Model: ZIR-750DC Infrared Wireless Headphones (Dual Channel
Infrared Wireless Headphones
(Dual Channel)
Owner's Manual
The ZIR-750DC is designed and developed to suit nearly all of Australian Audio
Viusal products for the automotive industry which contain a Dual Channel IR
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Model: ZIR-750DC
05/07 - 1.00
Wireless Mobility - Through cordless transmitting, there is no limitation on
moving around the vehicle or home while using these headphones.
Ergonomics - Light weight and comfortable design.
User Friendly - Simply switch on and adjust the volume to your desired
Low Power Consumption - Can play for more than 40 hours with 2 x AAA
alkaline batteries.
High Quality Sound - Excellent studio sound effects with a wide range
frequency response.
Important Notes:
The sun contains strong ultraviolet (UV) rays and these rays can affect
the IR Headphones Performance. We do not recommend using these
headphones outdoors.
The intensity of transmitting is affected by the distance. The further away
you are from the Transmitting device, the weaker the signal will be.
Generally the maximum Range for these IR Headphones is approximately
6 meters. Please keep the IR Headphones and IR Transmitter within the
suggested 6 meters range while using this device.
These IR Headphones uses FM Modulation system and cannot be used
with a PPM modulation IR Transmitter.
Headphones Operations :
For optimal reception, places the IR transmitter device in front of you and
tilt it toward the IR Headphones.
The recommended operation distance between the IR transmitter device
and IR headphones is within 6 meters.
Do not place any object between the IR transmitter device and IR
headphones to avoid possible signal loss.
For longer battery life, please turn off the IR headphones when not in use.
Auto Mute - When IR Signal is interrupted, the sound from the IR
Headphones will automatically mute until the signal is restored.
Auto Power Off - The IR Headphones will automatically turn-off when the
IR signal is lost or is out of range for more than 3 minutes. If this happens
simply turn the power switch to "OFF" and back to "ON" again.
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