Car Audio Installation tips

Playing loud music in an automobile can reduce your ability to hear traffic and permanently damage
your hearing. We do not accept any liability for hearing loss, bodily injury or property damage resulting
from the use or misuse of our products.
Although these instructions explain how to install amplifiers in a general sense, they do not show
specific installation methods that may be required for your particular installation.
Mount the amplifier in the vehicle's trunk or cargo area, but never mount the amplifier in the engine
compartment, outside the vehicle or in any location where it may get wet. When choosing a location,
make sure the site's underlying structure is strong enough to support the amplifier's weight. Also, verify
that there will be adequate ventilation around the amplifier.
We strongly recommend first mounting a piece of wood or medium density fiberboard (MDF) in the
vehicle, and then mounting the amplifier on the board. Amplifiers must be mounted using all mounting
screws. Using the amplifier as a template, mark the location of the mounting holes on the mounting
surface, drill pilot holes and securely attach the amplifier to the mounting surface. Make sure the
amplifier does not pinch or smash power cables, speaker wires, input cables or any of the wiring
in the vehicle.
• Always wear protective eyewear when using tools.
• Turn off all audio components and other electrical devices before you start. Disconnect the (-)
negative lead from your vehicle's battery.
• Check clearances on both sides of the mounting surface before drilling holes or installing screws.
• At the installation sites, locate and make a note of all fuel lines, hydraulic brake lines, vacuum lines
and electrical wiring. Use extreme caution when cutting or drilling in and around these areas.
• Before drilling or cutting holes, remove unwanted fabric or vinyl to keep material from snagging in a
drill bit.
• When routing cables, keep input-signal cables away from power cables and speaker wires.
Use grommets when passing cables through metal.
• When making connections, observe the amplifier's polarity markings. Make sure that each
connection is clean and properly secured. Use the shortest ground wire possible to minimize
resistance and avoid noise problems.
• If the amplifier's fuse must be replaced, use only the same type and rating as that of the original.
Do not substitute another kind.
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