
key, picture flip, strobe, mosaic,
and more
Key Features
• 700 manual or automatic video
• Eight gradients
• 4-channel or 2-channel DV digital
audio support
• Dual-monitor mode (allows the
preview screen to stay constant)
• User-defined menu for storing 30
of your favorite transitions
• Dual-field time base correction
• Ethernet I/O for computer and net-
work connectivity
• Color bar generator 800.338.3348
Video Production Products in Action
Videotape Archive
DV Camcorder
FS Drive
Handheld DV
or HDV Camcorder
Production Vehicle
Fixed Installation
Analog Camcorder
Editing Station
(Ready to Edit)
Internet or Intranet
DV Camcorder
Editing Station
FS-2E or FS-M
Experience the difference.
Innovation, efficiency, and superior quality are
the foundation on which Focus Enhancements
builds its products. When you purchase video
production solutions from Focus Enhancements,
you not only receive reliable products that
deliver superior performance every day, but you
also receive expertise, service, and support from
veteran video professionals.
With extensive experience in designing, configuring, and integrating video production solutions for leading companies around the world,
the Focus team can help you select the right
products for your business. If you have special
requirements, solution consultation and custom
configuration services are available. All products are backed by comprehensive warranties
and optional support contracts that cover installation, training, 24/7 phone support, and priority parts replacement. You can rest assured that
the knowledgeable and friendly professionals
at Focus Enhancements will stand behind every
purchase you make. 800.338.3348
Direct To Edit Recorders, Digital Disk Recorder, and Converters
FS-4 HD, FS-4Pro HD, FS-100, DR-HD100, FS-C
Studio DTE Recorder
Camera-Mount DTE Recorder
Portable DTE Recorder
DV video I/O**
DV video pass thru*
External HDD I/O*
FireWire computer I/F*
Component: Y, Pr, Pb (3 x BNC in, 3 x BNC out)
Sync (1 x BNC in, 1 x BNC out)
Monitor video out (1 x BNC)
S-video: Y/C (1 x 4-pin mini-DIN in, 1 x 4-pin mini-DIN out)
Serial Digital: SD-SDI (with embedded audio)
Timecode (1 x BNC in, 1 x BNC out)
Balanced audio (2 x XLR in, 2 x XLR out)
Stereo audio monitor (1 x 1/4" TRS jack)
Headphone output (1 x 1/4" TRS jack w/ level control)
AES/EBU digital audio (1 x BNC in, 1 x BNC out)
Reference video loop thru (2 x BNC)
10/100BASE-T Ethernet
DV video I/O**
External HDD I/O*
Slot internal HDD I/O*
DV video I/O**
FireWire computer I/F*
HDV (FS-4 HD, FS-4Pro HD, FS-C, DR-HD100)
DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD (FS-100)
GPI and RS-232C
(1 x 3.5mm minijack)
RS-422 (1 x DB-9 serial)
GPI and RS-232C
(1 x 3.5mm minijack)
GPI and RS-232C
(1 x 3.5mm minijack)
Video Formats
25 Mbps, 8-bit 4:1:1 (NTSC-DV) or 4:2:0 (PAL-DV) video (user
25 Mbps, 8-bit 4:1:1 (NTSC-DV) or 4:2:0 (PAL-DV) video
25 Mbps, 8-bit 4:1:1 (NTSC-DV) or 4:2:0 (PAL-DV) video (model
FS-4Pro HD, DR-HD100, FS-C: 25 Mbps 8-bit HD MPEG-2 transport stream (1080i 50 or 60); 19.7 Mbps 8-bit HD MPEG-2 transport
stream (720p 24/25/30)
FS-100: DVCPRO 50: 4:2:2, 8-bit, 3.3:1 compression, 50 Mbps; 480
60i (30p, 24p, 24pa); 576 50i (25P); DV/DVCPRO: 4:1:1, 8-bit, 5:1
compression, 25 Mbps (DV-PAL is 4:2:0) 480 60i (30p, 24p, 24pa);
576 50i (25p)
Embedded Audio
Digital: 2-channel 16-bit/4-channel 12-bit
Digital: 2-channel 16-bit/4-channel 12-bit
Digital: 2-channel 16-bit/4-channel 12-bit
DV or SDI 2-channel 16 bit/48 kHz
SMPTE/DV embedded (drop or non-drop)
DV embedded (drop or non-drop)
DTE File Formats
RawDV (.dv) • AVI Type 1 • AVI Type 2 • Canopus AVI • Matrox AVI
(.avi) • QuickTime (.mov) • Avid DV-OMF (.omf) • Pinnacle AVI •
24p QuickTime • 24p AVI Type 2
RawDV (.dv) • AVI Type 1 • AVI Type 2 • Canopus AVI • Matrox AVI
(.avi) • QuickTime (.mov) • Avid DV-OMF (.omf) • Pinnacle AVI •
24p QuickTime • 24p AVI Type 2
RawDV • AVI Type 1 • AVI Type 2 • Matrox AVI • Canopus AVI •
QuickTime (.mov) • AVI Type 2 24p • QuickTime 24p • Pinnacle
AVI (FS-4Pro only) • Avid DV OMF (FS-4Pro only) • P2 MXF (FS100 only)
120GB, IDE
FS-HDD-1 FireWire disk drive (Slot)
FS-4 HD: 40GB
FS-4Pro HD: 60GB, 80GB, or 100GB
FS-100: 100GB
DR-HD100: 40GB, or 80GB
FS-C: 60GB, or 100GB
Disk Speed
7200 RPM
External Disk Type
User-supplied IEEE-1394a FireWire
User-supplied IEEE-1394a FireWire
Disk Format
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
5400 RPM; 8MB cache
Conversion Software
FireStore DV Standards Converter
FireStore DV File Converter
Digital Video Format Converter
Digital Video Format Converter
Digital file formats
DV, DVCPRO25, Uncompressed RGB (24- and
32-bit), Uncompressed 8-bit YUV 4:2:2 (based
on ITU-Rec. 601), QuickTime animation and AVI
Huffyuv codec supported
QuickTime (with or without separate audio
track), QuickTime Reference Movie (import only,
with or without separate audio track), AVI Type
1 and 2 (with or without OpenDML extension),
Reference AVI Type 1 and 2, Canopus AVI Type
1 and 2, Matrox RT2500/DigiSuite AVI, Raw DV
(.dv/.dif/.dvsd), SONY ES-3 DV files (.dv)
System requirements
Intel Pentium III 500-MHz or faster processor,
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX, 128MB
of RAM
Intel Pentium III 500-MHz or faster processor,
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX, 128MB
of RAM
MediaConverter MC-2E
DV/SDI/Analog Converter
Video input/output
DV/DV CAM on IEEE-1394 6-pin interface; SDI (with embedded audio)
(270 Mb/s) SMPTE 259M/CCIR656-III, BNC; analog component signal:
Y 1.0 Vpp, B-Y/ R-Y 0.7 Vpp, 75-ohm, SMPTE/EBU, BNC; S-video
signal: Y 1.0 Vpp, C 0.43 Vpp, 75-ohm (4-pin mini-DIN); CVBS signal:
1.0 Vpp, 75-ohm, BNC; ref. video signal: blackburst 0.3 Vpp, 75-ohm,
Audio input/output
Analog unbalanced stereo audio signal: line level -10 dBV, 47 kiloohms, RCA; analog balanced stereo audio signal: +4dbm, low impedance, XLR; digital stereo audio signal (AES/EBU): balanced, XLR
Digital Video Mixer
Digital Video Mixer
Video Inputs
4 x S-video (Y/C): Y=1 Vpp, C=0.30 Vpp, 75-ohm (4-pin mini-DIN connectors); 4 x composite: 1.0
Vpp, 75-ohm (RCA connectors)
4 x S-video (Y/C): Y=1.0 Vpp, C=0.30 Vpp, 75-ohm (4-pin mini-DIN connectors); 4 x composite: 1.0
Vpp, 75-ohm (RCA connectors); 4 x 6-pin 1394/FireWire (embedded audio supported)
Video Main Outputs
1.0 Vpp, 75-ohm (2 x RCA connectors) and 2 x S-video (MAIN): Y=1.0 Vpp, C=0.3 Vpp; 75-ohm, 4-pin
mini-DIN connector
2 x S-video (Y/C): Y=1.0 Vpp, C=0.30 Vpp, 75-ohm (4-pin mini-DIN connectors); 2 x composite: 1.0
Vpp, 75-ohm (RCA connectors); 1 x 6-pin 1394/FireWire (embedded audio supported)
Video Preview Outputs
1.0 Vpp, 75-ohm (1 x RCA connector)
1.0 Vpp, 75-ohm (1 x RCA connector)
Audio Inputs
4 x 2 (left and right) RCA connectors, 50 kilo-ohms
4 x 2 (left and right) RCA connectors, 50 kilo-ohms
Audio Outputs
1 kilo-ohm, RCA connectors (left and right)
1 kilo-ohm, 2 x RCA connectors (left and right)
Ethernet I/O
Ethernet I/O, FireWire, i.LINK, audio and video
Stereo jack, 8-100 ohms, stereo signal
Stereo, 8-100 ohms, stereo signal
Video Performance
Meets long-haul video broadcast specs including CCIR-601 sampling and RS-170A
Time base meets RS-170A standard
Compatible with all NTSC video sources and tape formats (PAL version available)
Digital DV-standard sampling: 13.5 MHz, 8-bit quantization
Digital Conversion
13.5 MHz, 4:2:2, 10-bit quantization (Y/C); 10-bit quantization (composite)
13.5 MHz, 4:2:2, 10-bit quantization (Y/C)
S/N Ratio
Greater than 60 dB (Y/C); greater than 60 dB (composite)
Greater than 60 dB (Y/C); greater than 60 dB (composite)
Horizontal Resolution
480 TV lines
480 TV lines analog; 500 TV lines digital
Analog Audio Performance
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz, ± 3 dB
S/N ratio: 80 dB
Frequency response: 20 Hz–20 kHz, ± 3 dB
S/N ratio: 80 dB
Digital 2-Channel Audio
Sampling: 16 bit, 48 kHz
Frequency response: 20 Hz–20 kHz
S/N Ratio: 85 dB
Digital 4-Channel Audio
Sampling: 12 bit, 32 kHz
Frequency response: 20 Hz–14.5 kHz
S/N Ratio: 80 dB
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Video Production Products
Direct To Edit Recorders
DV/SDI/Analog Converter
Digital Video Mixers
MediaConverter MC-2E
Video production solutions from
Focus Enhancements provide seamless compatibility with most leading
DV cameras and editing software
FS-4Pro HD
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Apple Computer, Inc.
Avid Technology, Inc.
Canon, Inc.
DV Conversion Suite
Canopus Co., LTD.
DV File Converter Pro
Ikegami Electronics Co., LTD.
JVC Americas Corp.
Matrox Video Products Group
Panasonic Corporation
Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Sony Corporation
Corporate Headquarters
European Headquarters
Focus Enhancements
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Campbell, CA 95008
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