Removing stock carburetor and cables.
6. Install supplied fuel line onto carburetor and
secure with pinch clamp.
7. Install supplied vacuum line onto brass
carburetor vacuum fitting. See Figure 1.
The vacuum fitting will have a black vinyl cap
on it from the factory.
Figure 1,
1. Remove seat, front fenders and gas tank.
Make sure fuel petcock is in “ON” or
“RES” position. If it is in the “PRI”
position it will allow fuel through it.
2. Remove throttle cable, (and housing if
installing a twist kit) from throttle housing.
Pay close attention to routing when
removing cable as the new cables will need
too be routed the same.
3. Disconnect choke cable from stock
carburetor before disconnecting it from
handle bar and remove.
4. Remove stock carburetor.
5. Stuff a dry, clean rag into the intake
manifold to keep debris from entering
6. Remove stock rear head stay from frame
and head.
7. Remove plastic vent box from right side of
frame along with hoses.
Installing the Edelbrock Carburetor and
Throttle Cables
1. Install new rear head stay. NOTE: Start four
frame bolts before inserting larger bolt
through stay and cylinder head. It is
recommended blue Loctite or equivalent be
used on frame bolts. Tighten frame bolts
first, then head bolt.
2. Install large clear hose to upper, rear
pointing barb (hose comes from air boot) on
plastic breather box and secure with clamps.
3. Remove the rubber carburetor alignment
tabs from the manifold using a razor blade or
side cutters. Be careful not to damage
manifold or fingers during this procedure!!
4. Install the throttle cable into the stock
throttle housing. If using a twist kit, install
cables into supplied throttle housing
supplied with kit and place onto clean
handlebar end.
5. Remove the hex pipe plug from the carb cap
using a 11mm or 7/16 wrench. Do not
discard plug, as it will be needed later.
Install the metering adjustment tool included
in the hardware kit. Do not over-tighten as
damage may occur to cap.
NOTE: The vacuum line can be left off if the
engine is run while the petcock is left in the
“PRI” position. This may want too be
considered by racers who do not depend on a
reserve. If you choose to do this, the black
vinyl cap must be left on the carburetor vacuum
fitting and the spare cap can be placed over
the vacuum port of the petcock.
8. Remove rag from manifold.
9. Install carburetor into manifold and slip air
boot over back of carburetor. Do not tighten
10. Route cable(s) under new head stay to
11. For thumb throttle applications, install the
throttle cable into the 8:00 position of the
cable wheel and secure with clamp. See
figure 2.
Figure 2.
For twist throttle applications, install the pull cable
(long shoulder on cable) into the 8:00 position and
the return cable end into the 11:00 position of the
cable wheel. Secure cables to cable bracket by
replacing end piece and phillips screw. See figure
Figure 3.
19. Open throttle 3-5 times to prime accelerator
pump. Do not open throttle any more than
5 times as this may flood engine!!
20. Once pump is primed, engage starter
without opening throttle. If Motor will not fire,
slowly open throttle until it starts. If it does
not start within 5-7 seconds, disengage
starter and pump throttle 2-3 more times and
repeat starting process.
NOTE: If flooding occurs, slowly open
throttle to wide open and hold. With
throttle still open, hold decompression
lever and kick motor through 5-10 times.
Release throttle and decompression lever
and proceed with normal starting
12. Align carburetor as close to vertical as
possible, then tighten manifold and air boot
13. Adjust cable until wide-open throttle is
achieved. For thumb throttle minor grinding
of the throttle arm may be necessary to
achieve wide-open throttle. Twist throttle:
Adjust return cable to take up the slack.
Note: When throttle cables are properly
adjusted, there should be approx. 1/8” of
free play in the throttle.
14. After throttle cables have been adjusted the
handle bars should be rotated from full right
stop to full left stop while opening and
closing throttle to ensure smooth operation.
Also check to make sure the cables do not
catch or bind on anything, i.e., hand guards,
15. Install Remote Idle Cable into threaded tab
on top of carburetor. Refer to main
instruction manual for remote idle cable
installation and adjustment.
16. Install stock breather box to right side of
frame and reconnect stock hoses to cylinder
and valve cover. Connect new clear hose to
air boot.
17. Install fuel tank. Trim fuel line to desired
length and secure to petcock with provided
pinch clamp. Trim vacuum line to desired
length and connect to small vacuum port on
backside of petcock. NOTE: If the vacuum
line is not installed to the carb and
petcock, fuel will only flow in the “PRI”
position on the petcock.
18. Turn fuel petcock to “PRI” and check for
For any questions regarding tuning or
installation of Edelbrock products, please
call our toll free tech line M-F 8:00am-12:
30pm, 1:30pm-5:00pm PST.
877-888-7504 ext.2.
Edelbrock #3157 (thumb) and #3158
(twist) Suzuki LTZ400 and Kawasaki
KFX400 Carburetor Specifications
Bore Size: 38mm Tall X 34mm Wide
Needle: 17E @ 12 Clicks
Accelerator Pump Bypass: 2 ¼ turns out
Alternate Needles: 15E, 19E
Replacement Cables: #9354 Thumb Cable
#9355 Twist Cables, pair
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