Denso Protal Air Cartridge Gun - 1000 ml

(1000 ml )
For Spraying Protal 7200 / 7900HT Cartridges (1000 ml )
The Protal Air Cartridge Gun is designed for use where fast and easy setup, no clean up,
minimal material waste and minimal equipment maintenance is needed. It is based on a
reliable design with proven dependability and service. The Protal Air Cartridge Gun has
a quick connect/disconnect hose assembly for easy attachment of air lines to the spray
manifold. The atomizer air line is also equipped with built in air flow regulator and pressure
gauge to properly control the air flow and spray pattern. Protal Repair Cartridges should be
heated to approx. 120°F to 130°F (49°C to 54°C) to ensure optimal spray results.
• Low cost, easy to use, lightweight and portable
• Uses a spray manifold/static mixer assembly
• Dispensing is accomplished with an economical modified air gun that provides controlled
• Added control of airflow volume and pressure allows for optimal material mixing and
Protal Air Cartridge Gun (1000 ml)
(Straight and 90° Angle Mixing Tips Available)
Recommended Application
(54˚C) to 140˚F (60˚C).
2.3 Place the bell end of the static
mixing tip over the cartridge outlet.
Press firmly to seat the tip.
2.4 Tighten the lock assembly
clockwise onto the cartridge outlet
and tighten securely until it snaps in
1.0 Air Supply
1.1 Confirm the quick-disconnect
fitting is the proper size for your air
supply hose. Other fittings may be
substituted if needed.
1.2 Attach air supply hose to the
compress air inlet. Minimum of 14
CFM air compressor is required.
The air supply pressure should be 90
- 110 psi (0.6 - 0.7 MPa).
1.3 The air must be well conditioned
to remove mositure from the air
2.0 Prepare & Insert Cartridge in
2.1 Heat and check temperature of
"Part A" Protal Repair Cartridge to
approx. 120°F to 130°F (49°C to
54°C) in a 1000 watt microwave with
a turntable, convection oven, weld
rod box or other methods. (Do not
overheat and verify temperature with
an infrared gun, by checking the large
tube, Part A, at multiple locations).
2.2 Cartridge shall be shaken by one
of the two following methods:
2.5 Before installing cartridges into
gun, hold gun in an upright position
while pointing the nozzle in a safe
direction away from yourself and
other personnel. This will reduce the
chance of material drooling into the
mixer bell housing causing premature
cure of material in mixer.
2.6 Place the large end of the
cartridge assembly (piston seal end)
over the two ejector plates of the
applicator, pushing the cartridge
assembly towards the air cylinder,
snapping the cartridge into place.
Ensure that the cartridge assembly is
properly seated in cradle of gun and
ejector plates and rod assembly are
properly aligned in applicator.
2.7 Connect quick-lock coupling air
hose firmly onto the mixing tip air
3.0 Using the Protal Air Cartridge
3.1 Set fluid setting dial to #2 to #3.
This may vary depending on the
product temperature.
3.2 Adjust the atomizing air
pressure dial to #4 to #5. This may
vary depending on the product
until one uniform color is achieved.
Without stopping, begin spray
application. Prior to stopping, move
away from the substrate and then
release the trigger.
Note: Any time the spray
application is stopped, the
cartridge shall be purged prior to
beginning the next application.
Note: It is recommended to stop
spraying with approximately ½"
(12.5 mm) material in the cartridge
to eliminate potentially unmixed
4.0 Remove Cartridge From Gun
4.1 Press the red button to retract
the ejector plates from the cartridge.
4.2 Disconnect quick lock coupling
on air hose from mixing tip air inlet.
4.3 Partially-used cartridges may be
reused by removing and discarding
the mixing tip, wipe clean and
resealing the cartridge with the
original plug and nut assembly. Be
sure to re-align the plug according to
the A and B compounds.
Note: Refer to the Protal 7200 SDS
(Parts A and B) and applicable
regulations or authorities for
waste disposal.
5.0 Cleaning
5.1 Wipe off excess coating material
with a clean rag and a small amount
of solvent, avoiding getting solvent
on regulator and piston housing.
6.0 Troubleshooting
6.1 Contact a Denso representative
for help.
Preferred Method - Clamp cartridge
in paint shaker, with end cap up,
and shake for approximately 30
Note: When spraying with right
angle tip, it may require an
increase in air pressure.
Alternate Method - By hand, shake
cartridge well, with the end cap
facing up, for approximately 30
3.3 Purge cartridge and nozzle by
first pulling the trigger half-way, just
long enough to fill the mix nozzle with 9747 Whithorn Drive,
90 Ironside Crescent,
Houston, Texas,
Unit 12, Toronto,
After shaking the cartridge, recheck
the temperature of the “Part A” (Large
tube) to verify it has reached 130˚F
3.4 Continue purging away from
the substrate by pulling trigger back
completely. Purge for a few seconds
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