Xerox Phaser® 8500 vs. HP color LaserJet 3600

Phaser® 8500
Competitive Comparison
Xerox Phaser ® 8500 vs.
HP color LaserJet 3600
The Phaser 8500 has more value, more speed, and better print quality
• Better value
• Superior performance
• Legendary solid ink ease-of-use
• Better paper handling
• Better print quality
• True Adobe® PostScript® 3™
• More color control
• Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee
Phaser 8500
HP LaserJet 3600
More value
• Even though the HP 3600n has similar pricing, the Phaser 8500N
has far more value due to faster performance, better paper handling
and superior ease-of-use.
Phaser 8500N: $699*
Phaser 8550DN: $899*
HP 3600n: $699
HP 3600dn: $999
Faster color print speed
Faster first-page-out time
Faster processor
2 to 3 times the standard and maximum memory
Up to 24 ppm color and black
As fast as 6 seconds
600 MHz
128 MB to 512 MB
Up to 17 ppm color and black
As fast as 20 seconds
350 MHz
64 MB to 128 MB
Better language support
• True Adobe PostScript allows for fewer errors across platforms
and faster speeds when printing PostScript or PDF files.
• Built-in language takes the burden off PCs, users, and networks –
increasing office productivity.
True Adobe® PostScript® 3™,
PCL 5c emulation
GDI: Host based processing means
more network traffic due to larger
file sizes being sent and more
impact on PC processing times
Better paper handling
• Fewer user interventions keeps your office printing.
• Fit an entire ream of paper in the Phaser 8500 main paper tray.
Standard input: 625 sheets
Maximum input: 1,675 sheets
Output: 300 sheets
Superior print quality
• The Phaser 8500’s solid ink technology allows for exceptional print
quality, regardless of media type.
Produces consistently smooth, vibrant output
Easy driver installation
• The Phaser installation is intelligent and highly automated.
• The HP installation is 13 steps or decisions, which can cause
confusion and waste valuable time. Plus, it requires you to reboot
your computer.
Higher duty cycle
• Higher maximum monthly duty cycle means more reliability and
longer life.
Greater color control
• More color correction options add flexibility for more true,
accurate color.
Better management and productivity features
• The Phaser 8500 has more features to keep your office productive.
*After $200 rebate
Install time: 2 minutes
85,000 pages per month
4 Steps!
Standard input: 350 sheets
Maximum input: 850 sheets
Output: 250 sheets
Exhibits noticeable banding and
inconsistent transfer of toner
Install time: 5:30
13 Steps!
50,000 pages per month
TekColor®, Automatic, ColorSync,
ICC profiles, Custom Color Sliders
Automatic, ColorSync, ICC profiles
PrintingScout on-screen alert notification,
PhaserSMART® online troubleshooting, job
accounting, Usage Analysis Tool, Intelligent
Ready, email alerts, CentreWare Web,
configuration SIM
HP Easy Printer Care, limited job
accounting, email alerts, and HP
Web Jet Admin
(more over)
Phaser® 8500
Competitive Comparison
Other Xerox Phaser 8500 Advantages
Simple design = simple maintenance
The Phaser 8500’s technology is legendary for its ease of use. Loading ink
is as easy as loading a stapler…even a child can do it.
The HP color LaserJet 3600, as you can see in the photo, is a complicated device.
Opening its front cover engages dozens of moving plastic parts that can be
broken, and exposes the transfer belt to potential damage.
Phaser 8500
HP LaserJet 3600
Easy-to-use driver
The Phaser 8500 printer’s visual graphics interface is easy to navigate and helps the user
get the print right the first time.
The HP LaserJet 3600’s print driver has its most commonly used features on separate
screens, making it more time-consuming and less intuitive.
Phaser 8500’s driver
LaserJet 3600’s driver
Real-world performance
Front display panel eliminates guesswork
The Phaser 8500’s front panel display is larger and
shows more helpful information, including animated
graphics to aid in maintenance.
The HP LaserJet 3600’s front panel is smaller, provides
less information at-a-glance, and requires more button
pushing to find what you need.
• Six-line display
complete with
• Limited two-line
display with
no animation
Phaser 8500
The Phaser 8500 has a dramatic performance advantage over HP’s LaserJet 3600 in both
specifications and (more importantly) real-world performance.
Phaser 8500
HP LaserJet 3600
Monochrome e-mail (1 page)
8 seconds
16 seconds
Excel spreadsheet (1 page)
8 seconds
16 seconds
Real estate PDF (2 pages)
14 seconds
18 seconds
PowerPoint presentation on paper (8 pages)
41 seconds
1:18 seconds
Complex multilayered file
59 seconds
Note: All pages printed in default print mode on letter-size media.
HP LaserJet 3600
Xerox PrintingScout
• Easy to understand
instructions get
users printing fast
The Phaser 8500’s proactive PrintingScout provides instant, detailed, and graphical
on-screen alerts with instructions on what to do. Advantages include productivity
gains plus reduction in support requests to the help desk.
HP does not currently offer automated status and self help tools.
Xerox PrintingScout
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