MD 409 U—3
Dynamic Microphone
MD 409 U-3
The MD 409 U-3 is a dynamic micro-
phone with cardioid pick-up pattern,
which is especially suitable for recording
heavy beat musical instruments. Instru-
ment amplifiers are also picked up
without distortion due to the large
diaphragm area.
The enhanced directional effect guaran-
tees maximum prevention of feedback
and good acoustic decoupling. Low sen-
sitivity to mechanical vibration is gua-
ranteed by the elastic mounting of the
Model Wiring
MD 409 U-3
: Frequency curves
Technical Data Nominal frequency response with tolerance range
Acoustic principle . . . . . Lge St an Ne не pressure gradient microphone M
Frequency response . ...... e ene 50...15000 Hz SO ОНИ
Pick-up pattem . . . . ...... aaa: Carcion Mätavständ -
Free field no-load sensitivity at 1000 Hz .... 1.18 mV/Pa + 2.5 ОВ
Electrical mpedance at 1000 Hz ......... 200 Ohm
Nominal terminating impedance ‚.. =2000hm
Plug . APE EE PRE ANAL ,. . 3-pin. XLR-plug-
Plug wiring . . aE mc SE ned Sor Ban 2 and 3 = moving coil
1 and plug body = earth
Dimensions in mm .........ese sos... ‚ 55x34x 134
Weight ...... RP. ,. . approx. 180g
1ú O so нот o чо о or LT HS SC LA
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