Important Safety Instructions Fitting the Air Filter Unit

150L/Min Air Compressor
Quick Start Guide
Important Safety Instructions
Do not disassemble. Do not attempt repairs or modifications. Your warranty will be void
if this instruction is ignored.
Do not use this product in an area where it can fall or be pulled into water or other
The base tray is fitted to place a barrier between the compressor and sandy or dusty
ground, plus provide a stable operating platform, therefore keep the tray clean at all
times during use.
Use this compressor with 12V DC power only.
This product should never be left unattended during use.
This compressor becomes VERY hot during use and will remain so after use. Do not
touch any part of this compressor with bare hands, other than the ON/OFF switch.
Never allow children to operate the compressor. Close supervision is necessary when this
compressor is being used near children or animals.
Do not pump anything other than atmospheric air.
Do not use any other tools or attachments without first determining the maximum air
pressure for that tool or attachment.
The air compressor is equipped with an automatic reset thermal protector and can
automatically restart after the thermal protector resets. Always turn the power off when
the thermal protector activates.
Exercise extreme caution and never exceed 30kph when driving with deflated tyres.
Never make sharp turns while driving with reduced tyre pressure, as you could break the
bead between the wheel rim and the tyre.
Re-inflate tyres to the manufacturers recommended tyre pressure before high speed
travelling on roadways.
Fitting the Air Filter Unit
The air compressor comes originally packed without the air filter unit fitted.
Screw in the air filter unit and hand tighten. Do not use teflon tape or lubricants on the
2. Snap off the top lid to check if the element is correctly in place.
General Operating Instructions
Please read and follow the operating instructions carefully to ensure you will get the best results
and longest service life expected from the air compressor.
• Always operate the compressor within its maximum pressure rating. Refer to the
specifications section of this manual for details. Operations exceeding the maximum
pressure rating will result in damage to the air compressor and void the warranty.
• Your compressor is equipped with an automatic thermal overload protector. This feature
is designed to protect the air compressor from over-heating and causing permanent
damage to the compressor. The thermal overload protector will automatically cut off
power to the air compressor if internal operating temperatures rise above save levels
during use.
Should the air compressor automatically shut down at any point during use, do not
attempt to restart the air compressor. Turn off the power switch. The automatic thermal
overload protector will automatically reset when the internal temperature drops down to
a safe level. After allowing the air compressor to cool off for about 20 minutes, you can
safely resume usage of the air compressor by turning on the power switch – your
warranty will be void if this instruction is not followed.
It is strongly recommended that you keep the vehicle engine running while using the
battery to prevent discharge of your vehicle battery. The means you would ONLY
is also enhanced when operating with the vehicle engine running.
Please not that you may experience a slight delay (about 30 seconds) to the compressor
motor starting when the compressor is pressurised (i.e. when there is back pressure in
the line). This is a normal delayed reaction, not a compressor ON/OFF switch
The air filter housing has a snap-off lid to gain access to the replaceable air filter element
inside. The compressor performance will be greatly lowered by a clogged filter element.
Old elements should be replaced before performance is affected.
Your air compressor is equipped with a permanently lubricated maintenance free motor.
Never try to lubricate the compressor.
Regularly clean dust and dirt from the compressor cooling fins and motor housing.
Tyre Inflation Operating Instructions
Before attaching the air compressor power cord to the 12 volt DC power source, check to make
sure that the power switch is in the off position. Attach the red battery clamp to the positive
terminal of the battery and the black battery clamp to the negative terminal of the battery,
ensuring you have made a good connection. Always keep your vehicle engine running while
operating the compressor to avoid draining the vehicle battery.
Always make sure that the portable compressor's 4 metre power cord is uncoiled and fully
extended to avoid overheating of the power cord.
The air compressor comes with a heavy duty, heat resistant coiled air hose with a quick connect
air outlet fitting. Simply snap on the coil house and you are ready to inflate tyres.
Tyre Inflation
Attach the quick connect coupler to the air compressor.
Screw the brass connector onto the tyre valve system.
Turn the compressor switch on to begin inflation.
While the compressor is running, the gauge always reads the air line pressure, not the
tyre pressure. For an accurate tyre pressure readying, momentarily stop inflation by
turning the compressor off and allowing the air line pressure to equalise with the tyre
pressure. While the compressor is turned off, the gauge will give an accurate tyre
pressure reading.
5. Turn the compressor off and disconnect when the correct tyre pressure has been
In-Line Pressure Gauge
The 50mm in-line gauge provides convenient monitoring of tyre pressure while inflating. This
eliminates the switching back and forth between a hand-held pressure gauge and the
Please note that during inflation, dur to the air velocity, the pressure gauge cannot provide an
accurate reading. Momentarily stop inflation to obtain accurate pressure readings.
Product Specifications
DC 12V
Max Pressure
Duty Cycle Time
30mins @ 40psi @ 24°C
Air Flow
345 x 140 x 190mm
Possible Causes
Possible Corrective Action
No power coming from the Make sure the compressor switch is on.
12V source.
Compressor will not run.
Thermal overload protection
cuts out repeatedly.
Excessive knocking or
Compressor air flow is lower
than normal, or cannot pump
to higher pressures.
Power switch is in the off
Make sure the compressor switch is on.
Blown fuse.
Disconnect compressor from power source,
then replace fuse – 50 amps.
Motor overheated.
Let compressor cool down for about 30
minutes so the thermal protection switch can
Lack of proper
temperature is too high.
Move the compressor to a well ventilated
area, or an area with a lower ambient
Compressor valves failed.
Replace compressor.
Worn bearing on the
eccentric or motor shaft.
Replace compressor.
Cylinder or piston ring is
Replace compressor.
Worn piston ring or inlet
Replace compressor.
If you have any questions or issues with the compressor, please contact the
Kogan customer support team for more information.
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