Using Your laminator, Read And Understand The

Using Your laminator, Read And Understand The
1. Before using your laminator, read and understand the machines instruction manual and the user’s guide
2. Never feed empty pouches into machine
3. Do not leave laminator unattended during lamination
4. Turn off your laminator when not in use
5. Only suitable for laminating paper products, not foreign objects like wood or flowers
6. Feed pouches presealed edge first
7. Before laminating irreplaceable documents, test the setting on a similar but not important document first
8. Always choose the correct heat setting/pouch thickness. Having the heat setting too high may damage the document
9. The pouch should overlap the document by 2-3mm on all 4 edges to ensure the document is encapsulated. Select the
appropriate size pouch – available from A7 to A3 size- for the document. Do not cut down a pouch before laminating
10. If your document jams while laminating, turn the machine off and try using the release lever to free the pouch
Before laminating, read and understand the machines instruction manual and the user’s guide. Use the machine
only for its intended purpose
Use quality pouches. Pouches used in GBC laminators must have a minimum level of stiffness which some lower
quality pouches do not provide
Place all documents inside the pouch as close to the presealed edge as possible
Before laminating irreplaceable documents, test the setting on a similar but not important document first
Allow the machine to heat to desire temperature before use.
Remove the pouch from the machine immediately after laminating and allow to cool on a flat surface before
Turn off your laminator when not in use
Always feed pouches presealed edge first
Don’t use the laminator in possibly hazardous conditions-such as near water, while eating or drinking, or on
unstable work surfaces
Don’t remove a jammed pouch while the power is on
Don’t cut down the pouches or trim the presealed edge off the pouch before lamination or it may jam. If trimming
is required cut the pouch only after lamination
Don’t feed empty pouches into the machine
Don’t attempt one-sided lamination, use creased or torn pouches, or feed anything other than paper products into
the machine (not suitable for laminating wood, metal, flowers, leaves etc)
Don’t leave pouch in Machine after laminating as the end may burn, bubble, or melt
Don’t leave the laminator unattended during lamination
No Power to Machine
Check power cord is plugged in properly
Check power is turned on at power point and at machine (on /off switch)
Machine not heating up
Check power to machine (as above)
Leave machine on for a few minutes longer than instructions indicate
Try a different heat setting (where available)
Pouch Jamming
If the document has an end outside the laminator, turn the machine off and push the release lever. Pull the pouch
but do not force it as this could damage the gears. If the document is retrieved using the release lever, run a sheet of
white cardboard through the laminator 2 – 3 times in hot mode to absorb the glue from the rollers.
Check the settings on the machine are correct for the pouch thickness
Check the pouch thickness does not exceed the maximum thickness for the machine
Check nothing appears to be caught in or on the rollers
Ensure all pouches are fed into the machine presealed edge first
Lamination has a wavy appearance
Temperature is too hot. Check the setting is correct for the pouch being used
For variable temperature machines, turn temperature down & wait for ‘ready’ light to indicate correct temperature
has been reached
If temperature can’t be adjusted, try a thicker pouch
Document curls up after laminating
Ensure the document is remove from the machine as soon as lamination is complete
Leave document on a flat surface to cool before handling
Bubbles appear/Lamination looks cloudy
Temperature is not hot enough. Check the setting is correct for the pouch being used
For heavier documents, you may need to change to a thinner pouch
Try increasing the heat and running the pouch through a second time
Why is the pouch bigger than the document?
Pouches should always overlap the document by 2-3mm on all 4 edges so the document is fully encapsulated and
How do I laminate a document that is smaller than the pouch?
Do not trim the pouch before laminating. Just insert the document into the pouch close to the presealed edge
and ensure left and right margins are equal. Trim the pouch after lamination.
Why does the laminator smell when it is hot?
This smell comes from the rollers and the heating element when the machine is new. It is normal for hot roller
laminators and will disappear after some hours of operation. The odour is not hazardous.
Is it normal that the top of the laminator is very hot?
Yes. Because the heating elements are wrapped around the rollers, heat will build up on the laminator house.
Why is the pouch getting stuck in the laminator?
There are three main causes:
1. If low quality pouches have been used, excess glue could have built up on the roller
2. The temperature setting may be too high
3. The pouch may have been misfed
Why are my laminated documents wavy from left to right?
This can occur if the laminator is too hot for the document. Check the temperature setting is correct for the
pouch type. In some cases a better result may be achieved by using a lower temperature than the pouch
thickness indicates. If the temperature can be adjusted further, try using a thicker pouch.
Is maintenance of the machine needed?
If the laminator is used correctly with GBC Pouches, machine maintenance is not necessary. Cleaning of the
rollers is recommended after every laminating session. To clean roller, run a sheet of white cardboard through
the laminator 2 – 3 times in hot operation mode or GBC Cleaning Sheets.
What does micron mean?
Micron is a measure of the pouch thickness. 1 micron = 0.001 millimetre
My pouch box says 125 micron – is this the total thickness of the pouch?
GBC always states the thickness per flap so a 125 micron pouch is 250 micron total thickness.
Some other manufacturers state total thickness so their 250 micron pouch would equal the total thickness of GBC 125
micron pouch.
Do I have to use GBC pouches?
We recommend using GBC premium pouches as they’re made to the highest quality standards. All GBC products are
designed to work together to ensure a great quality lamination result.
What is a Premium Pouch?
GBC Premium Pouches are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure optimum results.
GBC produces an extensive range of pouches available in packs of 25 or 100 including:
GBC A2, A3 A4, A5, A6 Laminating Pouches
• 80/125 micron
GBC A4 Specialty Pouches
• High Speed
• UV Safe Pouch
• Matt Finish
• Peel N Stick
• Filex
GBC Card, Badge and Tag Laminating Pouches
• 125/175 Micron
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