How to create a custom paper size using Windows 7, Windows 8

How to create a custom paper size using Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X
This document explains how to print on custom paper sizes using paper settings options in the printer
software. You can create custom paper sizes on computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X.
Please note: You are required to be a local administrator of the workstation that contains the print driver to
make changes . If the driver resides on the server, you must make the changes at the server instead of your
1. Open the Devices & Printers, Printers, or Printers & Faxes folder. This may be in Control Panel.
2. Locate your Toshiba print driver, right click on the icon & select Printing Preferences.
3. Switch to the Others tab then click on Custom Paper Size. If you cannot click on Custom Paper Size,
you are not a local administrator or the print driver is installed on your server. See your IT person for
Once you click on the Custom Paper Size you will see the window to create customize paper sizes for
your Toshiba.
4. Click on the top Custom Paper 1 in the Paper Size List.
Create the paper size name in the Name field
Set your A(Length) and B(Width). Click Add.
Click OK the OK again to get out of Printing Preferences. Close Printers.
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