USB5 Electronic Postal Scale Max. 5 lbs d=0.1oz Operating

User Calibration
In case the scale loses its accuracy, then the re-calibration of the scale
may be needed. The load cell of this precision scale is normally
protected against overloaded weight applied slowly, but extreme
overload caused by dropping the scale or dropping something heavy on
the scale may require re-calibration.
CAUTION: Please do not attempt any calibration by yourself unless you
have a 5 lbs weight available. Otherwise the scale will render itself into a
useless state and requires servicing.
Electronic Postal Scale
With fold-up platform for weighing large flats or mailing tubes
Max. 5 lbs d=0.1oz
Make sure the scale is connected to the PC via USB cable or to AC
mains. Press the ON/TARE key and hold it for about 5 seconds. When
the display changes to
, release the ON/TARE key. Now the
scale is in user calibration mode. Put 5lbs weight on the platform. After
the weight is stable, scale will calibrate itself. Once the calibration is
completed, scale will enter the normal weighing mode.
Operating Instructions
Minimum Weight
Min. Add-on Wt.
Warm-up time
Auto Off
Case & Platform
Load Cell Technology
Load Cell Body
: 0 ~ 5lbs
Mechanical overload protection
: Unlimited to the total capacity of the scale
: ± 0.1 % of reading ± 1 digit
: Four points of Automatic Calibration for greater accuracy
: 0.1 oz
: 0.1 oz
: 0.1 oz
: via AC Adaptor: 9 V, 100mA (Supplied) or
via USB: Self powered or
via Battery: 9 V Alkaline battery (Not supplied)
: 1 minute or less
: 7 segment LCD with 6 digits
: Auto off after 5 minutes of non-use in battery operation
: Good performance within 50 degrees to 105 degrees F
: Fine textured ABS plastic
: Four optimal placed single strain gages with temperature
: High Tensile Strength Aluminum Alloy
Unpacking and assembling the scale
Unpack the scale and if the scale came from a colder or warmer
environment let it first stay for sometime to be at the same temperature
as your current environment.
Using the scale with a battery
Remove the battery compartment cover underneath the scale. Insert a
9V alkaline battery and connect to the battery snap. Replace the battery
compartment cover.
Using the scale with the power adapter
Connecting the scale with PC
Connect the supplied power adapter to the input socket at the rear of the
scale and plug it into the power supply. It is advisable to remove the
battery when using the power adapter.
Scale startup
Press the
will appear briefly in the LCD
window as the scale performs a self-check/zeroing routine, after which
will appear in the LCD window. Wait 60 seconds for the scale
to warm up. Your scale is now ready to weigh. If you use the adaptor
simply leave the scale always ON for best performance.
What is the function of TARE Key?
You can tare (set to zero) any article used as a container for small items
in the following way.
If the scale is switched off, press the
key and wait for
to display. Place the container onto the platform, and then press the
key. The display will show
. Place the item to be
weighed into the container, on the platform. The scale will now show the
weight of the item, excluding the weight of the container.
Be sure that the scale is operated on a flat surface
In order to operate correctly, the scale must be installed on a firm, flat
surface. It is advisable to turn the scale on 1 to 2 minutes prior to use or
leave the scale always ON if you are using an AC adaptor.
Connect end B of the supplied USB cable at the back of the scale.
Connect end A of the cable to a available USB port. PC will automatically
recognize the scale and install the appropriate driver. Now press
ON/TARE key for the normal operation. When using USB the power
adaptor is not necessary.
Read the weight on the PC
Connect end B of the supplied USB cable at the back of the scale.
Connect end A of the cable to a available USB port.
Open the Dazzle program. The will output the weight on the Dazzle PC
Error Messages
The weight capacity of the scale has been exceeded.
When the input voltage is less than 7V, LO appears in the LCD at
the scale’s start up. Please replace the battery as soon as possible.
Operation with low battery is possible but the accuracy of the scale is
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