Station Configuration Setup Guide

Station Configuration Setup Guide
Station Configuration Guide
Step by Step Instructions to Help You Setup Stations
With the Envision Software
Station Configuration Setup Guide
Stations are computers running Envision that are used for the Sales Register. To function as a Sales Register, a
Cash Drawer, Receipt printer, and Pole Display can be added. The individual stations need to be created with
a unique identification called a "Station Id". This ensures that the data that is collected by your server will
correctly identify which location conducted each piece of business.
Stations can be located at one physical store or throughout many different store locations. This makes your
accounting vastly easier.
Creating a Station Configuration
Station Configuration List
To create a list of Stations, click on "Company" on the Menu Bar of Envision and select "Station
Configuration" from the menu.
The Station List will open for you to add to this list or make changes. Click the "New" or "Edit"
button on the List Tool Bar to add or edit a station.
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Printer Settings Tab
Station Description
The "Station Description" must be unique. The program will warn you if you try to save a station setup with a
duplicate description. Station Descriptions become important if you have several store locations and several
stations in each store. You might like using "Front Desk" as a description, but you can't use this for more than
one store's front desk. We recommend you include the store's identity, for example: East - Front Desk, or Lake
Ave Front Desk, etc.
Station Printer Setup
Click the drop down arrow in the field provided and you will see a list of printers that have been installed on
your computer. The list will only show those printers that Windows recognizes as installed.
The "Receipt Printer" is the printer you selected to install on your system that is dedicated to printing
customer receipts.
Receipt Printer Type
Select the type of printer you have installed (or select "Not Installed" if you haven't done this). The "Receipt"
choice is for printers that use a narrow register tape paper. "Plain Paper" can be selected if you have a
standard computer printer dedicated to receipt printing and it uses letter size sheets of paper.
Type of Connection
Select your receipt printer's type of connection to your computer. The "USB / HS Serial" selection will optimize
the performance and communication with a "USB / HS Serial" printer and the "Low Speed Serial" selection will
optimize the performance and communication with a "Low Speed Serial" printer.
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Station Configuration Setup Guide
Receipt Printer Model
Select the printer model you have installed. If you are not using an Epson or Star printer, select "Other".
Receipt Print Style
Select the Receipt Print Style for your printer. "Single Ply Paper – Merchant/Customer Copies" will print a
receipt for you and a receipt for your client on single ply paper. "Single Ply Paper – Customer Copy Only" will
only print a receipt for your client on single ply paper. Select "Two Ply Paper" if you are using two ply register
tape paper.
Star Thermal Receipt Paper: If you have purchased a Star Receipt Printer from Ennoview, you will need to
purchase thermal receipt paper that is 3.15 inches wide. The paper must be Thermal Paper. If the paper is
not Thermal Paper, your receipt printer could be damaged.
Verifone PinPad COM Port
If you are using Envision's Integrated Credit Card Processing and would like to use a Pin Pad for Debit
transactions, enter the COM Port of your Verifone PinPad here. If you do not have a Verifone PinPad, please
contact your Merchant Service Provider to purchase one.
Prevent POS Checkout
Check this box if you do not want anyone to use this station for checking clients out.
Prompt to Print Receipt / Cash Drawer Attached to Printer
Check the "Prompt to Print Receipt" check box if you wish to be prompted to print a receipt at the time of sale.
If a Cash Drawer is connected to your Receipt Printer click the "Cash Drawer Attached to Printer" box. This is
the common connection for Cash Drawers in newer equipment. It saves using a connection on your computer.
The commands to open the Cash Drawer are passed through the printer to open the drawer.
Receipt Printer Codes
These code fields can be used for any commands that your receipt printer is capable of using. There are many
different commands available for receipt printers that can change the style of the receipt or the way that the
printer works or communicates with a cash drawer.
Max Length
Select the maximum number of characters to print across the receipt for your selected printer. 40 and 42 are
normal for the most common receipt printers.
Extra Lines
Enter a number into this field for the amount of blank lines that you would like added after your receipt
message. These blank lines will create space after your message so that the message does not end right where
the end of the receipt is cut.
Force CC Option on the following Optional Payment Types
Check any of the "Other" payment boxes to print a signature line on the receipt when one of these payment
methods is selected.
Test Printer / Test Drawer Buttons
When you have finished selecting and entering the correct information for your receipt printer and cash
drawer, click these buttons to test the receipt printer from the program and to test the cash drawer if it is
attached to your printer. The "Test Drawer" button can only be used for cash drawers that are connected
directly to a receipt printer.
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Receipt Messages Tab
Pre Receipt Message - Located after Address Line
Enter the text in the field provided and it will be printed on each Pre Receipt. An unlimited amount of text can
be added to this field.
Post Receipt Message - Located after Total Line
Enter the text in the field provided and it will be printed on each Pre Receipt. An unlimited amount of text can
be added to this field.
Optional Promotional Receipt Message
The program has the ability to print a message at the bottom of the receipt. This message can be a promotion
(as shown in this screen shot) or any plain text message you want. Setting the "Frequency" to the number 1
will cause the message to print on every receipt. If you wish to offer a promotion and only print it on every 5th
or 25th receipt, enter 5 or 25 in this field.
Receipt Image Filename
Select an image file here if you would like your logo printed at the top of your receipts and you are using a
StarTSP100 series receipt printer. Click the small browse button in this field to locate the file on your
computer. The image size should be 250 pixels wide and 100 pixels in height.
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Station Configuration Setup Guide
Serial Cash Drawer Tab
Cash Drawer Connections
These settings are only to be used if your cash drawer is connected directly to your computer and NOT
connected through the receipt printer. The settings can be obtained from the Drawer's manual. We suggest
that you select "COM 1" and leave the "Baud Rate", "Data Bits", "Parity" and "Protocol" as shown. If the
Drawer is not working, switch to "COM 2" and try again. Additional COM Ports are available, try them if
Cash Drawer Open Code
Enter the Code required to open the drawer. Enter a code here ONLY if not connected to the Receipt printer. You
may obtain the code from the Drawer's manual.
Shared Cash Drawer Station
If a cash drawer is not attached to this station, but is attached to another station, select the station that the
cash drawer is attached to from the drop down menu. If you do not have a cash drawer that connects to a
computer, but you are using Envision on multiple workstations, you will still need to select the Shared Cash
Drawer Station. This is a necessary setting so that multiple "Z-Out Drawers" are not created when the Sales
Register is opened at each workstation. If this is the case, select the main station used for checking clients
out. If the station you are on has a cash drawer connected to it, leave this field blank.
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Pole Display Tab
Pole Display Connections
This group of settings is necessary for connecting your pole display. If you have connected the display to the
serial port on the back of your computer, you can select "COM 1" and leave the remaining settings as shown.
If the pole display is not working, change to "COM 2" and try it again. Check the manual for the Pole Display
you purchased, and you will find the "Baud Rate", "Data Bits", "Parity", and "Protocol" settings listed. The
"Emulation" setting is available if your pole display requires a specific setting.
Pole Display Use
Select to use the Display only for Point Of Sale (POS) or only with the Check-in Module of the program. The 3rd
choice is recommended, even if you don't check in your clients.
Pole Display Messages
This group of settings is where you tell the Pole Display what to show.
Max Characters: The "Max Characters" setting is for how many characters your Pole Display can fit across
the width of its screen. The standard is 20. If your display is different, enter whatever numbers the display's
manual states.
Welcome 1 and Welcome 2: There are 2 lines of messages available. This is the static message that
displays when no activity is taking place at the Sales Register. Most pole displays have two lines for this
message. When entering this message, enter the first part of the message in the "Welcome 1" field and then
enter the second part of the message in the "Welcome 2" field.
POS Change: This is the message that displays when you click the "Cash Out" button at the Sales Register, to
complete the transaction.
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Station Configuration Setup Guide
Tan Bed Controller Tab
Please call 1-800-231-9445 or via email at [email protected] for more information about the Envision
Tanning Edition.
COM Port
Select the "COM Port" that your Tan Bed Controller is connected to. If there is only one Serial Port on your
computer, the COM Port should be set to "Com 1". If you're using a Serial to USB Converter, you will need to
determine which COM Port the converter is using.
Baud Rate
The Baud Rate should be set to "9600". You may need to edit this setting depending on the type of controller.
Data Bits
The Data Bits should be set to "8 Data Bits". You may need to edit this setting depending on the type of
The Parity should be set to "None". You may need to edit this setting depending on the type of controller.
The Protocol should be set to "None". You may need to edit this setting depending on the type of controller.
Select the type of interface that you are using, either the "T-Max Interface" or the "Tan Time Interface".
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Other Port
If the "Com Port" number that your controller is using is not an available option, enter the COM port number
in the "Other Port" field and select the "Other Port" option under the "COM Port" selection.
Applying a Station Configuration
To assign the configuration to a computer, click on "Company" on the Menu Bar of Envision and select "Assign
Station ID to this Computer" from the menu.
Select the station ID from the drop-down menu and click OK.
Close any open windows in the program to apply the change.
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