Surge Protector with Battery Backup
Advanced Protection For Your Computer
The Surge Protector with Battery Backup not only offers the same level of protection
against surges and spikes as a surge board, but it will also protect your precious
memories and valuable data from being corrupted or lost during a power outage. If a
power outage occurred and your computer was not protected by battery backup the
following could happen:
· Any unsaved data could be lost
· Any data being saved to the hard drive at the time could be corrupted
(inc system files and temporary files)
· Any data stored in memory would be lost
· The hard drive can become fragmented
· Physical damage to the hard drive can occur
Data Recovery Warranty
How does the Data Recovery Warranty work?
If the Surge Protector with Battery Backup fails while properly connected and your
computers hard drive is damaged, Belkin will provide professional data recovery
services to retrieve the lost data. This service will be performed by our partner Seagate
Recovery Services.
Connected Equipment Warranty
What is the Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty?
Belkin will repair or replace any equipment damaged by a surge, spike, or lightning strike
while properly connected to a Belkin Surge Protector with Battery Backup, up to $50,000.
3-Year Product Warranty
How does the Belkin Product Warranty work?
Belkin will replace, free of charge, any Belkin Surge Protector with Battery Backup that is
defective or expires after protecting your electronic devices. There is no limit to the number
of times Belkin will replace the expired Battery Backup during the warranty period.
• Protects equipment from damage caused by power disturbances including blackouts.
• Increases the life of your equipment by filtering common electrical fluctuations.
• 3 battery backup with surge protection sockets and 3 surge protected only sockets.
• RJ11/RJ45 surge protected combo port for telephone and data lines.
• Fully certified to all Australian and New Zealand safety standards.
• 1500 joules: The joule rating is a measurement of the energy a surge protector
can absorb. A higher joule rating reflects higher-quality surge protection and longer
product life.
• 45,000 amp maximum spike current: Maximum spike current is measured by
amperage. A higher amperage rating reflects greater absorption capacity against
lightning or sudden dramatic power strikes.
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