Update Bulletin No. 594

Update Bulletin No. 594
Update Bulletin No. 594
you for
your interest
in writing to me about how
to remodel your bathroom
in an attractive, yet energy efficient manner. In
general, a bathroom that
is energy efficient is also
Jim Dulley
more comfortable, especially when you get out of the shower soaking wet. It typically costs about $7,000 to
$12,000 to completely remodel a bathroom,
so you might as well do it efficiently to
recover the costs.
On the following pages, I have listed
some selected manufacturers and products
that can be used when remodeling a bathroom. One key factors to consider is how the
bathroom will be heated. Since bathrooms
are used sporadically for short periods of time,
your goal is to provide rapid heating. Radiant
heating, that heats objects (your body) instead
of just the air, are ideal for a
bathroom. This is similar to
the instant warmth you feel in
the sun.
to remove excessive moisture, especially in
the summer air-conditioning season. Some
of the combination units also have efficient
built-in night lights, motion sensors and humidity sensors so
they run only as much as needed.
The natural light quality compact fluorescent bulbs are made
by American Environmental
Products (www.sunalite.com)
and Ott-Lite (www.ott-lite.com)
Radiant wall/ceiling panels are a good choice as is a
cove heater. Radiant floor heating takes a little longer, but you Ceramic tile by Florida Tile
To control hot water usage,
can time it to come on before
select low-flow showerheads (I use one with
morning showers. Using an electric towel
a KDF chlorine filter by Rainshow’r warmer allows you to be comfortable at a lower
www.rainshowermfg.com) or full-body
room temperature. Ceramic tile absorbs and
shower fixtures that recirculate heated water
saves some bathroom heat before it’s lost.
(see page 4).
A quiet and efficient bathroom vent fan is
toilets flush well with low water
a must. It is important to run the bath vent fan
usage, but are slightly noisier.
Selected Manufacturers of Products for Remodeling a Bathroom
AMERICAN STANDARD, PO Box 6820, Piscataway, NJ 08855 - (888) 442-1902 www.us.amstd.com
products - bathroom sinks • bathtubs • bidets • faucets • shower systems • toilets • whirlpools
Air is induced
features - The toilets are available in many colors, one-piece or two-piece, gravity flush or Water is pumped
through the air
volume controls
pressure assist, round front or elongated bowl. The whirlpools and bathtubs have a texin through
tured bottom with a nonslip surface for safe footing. Features molded arm rests, elbow
Air and
water flow
rests and built-in back lumbar supports. Some whirlpools have a two-speed pump and elecout in true
tronic on/off with 20 minute built-in timed safety shut off. The jets are completely directional and
50/50 ration
flow-rate adjustable. “Ideal-Flow” jets have an easy grip design that allows control over the nozzle
so you can point it in any direction with in a 40° range (see illustration). “Lumbar” jets are fully
adjustable for a comfortable flow, and they let you control the intensity of the massaging action. The
jet can be pointed toward, or away from the body. Deck-mounted air volume controls let you control
the amount of air or turbulence in the water. An optional large or small headrest or a hand-held shower
is available. Optional inline heater keeps the water at a comfortable temperature. Optional grab bar and
apron panels available. There are “Corian” shower walls for bath tub, alcove or corner installations. The 40° swing range jet nozzle
can be adjusted from full
walls have a gloss surface finish, simulated grout lines and a finished edge treatment.
BROAN MFG. CO., PO Box 140, Hartford, WI 53027 - (800) 558-1711 www.broan.com
open to a light
products - ceiling mount, wall mount and remote inline exhaust fans • ceiling-mounted and wall heaters • medicine cabinets
features - The “Solitaire Ultra Silent” bathroom fan offers a light switch that has an indicator light that shows when the fan/lights are
on. They have a low sound (sone) level. The “SensAire” series fan has automatic operation with three sensing control options. The
motion sensing fan automatically turns on when you enter the room and has an adjustable shut off time from 5 to 60 minutes after
motion stops. The humidity sensing fan detects increases in humidity and automatically turns on, then shuts off after a preset time
from 5 to 60 minutes. The motion and humidity sensing fan automatically turns on the light when motion is detected and the
humidity sensor controls the fan . A three-way control is available that turns the fan on, off, or the auto control activates the sensor
and there are light and night light control switches. There is a “Designer” series available with a decorative frosted glass lens with
frames of solid oak or aluminum finished in polished brass, polished chrome or painted white. They have a 7-watt night light for
safety. There are combination units that offer fan-forced heat, an exhaust fan, a light and a night light. The “Solitaire” series is
designed for style and performance demands of larger bathrooms, especially those with whirlpools or spas. There are many
medicine cabinets available — surface mounted, recessed, framed, frameless, with or without lights. The “Sonata” medicine
cabinet is pictured on page 4.
EASY HEAT, 31977 US 20 East, New Carlisle, IN 46552 - (800) 537-4732 www.warmtiles.com
products - infloor heating system — “Warm Tiles”
features - The “Warm Tiles” electric floor warming system has been designed to gently warm flooring materials such as marble,
ceramic and porcelain tile, slate, granite and poured or dimensional stone. This do-it-yourself system is installed in the mortar.
There are easy-to-choose color-coded packages depending on the number of square feet to be warmed. The kit includes detailed
installation instructions, an electrical box, other items needed for roughing-in-phase, cable and wall thermostat with complete wiring
instructions. Each cable includes necessary hardware and special template for proper cable placement. Can be installed in an
hour or two using an electric drill and other ordinary hand tools. All kits produce 10 watts of heat per square foot with 120-volt
operation. The system is controlled by a wall thermostat with a built-in on/off switch, allowing system to be disconnected when
warming system not needed; available for 120 and 240-volt installations. The setback series of controls provide flexible control with
an energy-saving feature — controls allow user to lower the operation temperature at night and during the day to reduce energy
costs by as much as 25%. Each control is provided in a kit which includes the thermostat, floor sensing thermistor, a speciallymodified single gang electrical box, instructions and hardware.
Update Bulletin No. 594
page 2
EPANEL, PO Box 115, Pennington, NJ 08534 - (800) 537-2635 www.epanel-originals.com
products - towel warmer — “Wrapture”
features - There are six freestanding models and ten wall-mounted models (five hardwire and five plug in). The units help warm the
room, heat or dry your damp towels, quickly dry lingerie and other undergarments and also help to prevent mildew. There are builtin thermostatic controls. The thermostat automatically turns off at 155°F and back on at 115°F. A 24-hour programmable timer can
be set to turn on or off in 15 minute increments. A clock can be programmed to turn on 15 to 30 minutes before warm towels are
needed, and automatically turned off at a preselected time. A red light glows when the unit is plugged in and a green light indicates
when heaters are warm. The warm-up time is approximately 15 minutes. The towel warmers have a finish in brass, chrome and a
combination of brass and oak and chrome and oak. The heater rating is 320 watts (1,100 Btus/hr), weighing 12 to 14 pounds. There
is more than 51/2 square feet of heating surface. See illustration and information on page 4.
FLORIDA TILE, PO Box 447, Lakeland, FL 33802 - (800) 789-8453 www.fltile.com
products - ceramic tile
features - It is easy for you to choose coordinating tile colors from different lines because the tiles have been assigned common
product identification numbers to each color. Even though the names of the tiles may be different, if the last two digits are the same,
the colors coordinate — which means you can choose countertop, wall, floor and accent tiles that harmonize. There are many
accent tiles and moldings to add your own individual and distinct design. There are many murals, inserts and moldings that offer
unlimited decorative potential — in colors from bold and bright to soft and subtle. The glazed tiles are coated with a liquid glass
which is then baked into the surface of the clay. The glaze provides many colors and designs as well as
protects the tile from staining. The surface is not coated on the unglazed tiles. Unglazed tiles do not show
wear because their color extends throughout the tile. The company reuses and recycles, resulting in zero
toxic waste.
HINGE-IT CORP., 3999 Millersville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46205 - (800) 284-4643 www.hingeit.com
products - towel warmer — “Eurorack”
features - This towel warmer attaches to a door hinge by popping the hinge pin and dropping it in the
adjustable brackets. It hides behind the open door and swings freely, independent of the door. The unit
heats to 150°F to warm or dry towels while helping to warm the room. It is a one-piece 3/4” diameter tubular
towel rack available in polished brass, polished stainless steel or white finishes. Oak wall mounts are
available. There is a portable, self-standing floor model, a stationary wall-mounted model, a swivel wallmounted model and an unheated model. The towel warmer rating is 70 watts and can be hardwired or
simply plugged in any 110 volt outlet.
JACUZZI WHIRLPOOL, 2121 N. California Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA 94596 - (800) 288-4002
products - whirlpool baths • whirlpool spas • luxury shower/surrounds • bathroom suites — toilets, bidets,
Eurorack from
drop-in sinks and pedestal sinks • faucets
Hinge-It Corp.
features -The bathroom suites are constructed of high-fired vitreous china, triple-glazed into a stain-resistant finish for easy cleaning. Each suite features a distinctive style. The toilets are low in water
consumption and the bidets offer horizontal or vertical spray options. “Affinity” is a full-size
corner bath complete with a built-in 9-inch television and CD/stereo system. Four built-in
speakers offer high-fidelity sound. While the television and CD/stereo system come with fullfeatured remote controls, an innovative floating remote control offers easy access to the TV
channels and volume as well as on/off control of the jet system, air injectors and two underwater lights. It is equipped with four fully adjustable body jets and one extra-large foot jet for headto-toe massage. Two ergonomic loungers each offer three stacked back jets for hydrotherapy.
Two sets of air controls offer fingertip adjustment of the whirlpool action. There are also 60 air
injectors in the perimeter of the bath, which release tiny bubbles of air for full-body relaxation.
The “Vantage Surround” is a combination whirlpool bath with a shower surround. It has an
optional steam generator. “J-Sha” has four fully-adjustable jets and 32 programmable micro
The Vantage Surround
jets — 16 jets run along each side of the spine. The back massage is electronically controlled
from Jacuzzi
and there are three preprogrammed massage cycles. You choose the cycle based upon your
body weight and size. You can also individually adjust water flow, the sequential speed and the duration of the cylce.
KOHLER CO., 444 Highland Dr., Kohler, WI 53044 - (800) 456-4537 www.kohlerco.com
products - whirlpool baths • bathtubs • showers and shower doors • bath and shower modules • toilets
• bidets • sinks • faucets • body spa systems • vanities • console tables
features - There is installation flexibility with the “BodySpas”. Custom 10-, 8-, or 6-jet systems may be
created from components for installation in an alcove or corner. The modular 6-jet system offers many
bathing options in a single unit. Designed to retrofit a 5’ or 6’ alcove, it’s perfect for upgrading a
standard bath or whirlpool. An electronic touch pad allows you to adjust the intensity and direction of
the water flow. The systems are ergonomically engineered with seats, jets, headrests, footrests and
lumbar supports placed where needed. An integral heater is standard on all systems and helps maintain the original water temperature. See illustration and more information on page 4. The “Peacekeeper” toilets use a magnetic sensor that operates on two alkaline D-cell batteries. When you lift the
toilet lid, a magnetic signal is created between the magnet in the lid and a sensor in the tank. When you
close the toilet lid, the magnetic signal is broken and the toilet flushes. The pump-assisted toilets,
“Power Lite” have a twin touch actuator on the toilet tank. You press the small point for a 1.1 gallon flush
for liquid waste and press the large point for a full 1.6 gallon flush for solid waste.
Pillow Talk
Power Lite
One-Piece Toilet
Update Bulletin No. 594
page 3
NUTONE/BROAN, 4820 Red Bank Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227 - (888) 336-3948 (513) 527-5100 www.nutone.com
products - ceiling mount, wall mount and remote inline exhaust fans • ceiling-mounted and wall heaters
features - There are “SmartSense” automatic fans that activate when humidity levels exceed certain limits
protecting the bathroom from mold and mildew, see illustration to the right. The light automatically activates when motion is detected. It can be set on automatic or manual operation. A delay timer is user
adjustable. A switch is available with an auto/off switch and three separate on/off switches for the vent,
light and night light. One fixture, “ Heat-A-Ventlite”, includes four functions — heater, vent, light and night
light. There are wall heaters with fan-forced heat or infrared heat. Depending on style, available in white,
brown, or stainless finish.
RADIANT SYSTEMS, INC., PO Box 40, Yutan, NE 68073 - (800) 314-9303 www.radiantsystemsinc.com
products - radiant cove heater — “Comfort-Cove”
features - The “Comfort-Cove” is located high on the wall, close to the ceiling and resembles a picture molding. The front panel is
perfectly smooth (no grooves) and rarely collects dust. There is a ten-year limited warranty on the cove heater. The standard finish
is off-white but it is also available in walnut, sandalwood and blue-grey finishes. Available in 120 or 240 voltage; several different
lengths and wattages from which to choose. It does not take up valuable floor space and can be placed above the medicine cabinet
or door, where the heater distributes even heat. Since it is located high on the wall it won’t catch moisture. Optional built-in
thermostat kit or wall thermostat available. See illustration and more information on page 4.
SOLATUBE INTN’L, 2210 Oak Ridge Way, Vista, CA 92083 - (800) 966-7652 www.solatube.com
diameter - 10” • 14” • 21”
dome - UV protected, clear acrylic
light tube - Spectralight 2000 (most natural color)
light diffuser - acrylic prismatic • frosted flush profile • open ceiling diffuser • flushed • curved • optiview diffuser
features - The sealed design can help with minimal heat loss or gain between interior and outdoor weather. Color rendition makes
rooms and their contents appear in their true color. The tubes are lined with a smooth, reflective material that runs from the roof dome
to the ceiling diffuser. Seamless flashings are fabricated as a single, seamless piece to ensure leak proof performance. An optional
ventilation system helps remove moisture and odors. The insulated ductwork is 4” wide by 8’ long. The vent is constructed from noncorrosive polymeric material. The fixture is white and can be painted. There is an external damper and rodent screen that prevents
backdrafts. An optional electrical light can be added that uses one or two standard 100 watt incandescent bulbs or one or two 25 watt
fluorescent bulbs.
SSHC, INC., PO Box 769, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 - (800) 544-5182 (860) 399-5434 www.sshcinc.com
products - combination ceiling for bathroom heat, room light, night light, exhaust and ventilation
features - The “Heritage Bathroom Comfort Center” is a combination unit that has an
aluminum frame
exhaust fan for ventilation, light and night light centered within an “Enerjoy” heat modelement
ule to provide heat. For new and retrofit construction, eliminates costly ceiling trim work.
The package includes the thermostat and a 3-way Decora wall switch. The three-rocker
Decora wall switch is single gang where non-illuminated switching is appropriate. There is a full
range of panel sizes and wattages necessary to heat any size bathroom — in either 120 or 240textured
volt models. The bathroom light is either 100-watt incandescent or 18-watt compact fluorescent. surface
Low sone (sound) ratings range from .3 to 2.5, depending on the air volume (CFM) desired. Low
wattage fan motors are standard. Where continuous ventilation is desired, the control is illuminated while the fan
is operating. The “Enerjoy Radiant Peopleheaters” panel has a fiberglass insulation board, heating element, aluminum frame and a
ceiling-white textured finish that can be painted with a water based paint.
TELEDYNE WATER PIK, 1730 E. Prospect Rd., Ft. Collins, CO 80553 - (800) 766-4283 (970) 484-1352 www.waterpik.com
products - showerheads • shower panels
features - The full-body shower panel installs in under one hour with no behind-the-wall plumbing. It includes a
6-setting filed-mount showerhead, 6-setting hand-held showerhead, 2 multi-directional body sprays, soap dish
and accessory shelf. Kit comes complete with a 1/4” ceramic drill bit for installation. There are many hand-held
or wall-mounted showerheads from which to choose. The “Misting Massage” showerheads are available in
white, brass or chrome accent. One model has seven luxury settings for your every mood. Misting spray has
warm or cool moisture. Morning surf massage is a masseuse type, muscle relaxing spray. The monsoon spray
gives full body coverage. You can receive a deep concentrated cleaning with the bay shore spray. The body
spray gives you soothing comfort. Aerated bubbling spray enhances lather with the sea foam spray. The
evening tide massage gives soft pampering relief. The hand-held model has a five-foot hose and bracket.
There are also adjustable shower slidebars that come complete with all necessary mounting hardware, instructions and template. There is also a complete line of faucet-mount water filters that are designed for do-ityourself installation.
Shower Panel
WARMLY YOURS, 21699 North Pine Grove, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 - (800) 875-5285 www.warmlyyours.com
products - electric infloor heating system
features - “TempZone” is a low-temperature underfloor flexible woven synthetic fabric mat or roll with ultrathin electric-resistance
cable (fabricated in an “S” pattern) with a thickness of 1/8-inch thick. It generates 34 to 51 btu/hour/sq.ft. (equivalent to 10 or 15 watt/
sq.ft.). It is installed in the thinset cement used to lay down ceramic tile, marble or stone floors; or in self-leveling cement under vinyl,
carpet, laminated flooring or hardwood floors. The easy-fit rolls can be cut and turned to fit your particular floorplan. The roll structure
ensures uniform spacing of the heating wires for an even distribution of heat. You control the temperature with a specially designed
digital floor thermostat to personalize your comfort zone. Another possibility is to control the temperature of your floors with a 7-day
timer, which will automatically turn on/off according to your schedule, ensuring your comfort without wasting energy. You can also
control your warm floors with a simple dimmer switch. For most bathrooms, this can be connected to standard 110-volt wiring for
simple installation.
Update Bulletin No. 594
Misting Massage Showerhead by Teledyne Waterpik
• Hand-held model.
• Seven luxury settings for
your every mood.
• Misting Spray — enveloping warm or cool moisture.
• Morning Surf Massage —
masseuse type, muscle relaxing.
• Monsoon Spray — full
body coverage.
• Bay Shore Spray — deep • Evening Tide Massage —
concentrated cleaning.
soft pampering relief.
• Body Spray — soothing • Five-foot and bracket.
• Available with several fin• Sea Foam Spray — aerated
ishes — white, white with
bubbling spray enhances
chrome accent and white
with brass finish accent.
Sonata Medicine Cabinet from Broan
• Graceful top and bottom curves on this
1/2” beveled-edge medicine cabinet
with matching lights create an elegant
ensemble in a single-door design.
• The matching side light fixtures feature a beveled-edge mirror backplate
and distinctive frosted glass shades
with grey accent and chrome-plated
• The inner cabinet is steel construction.
• There are three adjustable polystyrene
• Equipped with piano hinges.
• Cabinet is recessed mounted and the light
fixtures are surface mounted.
tomatically turned off at a
preselected time.
• Six freestanding floor models
and ten wall-mounted models
— five hardwire and five plug
• The units help to warm room.
• A red light glows when the unit
is plugged in and a green light
indicates the heaters are warm.
• The towel warmers are available with a finish in brass,
Wrapture Towel
chrome and a combination of
Warmer from Epanel
brass and oak and chrome and
• The heater rating is 320 watts (1,100 Btus/hr) and weighs 12
to 14 pounds.
is more
than 51/Systems,
2 square feet
of heating surface.
Comfort •Cove
• Built-in thermostatic controls heats or drys towels
— the thermostat automatically turns off at
155°F and back on at
115°F. The warm-up time
is approximately 15 minutes.
• Programmable timer offers
24-hour preset convenience. It can be set to turn
on or off in 15 minute increments. A clock can be
programmed to turn on 15
to 30 minutes before warm
towels are needed, and au-
An electric element in
the cove heating unit warms
an aluminum panel coated
with a special vitreous
enamel. This panel, in turn,
radiates heat outward into the
room — much like solar
energy is radiated by the sun
— providing exceptional
levels of comfort.
Cove heating units are
mounted 2-1/2” to 4” below
the ceiling so that the radiant
panels direct heat downward
across the room, without
being blocked by furniture
and other objects.
• Elements run entire length of
• Units can be wired from either end.
• Can be wired for multiple
page 4
heater connection with factory
supplied wiring.
Convected warm air
• Constructed of heavy 18
gauge galvanized steel.
Heated room air
• Units are provided with
separate wiring com- Metal heat
• All metal construction
with metal end caps meRadiant
chanically fastened.
• Wires are prestripped.
• Long units are provided with
more mounting brackets.
• Exclusive tilt-lock wall
• Ten-year
bracket mounting system.
• Wall brackets are 30% stron• Eight different lengths
available — from 3 to 11 feet.
• Assorted colors — off-white,
• Wall-mounted thermostats prowalnut, sandalwood and bluevide comfort zoned heating.
grey finishes.
• Mounted up and out of the way
• Units factory tested and in— frees up use of floor space.
spected before shipment.
• Overall size — 16 x 32
• Wall opening — 14 x 24 x 31/2
The BodySpa System
from Kohler
• The system recirculates water up to two
times per minute — about 80 gallons per
minute of hydro-powered cylinders of water, more than the combined delivery of 25
average showerheads, directed at all the
right places to work away tension and stress.
• The systems use a concept similar to whirlpool bathing. Simply fill the basin with water and activate the pump to start the flow
of water. The systems propel water through
the air to maximize the invigorating effect
of hydromassage.
When finished,
simply turn off the
pump and open the
drain. Also with the
drain open, use the
shower head for a
• The jets are strategically placed on
either side of the
spine at key massage accupressure points. Instead of a sharp
stream from a narrow opening, each jet propels a wide cylinder of water that is dispersed across the shoulders and down the
center of the back in the style of a Swedish
• When the unit is turned on, the body jets
are initially preset to low. This safety feature allows the user to adjust the water flow
from a gentle stream to an ultra-rush of
water for just the right degree of massaging action.
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