EDNord - GBC Indbindingsmaskine Docubind TL200 Datablad

EDNord - GBC Indbindingsmaskine Docubind TL200 Datablad
Technical Specifications
Punching/Binding Style
Maximum paper width
Punch Capacity
Number of holes punched
Binding Capacity
Machine Weight
Machine Dimensions
Product Code
Product Barcode
Manual / manual
15 sheets 80 g
34 holes (3 : 1 pitch)
125 sheets (Ø 14,3 mm wire)
14 kg
L463 x D480 x H215 mm
Features & Benefits
The ideal office binding machine
• Manually punches up to 15 sheets (80gsm) at a time
• Adjustable margin guide for different size documents
• Vertical punch throat for faster more accurate punching
• Binds documents up to 125 pages using industry standard 3 :1 pitch wires
• Unique stay-put wire holder to assist binding
• Finishing documents benefit from 360 degree turning for lay flat reading and easy photocopying.
• Adjustable back gauge, providing thicker margins for large documents
• Disengageable punch dies (1)
GBC reserves the right to modify specifications without notice.
EDNord - Istedgade 37A - 9000 Aalborg - Telefon 96333500
GBC – Wire Binding Systems
GBC Docubind TL200 – Office Wire Binding Machine
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