Programming Remote Control

Programming Remote Control
Programming Remote Control
You can control your Television and your cable box with the Remote Control
provided during the Digital install. Follow these steps to program the remote for
TV usage.
Note: The Remote is already factory programmed to control the Cable Box.
ω Ensure the Television you wish to program the remote control with is turn
ω Make sure any other equipment is turned OFF or on STANDBY
(To turn the Cable box to Standby simply press the
button on the
The Screen will be blank when the Cable box is turned OFF and the TV is
turned ON.
1. Press the
button so that it blinks.
2. Then press and hold the
button until the
button blinks twice.
3. Use the “Manufacturer’s Codes” on page
to locate the brand name of
your TV and enter the first 4-digit code for that brand. If the code is
correct, the
button blinks twice. Aim the remote control at the TV and
press the
button. (If the code was correct the TV will turn off).
4. If the TV doesn’t turn off. Repeat steps 1 – 3 using the next in list.
For future reference, please use the space provided to write down the
working code for your TV(s).
Setup Codes for TVs
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