Hello Kitty® Dominoes Rules

Hello Kitty® Dominoes Rules
For 2 to 4 players, ages 5 and up
Hello Kitty
Dominoes Rules
Be the first player to get rid of all your dominoes.
28 Hello Kitty dominoes
Set Up:
Place all the dominoes, face down, on the table and mix them. If two
people are playing: each player takes seven dominoes and stands
them in front of them so that their opponent cannot see them.
If three or four people are playing, each player takes five dominoes.
The remaining dominoes form the draw pile. The youngest player
starts, then turns are taken clockwise.
The first player lays down any of their dominoes on the table face up.
The player to the left now takes their turn, trying to match one of the
ends of the domino that was just played. Throughout the game, players
can match a domino to any one of the two open ends of the trail.
When a player cannot match an end, they take a domino from the
draw pile.
If they are able to place that domino, they can – and their turn ends.
If they are unable to place that domino – they keep it and their turn
ends. If there are no dominoes left in the draw pile – their turn ends.
Whenever a player plays a domino that has the same picture on
both ends, that domino is placed crosswise against the domino you
place it against. Players can now place dominoes on these ends.
Ending and Winning the Game:
The first player to get rid of all of her/his dominoes wins. If no more
moves can be made, the player with the fewest dominoes left wins.
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