MB Support
ASUS EEB 12”x13” CEB 12”x10.5”;ATX 12”x9.6”
HDD Bays
8 x Hot-Swap 3.5” HDD Trays
Device Bay
3 x 5.25” Media bays
Expansion Slot
7+1 x PCI Slots
System Cooling
1x 120x120 Rear Fan
1x 8038 System Fans (Max 3x 8038)
Front Switch
1x Power Switch
1x Reset Switch
Front LED Indicator
1x Power LED
1x Message LED
1x HDD Activity LED
1x Location LED
Front I/O
2x USB Ports
Rack mounting Kit
Ball Bearing Rail Kit (Option)
Power Supply
670 Single Power Supply
Dimension (HxWxD)
450mm * 217.5mm * 550mm
High Storage Capacity:
Support Max. 8 Hot-plug 3.5” HDDs ( w/ two HDD Cages)
Rack-mounted & Pedestal Flexible Design
5U Space for Rack ,Ball Bearing Rail kit
Considerate Design for Easy Installation :
Tooling-free design
Folded edge for safe device installation
C-curve design enhances mechanical strength and
eliminates sharp edges
CP-T50A-670 Overview
Pedestal Tower & Rack-mountable(5U) chassis
Compatible with ASUS EEB ,CEB & ATX MB
Max : 8 x 3.5” Hot-Swap HDD bays ( 4xbays/cage )
3x 5.25” Media bays (W/ ODD Dummy)
7+1 PCI Slots ( Max 4 x expansion cards with double decks )
1x 8038 Easy-Swap Fan (Max:3)+1x120 mm Rear Fan
Tool-free design : ODD;HDD cage; System Fan; Rear Fan; PCI
3x 5.25” Media bays
2x 3.5” Hot-Swap
HDD cages
670W Single PSU
ODD Tool-free
120mm Rear Fan
7+1 PCI slots &
Tool free design
HDD cage Tool-free
Max 3 x 8038 Easy-swap Fans
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