2x4 HDMI Splitter
User Manual
Ver. 1.00
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Features and Specification
Two HDMI inputs, four HDMI outputs
HDMI 1.3b compatible
Supports signal rate up to 2.25Gbps
Supports 12-bit Deep Color 1080p
HDCP compliant
Easy installation
LED indicators
Metal case
Package Contents
One 2x4 HDMI Splitter
One Power Adapter
One User Manual
Mounting ears (optional)
Note: Contents may vary depending on country/market.
MN8000100001 Page 2 Hardware Layout
Figure 1. Front Panel Layout
Input Select Button: Press this button repeatedly to cycle
through to the desired input device
Power LED: This LED indicator will become active when the
HDMI splitter is powered on
HDMI Active Input Port LED (1-2): This indicates which
inputs port is currently selected as output
HDMI Output Port LED (1-4): This LED indicator will
become active when a valid HDMI display is connected to the
corresponding HDMI output port
MN8000100001 Page 3 Figure 2. Rear Panel Layout
Power On/Off Switch: Power on/off the HDMI splitter
Power Jack: Connect to the included power adapter
HDMI Input Port (1-2): This is the input for the HDMI source
device. When a valid source is detected by the HDMI splitter, the
link LED will activate
HDMI Output Port (1-4): Connect up to 4 HDMI displays to
these output ports
MN8000100001 Page 4 Hardware Installation
Connect HDMI cable(s) to the output port from the HD media
source and the input port(s) from HDMI splitter.
Connect HDMI cables to the input ports of your HD TVs or
displays and the output ports of the HDMI splitter.
Plug the power adapter into the power jack of the HDMI splitter.
Plug the power adapter into a reliable power outlet.
Turn on the power switch, and ensure that the power LED
indicator is active.
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