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Grand WEGA™ Integrated LCD Rear Projection Television
Integrate ATSC Tuner
3.28 million dots resolution
Wega Engine™ system
Optical Engine
Slim, lightweight design
WEGA Engine™ System Sony’s proprietary WEGA Engine™ system maintains the picture in the digital
domain from the first stage to the last – end-to-end digital accuracy to deliver superb picture quality
from any video source. Direct Digital Circuitry (DDC) increases the signal to noise ratio before it passes
through to the DRC® circuit. Digital Reality Creation™ MultiFunction Circuitry raises standard definition
signals to HD quality to display clear, stable images from any video source. MID®-X Multi Image Driver
Circuitry scales all incoming standard and high definition signals to the configuration of the panel
without degrading signal quality, and provides Twin-View™ picture-and-picture features. DCP Digital
Component Processor fine-tunes the signal to improve overall contrast and sharpness before the image
is displayed.
Grand WEGA™ Integrated LCD Rear Projection Television
Sony Electronics Inc.
1 Sony Drive
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
For more information:
• Sony's Proprietary WEGA Engine™
System Direct Digital Circuitry,
Digital Reality Creation™
MultiFunction Circuitry, Multi
Image Driver (MID® X) Circuitry
• CineMotion™ Reverse 3-2
Pull-Down Technology A fixed
algorithm irrespective of source
which preserves the integrity of
movie film frames to create the
best possible image.
• Optical Engine Sony's original
engine, that provides a
high-resolution picture from corner
to corner across the entire screen;
it also renders an image with high
brightness utilizing a 100W UHP
(Ultra High Pressure) Lamp that
can be easily replaced by the
• Wide XGA LCD Panels Three wide
XGA LCD panels, one for each
RGB (Red, Green, Blue) signal that
resolve 1,092,168 million dots. This
provides a total picture resolution
of 3.28 million dots for crisp,
precise picture detail.
• HDTV Monitor
• 0.87" WXGA LCD Panels
• Wide Modes (Normal, Full, Zoom,
Wide Zoom)
• 3.28 Million Dots of Resolution
• 1,092,168 Million Dots per Panel
• Low Profile Cosmetic Design
• Memory Stick® Media Enhanced
• Super Fine Pitch Lenticular Screen
with Hard Coating
• ATSC Ingetrated Tuner
• POD Card Slot
• DVI-HDTV Interface
• Improved Contrast
• Improved Black Level
• High Resolution Panel
• Clear Corner Focus
• No Phosphor Burning
• No Misconvergence
• Slim Table Top Design
• Increased Longevity
• V Chip Parental Control
• Video Label
• Sleep Timer
• On Screen Display in
• Program Palette™ Presets
• Speed Surf™ Channel Selection
• Auto Channel Program
• Caption Vision (CC)
• Channel Fix
Channel Label
Channel Skip/Add
Clock/Timer (2 Event)
Favorite Channel with Preview
16:9 Aspect Ratio
Three Wide XGA LCD Panels: 3.28
Million Dots Resolution (1386 x
788 x 3)
• UHP Lamp (100W)
• First Surface Mirror
• 3D Digital Comb Filter
• Multi-Image Driver (MID™ X)
• Flexible Twin-View™ 2-Tuner
Picture-and-Picture (HD, NTSC)
• Program Palette™ Presets
• Energy Star Compliant
• High Definition Integrated
Television Monitor
• Cinemotion™ Reverse 3-2
Pulldown Technology
• Superfine Pitch Lenticular Screen
Conventional CRT PJ = 0.72mm
Grand WEGA® = 0.098mm
• TruSurround® SRS® Audio Sound
• 3D Audio System (30 Watts)
• Steady Sound® Automatic Volume
• Power Requirements AC 120V
Inputs and Outputs
• Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Inputs
2 rear (1080i, 720p, 480p, 1480i)
• Composite Inputs 1 Front/ 2 Rear
• S Video Inputs 1 Front/ 2 rear
• DVI-HDTV Interface 1 rear
• Audio Input 1 front/ 5 rear
• Control S in/out 1 rear
• Subwoofer Out 1 rear
• HDMI 1 rear
• POD Card Slot 1 rear
Supplied Accessories
• Instruction Manual
• Remote Control RM-913
• AAA Battery (2)
Optional Accessories
• Spare Lamp
• A/V Stand SU-GW11
Weights & Measures
• KDF-42WE655: 64.4 lbs (29kg)
• KDF-50WE655: 82.2 lbs (37kg)
• KDF-42WE655:(1200 x 819 x 383
• KDF-50WE655:(1376 x 927 x 439
UPC Codes
• KDF-42WE655: TBD
• KDF-50WE655: TBD
©2004 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.
Features and specifications are subject to
change without notice. All trademarks
referenced herein are trademarks of Sony or
their respective owners.
*All Sony digital still cameras and camcorders
except models DSCD-700, DSCD-770,
DCR-TRV900 and DSR-PD100A store images
on a Memory Stick in the DCF file format, which
is required for playback on these projectors. If
the image file is renamed or manipulated, the
DCF file format must be restored before
playback is possible. Images captured on all
other digital still cameras and camcorders will
need to be formatted on a PC to the DCF file
format (with third party software not supplied
with the projector) before they can be viewed.
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