X20 Spray Rate Setup

X20 Spray Rate Setup
X20 Spray Rate Setup
X20 Product Selection
The spray rate program can be
selected here
The product selection screen is also
where you are able to access the
Upgrade: Use this to upgrade the
Topcon Software on the X20
Align: Use this to calibrate the
touch screen
Setup: Use this to access the GPS,
Languages, and System setup
Main Guidance Screen
Spray Rate control is able to be
accessed by the mini view below
The Mini view displays the following
Sections that are currently activated
Current Product Name &
Boom Pressure.
Current Rate & Actual Rate
Master Switch Status
The Auto Section Control (ASC)
master switch can also be activated
from the guidance screen
Spray Rate Control Screen
The main Spray Rate Control Screen
displays the following information:
Section Status:
Grey = Off
Red = ASC Active / Low Speed
Green = Section On
Boom Pressure
Tank Volume & Product Name
Manual / Auto Control
Volume /Minute or /Nozzle
Actual Rate & Preset Rates
Master Switch Status
Spray Rate Control Screen
The main Spray Rate Control Screen
displays the following information:
Ground Speed
Hectares Covered
Volume Used
Data List
Options Menu
Return To The Guidance Screen
Spray Rate Version
By clicking on the Topcon Logo in
the top right hand corner, the
version number can be obtained.
This is also where the product is
Sprayer Configuration
The sprayer configuration screen is
accessed from the options tab.
This allows the user to:
Change / View Configuration
Save As User Configuration
Or Reload Factory & User
The Audio volume can also be
adjusted from here.
Sprayer Options
Auto Section Control
VRC Logging Mode
On Time:
The physical time it takes from
powering up the valve until the
correct spray pattern is produced
Off Time:
The physical time it takes for the
chemical to stop flowing from the
spray nozzle
Coverage Map Offset:
This is used to tidy up the stops and
starts on the guidance map
Show Virtual Road:
Show the virtual road on the right
hand side of the spray rate control
screen when moving
Sprayer Options
ECU Options
Com Port:
This should match where the com
connector from the spray rate ECU
is connected. If this is unable to be
selected then the Sprayer software
will need to be registered. Please
contact your area rep for the
release code
Controller Type:
Interface or ECU
Speed Source:
Wheel Sensor
Radar input or GPS input.
Sprayer Options
ECU Options
ECU Model
Select the correct type of ECU fitted,
e.g. 30S
Section Valve Types
Select the type of sectional valves
Dump Valve Types
Select the type of dump valve fitted.
Sprayer Options
Tank Options
Three tanks can be supported
Pressure Sense
An optional pressure sensor can be
enabled or disabled
Tank Mode
What sort of product control is
Tank Capacity
Enter the tank capacity in liters
Controller Type
Regulator Valve or
Proportional Valve
Sprayer Options
Regulator Valve
Standard will account for most 4 –
20 sec regulator valves. As a rule the
faster the valve the lower the max &
min on times will need to be.
Raven is to be used if a Raven Fast
Close valve is fitted. This
automatically adjust to the required
Please consult your operators
manual if there is any doubt
Sprayer Options
Tank Options
Controller Type
Proportional Valve can also be
Sprayer Options
Proportional Valve
Valve options & controller response
can be selected.
Min & Max PWM will need to be
adjusted to eliminate dead band
Normal values range from 25% Min
PWM to 75% Max PWM.
Sprayer Options
Number of sections & section
Number of Guidance sections
Single or Dual Lines
Balanced valves option
Number of nozzles
Min & Max flow per nozzle
Sprayer Options
Section widths can be entered in
individually or grouped
Sprayer Options
External Master Switch
External Auto Switch
External Section Switch
Boom Sensing
Section Switches
Switch Mapping
Sprayer Options
Pressure Sensor Type
Flow Sensor Calibration
figure can be entered by
selecting Sensor
Sprayer Options
Flow Sensor
Flow sensor calibration
figure and min flow (stall
rate) of the flow meter can
be entered here
Sprayer Options
Wheel Calibration Factor
Enable Pump Speed Indicator
Enable Pump Control
Used to turn on & off the pump
when running a proportional valve
Holding Pressure
For future development
Low Speed Shut Off
Low Speed Hold
Pressure Boost
Enable Speed Smoothing
Sprayer Options
Required units are able to be
selected to suit individuals
Sprayer Options
Each alarm is able to be
selected and configured to suit
the individuals requirements or
to suit the machine
Sprayer Options
Individual Product Names
are able to be configured
and stored.
Sprayer Options
Pressure, Speed, & Flow
sensors are able to be
simulated for display purposes.
Sprayer Options
Animate Section Valves
Auto Section Click Sounds
Faster Manual Switching
VRC Low Rate Count
Sprayer Options
Saving The Configuration
Make sure after the setup of
the sprayer to save the
configuration under a new file
Using a file name made up of
the make & model of the unit
along with the date could be
helpful for future reference
Tank Options
Tank Fill Options
With the master switch off, the
tank menu can be selected by
pressing the picture of the tank
Rates & Products can be set &
fill options can be adjusted by
selecting the Fill button
Flow Calibration
Calibration Method
Enable one section to perform a
flow sensor calibration
When the flow is started the
volume will count up
Enter the correct volume as
measured and the calibration
figure will adjust to match the
require calibration factor
A manual entry can also be
made if the calibration factor is
Flow Display Options
Displays Volume per Minute or
Volume per Nozzle
Min & Max Nozzle Limits can be
set here
Menu is accessed by pressing
the Flow Display
Pressure Options
Pressure alarms can be adjusted
by pressing the pressure read
out window
A sensor calibration can also be
carried out depending on the
type of sensor selected
Speed Options
By pressing the speed window,
wheel calibration factor and
low speed shutoffs are shown
A manual speed can also be
Area Options
By pressing the Area window
the area options are displayed
10 Sub areas & volumes are
able to be recorded
Data Display
By pressing the Data
window all configuration &
current sensor values are
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