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Remote Security Certificate Builder
Remote Security Certificate Builder is an account management utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is designed to create certificates granting permissions to users to access specific control panels
with Remote Security Control, which is a utility for Apple iOS devices.
Remote Security Certificate Builder allows you to create certificates for users to connect to control panels
through Remote Security Control. Remote Security
Certificate Builder extracts information from the RPS
database and combines it into a certificate for the target Remote Security Control user. Once you create the
certificates, you send them to the Remote Security
Control mobile device, allowing the users to connect
to and control compatible control panels for which you
granted them access.
The interface allows users to:
• Refresh programming changes made in RPS without
terminating the software
Extracts information from the Remote Programming
Software (RPS) database and combines it into a certificate for the target Remote Security Control user
Includes a start and an expiration date option to
grant users access for a specific date range
Displays for configuration only compatible control
panels, and offers information on required RPS parameters.
Operates on the same computer as RPS or the RPS
database, or a remote computer on the same network
Works with Microsoft Windows operating systems
including Windows 7
• Log in or log out without terminating the software
The interface provides users with:
• An easy-to-use wizard for selecting users and active
certificate dates
• A filter for locating the desired compatible control
A Help file is accessed by pressing [F1] or through the
help menu. The Help file provides information about
each field, button, and option in the software.
Dealer Information
The software includes the option to add your dealer information to the certificate, giving Remote Security
Control users instant access to your contact information.
Installation/Configuration Notes
Compatibility Information
Control Panels
D9412GV4, D7412GV4, and D7212GV4
2 | Remote Security Certificate Builder
Technical Specifications
Computer System Requirements
Operating Systems:
• Windows 2003 Server
• Windows XP Professional with SP2 or
• Windows XP Home Edition
• Windows Vista (all editions)
• Windows 7 (all editions)
• Windows 2008 Server
Pentium III, 800 MHz minimum
Minimum: 128 MB
Recommended: 256 MB or higher
Ability to send e-mail to the Remote Security
Control device
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Ordering Information
Remote Security Certificate Builder
Available free of charge from the online catalog.
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