Search Network HDD (NAS) on the network

Search Network HDD (NAS) on the network
automatically and setup remote access feature
"WebAccess" from your Android smartphone/tablet
and iPhone/iPad.
Make your Network HDD as your smartphone's
storage easily.
SmartPhone Navigator help you to do the initial setup of your NAS on your smartphone—no computer necessary.
Start up SmartPhone Navigator on your Wi-Fi connected smartphone, and the BUFFALO LinkStations and TeraStations residing on the same
network are automatically detected and listed. Tap the NAS you want to set up from the list, then use the simple input interface to
complete the settings for the "WebAccess", a convenient remote access feature that lets you play your videos, music and photos stored on
your NAS even while you are out and about. We recommend this application for beginning NAS users as well as those already using multiple
NAS devices.
* Only NAS devices installed on the same network as the Wi-Fi connected smartphone can be detected. Please note beforehand that feature cannot
be used with a 3G connection.
Install SmartPhone
Connect the NAS and wireless LAN router, plug in
SmartPhone Navigator automatically
the AC adapter and turn on the NAS
detects NAS, enables easy setup
With WebAccess application, you can easily play and save files to
NAS in your home or office. BUFFALO offers free WebAcess
applications for Android smartphone/tablet and iPhone/iPad. After
setting up your NAS with SmartPhone Navigator, you can then
access and use your NAS from your smartphone anytime you like,
just by tapping the screen.
* Screen shows example of using Android smartphone.
Any NAS on the network is
Tap the model you want to set up
Tap "Easy NAS Setup" to open the
automatically detected and listed
wizard settings screen.
when application is launched.
* Models for which the settings
* Only NAS devices installed on the
have not been completed are
same network as the Wi-Fi
indicated as "NEW."
connected smartphone can be
detected. Please note beforehand
that feature cannot be used with a
3G connection.
Change the administrator
Create a new BuffaloNAS name.
After setting WebAccess, tap
password as needed.
* Since you will be using this name
"Browse" to register NAS devices to
* To enhance the security, we
afterwards when using WebAccess,
the WebAccess application.
recommend you to change the
we recommend choosing a name
* You must have the WebAccess
administrator password.
that will be easy for you to
application installed before registering
NAS device.
Tap [Set] to complete the settings
For more details about WebAccess
> WebAccess A (for Android
> WebAccess i (for iPhone/iPod
The registered NAS is added to
the NAS list in the WebAccess
application. From this point on,
you can access the NAS just by
starting up the WebAccess
application and giving the screen
a single tap.
You can also use SmartPhone Navigator to check and change information of your NAS. In addition
to confirming and changing the IP address of each NAS device, checking error messages and
confirming information, you can call up the "Web Admin" screen to make advanced settings for your
* Depending on your smartphone's model portions of this screen may not be visible for "Web Admin"
screen has not been optimized for smartphones.
Get information on which smartphones and NAS are confirmed to run with SmartPhone Navigator.
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