Philips Avent SCF302/01 Single Electronic Breast Pump 762607
Supplier: Philips Avent
Product: Single Electronic Breast Pump
SKU: 762607 (Philips SKU - SCF302/01)
Style No: N0603
1. Q: Lack of, or no suction.
A: Check for any damaged pump parts and replace if necessary. Check that all the pump components
have been assembled correctly and that the white valve is positioned correctly. Ensure that the silicone
diaphragm and Let-down Massage Cushion are fitted securely to the pump body and that a perfect seal is
created around your breast. Make sure the Let-down Massage Cushion is pushed far enough down the
centre of the funnel. Run your thumb on the flat surface between each petal to ensure there are no air
pockets. Make certain that the control handle is firmly in place.
2. Q: No milk being expressed.
A: Ensure the pump is correctly assembled and that suction is being created. Relax and try again, as
expression may improve after practice. Refer to the “Preparing to Pump” section in the User Instructions.
3. Q: Pain in the breast area when expressing.
A: You may be squeezing too hard. You do not need to use all the suction that the pump can generate.
Try compressing the handle halfway. Try squeezing the handle more gently and remember the 2-3
second pumping rhythm (refer to “Pumping with Your Electronic Breast Pump” on page 13 of the User
Instructions). Consult your health professional / breastfeeding advisor.
4. Q: Milk is drawn up the Let-down Massage Cushion.
A: Try leaning slightly forward so your milk flows easily down the pump funnel and into the milk
container (you can use cushions to support your back). Remove and re-fit the Let-down Massage
Cushion to ensure it is firmly attached and pushed far enough down the centre of the funnel. (This is
easier if assembled while wet). Some women may prefer to use the pump without the Let-down Massage
Cushion. The Let-down Massage Cushion has petals that flex in and out to gently massage the area
around the areola. This is intended to help stimulate a fast, natural milk flow. When using the breast pump
without the Let-down Massage Cushion, the maximum vacuum level achievable will be higher.
5. Q: Cracking or discolouration of pump parts.
A: Avoid contact with antibacterial or abrasive detergents / cleaners as they can damage the plastic.
Combinations of detergents, cleaning products, sterilizing solution, softened water and temperature
fluctuations may, under certain circumstances, cause the plastic to crack. If this occurs, do not use. The
pump body and breast milk containers are dishwasher safe but food colourings may discolour them.
Follow the guidelines in “Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Pump” on page 7 of the User Instructions.
6. Q: Lost or damaged parts.
Philips Avent SCF302/01 Single Electronic Breast Pump 762607
A: Use the spare parts included with your Single Electronic Breast Pump or contact Philips Avent.
7. Q: Pump not responding.
A: Ensure the pump is correctly assembled and switched on with the power indicator illuminated
GREEN. Make sure the cord between the electrical wall outlet or battery pack and the pump is correctly
connected. If using the battery pack, use recommended batteries and check they are inserted correctly.
8. Q: Pump light flashing RED.
A: Pump light flashing RED with delays (3 flashes, delay, 3 flashes etc.). If the pump works properly in
Manual Control Mode but does not replicate in Automatic Mode, the handle rhythm may have been too
fast for optimal milk expression. The machine is set not to follow. Push the control button to return to
Manual Control Mode and use a slower handle rhythm. If this does not help and the power light still
flashes RED, the pump has detected a vacuum fault. Disconnect the power and check the control handle
and diaphragm for obstruction or damage.
A: Pump light flashing RED continuously: Low battery warning. Replace the batteries.
9. Q: Difficulties in separating the control handle from the pump body.
A: The pump must be switched off via the control button in order to separate these parts. If the
batteries go flat mid-pumping, you may experience difficulty. Replace the batteries or connect the pump
to an electrical outlet. Turn the pump on by holding down the One-touch Memory control until the light
flashes ORANGE and you hear the pump turn on (this can take up to 5 seconds). When the light turns to
a solid GREEN press and hold the One-touch Memory Control again to turn the pump off. The light will go
out and you can now disconnect the pump from the power supply and separate the parts (refer to
“Disassembling Your Electronic Pump” on page 6 of the User Instructions).
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