Certificate No.: 1438/CPD/XXXX
EN 54-24
The Apart-Audio EN-CMX6T10 is a built-in 2-way ceiling speaker made of powder coated steel (RAL 9010 equivalent), equipped with a high class 2-way speaker and a
multitap 100 volt transformer, all certified according EN 54-24, offering a detailed and powerful sound for demanding applications. The unit is equipped with a ceramic
speaker line connector block, thermal fuse and metal firedome. Installation is made easy thanks to the spring loaded clamps and the included PG16 cable gland. Popular
applications: background music, microphone calls (paging) and evacuation systems
The highlights are: steel frame and grille, ceramic connector block, thermal fuse, 2-way speaker.
Mounting instructions
1. Insert the outer frame (ring) into the ceiling and fix it with the spring clamps.
2. Slide the firedome into the frame:
Lift the three plate springs from the spring slots and turn them sidewards.
Put the speaker cable through the cable gland. Position the dome under the
notches and put it in line with the slots.
Turn the plate springs to original position, into the slots.
3. Connect the speaker cable to the ceramic connector block.
4. Mount the grille into the frame by turning it clockwise while gently pushing it
Safety precautions
• Keep this manual for future reference.
• When making the hole in your mounting panel to mount the Apart
speaker, make sure there is sufficient clearance behind the panel
(no obstructions like A/C channels, power lines etc, ...).
• Take care of your speaker wires, they should be free of damage. Damaged
speaker wires may result in poor sound quality and can damage amplifiers.
• Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer.
• Make sure the mounting panel can support the speaker's weight.
• Use a sufficient amount of speakers to avoid dead spots.
• No main power shall be connected to the loudspeakers, doing so will
damage the speaker.
• This apparatus should only be serviced by qualified personnel. If not
serviced by qualified personnel, warranty may be void.
• Use cable of the right gauge, certainly for long runs.
• Use cables with clear color indication and maintain polarity throughout
the whole system.
• Avoid loud feedback from microphones, this can damage your speaker.
• Please check the unit's condition after unpacking. If the outside of the
carton box has been damaged, inform your shipper immediately.
Warranty info
Apart Audio warrants this product to be free of defects in material and
workmanship for a period of one year for parts and for a period of one year
for labor from the date of original end-user purchase. This warranty is valid
only for the original end-user and cannot be transferred.
During the warranty period Apart Audio or one of its authorized service
partners shall either repair or replace any product, free of charge, that proves
to be defective on inspection by Apart Audio or its authorized service
representative.This warranty does not include, damages or product faults due
to abuse, misuse or faulty installation.
Legal info
Audioprof nv
Industriepark Brechtsebaan 8 bus 1, 2900 Schoten - Belgium
Company names, product names and trademarks are property of their
respective owners. Apart-Audio specifications are subject to change without
Technical specifications
Speaker type
Woofer size
6 inch
220 mm
Cutout dimensions (Ø)
203 mm
Mounting depth
159 mm
RAL 9010
100 volt transformer power taps
10 / 6 / 3 / 1.5 watts
Frequency response (-10 dB, IEC268-5)
249 - 23500 Hz
Frequency range
70 - 24000 Hz
Dispersion angle -6 db, 500 Hz / 1 kHz / 2 kHz / 4 kHz
180° / 180° / 130° / 44°
SPL 1W / 1m (IEC268-5)
87.7 dB
SPL 1W / 4m (IEC268-5)
75.7 dB
SPL Pmax / 4m (IEC268-5)
85.7 dB
SPL Pmax / 1m (IEC268-5)
97.7 dB
Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W / 4m
72.9 dB
IP classification
Chassis & grille material
powder coated steel
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