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Using Netflix in the Canadian market
The player is equipped with the capability to watch movies over the Internet (for example, from Netflix). Before
being able to use this Internet service, you must first:
1. Have connected the player to the Internet, and passed the Network Test. See “Configuring the Internet
connection” in the User Guide.
2. Have a valid account to this service.
You should contact the partner company (not Insignia) if you experience an issue using one of these
Watching movies with Netflix
Once the conditions above have been met, follow the steps below to register your player with Netflix, which
enables it to stream movies from the Internet to your TV.
To watch movies with Netflix:
1 Select Netflix to register the player with your Netflix account. Follow the directions on the screen. You will be
provided with an activation code.
2 If you already have an existing Netflix account, log in to your account on your PC. Click on the Your Account &
Help link in the upper right corner of the screen.
3 In the WATCHING INSTANTLY ON YOUR TV OR COMPUTER section, click Activate a Netflix Ready Device and
enter the activation code from Step 1.
- OR If you do not have an existing Netflix account, go to
http:// to start your free trial and enter the activation code from Step 1 into the Insignia
code field on screen.
4 After setting up your account and activating your Blu-ray player, browse to Instant under the Your Queue tab
and add movies to your queue.
5 For help with CS questions, go to
6 To exit Netflix, press Home/Setup.
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