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Steam iron
Model: SI10010N
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08/10/2014 13:16
When using any electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the
Always ensure that the voltage on the rating label corresponds to the mains voltage in your home
Incorrect operation and improper use can damage the appliance and cause injury to the user.
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above if they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and if they understand the
hazards involved. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older
than 8 and supervised. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children aged less than 8
years.Check the power cord and plug regularly for any damage. If the cord or the plug is damaged,
it must be replaced by the manufacturer or qualified person in order to avoid an electrical hazard.
Do not use the appliance if it has been dropped or damaged in any way. In case of damage, take the
unit in for examination and/or repair by an authorised service agent.
Never immerse the unit in water or any other liquid for cleaning purposes.
Remove the plug from the socket by gripping the plug. Do not pull on the cord to disconnect the
appliance from the mains. Always unplug the unit when not in use, before cleaning or when adding
or removing parts.
The use of accessory attachments that are not recommended or supplied by the manufacturer may
result in injuries, fire or electric shock.
Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table or counter. Ensure that the cord is not in a position
where it can be pulled on inadvertently.
Do not allow the cord to touch hot surfaces and do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner
or in a heated oven.
Do not use the appliance on a gas or electric cooking top or over or near an open flame.
Use of an extension cord with this appliance is not recommended. However, if it is necessary to use
an extension lead, ensure that the lead is suited to the power consumption of the appliance to avoid
overheating of extension cord, appliance or plug point. Do not place the extension cord in a position
where it can be pulled on by children or animals or tripped over.
This appliance is not suitable for outdoor use. Do not use the appliance for anything other than its
intended use.
Do not carry the appliance by the power cord.
Do not leave the appliance unattended during use. Always unplug the unit when not in use or before
Always operate the appliance on a smooth, even, stable surface. Do not place the unit on a hot
Ensure that the unit is switched off after use.
The manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by improper or
incorrect use, or for repairs carried out by unauthorised personnel.
In case of technical problems, switch off the product and do not attempt to repair it yourself. Return
the appliance to an authorised service facility for examination, adjustment or repair. Always insist
on the use of original spare parts. Failure to comply with the above mentions precautions and
instructions, could affect the safe operation of this product.
Your appliance must never be switched on through an external timer or any kind of separate remote
control system
This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as: staff kitchen
areas, in shops, offices and other working environments; farm houses; by clients in hotels, motels and
other residental type environments; bed and breakfast type environments.
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08/10/2014 13:16
Description: Steam Iron
Model: SI10010N
Input Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 2600 Watts
1. Spray button
2. Steamshot button
3. Thermostat
4. Soleplate
5. Filler cap
6. Steam control
7. Self clean button
Temperature Guide
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08/10/2014 13:16
Before first use
Remove any stickers, protective foil or storage cover from the soleplate.
Heat up the iron to maximum temperature and iron over a piece of damp cloth for several
minutes for the purpose of removing any residue on the soleplate.
Note: It is normal for a strange odour to come from the unit during the first use. This is due
to light oils used to preserve components during manufacture. The odour will disappear after
first use.
Open the water tank cover, then add clean water into the water tank (use beaker not tap). For
best results and longer product life, use bottled or purified water – especially if you live in
a hard water area. Make sure not to exceed Max level on the tank. NOTE: IF YOU OVER FILL
Press down cover of water tank and you will hear a click if it is in the correct position.
Connect plug to outlet and turn temperature dial to your desired setting, which is determined
by the type of fabric you intend to iron. The indicator light will illuminate.
Make sure steam control is on dry (0) position then place the iron vertically
Once soleplate temperature has reached the preset temperature, indicator light will turn off,
then set steam dial to your desired steam output or dry position and begin ironing. WARNING:
Not touch hot soleplate at any time during ironing. It will be very hot.
Press spray button a couple of times to moisten the laundry if necessary, before spraying make
sure that there is enough water in water tank. A few presses might be required to pump the
water through on first use
Steam shot function is best used at max temperature, as it helps remove stubborn creases.
The iron has an anti-drip function: if you are ironing dense garments for a long time, the
soleplate temperature can drop. To prevent water coming from the soleplate, the iron will
automatically reduce the steam output.
“Steam shot” can also be applied when holding the iron in a vertical position, so this is useful for
removing creases from hung clothes, curtains, etc.
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08/10/2014 13:16
Always check first whether a label with ironing instructions is attached to the article.
The iron heats up quicker than it cools down, therefore, you should start ironing the articles
requiring the lowest temperature such as those made of synthetic fibres.
If the fabric consists of various kinds of fibres, you must always select the lowest ironing
temperature to iron the composition of those fibres.
Silk and other fabrics that are likely to become shiny should be ironed on the inner side.
To prevent staining do not spray water straight on silk or other delicate fabrics.
Velvet and other textures that rapidly become shiny should be ironed in one direction with light
pressure applied. Always keep the iron moving at any given moment.
Pure woollen fabrics (100% wool) may be ironed with the iron set a steam position. Preferably
set steam button to the maximum position and use a dry cloth as a mat.
Note: when ironing woolen fabrics, shining of the fabric may occur. So it is suggested that you
should turn the article inside out and iron the reverse side.
Disconnect power supply and empty the water left in water tank. Reconnect the power supply
and disconnect after indicator light goes off, this dries the soleplate.
Let the iron completely cool down, then wipe flakes and any other deposits on the soleplate
with a damp cloth or a non-abrasive (liquid) cleaner. Clean the upper part of iron with a damp
cloth. Always store the emptied iron horizontally on a stable surface with a cloth protecting the
If you live in a hard water area it will be necessary to descale the iron regularly (every few
weeks). This is easy to do using a lemon juice solution. One part lemon juice to ten parts water.
Fill the iron with the solution, switch on and allow to come to temperature. Press and hold
the self clean button until most of the solution has worked through the iron. Empty remaining
solution from tank then repeat the above procedure with clean water.
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08/10/2014 13:16
We Swan Products Ltd declare that this product conforms to the following product legislation in
accordance with the following directive(s):
2004/108/EC The EMC Directive (the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive).
2006/95EC. The LVD Directive (Low Voltage Directive).
2011-65-EU. The RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
This product is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of original purchase. If any defect arises due to faulty
materials of workmanship the faulty products must be returned to the place of purchase. Refunds or
replacement is at the discretion of the store.
The following conditions apply:
The product must be returned to the retailer with proof of purchase.
The product must be installed and used in accordance with the instructions contained in this
instruction guide.
It must be used only for domestic purposes.
It does not cover wear and tear, damage, misuse or consumable parts.
Swan Products Ltd has limited liability for incidental or consequential loss or damage.
This guarantee is valid in the UK and Eire Only.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:
As the colours of the wire in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the colour markings
identifying the terminals on your plug, proceed as follows:
The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or
coloured black. The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is marked
with the letter L or coloured red. The wire which is coloured GREEN/YELLOW must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the letter E or (earth symbol) and is coloured GREEN or GREEN/YELLOW.
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08/10/2014 13:16
Appliances bearing the symbol shown here may not be disposed of in domestic rubbish. You
are required to dispose of old electrical and electronic appliances like this separately.
Please visit www.recycle-more.co.uk or www.recyclenow.co.uk for access to information
about the recycling of electrical items. Please visit www.weeeireland.ie for access to information
about the recycling of electrical items purchased in Ireland. The WEEE directive, introduced in
August 2006, states that all electrical items must be recycled, rather than taken to landfill. Please arrange
to take this appliance to your local Civic Amenity site for recycling, once it has reached the end of its life.
Did you know...
In 1933 most homes were heating their
irons over t he gas r ing or s till putting
hot coal i n them. This Swan i ron was
basically a n element w ith a handle,
which plugged straight into a light bulb
socket. And a t a mere 1 4 s hillings
(70p), it meant many households could
own a prestigious Swan Product.
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