Car Seat Safety Ages 1-4 - Cincinnati Children`s Hospital

Car Seat Safety Ages 1-4 - Cincinnati Children`s Hospital
Car Seat Safety
Ages 1-4
Check your manufacturers’ instructions for
weight and height requirements.
Using a Car Seat
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children
remain rear-facing until 2 years old or until they reach the
highest weight and height limit for their child restraint (car seat).
Choosing a Car Seat
Convertible car seats go both rear and forward facing
in the car and usually can be used to a higher weight
limit than an infant seat.
This seat helps to keep a child rear-facing longer and
can be used to a weight limit around 40-80 pounds,
depending on the brand.
Forward facing only.
This seat has a 5-point harness that can be used up to
a certain weight limit (40-65 pounds)
Once the child reaches the upper weight limit of the
harness, they can then begin to use the seat as a
booster seat. The seat is then used with a lap or
shoulder seat belt.
Check the manufacturers’ instructions for weight and
height requirements.
Remind your child to NEVER put the shoulder
part of the belt behind them. This will not keep
them safe if they are in a car crash.
The harness should be at or just above the
The retainer clip, or chest clip, should be at
armpit level or across the nipple line.
The harness should be snug around the child.
Make sure you buckle around the legs first.
Proper Installation is Key
Before installing the seat, read both your car
and the car seat’s instruction manuals to make
sure the seat is installed properly.
Make sure to use either the latch system or the
seat belt, NEVER BOTH!
Make sure your child’s car seat is checked by a
certified seat technician!
To find a fitting station near you, call your local
fire or police station or visit
Other Helpful Tips
Never purchase a used car seat!
Never use anything with the car seat that was
not originally sold with the seat. When car
seats are tested for safety, they are crashtested with only the products that come with
the seat
Check your state’s booster seat laws to make
sure you are following the law!
For more information, please contact Trauma
Services at 513-636-7865
Booster Seats
Booster seats are typically used for children aged 4
years up to 8 years of age. They can be used from 40
pounds to 80-120 pounds and the height of 4’9”
They boost the child up to help the car’s seat belt fit
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