Sony | NWZ-Z1040 | Quick Start Guide

What You Can Do with Your “WALKMAN”
Parts and Controls
Initial Settings
1 Use the supplied USB cable to connect your
To enjoy music/videos/photos
Quick Start Guide
“WALKMAN” to a running computer and charge
your “WALKMAN.”
2 Hold down the  (Power) button on your
How to Install the Supplied Software
How to Use Your “WALKMAN”
“WALKMAN” to turn on the power.
You can transfer music from CDs and transfer videos and photos to your “WALKMAN”
using a computer.
How to Install the Supplied Software
(Including Help guide)
1 Connect your “WALKMAN” to a running computer
using the supplied USB cable. Plug in the USB
cable with
facing upward, making sure the
connection is secure.
3 Tap .
To enjoy FM radio
©2012 Sony Corporation Printed in China
By using the software on this product, you will be deemed to have accepted the
terms of the End User License Agreement stored on this product at “ (Menu)
button - [ Settings] - [ About device] - [Legal information] - [Sony EULA].”
You can listen to FM radio using the supplied headphones.
To use your “WALKMAN” connecting to other devices
You can play back content stored on your “WALKMAN” using another DLNA certified
device by connecting your “WALKMAN” to your home network.
You can play back video/photo/music files stored on your “WALKMAN” on a TV by
connecting with an HDMI cable.
To enjoy Internet
About the manuals
In addition to this Quick Start Guide, this model is accompanied by a Help
guide (HTML document) that gives detailed operating instructions.
To view on your “WALKMAN” screen:
See “How to Use the Help guide on Your “WALKMAN”.”
To view on a computer screen:
See “How to Install the Supplied Software (Including Help guide).”
You can browse the Internet and download applications by connecting to a Wi-Fi
 Hint
For details about this function or usage, refer to the Help guide (HTML document).
 (Menu) button
 (Home) button
 (Back) button
 Headphone jack
 WM-PORT jack
 Hint
If [USB connected] appears on the screen, tap [Turn on USB storage] to connect.
If the following screen does not appear, swipe the status bar on the top of the
screen and tap [USB connected] on the notification panel.
Status bar
Connect the USB cable (supplied), or other accessories that support WM-PORT
(not supplied).
 Built-in microphone
 Strap hole
 Built-in antenna
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS antennas are built-in.
 Screen (touch screen)
Touch (tap) icons, items, control buttons, etc., on the screen to operate your
4 Select the desired language.
5 Tap the Android logo to begin using your
 VOL (Volume) +/– button
(Double-u Dot) button
You can access your “WALKMAN” from the computer.
2 Select your “WALKMAN” from the computer.
This is used to directly display the W.control.
Please check the items in the package.
 “WALKMAN” (1)
 Headphones (1)
 Earbuds (Size S, L) (1)
 USB cable (1)
 Quick Start Guide (this manual)
 Software
The software is stored in the built-in flash memory of the player, and includes
the following items. For details on how to install, see “How to Install the
Supplied Software (Including Help guide).”
Media Go
Help guide, etc.
About Windows Operating System
Make sure that the OS is Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later), Windows Vista*
(Service Pack 2 or later) or Windows 7* (Service Pack 1 or later).
* [Compatibility mode] for Windows XP is not supported.
 HDMI jack
 Speaker
 RESET button
Click [Start] - [Computer] or [My Computer] - [WALKMAN].
3 Double-click [Setup.exe].
The install wizard appears.
 When you execute [Setup.exe], the [Setup.exe] file stored in the
[WALKMAN] folder of your “WALKMAN” is copied to your
computer for backup, and the WALKMAN Guide and Media Go
are installed to your computer.
Press the RESET button with a small pin, etc., to reset your “WALKMAN.”
  (Power) button
Hold down: Turns the power on/off.
Press: Turns the screen on/off.
6 Set the Wi-Fi connection, Google account and
date/time, etc., following the instructions shown
on the screen.
 Hint
Wi-Fi connection and Google account can also be set afterwards.
4 Follow the on-screen instructions.
After the install wizard finishes, the (WALKMAN Guide) icon
appears on the desktop of your computer. You can view the Help
guide by double-clicking the (WALKMAN Guide) icon and
clicking on the Help guide.
5 Start Media Go.
You can transfer content stored on your computer to your
For details on transferring music, etc., refer to the Help guide.
 Hint
You can start the WALKMAN Guide and Media Go from the [Start] menu (displayed by
clicking [Start]).
You can install the supplied software on another computer through the following
procedure even if you delete the [Setup.exe] file by formatting the built-in flash memory
of your “WALKMAN.” Copy the [Setup.exe] file and the [Install] folder from the
[Backup] folder of your computer to your “WALKMAN.” Then, connect your
“WALKMAN” to another computer on which you want to install the software and
follow the above procedure from step 2.
The [Backup] folder can be found at
C:\Program Files\Sony\WALKMAN Guide\NWZ-Z1000\Backup
([Program Files(x86)] may be displayed depending on the computer OS.)
Turning On/Off Your “WALKMAN”
Home Screen
The Home screen is displayed by tapping the
(Home) button.
Hold down.
If your “WALKMAN” does not function as expected, try the following steps to
resolve the issue.
1 Find the symptoms of the issue in “Troubleshooting” in the
Help guide (HTML document), and try any corrective
actions listed.
For details on connecting to a computer, see the following table.
2 Connect your “WALKMAN” to your computer to charge the
Turning On/Off the Screen
You may be able to resolve some issues by charging the battery.
3 Press the RESET button with a small pin,
The screen will turn off if no operations are made for a certain amount of time.
1 Press the  (Power)
The unlock screen will
2 Drag
4 Check information on the issue in the help guide of
Video player shortcut
5 Look up information on the issue on one of the customer
Starts Video player.
Music player shortcut
Starts Music player.
Original apps
Your “WALKMAN” is then
unlocked, and the Home
screen displays.
Press the button again to
turn off the screen.
Starts Favorites.
How to Use the Help guide on Your
How to Use the Touch Screen
The “WALKMAN” screen is touch-sensitive. You can operate your “WALKMAN”
by gestures such as tapping, pressing, and flicking the screen. Refer to the Help
guide (HTML document) for details.
Press and Hold
1 Tap [ Apps] - [ Browser].
2 Tap the (Menu) button.
3 Tap [Bookmarks] - [Help guide].
4 Select the desired language.
 Hint
You can bookmark the Help guide in the desired language by tapping [More] - [Add
bookmark] - [OK] after step 4.
You can also read the Help guide on your computer by installing the supplied
WALKMAN Guide software on your computer.
Pinch in/pinch out
software you are using.
support websites.
For customer support websites, see “For the latest information.”
6 If the approaches listed above fail to resolve the issue,
If your “WALKMAN” is connected to a computer and USB storage is active, you
cannot use the Help guide (HTML document). Swipe the status bar, then tap
[Turn off USB storage] on the notification panel.
You can format the built-in flash memory of your “WALKMAN.” If the
memory is formatted, your data will be erased and all setting values will return
to their defaults.
Avoid playing the unit at so loud a volume that extended play might affect your hearing.
At a high volume outside sounds may become inaudible. Avoid listening to the
unit in situations where hearing must not be impaired, for example, while
driving or cycling.
Owner’s Record
If you execute this function, Google account information and downloaded
applications will be erased.
If you tap and check [Erase USB storage] in step 2, the transferred music/
videos/photos and Help guide (HTML document) will be erased. You should
transfer any necessary files to the hard disk or other device before formatting.
Do not format the built-in flash memory using Windows Explorer. If you
want to format the built-in flash memory, format it on your “WALKMAN.”
1 Tap the
2 Tap the
About the headphones
(Home) button to display the Home screen.
(Menu) button, and tap [ Settings] [ Privacy] - [Factory data reset] - [Reset device].
Tap and check [Erase USB storage] to delete transferred music, photos and
Help guide (HTML document).
3 Tap [Erase everything].
Your “WALKMAN” restarts automatically after being initialized.
The model and serial numbers are located on the back of the player. Record them in the
space provided below. Refer to these numbers in the spaces whenever you call upon your
Sony dealer regarding this product.
Model No. ________________________
Serial No. ________________________
At high volume, prolonged listening to the personal audio player can
damage the user’s hearing.
Pour les utilisateurs en France
En cas de remplacement du casque/écouteurs, référez-vous au modèle decasques/
écouteurs adaptés à votre appareil et indiqué ci-dessous.
License and Trademark Notice
Refer to the Help guide (HTML document).
Use of this radio equipment is not allowed in the geographical area within a radius
of 20 km from the centre of Ny-Alesund, Svalbard.
consult your nearest Sony dealer.
Displays applications recommended by Sony.
Start the Help guide installed on your “WALKMAN.”
The Help guide for viewing on your “WALKMAN” screen is provided only in some
Before resetting your “WALKMAN,” check that no song,
video, etc., is being played back. You can then reset your
“WALKMAN” safely.
Starts the applications screen.
from left to
RESET button
To initialize (format) your “WALKMAN”
Your “WALKMAN” is
not recognized as USB
 The USB connection is turned off.
Swipe the status bar, then tap [USB connected] on
the notification panel followed by [Turn on USB
storage] then [OK].
 USB debugging is enabled.
Some devices or software may not recognize your
“WALKMAN” when USB debugging is enabled.
Tap the (Menu) button, then tap [ Settings] [ Applications] - [Development] [USB debugging] and uncheck the box.
The computer does not  The USB cable is not connected to a USB connector
recognize your
on your computer properly.
“WALKMAN” even if
Disconnect the USB cable, and then reconnect it.
connected by USB cable.
Use the supplied USB cable.
 USB debugging is enabled.
Some devices or software may not recognize your
“WALKMAN” when USB debugging is enabled.
Tap the (Menu) button, then tap [ Settings] [ Applications] - [Development] [USB debugging] and uncheck the box.
 A USB hub is being used.
Your “WALKMAN” may not be recognized by the
computer if using a USB hub. Connect your
“WALKMAN” directly to the computer’s USB port.
 The USB connector on your computer may have a
Connect your “WALKMAN” to another USB
connector on your computer.
 When you use your “WALKMAN” for the first time,
or when the battery is low, the battery mark may
display and you may not be able to use your
“WALKMAN.” This is not a malfunction. Wait for
about 10 minutes before attempting operations.
 Software authentication may take some time. Wait for
a while.
 Software installation failed.
Reinstall the software using the installer. Imported
data will remain unchanged.
 If the problem still persists after performing the
remedies above, press the RESET button to reset your
 A USB hub or USB extension cable is being used.
becomes unstable while
Your “WALKMAN” may be unstable if using a USB
it is connected to the
hub or USB extension cable. Connect your
“WALKMAN” directly to the computer’s USB port.
Your “WALKMAN” gets  Your “WALKMAN” may become warm when the
battery is being charged and just after charging. Your
“WALKMAN” also may get warm temporarily when
a large amount of data is transferred. Set your
“WALKMAN” aside for a while to allow it to cool
For the latest information
If you have any questions or issues with this product, or would like information on
compatible items with this product, visit the following websites.
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