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Your toy puppy loves to playl Your toy puppy
barks, pants, moves and plays, and even
snores when It's asleep.When you pull up on
its rope, the toy puppy moves up and down.
NOTE: When you pull on your toy puppy's
rope, pull the rope straight up or at a
45degree angle from the toy's head for the
most effective gameplay.
Your toy puppy comes packaged In "TRY-ME"
mode.To activate your toy puppy, move the
ON/OFF/TRY-MEswltch to the "ON" posltion.
The more you interact and play with your toy
puppy, the more "excited"it will be.See the
section on MODES to learn how your
interactions with your toy puppy affect It.
When you tug on the rope, your toy puppy
will begin to move and make sounds.If it is
When the toy puppy enters Sleep Mode, it lies
down and mm. To wake your toy puppy up
again, tauch bock or pull on its rope.
it less "excited": it's like calming down a real
puppy.The toy puppy wlll move and make
sounds to show you Its "excitement"level is
going down. Pet the
toy puppy's back
to reduce Its
Hold its back
down for several
seconds, and it
will "go to sleep."
If you do not trifermt with your toy puppy
(that is, you don't touch touch its back or pull
on Its rope) wlthln 5 seconds, it wlll enter
Hangout Mode.It'sJusthangin' out!
If your toy puppy is very *excitedw
when it
enters Hangout Mode, it'll take a little while to
adjust1 Its head will shake and it will make
growling sounds as If to xly, "Play with me
some morel" If you still don't play with your
toy puppy,it will calm down.
At the end of Hangout Mode, the toy puppy
enters $Imp Mode.The more 'excited" the
toy puppy is, Me longer lts Hangout Mode
and the longer it wlll take for it to enter
Sleep Mode.
TOlumACEBAUsing the Philllps/cross
head screwdriver (not
Included), loosen screw In
battery compartment
cover (screw stays
attachedto cover).
Remove door and
replace wlth 3 x 1.5V
"AA"or LR6 size alkaline
batterles.Replace cwer
and tighten screw.
Please d i n this Informationb r future reference.
Batteries&ould be replac& by an adult.
1. Atways follow the i ~ o w ~ I Use
p only
/ .
sure to lnsert Item
+ and - polarm
2. Do notmbc old batf& and new bcrtterles or
s t a n d a ~with
~ alkallne
3. b m y e ehgt.t@ed
or dead batterles from the
4. Remove batteries sf product is not to be played
1. Be sure to Wtt me batfertes conecttv and
always follow the toy and battery manufacturers'
2. Do not mix old batterles and new batterles or
alkaline, standard (cafbon-dnc) or rechargeable
3. Always remove weak or dead batteries from
the product.
Do mt short-ctrcultthe supply terminals.
Should this product cause, or be affected by, local
elecMcalInterference,mow It away from other
equlpmmt. Reset (Mchlng aff and
In or removing and rdnsertlng
back on
RECHARGEABLEBATTERIES: Do not mix these wlth
any other types of batteries.Always remov8 from
uct befw ieehargl
under adult
~ o c l e a K l ~ t o y ~ ( a s n t t y ~ ~ ~ W f t h a
cloth or softbgsf?to lcm%nany dlrt.Then use a
slightly damp ckoth fo m o v e stains.
Do not put Inthe washing machlne.
Do not me ~
~6r W n removers
t fur.
Do not get wet; to remQvestalns, we only a
slightly damp @&on
the fur. .
To pmt-rdng
f t aW
~ $ X off dht maIf toy gets W:mmerles and dry the fur;
once fur Is mmpWdy dry, replace b h r l e s .
Avold &Midrbaeqes on the toy.
Do not I e w y l@&t
wnllght; hlgh
temperatums wlll dmtroy me mechanism.
mlts for a Clw B
15 of the FCC Rules.
provlde reasonable
nterference in a
ltl W m . n l t s equipment generates, wes
aRgId can mdlaW mdlo frequency energy, and if not
Ir@alledand used Inaccordance with the
Product and color8 ma?!w.
TM ondQDdmo%s
U S . P a t . ~ . 6 8 l, l! *~.
Fgndlng. ;
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