SDC668C (7-10) DM50 Quick Install Guide (UK)

DM50 Series Digital Mailing System
(K700 series)
Your new system has been
designed to let you set it
up on your own. It should take
approximately 20-25 minutes to
complete the installation.
It is important that you
carefully read and follow the
sequence of steps in this
guide to successfully install
this product.
Quick Install Guide
UK Version
Check you have the following...
 Mailing Machine
 Weighing Platform
 Ink Cartridge
 Pitney Bowes
Postage Meter
 Phone Cord
 Power Cord
 USB Cable
 Phone Line
NOTE: If you have received a replacement system, you will only
have a Mailing Machine and a Pitney Bowes Ink Catridge.
If anything is missing, please contact our support team at:
Check that the Mailing Machine 'Meter #' matches the meter number
on the side of the packaging:
If the numbers do not match, contact Pitney Bowes immediately
and do not continue with the steps in this guide.
Position your system
Please do not apply power to
your machine until Step 4.
Remove all packing material.
Choose a location for your system where it can remain plugged in and
turned ON at all times. Also, locate the system so that it can be plugged
into an internet enabled PC or an analogue telephone socket. This is
essential for refilling the machine with postage.
Installation requires contact with our Data Centre. The Data Centre is
open from 7am to 8pm Monday to Saturday including Bank Holidays.
Please do not attempt to install your system outside these times.
Position the weighing platform as shown.
Plug the platform's
connector into the
matching connector on
the back of the machine.
Tighten the connector
Choose a Connection Method
You have to connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Centre to add
postage funds, get software updates, and perform required Postal
Authority inspections.
You have the choice of connecting either via an internet enabled
PC using Pitney Bowes PC Meter Connect™ software or via an
analogue telephone line.
Connection using PC Meter Connect™ is much faster and incurs no
telephone call charges. Pitney Bowes therefore recommends this
• To install PC Meter Connect™, go to...
Choose the 'Run' option to install the software and be sure to
select 'English (UK)' as your installation language. You will need
administrator rights on your PC to install the software.
When the software is installed, continue with Step 5 of this guide.
• If you choose not to use the PC Meter Connect™ software,
continue with Step 4.
Connect to the Phone and Power
Only follow this step if you have chosen to connect using an
analogue telephone line and you are not using PC Meter Connect™.
To install your system, you must have an analogue phone line.
The following are usually analogue phone lines:
• Fax lines.
• Lines used by modems or credit card readers.
• Residential phone lines.
Some digital phone lines may damage the machine. If you are
unsure about your phone line, contact your telephone company or
local network administrator.
Connect the phone cord
between the socket on the
rear of the machine and
the analogue phone line
wall socket.
A phone line splitter is
supplied if you want to
share the line with a fax
Plug the power cord into a
convenient outlet and into
the machine.
Please wait about 2 minutes
for the machine to initialise.
As no on/off switch is fitted, the power cable is the primary disconnect.
The power cable should be in such a position that access may be
gained to disconnect the machine.
Always plug the equipment into a properly grounded wall outlet.
The socket outlet should be near the equipment and should be easily
Use the mains lead supplied with your equipment.
Install the Ink Cartridge
Add ink cartridge,
Continue - Press Enter
Press Enter/yes on the
control panel.
When prompted, lift
the cover.
NOTE: If the carriage
is not visible, close
the cover and press
Enter/yes again.
Press unlock symbol
open cartridge latch.
Remove and discard the
yellow packing material.
Remove new cartridge
from its plastic wrapping.
Install the Ink Cartridge (continued)
Remove protective
tape from bottom of ink
Install new cartridge
into machine. Align
base of cartridge first
before pushing the top
Press ink cartridge latch
where shown until it
clicks and loosely holds
cartridge in place.
Close cover.
Press Enter/yes.
Cartridge installed?
Press Enter/yes. Wait about 2 minutes until prompted to insert
an envelope or tape/label sheet.
Install the Ink Cartridge (continued)
When prompted, insert a spare envelope or a tape/label sheet for a
test print.
To print correctly, insert envelope or tape against the Right Registration
Wall and gently slide it into the machine. The machine will detect the
envelope or tape and automatically begin printing. Do not remove until
printing has finished.
Registration Wall
Good test print - no missing lines
Poor test print - missing lines
If the test print is good, press Enter/yes on control panel.
If the test print is poor, press no to perform additional maintenance
and print another test image.
Account Balance, Add Postage and Updating
You have to add postage funds to your meter before you use it.
If you are installing the system using an analogue phone line, you
will be asked if you need to dial a number to reach an outside line
(for example, if you have to dial 9). You will not see this message if
you are using PC Meter Connect™ software.
Tip: If you are using the same analogue phone line as the fax
machine, check if the fax requires a dialling prefix.
Need number (prefix)
to get outside line?
If you do need a dialling prefix, press Enter/yes, then...
- Press the number(s) you use to reach an outside line.
- Press decimal point (.) if you need a pause after the dialling prefix.
- Press Enter/yes again to set this dialling prefix.
If you do not require a dialling prefix, press no.
The system will automatically attempt to connect to the Postage by
Phone Data Centre.
Once the system has made a connection to the Postage by Phone
Data Centre, your account balance will display.
Prepaid: £xxxxx.xx
You must now add postage to your system.
Press Enter/yes and the machine will suggest a refill of £50.
NOTE: If the machine is left at the Postage by Phone 'account balance'
screen for too long, it will automaticallly suggest £50.
Enter refill amount:
Account Balance, Add Postage and Updating
Software (continued)
Either press Enter/yes to accept this amount, or press Clear/Back
and type in the amount of postage you wish to add (the amount must
be in increments of £10).
Press Enter/yes to confirm.
Confirm the amount by pressing Enter/yes again. The system will
communicate with the Data Centre to add postage.
After a short time, the system will confirm that the funds have been
added. Press Enter/yes to continue.
After adding postage, you will be asked if you want a receipt.
If you want a receipt, press Enter/yes and print an envelope or tape
as you did with the test print.
If you don't want a receipt, press no.
Your system will now automatically check for available software
updates or features (e.g. Ads/logos) you may have ordered, and will
download them if necessary.
The screen will display the status of the update. Once complete, the
'Home' screen will display.
postal class
Your system is now ready to use.
However, you may wish the system to automatically select a
particular Ad/logo, postage value, etc. rather than having to select
these each time. To do this, you will need to setup what is called a
Once setup, the system will automatically revert to the preset
settings when powered on and when woken from sleep mode.
Step 7 overleaf describes how to select your desired settings and
how to store them as a preset.
Creating a Preset with your company
logo (Ad)
You don’t have to program the values that go into the preset in
the traditional sense. Instead, the system takes a “snapshot” of
the current values on your machine when you define the preset.
For example, if the machine is set up to print an ad, no class is
selected, and a postage amount is already on the screen, these are
the conditions that will be recorded by your system when you
define the preset feature.
To select an Ad/logo
• From the Home screen, press the down Review ▼ key until “Ad:” is
displayed. Press Enter/yes to confirm.
• Press the Review ▲▼ keys until you see the Ad required, then
press Enter/yes to confirm.
If you cannot see the Ad you want, refer to 'Ad not available' in the
Troublshooting section on the following page.
• You will now return to the Home screen with the Ad selected for
If you wish your preset to include other items such as a postal value,
etc. set these now as described in Chapter 3 of the online Operating
To store your settings as a preset
• Press Options.
• Use the Review ▲▼ keys to scroll to "Change Setup?", then press
Enter/yes to confirm.
• Use the Review ▲▼ keys to scroll to "Use Preset Setup?", then
press Enter/yes to confirm.
• At the "Turn Preset on? Y/N" prompt, press Enter/yes.
• At the "New postal rates since preset created" prompt, press
• Use the Review ▲▼ keys to scroll to "Store new preset?", then
press Enter/yes to confirm.
• Press no when the system displays "Review settings to be
• At the "Confirm store new preset" prompt, press Enter/yes.
• Press no when the system displays "View new preset?".
• Press no when the system displays "Stay in setup?".
Your new preset is now stored.
No Dial Tone Check that you are using an analogue line such as:
a) Fax lines
b) Lines used by modems or credit card readers
c) Residential phone lines
Check that you have entered a dialling prefix if your phone system
needs a code to reach an outside line.
Cannot Reach Data Centre Check that you have entered a dialling prefix if your phone system
needs a code to reach an outside line.
If you are using PC Meter Connect™, make sure the USB cable
is connected between the mailing system and PC and that the PC
can connect to the internet.
Not Enough Funds You have tried to add more postage than you have in your Postage
by Phone account.
Ad not available Any Ads ordered will be available for download within 10 working
days of delivery of your machine. If you cannot see the Ad you
want, it is possible that is is not yet available for your system to
download. You can continue using your system, but you will need
to connect to the Data Centre again at a later date to download
your Ad. This process is described in Chapter 5 of the online
Operating Guide.
If you have any problems...
• Refer to our support website at:
... and click on 'Troubleshooting'.
Elizabeth Way,
Harlow, Essex, CM19 5BD, UK PB Form SDC668C (7-10)
© Pitney Bowes Limited, 2010
We have made every reasonable effort to assure the accuracy and usefulness of this
guide, however we cannot assume responsibility for errors or omissions or liability for
the misuse or misapplication of our products.
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