ZX550.3, ZX700.5
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(ZX700.5) Four Channel Operation with Subwoofer
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ZX550.3 / ZX700.5
(ZX550.3) Two Channel Operation with Subwoofer
Figure 4
2. Wiring Disconnect the vehicle’s battery to avoid an electrical short. Then, connect the ground wire to
the amplifier. Make the ground wire short, 24” (60cm) or less, and connect it to a paint and corrosion free
solid metal area of the vehicle's chassis. Adding an additional ground wire of this same gauge (or larger)
between the battery's negative post and the vehicle chassis is recommended.
1. Mounting Choose a structurally sound location to mount your Kicker amplifier. Make sure there are no
items behind the area where the screws will be driven. Choose a location that allows at least 4” (10cm)
of open ventilation for the amplifier. If possible, mount the amplifier in the climate-controlled passenger
compartment. Drill four holes using a 7/64” (3mm) bit and use the supplied #8 screws to mount the
@14.4V, 4Ω stereo, ≤ 1% THD+N
70 x 2
70 x 4
@14.4V, 2Ω stereo, ≤ 1% THD+N
85 x 2
85 x 4
@14.4V, 4Ω mono, ≤ 1% THD+N
165 x 2
210 x 1
210 x 1
RMS Power in Watts, AMP 1 and AMP2 all channels driven
RMS Power in Watts, SUBWOOFER channel driven
@14.4V, 4Ω mono, ≤ 1.5 % THD+N
@14.4V, 4Ω mono, ≤ 1.5 % THD+N
Length: in(cm)
420 x 1
420 x 1
16 3/4 (42.5)
20 (50.7)
Specifications common to all models:
PowerGroundWire 4GA
Height: in(mm)
2 1/8 (54mm)
PowerGroundWire 4GA
Width: in(mm)
9 5/8 (244mm)
Frequency Response, ± 1 db:
25 Hz - 20 kHz
3. Configuration The following diagrams show the most common configurations for your Kicker ZX series
(ZX700.5) Four Channel Operation with Subwoofer ZX700.5 amplifiers are capable of operating into
a minimum impedance of 2 ohms per channel in stereo operation and 2 ohms mono in the subwoofer
channel. See Figure 2.
(ZX550.3) Two Channel Operation with Subwoofer ZX550.3 amplifiers are capable of operating into
a minimum impedance of 2 ohms per channel in stereo operation and 2 ohms mono in the subwoofer
channel. See Figure 3.
Install a fuse within 18” (45cm) of the battery and in-line with the 8 gauge power cable connected to your
amplifier. If you ever need to remove the amplifier from the vehicle after it has been installed, the ground
wire should be the last wire disconnected from the amplifier--just the opposite as when you installed it. See
the chart below for power and ground wire size, and fusing recommendations.
The ZX amplifier has dual input sensitivity differential RCA inputs which will receive either high or low level
signals from your car stereo’s source unit. Ideally, when connecting the source unit to the amplifier, the
ZX amplifier’s input level switch should be set to “LO” and a low-level signal should run from the source
unit’s stereo RCA output to the stereo RCA input on the end panel of the amplifier using RCA interconnect
cable. If a low-level stereo RCA output is not available on the source unit, the signal can be delivered to the
amplifier using the high-level speaker outputs on the source unit. Set the input level switch on the end panel
of the amplifier to “HI”. Crimp and solder RCA connectors to the end of the speaker wire running from the
high-level speaker outputs on the source unit and connect the wire to the RCA Inputs on the end panel of
the amplifier as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1
Keep the audio signal cable away
+ Core Cable
from factory wiring harnesses and
To Source Unit
other power wiring. If you need to
Ground or Shielding
cross this wiring, cross it at a 90
To Amplifier
High-level Speaker Output Wire
degree angle.
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
Input Sensitivity:
Selectable Electronic Crossover:
Subsonic Filter:
Bass Boost:
>95db, a-weighted, re: rated power
Low Level: 125mV-5V
High Level: 250mV-10V
Variable HI or OFF (Bypass), 50 - 200Hz,
12dB per octave
24 db/Octave Subsonic Filter Fixed @ 25Hz
Variable 0 to +18dB Bass Boost @ 40Hz
Note: To get the best performance from your new Kicker Amplifier, we recommend using genuine Kicker Accessories and Wiring.
the amplifier is turned on and the amplifier is functioning properly.
RED Badge Light off, no output? With a Volt Ohm Meter (VOM) check the following: 1) +12 volt
power terminal (should read +12V to +16V) 2) Remote turn-on terminal (should read +12V to +16V) 3)
Check for reversed power and ground connections. 4) Ground terminal, for proper conductivity. 5) Check
for blown fuses.
RED Badge Light on, no output? Check the following: 1) RCA connections 2) Test speaker outputs
with a “known” good speaker. 3) Substitute source unit with a “known” good source unit. 4) Check for a
signal in the RCA cable feeding the amplifier with the VOM meter set to measure “AC” voltage.
1. Automatic Turn-On Selection The ZX series offers three different automatic turn-on modes that can be
selected on the end panel; +12V, DC Offset, and Audio. Using either the DC Offset or Audio mode causes
the REM terminal to have +12V out for turning on additional amplifiers.
End Panel LED flashing with loud music? The yellow LED indicates low battery voltage. Check all
the connections in your vehicle’s charging system. It may be necessary to replace or charge your vehicle’s
battery or replace your vehicle’s alternator.
Remote Turn-On Set the switch to +12V to use the remote turn-on lead from your source unit. Run
18 Ga wire from the Remote Turn-On Lead on your source unit to the terminal labeled REM between the
amplifier’s positive and negative power terminals. This is the preferred automatic turn-on method.
End Panel LED on, no output? 1) Amplifier is very hot. Thermal protection is engaged. Test for
proper impedance at the speaker terminals with a VOM meter (see the diagrams in this manual for minimum
recommended impedance and multiple speaker wiring suggestions). Also check for adequate airflow
around the amplifier. 2) Amplifier shuts down only while vehicle is running. Voltage protection circuitry
is engaged. Voltage to the amplifier is not within the 9-16 volt operating range. Have the vehicle's charging
and electrical system inspected. 3) Amplifier will only play at low volume levels. Short circuit protection
is engaged. Check for speaker wires shorted to each other or to the vehicle chassis. Check for damaged
speakers, or speaker(s) operating below the minimum recommended impedance.
DC Offset Turn-On If Remote Turn-On is not an option, the next best setting is DC Offset. The DC
Offset mode detects a 6 volt surge from the HI Level speaker outputs when the source unit has been
turned on.
Signal Sense Turn-On The Audio setting is the final alternative for Automatic turn-on. This is a Signal
Sense turn-on method that detects the incoming audio signal from your source unit and automatically turns
on the amp. This turn-on method will not work properly if the input gain control is not set appropriately.
2. Input Level The RCA inputs on Kicker ZX amplifiers are capable of receiving either Hi or Low-level
signals from your source unit. If the only output available from your source unit is a Hi-Level signal, simply
press in the Input Level switch on the amplifier. Refer to the wiring section of this manual additional
3. Crossover Switch Use the XOVER switch on the end panel of the amplifier to set the internal crossover
to OFF or HI. When the switch is set to OFF, a full bandwidth signal will be amplified. Set the switch to HI if
you want the amplifier’s internal crossover to serve as a high-pass filter. Never change the crossover “OFF/
HI” switch setting with the audio system on!
4. Input Gain Control The input gain control is not a volume control. It matches the output of the source
unit to the input level of the amplifier. Turn the source unit up to about 3/4 volume (if the source unit goes
to 30, turn it to 25). Next, slowly turn (clockwise) the gain on the amplifier up until you can hear audible
distortion, then turn it down a little.
6. Crossover Control The variable crossover on the top of the amplifier allows you to adjust the crossover
frequency from 50-200Hz. The setting for this control is subjective; 80Hz is a good place to start.
7. Sub Input If there is no dedicated output on your source unit for subwoofer, use the SUB INPUT switch
to set your subwoofer input to either SUB INPUT or AMP INPUT 1.
8. RemoteBass(Level Control) When using the
remote bass level control you have the ability to
control the level of the Subwoofer Channel’s output
remotely. To mount the remote bass level control,
simply screw the metal bracket to the chosen
location. Then slide the housing onto the bracket until
it snaps into place. Run the cable from the controller
to the “Remote Bass” jack on the amplifier chassis.
Mount the metal bracket
Back View
Side View
4 Conductor
Phone Cable
If your amplifier does not appear to be working, check the obvious things first such as blown fuses, poor
or incorrect wiring connections, incorrect setting of crossover switch and gain controls, etc. There is
an illuminated red badge on top of the amplifier denoting the power state of the amp in addition to the
Protection LED on the end panel of your Kicker ZX series amplifier. When the red badge is lit this indicates
Poor stereo image or reduced bass response? Check system phasing by turning the balance
control from left to right. If there is more bass output when turned to either side, then check your speaker
wiring, passive crossover networks and speaker terminals for proper positive and negative connections.
Reverse a speaker connection from positive to negative on the stereo/subwoofer channel(s); if the bass
improves, the speaker was out of phase.
Ground Noise? If you are using only one pair of RCA inputs, connect the RCA cable to the AMP1
inputs. Kicker amplifiers are engineered to be fully compatible with all manufacturers’ head units. Some
head units may require additional grounding to prevent noise from entering the audio signal.If you are
experiencing this problem with your head unit, in most cases running a ground wire from the RCA outputs
on the head unit to the chassis will remedy this issue.
No Fader? When using both sets of low-level (RCA) or high-level (speaker wire) inputs, the fader
button must be pushed in.
Please Note: Modern high performance speakers have a lower DC Resistance than what used to be available. The Kicker
Coaxial and Component speakers are rated at four ohms (some DC Resistances may be as low as 3 ohms) and work with
any amplifier designed to operate at a four ohm load. If you want to use two Kicker Coaxial or Component speakers on
a single channel of your amplifier wire the speakers in series. This will improve the sound quality, lower the total harmonic
distortion and lessen the thermal load at the amplifier. This may prevent an amplifier from shutting down, due to overcurrent protection circuitry.
CAUTION: When jump starting the vehicle, be sure that connections made with jumper cables are correct. Improper
connections can result in blown amplifier fuses as well as the failure of other critical systems in the vehicle.
Slide the housing until it snaps into the metal bracket
Alternator noise-whining sound with engine’s RPM? 1) Check for damaged RCA (or speaker input)
cable 2) Check the routing of RCA (or speaker input) cable 3) Check the source unit for proper grounding
4) Check the gain settings and turn them down if they are set too high.
5. Bass Boost Control The variable bass boost control on the top of the amplifier is designed to give you
increased output 0 - 18dB at 40 Hz. The setting for this control is subjective. If you turn it up, you must go
back and adjust the input gain control to avoid clipping the amplifier.
No output from one channel? 1) Check the balance control on source unit 2) Check the RCA (or
speaker input) and speaker output connections for the channel 3) Swap the RCA (or speaker input) cable
from left to right. If the problem changes sides then you have a bad RCA (or speaker input) cable or source
unit problem. 4) Swap the speaker output wire from left to right. If the problem changes sides then you
have a bad speaker cable, passive crossover network and/or speaker.
If you have more questions about the installation or operation of your new KICKER product, see the Authorized KICKER
Dealer where you made your purchase. For more advice on installation, click on the SUPPORT tab on the Kicker
homepage, Choose the TECHNICAL SUPPORT tab, choose the subject you are interested in, and then
download or view the corresponding information. Please E-mail or call Technical Services (405) 6248583 for unanswered or specific questions.
Model ZX550.3
70 x 2, 210 x 1 @ 4 ohms from 20-20K, 25-200Hz, 14.4Vdc,
1% THD, CEA-2006 (Watts)
Signal to Noise Ratio -72 / -55 dBA CEA-2006 (ref: 1W, A-weighted)
Model ZX700.5
70 x 4, 210 x 1 @ 4 ohms from 20-20K, 25-200Hz, 14.4Vdc,
1% THD, CEA-2006 (Watts)
Signal to Noise Ratio -72 / -55 dBA CEA-2006 (ref: 1W, A-weighted)
Kicker warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of
THREE (3) MONTHS from date of original purchase with receipt. When purchased from an Authorized KICKER Dealer it is
warranted for TWO (2) YEARS from date of original purchase with receipt. In all cases you must have the original receipt.
Should service be necessary under this warranty for any reason due to manufacturing defect or malfunction during the
warranty period, Kicker will repair or replace (at its discretion) the defective merchandise with equivalent merchandise at
no charge. Warranty replacements may have cosmetic scratches and blemishes. Discontinued products may be replaced
with more current equivalent products.
Contact your International Kicker dealer or distributor concerning specific procedures for your country’s warranty policies.
This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and is not extended to owners of the product subsequent to
the original purchaser. Any applicable implied warranties are limited in duration to a period of the express warranty
as provided herein beginning with the date of the original purchase at retail, and no warranties, whether express or
implied, shall apply to this product thereafter. Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties; therefore these
exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights; however you may have other rights that
vary from state to state.
Defective merchandise should be returned to your local Authorized Stillwater Designs (Kicker) Dealer for warranty
service. Assistance in locating an Authorized Dealer can be found at or by contacting Stillwater
Designs directly. You can confirm that a dealer is authorized by asking to see a current authorized dealer window decal.
If it becomes necessary for you to return defective merchandise directly to Stillwater Designs (Kicker), call the Kicker
Customer Service Department at (405) 624-8510 for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Package all
defective items in the original container or in a package that will prevent shipping damage, and return to:
Stillwater Designs, 5021 North Perkins Road, Stillwater, OK 74075
The RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package. Please return-only defective components. The
return of functioning items increases your return freight charges. Non-defective items will be returned freight-collect to
Include a copy of the original receipt with the purchase date clearly visible, and a “proof-of-purchase” statement listing
the Customer’s name, Dealer’s name and invoice number, and product purchased. Warranty expiration on items without
proof-of-purchase will be determined from the type of sale and manufacturing date code. Freight must be prepaid;
items sent freight-collect, or COD, will be refused.
This warranty is valid only if the product is used for the purpose for which it was designed.
It does not cover:
o Damage due to improper installation
o Subsequent damage to other components
o Damage caused by exposure to moisture, excessive heat, chemical cleaners, and/or UV radiation
o Damage through negligence, misuse, accident or abuse. Repeated returns for the same damage may be considered
o Any cost or expense related to the removal or reinstallation of product
o Speakers damaged due to amplifier clipping or distortion
o Items previously repaired or modified by any unauthorized repair facility
o Return shipping on non-defective items
o Products with tampered or missing barcode labels
o Products returned without a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number
o Freight Damage
o The cost of shipping product to Kicker
o Service performed by anyone other than Kicker
Kicker strives to maintain a goal of 72-hour service for all electronics (amplifiers, crossovers, equalizers, etc.) returns.
Delays may be incurred if lack of replacement inventory or parts is encountered.
WARNING: KICKER products are capable of producing sound levels that can permanently damage your hearing! Turning
up a system to a level that has audible distortion is more damaging to your ears than listening to an undistorted system at
the same volume level. The threshold of pain is always an indicator that the sound level is too loud and may permanently
damage your hearing. Please use common sense when controlling volume.
Comuníquese con su concesionario o distribuidor Kicker internacional para obtener infor ación sobre procedimientos
específicos relacionados con las normas de garantía de su país.
ADVERTENCIA: Los excitadores Kicker son capaces de producir niveles de sonido que pueden dañar permanentemente
el oído. Subir el volumen del sistema hasta un nivel que produzca distorsión es más dañino para el oído que escuchar un
sistema sin distorsión al mismo volumen. El dolor es siempre una indicación de que el sonido es muy fuerte y que puede
dañar permanentemente el oído. Sea precavido cuando controle el volumen.
La frase “combustible para vivir la vida Livin’ Loud™ a todo volumen” se refiere al entusiasmo por la vida que la marca
Kicker de estéreos de automóvil representa y a la recomendación a nuestros clientes de que vivan lo mejor posible (“a
todo volumen”) en todo sentido. La línea de altavoces y amplificadores Kicker es la mejor del mercado de audio de
automóviles y por lo tanto representa el “combustible” para vivir a todo volumen en el área de “estéreos de automóvil” de
la vida de nuestros clientes. Recomendamos a todos nuestros clientes que obedezcan todas las reglas y reglamentos
locales sobre ruido en cuanto a los niveles legales y apropiados de audición fuera del vehículo.
Nehmen Sie mit Ihren internationalen Kicker-Fachhändler oder Vertrieb Kontakt auf, um Details über die Garantieleistungen
in Ihrem Land zu erfahren.
WARNUNG: KICKER-Treiber können einen Schallpegel erzeugen, der zu permanenten Gehörschäden führen kann!
Wenn Sie ein System auf einen Pegel stellen, der hörbare Verzerrungen erzeugt, schadet das Ihren Ohren mehr, als ein
nicht verzerrtes System auf dem gleichen Lautstärkepegel. Die Schmerzschwelle ist immer eine Anzeige dafür, dass der
Schallpegel zu laut ist und zu permanenten Gehörschäden führen kann. Seien Sie bei der Lautstärkeeinstellung bitte
Der Slogan “Treibstoff für Livin’ Loud” bezieht sich auf die mit den Kicker-Autostereosystemen assoziierte Lebensfreude
und die Tatsache, dass wir unsere Kunden ermutigen, in allen Aspekten ihres Lebens nach dem Besten (“Livin’ Loud”) zu
streben. Die Lautsprecher und Verstärker von Kicker sind auf dem Markt für Auto-Soundsysteme führend und stellen somit
den “Treibstoff” für das Autostereoerlebnis unserer Kunden dar. Wir empfehlen allen unseren Kunden, sich bezüglich der
zugelassenen und passenden Lautstärkepegel außerhalb des Autos an die örtlichen Lärmvorschriften zu halten.
Pour connaître les procédures propres à la politique de garantie de votre pays, contactez votre revendeur ou distributeur
International Kicker.
AVERTISSEMENT: Les haut-parleurs Kicker ont la capacité de produire des niveaux sonores pouvant endommager
l’ouïe de façon irréversible ! L’augmentation du volume d’un système jusqu’à un niveau présentant une distorsion audible
endommage davantage l’ouïe que l’écoute d’un système sans distorsion au même volume. Le seuil de la douleur est
toujours le signe que le niveau sonore est trop élevé et risque d’endommager l’ouïe de façon irréversible. Réglez le volume
en faisant prevue de bon sens !
L’expression “ carburant pour vivre plein pot “ fait référence au dynamisme de la marque Kicker d’équipements audio
pour véhicules et a pour but d’encourager nos clients à faire le maximum (“ vivre plein pot “) dans tous les aspects de leur
vie. Les haut-parleurs et amplificateurs Kicker sont les meilleurs dans le domaine des équipements audio et représentent
donc pour nos client le “ carburant pour vivre plein pot “ dans l’aspect “ installation audio de véhicule “ de leur vie.
Nous encourageons tous nos clients à respecter toutes les lois et réglementations locales relatives aux niveaux sonores
acceptables à l’extérieur des véhicules.
Failure to follow these steps may void your warranty. Any questions can be directed to the Kicker Customer Service
Department at (405) 624-8510.
NOTE: All specifications and performance figures are subject to change. Please visit the for the most current information.
P.O. Box 459 • Stillwater, Oklahoma 74076 • U.S.A. • (405) 624-8510
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