Popcorn Machine Instructions
Instructions for Popcorn Machine Operation Setup: • Setup Popcorn machine on a secure tabletop. • Plug machine into a 120 Volt, 15 Amp circuit. Be sure electrical source is sufficient to properly power machine. • There are three switches on the popper. o LIGHT AND WARMER SWITCH Turns on heat to bottom corn pan and light. o KETTLE MOTOR SWITCH Turns on motor, which drives kettle agitator shaft. o KETTLE HEAT SWITCH Turns on heat element. Making Popcorn: • Turn kettle heat and kettle motor switch "ON”. Allow 7-­‐10 minutes for kettle to warm. • Pour about 6-­‐8 ounces of prepared kernels into kettle. • When corn has finished popping, dump kettle. • Repeat steps 2 and 3 again (there is no need to warm kettle after first time). • Once you have made enough popcorn to fill bottom compartment, turn motor switch and heat switch off. Turn on light and warmer switch to keep popcorn warm. • Empty bottom corn pan after you have finished making your popcorn. • Caution: Do not touch the kettle while on, it is hot and can cause serious burns. Potential Problems: • Leaving popcorn in kettle for too long can cause popcorn to burn. • If a batch of popcorn has been burned, you must first clean the inside of the kettle before preparing another batch. For More Help: Popcorn Instruction Video: Contact Magic Jump Rentals http://youtu.be/y1nOeynYzeU Toll Free: 800-­‐873-­‐8989 Email: [email protected] 
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