Homefill Cylinder Filling Guide

Homefill Cylinder Filling Guide
Homefill Cylinder Filling Guide.doc
Homefill Cylinder Filling Guide
NOTE: This guide is intended to be used as a supplement to the manufacturer’s operating manual and is not a
replacement for it. Please read and understand all of the warnings and procedures contained in the operating
manual prior to using this guide.
Make sure the switch on the Homefill Compressor (top unit) is in the OFF position.
Allow the oxygen concentrator (bottom unit) to run for 15-20 minutes before attempting
to fill a cylinder.
Make sure the cylinder contents gauge is at 1500 psi or less. If it is above 1500 psi,
either bleed off some oxygen or use the cylinder until the needle is below 1500 psi.
Perform a Cylinder Prefill Inspection. Refer to the operating manual for details.
Verify the tubing that goes from the concentrator to the Homefill Compressor is attached
and that the Homefill Compressor power cord is plugged in to the wall.
Adjust the flow meter on the concentrator to the patient’s prescribed setting.
This prescribed setting must be less than 3 liters for a 5 liter concentrator, or 5 liters or
less for a 10 liter concentrator.
Remove the cap from the silver coupler on the compressor then push down on the coupler
Make sure the cylinder valve is in the OFF position.
Insert the cylinder fitting in to the coupler and push the cylinder down firmly. At the
same time, pull up on the coupler collar to make sure the cylinder is securely connected.
Turn the compressor switch to the ON position.
The O2 BELOW NORMAL or WAIT light will be on for 3 minutes prior to the
compressor starting to fill the cylinder. It will then go out.
The FILLING light will be on while cylinder is being filled. Filling could take several
hours depending on the cylinder size.
The FILLING light will go out and the FULL light will come on when the cylinder is full.
Turn the compressor switch to the OFF position.
Push down on the silver coupler collar and at the same time pull upward on the cylinder to
release it.
If a cylinder doesn’t seem to fill properly, please start at the beginning of this guide and
carefully repeat each step. You can also refer to the TROUBLESHOOTING section of
the operating manual. If you are still having difficulty, please contact our Customer
Service Department at (800)540-7252 for assistance.
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