DocuCentre-II C4300/3300/2200 - brochure

DocuCentre-II C4300/C3300/C2200
Output Speed - Printing and Copying
A4 Monochrome
A4 Colour
A3 Monochrome
A3 Colour
45 ipm
35 ipm
22 ipm
17 ipm
Paper Handling - Trays 3 & 4 (Two Tray Module)
35 ipm
31 ipm
17 ipm
15 ipm
26 ipm
26 ipm
15 ipm
13 ipm
Network Printing
Hard Disk
Printer Languages
Operating Systems
Maximum Set Quantity
Internal Copy Auditron
Foreign Device Interface (optional)
Power PC G2 667MHz
Standard: Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T
Optional: 2-Way Parallel (IEEE 1284-B), USB 2.0
PCL6, PCL5 (standard),
Adobe PostScript 3 (optional)
True 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0,
Windows 2000/XP, Windows Server 2003
Mac OS (7.5.3 - 9.2.2) Mac OSX (10.1.5/10.2
x/10.3.3 - 10.3.9)
Standard: TCP/IP (lpd, IPP, SMB, Port9100),
NetWare, EtherTalk
Optional: Compatible, Nibble, ECP
Colour: 7.5 seconds or less
Monochrome: 5.7 seconds or less
600 x 600
25% to 400%
999 sheets
Interface to 3rd party access control devices
Network Scanning
Input Speed
Colour: 45ipm
Monochrome: 50ipm
600dpi, 400dpi, 300dpi, 200dpi
Maximum Scan Area
Network Protocol (Network Scanning) TCP/IP (Salutation, HTTP, SMB, FTP, SMTP)
File Formats
Document Management Fields
Scan Destinations
Email, Mailbox, PC/Server
(using FTP/SMB protocol)
Facsimile (Optional) Specifications
Transmission Time
Multiple Lines (optional)
Speed Dials / Group Dials
Less than 3 seconds per page
Up to 2 additional lines (maximum 3 lines)
Sending Document Size
A4, A3
Paper Handling - DADF (Platen lid available as option)
75 sheets
A5 to A3
38 to 128 gsm
Paper Handling - Trays 1 & 2
Paper Sizes
Paper Weights
Paper Sizes
Paper Weights
Paper Handling - Trays 3 and 4
(Tandem Tray Module - DocuCentre-II C4300 only)
Tray 3: 875 sheets
Tray 4: 1,145 sheets
55 to 169 gsm
Paper Sizes
Paper Weights
Paper Handling - Bypass Tray
Paper Sizes
Paper Weights
90 sheets
A5 to SRA3
55 to 220 gsm
Finisher B - Stacker/Stapler (Optional)
Paper Sizes
Stacker Capacity
Stapler Capacity
Staple Positions
B5 to A3
Up to 1,000 sheets
50 sheets
Front corner (single), Rear straight (single), Dual
Staple Cartridge
5,000 staples
Finisher C - Stacker/Stapler/Puncher (Optional)
Tray 3: 500 sheets
Tray 4: 500 sheets
A5 to A3
60 to 169 gsm
Paper Sizes
Paper Weights
Tray 1: 500 sheets
Tray 2: 500 sheets
A5 to A3
60 to 169 gsm
13 14 12
Stacker Capacity
Stapler Capacity
Stapler Paper Sizes
Stapler Paper Weights
Staple Positions
Up to 3,000 sheets
50 sheets
B5 to A3
60 to 90 gsm
Front corner (single), Rear corner (single),
Rear straight (single), Dual
Finisher C ++ - Stacker/Stapler/Hole Puncher/
Bi-Folder/Booklet Maker (Optional)
Stacker Capacity
Stapler Capacity
Stapler Paper Sizes
Stapler Paper Weights
Staple Positions
Booklet Maker Paper Sizes
Booklet Maker Capacity
Hole Puncher*
Up to 1,500 sheets
50 sheets
B5 to A3
60 to 90 gsm
Front corner (single), Rear corner (single),
Rear straight (single), Dual,
Centre Stapling (booklets)
B5 to A3
15 sheets (at 90 gsm) OR
13 sheets (at 90 gsm) PLUS 1 cover sheet
(at 90 to 169 gsm)
Puncher Paper Sizes
Puncher Paper Weights
B5 to A3
Up to 90 gsm
Number of Holes
2 & 4 holes or 3 holes
Warm up
42 seconds or less
Electrical Requirements
Power Consumption
240V, 50Hz (10 amps)
Running: 1514W
Standby: 230W
Low Power Mode: 90W
Sleep Mode: 10W
967mm x 794mm x 1,141mm (WxDxH)
Approx 175kg (excl finisher)
*Standard with both C-Finishers
For detailed product specifications, optimum performance parameters & service
clearances, refer to the DocuCentre II C4300 Customer Expectation Document
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Australian Head Office: 101 Waterloo Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113.
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company’s commitment to corporate citizenship.
At Fuji Xerox Australia, we supply products that have been designed with
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we have made Eco Manufacturing an integral part of our business.
All our sites have achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management
System Certification, as a demonstration of our commitment to
protecting the environment.
with versatility and colour
The compact & robust
multifunction device for
all your office requirements
Introducing Fuji Xerox’s DocuCentre-II C4300/3300/2200 range of multifunction
devices, capable of combining copy, print and scan functionality with optional
faxing in one compact unit. These devices also produce output at speeds of
up to 45/35/26ipm monochrome and 35/31/26ipm colour respectively.
Combining Fuji Xerox’s EA-High Grade toner technology with TRUE 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
printed output resolution will make your documents appear to have been professionally
printed, whilst the three finishing options will help ensure all your document production
requirements are met.
The copy features available with these devices extend
beyond just the duplication of documents to:
In addition to rapid colour scan speeds of up to 45ipm,
DocuCentre-II C4300/3300/2200 devices incorporate
a number of clever scanning features to enhance
Automatic colour sensing technology - this allows
DocuCentre-II C4300/3300/2200 devices to
automatically recognise colour on a page and only
charge for the colour you use.
Only pay colour rates
for the colour page
you use
Scan distribution - scanned documents can quickly
and easily be distributed to a range of destinations
including a mailbox on the device, multiple email
addresses or any shared folder/server on the network.
Additional features include:
Security Watermark Kit - this optional kit embeds
invisible text strings into copy or print documents to
restrict copying, scanning and faxing of them on similarly
featured devices.
Additional features include:
Password protect PDF documents
Browse network folders/servers at user interface
With the option of G3 faxing capabilities, you can enjoy
speedy faxing with up to three fax lines sending and
receiving faxes simultaneously.
PC fax - to save paper and reduce costs users can send
faxes directly from their PC using the printer driver.
Job build
User defined annotations (optional)
Customisable user interface
Fax re-send - this feature captures and stores failed
faxes sent from the device. Users can retrieve, edit the
phone number and re-send these as required.
Additional features include:
DocuCentre-II C4300/C3300/C2200
Delayed send
A3 document faxing
Mailbox sending/receiving
Configuration Options
The intuitive WHQL certified PCL6 (standard) and
PostScript (optional) print drivers incorporate
sophisticated features to enhance productivity and
simplify usage.
These devices are available with four fully customisable,
500 sheet (A5 to A3) paper trays as standard with the
option of two high capacity (A4/Letter) paper trays to
replace two of these on the DocuCentre-II C4300.
Mailbox print/Document merge - saving frequently used
documents (e.g. leave forms) to a device mailbox via
the printer driver or scan functions will allow users to
access these on demand and/or merge them with other
documents within the mailbox for printing.
This range of devices is also available with
three finishing options:
Favourite print settings - Save time by storing the
settings of frequently printed documents in the favourites
menu of your print driver.
B-Finisher – stacker/stapler
C-Finisher – stacker/stapler/hole puncher
C-Finisher ++ – stacker/stapler/hole puncher/
bi-folder/booklet maker
Additional features include:
Secure print
N-Up printing
Help function
Driverless printing
DocuCentre-II C4300 with the standard Four Tray configuration & optional Stacker/Stapler B-Finisher
providing ample input & output paper capacity for your workgroup
Hole Puncher
C-Finisher ++
Hole Puncher/Bi-Folder/
Booklet Maker
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