RWB1007 User instructions Section 1 Introduction

RWB1007 User instructions
Section 1 Introduction and features
Section 2 Factory settings
Section 3 Setting on/off times
Section 4 Boost /Advance
Section 5 Review Programme
Section 6 Setting Clock
Section 7 Service interval*
1. Introduction
The RWB1007 is a 7 day or 5day 2 day Timer with Volt Free contacts and is Ideal for Combination Boilers
Larger Digital display
2 or 3 On /Off Periods per day
Advance feature to bring forward the next On/Off period
Boost Feature to give an immediate 1 hour On
Automatic Summer /Winter change over (Summer winter changeover switch occurs at 2am)
Built in Calendar
Service Interval capable*
Copy Facility
2. Factory settings
Before leaving the factory the RWB1007 was programmed with the correct date and time with the following switching
times dependent on Dip switch setting on back of RWB (factory default 2 On/Off)
Monday - Friday
2 On /Off switching Times
On 6.00 Off 8.30
On 4.30 Off 10.30
3 On /Off switching Times On
6:00 Off 8.30
On 12.00 Off 2.00
On 4.30 Off 10.30
2 On /Off switching
On 7.00 Off 9.00
On 4.30 Off 11.00
3 On /Off switching Times On
7:00 Off 9.00
On 12.00 Off 2.00
On 4.30 Off 11.00
Operating Instructions
Switch (1) Programming switch. When all programming
has been done this switch must be in Run
Switch 1
Switch (2) This switch allows you to choose how the
Constant the RWB is permanently ON
Switch 2
All Day The RWB will Switch on at the 1st ON and Off at
the last OFF
Auto The RWB will Switch automatically at the
programmed times
3. Setting The On/Off Times
The RWB1007 is supplied with factory settings (see section 2)
If you wish to change the factory settings to your own times you can do so easily
ON/OFF times are adjustable in 10 minute steps
Slide switch (1) to Prog display will show all the days of the week with triangle under Mo Press Yes if wish to
program Monday or press Day until the triangle goes under the required day then press Yes
Setting times
First On time will appear 6.00am to change the time press the + or – button when you have reached the desired time
press YES the display will show the first Off 8.30 repeat process until all times are entered for that day
Copy Yes / NO will appear in the display if you wish to copy to next day Press YES and repeat for each day you wish
to be the same, if you do not wish to copy press No and then repeat setting times when all programming is complete
slide the switch to Run
Note LIMIT will come in the display if you try moving a programme time forward or backward and it comes up against
an existing time
4. Boost Pressing this will switch your heating on for one hour if in an off period or will add an hour if in an On period
Advance Pressing this will bring forward the next on or off period this feature only works in Auto or All day
5. Reviewing your program
Press Review then press Yes first ON with Triangle under Mo will show repeat pressing Yes until all times have been
reviewed for Mo triangle will then move to Tue and repeat then Wed etc when you have finished reviewing stop
pressing YES and RWB will go back to normal mode after 4 seconds of no buttons being pressed
6. Setting the Time
The RWB 1007 comes pre set with correct Date Time should you need to re set the time for any reason Move
programming slider to Clock symbol
Y will appear in the display Press +or – button to change Year when correct Year is in the display Press YES
M will appear in the display Press +or – button to change Month when correct Month is in the display Press YES
D will appear in the display Press +or – button to change Day when correct Day is in the display Press YES
Clock symbol will appear in display Press +or – button to change time when correct time is in the display Press YES
Then move slider to Run
*In some instances the RWB may have been set with the service interval function enabled this option is designed to
remind the end user to contact the relevant person to have the annual service carried out on the boiler
By Law, your gas boiler should be inspected/serviced annually to ensure it is working correctly, to help make sure this
service is carried out at the correct time the RWB can have the Service Interval function enabled. This function will be
enabled and programmed by your Installer, maintenance Engineer, or. Landlord
If it has been set to do so, the RWB will display a message on the screen to remind you that a boiler service is due. This
pre warning countdown will be indicated up to 50 days before the Service is due to allow time to arrange for an
engineer normal functions will continue during this stage .
The amount of Pre warn Days will have been entered by your Installer, maintenance Engineer, or. Landlord you
should contact them on first seeing the Pre-warn. At this point the display will switch between normal display
and the amount of days left. the RWB will also emit a 5 second sound hourly between 9am and 9pm
If the RWB goes past it service day the system will switch of with only the One hour boost functioning and the display
will alternate between the real time and Off
Reset must be pressed after any change to either the (P) Fully pumped -(G) Gravity or the 2/3 Prg per day switch
on back of RWB, Sliders on the front must be in Off when changing from (P) Fully pumped to (G) Gravity
WHAT IS A PROGRAMMER? Explanation for Householders (as recommended by the Energy Savings Trust)
Programmers allow you to set ‘On’ and ‘Off’ time periods. Some models switch the central heating
and domestic hot water on and off at the same time, while others allow the domestic hot water
and heating to come on and go off at different times. Set the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ time periods to suit
your own lifestyle. On some programmers you must also set whether you want the heating and hot
water to run continuously, run under the chosen ‘On’ and ‘Off’ heating periods, or be permanently
off. The time on the programmer must be correct. Some types have to be adjusted in spring and
autumn at the changes between Greenwich Mean Time and British Summer Time. You may be
able to temporarily adjust the heating programme, for example, ‘Override’, ‘Advance’, or ‘Boost’.
These are explained in the manufacturer’s instructions. The heating will not work if the room
thermostat has switched the heating off. And, if you have a hot-water cylinder, the water heating
will not work if the cylinder thermostat detects that the hot water has reached the correct
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